Fill Me


She finished by pushing the clip down, over her clit, squeezing those lips together, tightly.

So full.

* * * * * *

Riding the subway home, Alicia tried to remember what she had done today. All she could think about was the objects she had been compelled to squeeze into her over-stuffed pussy. A rubber eraser. A white-board marker. She lifted one hand, as if to adjust her hair, crossing right over left -- but it was really so her forearm would brush against her right nipple. She shuddered.

* * * * * *

"Seventy-two." CLINK. Alicia dropped a penny into the bowl. The last of her "loose change." She was empty, now.

"Cum!" Master commanded.

Alicia shivered and cried, the waves overtaking her. One orgasm for every object. She felt exhausted, used-up -- and still craved more. She sobbed and panted, tears running down her face, her lips in a grimace of subjugation. Perhaps even pain. Her mind was blank, not anticipating, only obedient.

"Are there any more?" Master demanded.

Alicia pushed her hand deep into her wet cunt, swirling the fingers around and probing, looking for any tiny little item still remaining that she might have forgotten. Her fingers emerged shiny, covered with a thick coating, globs of her own lubrications. She licked her juices off them, one by one, shaking her head, looking up at Master. There was nothing more. No more objects. No more resistance. No more desire -- except to obey.

She found she could not say the "N" word, and replied, "There aren't any more, Master. I am empty." Her hand fell to her side, and she panted, breathing deeply. No longer anticipating the command to rinse the objects and return. So tired. So horny. Aching for Master's command to cum again. So tired, wrung out.

"Have you learned your lesson, slut?" Master stepped forward, and teased her, rubbing the tip of His cock over her lips, her nose, her cheeks. His cock felt so warm. So firm, and soft. The musky smell of His skin made her eyes want to close.

Alicia could no longer remember what the lesson was. Only that she must obey Master. Obey Master. Obey Master. She said the only word she could think of: "Obey." She gazed up into Master's eyes, while His cock wove back and forth over her face, covering one eye then the other.

"Good girl," Master said.

Alicia shivered and whimpered at the trigger. Unable to look away from Master's eyes. Worshiping, aching for Him. Waiting for a command -- any command.

"Give me the bowl," Master commanded.

For a moment, Alicia wasn't sure what He meant. Then she remembered the bowl of objects, still wet with her saliva, licked clean of her pussy juices. Of course! She would give him anything. Anything. She reached down to the floor and picked up the bowl, lifting it up toward Master like an offering to a god. He took the bowl, and set it aside on the nearby table.

"Now, slave, remember what it felt like, to be so full. So full, your pussy was about to explode. To tear itself apart."

Alicia felt the now-familiar sensation of being stuffed to bursting, the scrunching of the many little objects in her pussy.

"No more objects," Master commanded. "I want your cunt empty. Do you understand, slut?"

Alicia nodded her head, looking up at Master. His cock had a bead of pre-cum at the tip, that she ached to lick.

"Empty, like your little head -- but now, you ALWAYS feel full -- just like you still had all these objects inside you."

The slave's gaze slipped past Master's cock, looking into nowhere -- seeming to see her own cunt, packed and stuffed with stones and marbles and coins...

"Being full and empty drives you crazy. Being full and empty makes you so horny. Being full and empty makes you want to obey. Wanting to obey... makes you want to cum! Do you want to cum, slave?"

Alicia's pussy felt so tired. So raw. So full... or was it empty? She could no longer tell the difference. She couldn't help herself. She looked up at Master, her eyes pleading... and nodded her head.

"Cum!" Master commanded. Over and over and over again, while He stuffed His cock in her mouth and made her suck. "Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!"

And as Alicia's mind dropped deep into sub-space, she felt so blissfully full. Or empty. Mouth so full. Cunt so empty. Cum... cum... cum... Mind so empty... Cum... cum... cum...

If her lips hadn't been stretched around Master's warm, thick cock, Alicia would have smiled with joy. She closed her eyes, and did the two things she COULD do, so very well.

Suck... and cum!

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