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Filipina Hot Wife in Training


Hi this story is about my Wife Janet and how I convinced her to have sex with hung black men. I met and married Janet while in the Philippines, eight years ago. We are the same age, 43. Janet is your typical Filipina, standing 5 feet, with long shiny black hair.

Janet's measurements have not changed from the day I met her, she is 36c-26-34. What can I say she has always looked like those women that appear to be made for sex. Janet's tits are extremely firm and round with 1 inch dark brown areola's and nipples that in a constant state of erection. Janet's ass is also awesome, round and firm as hell and her pussy seems to be always wet, even after years of being together.

After Janet's arrival to the States, she became a fast learner of the English Language. Before long she picked up a job for the States Tax Board as a seasonal worker. This worked out perfect for her as she only wanted to work part time.

I was always thinking about Janet while I was away from her; I had this indescribable lust for her. Just looking at her pretty and innocent face drove me wild. And Janet new how to dress, she knew I loved to see her dress as sexy as possible. No matter what she wore she always looked hot. She has quite the shoe collection as well, all the way from flip flops, to knee high leather boots.

When she first arrived here in this country, Janet was not use to all the attention from men. If you ever been to the Philippines you would understand what I mean, the majority of the women there are hot to say the least. So I always noted that men as well as women checked her out most of the time. At first Janet was a little uneasy and shy and did not know how to handle all this attention. I warned her before she came to this country that men would be checking her out a lot.

It did not take Janet long to accept all the attention and I found myself dreaming about all the men checking her out. I knew if these men were ever given the chance they would have fucked the shit out of her. Well, I started to develop these fantasies of Janet seeing other men without my knowledge and how she would come home with a pussy filled with cum and have me eat her until she came. At first I could not figure out way this turned me on so much, but after awhile I gave up and accepted my fantasies.

I found myself describing to Janet while having sex of all the men I caught checking her out during that day. While I pushed my 6 inch penis in and out of her tight wet pussy I would start talking about these men who were checking her out earlier that day. Of course Janet would say it is all in my mind, but I could feel her hips push against me as I described their looks. Eventually, this became regular discussion during our nightly sex. One night after one of our steamy sessions I told her that I wanted to buy a dildo for me to use on her. I told her we could pretend it was one of those many men checking her out. She laughed at me and said sure it sounds like fun.

The next day I took off of work early and drove to the Adult Bookstore to check out the goods. The ones that stood out to me were not the plastic type, but the ones that looked like a real cock made of this rubbery material. Like I said earlier, I am only 6 inches long and not very thick at all. They had some 12 inches long but thought about it and decided to get her one only 8 inches long. The only reason I went with the 8 incher is because if I would have brought the 12 inch cock home with me, I think Janet would said I was crazy and would not try it. So I put a twist on it and picked a Black 8" Inch Cock that was much thicker than me.

When I got home I took it from its package and examined it more closely. I could not believe just how real it felt to touch. And I guess it also weighted like a real cock would that big. It was amazing, it was very firm but like a real cock. I could not wait to show Janet, and I left it on her pillow.

When she got home she went to the bedroom to change her high heels, and put her flip flops on. I heard Janet say "Oh My God!" I walked into the bedroom and seen Janet sitting on the bed inspecting this Hugh 8" inch Black Cock. I hollered, "Surprise!" Janet became startled and screamed. Janet looked at me and then started to laugh and said; "Babe, this is too big. I do not think I can handle this."

I then knelt in front of her and said there is only one way to find out. I then started to rub the inside of legs while spreading them. When I reached her crouch, it was wet and I planted my mouth firmly on her nylon covered pussy and started licking. Janet started responding by pushing her hips against my mouth. I then reached up around her waist and pulled her pantyhose off. Oh, Janet does not wear panties under her pantyhose when she wears a dress; my request.

After I removed her pantyhose. I laid her on her back and raised her knees upwards. I then began licking her sweet pussy while placing two fingers into her pussy. It did not take long and Janet was really getting into it. I then pause for a second and said are you ready to fuck your boyfriend? Janet told me, "Make sure he takes it easy!" I started to rub the head of this Hugh Black Cock along the length of her wet pussy. As soon the head became wet from her juices, I spread her lips open and inserted just the head. I could see Janet was enjoying herself so I pushed about two more inches in her. I then pushed it in and out and asked her how her black boyfriend felt? At first Janet did not say anything so I began inserting more of the Hugh Black Cock into her wet tight pussy.

Janet was now pushing her hips up to accept more of this cock. I was now balls deep in her pussy. I would pull it almost all the way out and then slowly but firmly push it all the way back in. As Janet got closer to her orgasm I started asking her again if her black boyfriend was a good lover. Janet said in a soft tone, "Oh yes, he is very experienced." Janet then started to push faster and much harder to get more of this cock. I was surprised on how well it affected her. Janet then started twisting her head from side to side. Then out of no where, Janet said, "Oh please fuck me, oh fuck me harder, please!!!" The all at once Janet started to shake as she lifted her legs high in the air with her hands, sweat covering her face and screaming, "I am cumin, Oh am I cumin!" Janet's orgasm seemed like it would never end, and then sort of lied there exhausted. I left the cock deep in her as she claimed down. I then closed her thighs with the cock still deep in her pushing my hips against hers in a sensual way. I asked her again how she liked her new lover. Janet started to softly push against my hips telling me he is fine and so big.

Later that evening while we relaxed together watching television I said good investment. Janet looked at me as she reached for my penis and squeezed it saying, are you talking about my new boyfriend, with this smirk on her face. I said yes, your black boyfriend. Janet laughed and kissed me, then placed her head on my shoulder.

I have found this whole experience so exciting. I am just happy that Janet went along with it all, as being raised as a strong Catholics' I was not sure how she would have reacted to it all, but now I know. That is one thing about Filipina's they are willing to please their men and not hung up about sex.

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