tagRomanceFinally a Female Who Stood Out

Finally a Female Who Stood Out


Three weeks before graduating high school, Lee Briggs had a third girl opt out going to the grad ball with him.

Lee, who'd turned eighteen a month earlier, knew he had a bit of a reputation for going asleep drunk when on dates but even so he couldn't find out why he'd been dumped three times. However he was relieved he wasn't the only one to be hit by rejection although the other guys spoke as if it was only their first-choice partner. Lee kept it to himself he'd struck out three times.

Well he was aware he was the tallest person in the entire school apart from the deputy principal Mr Taylor. And okay he had a head of shocking red hair and freckles went with that. So perhaps those girls all being short had thought they'd look like mutants in ball photos standing beside him?

He decided to go without a partner and dance with the partners of other guys.

Three weeks before the ball Lee was nailed sexually by his oldest female in his short sexual history to date. She was Gwen Plank his friend Spider's mother, aged thirty-nine.

Lee had lost his virginity to his sister Meg who was a year old his senior. Their parents were out till late getting drunk one Saturday night. He and Meg were rolling on the carpet fighting for the TV controller when she screamed and said, "You dirty scumbag, you've got and boner and tried to dry fuck me."

Lee knew was a fuck was but had never heard the expression about a dry one and so squeezed her boob as a diversion. She rolled on top of him and got her hand down the front of his track pants and the bitch began jerking him and licking his face and then had her tongue in his mouth.

He still tried not to think of what happened after that, knowing it was a sin if you fucked your mother so it must be something terrible to bear if you fucked your sister. Anyway it was her fault.

In the weeks since then he'd scored with a couple of girls of his own age on separate occasions. One of them, Betty Lucas, who lived opposite, had turned it up for him three times.

The big move up in sex for Lee came when he went over to Spider's place to watch a couple of porn DVDs Spider had found in the bottom of his mom's closet. One was called Lesbian Ranch and the other Lesbian Rodeo Girls. According to Spider the blurb on them suggested they were pretty hot and the Rodeo Girls went in for double fisting.

Spider and Lee watched Lesbian Ranch first and it was pretty boring except when one of the girls fell off her horse and then when another two girls were doing it among trees alongside a road and two guys in a pickup happened to catch a glimpse of them. The guys stopped up the road a bit and crept back to the spot and jumped the women.

It was hilarious with one of the women being so outraged at being fucked by a man that she screamed that when she got to a rifle she'd go after them and shoot out their balls. The guys didn't look worried and when they drove off the camera shot showed why, the vehicle had out-of-state plates.

Spider had to make a couple of calls and Lee said he'd have a pee and take a breather outside.

He went bursting into the bathroom and was almost to the john when he saw Spider's mom standing alongside the bath drying her tits... they were whoppers.

"Oh shit, um sorry," he said, turning to retreat but she called, "No is okay Lee, have your pee. I don't mind you looking at me."

"You don't mind?" Lee said to make conversation while he unzipped.

Mrs Plank saw what he drew out and wheezed, "Christ Lee you're already a man."

"Yeah almost seven inches," he said proudly.

"And thick I'd think when it's erect," she said, and he said yeah.

As he streamed into the bowl he heard Mrs Plank lock the door and thought well that would prevent someone bursting in and catching them in the bathroom together.

He jumped a couple of inches when feeling Mrs Plank place her arms around to cross her hands over his chest.

She said, "Let me hold it Lee.

She grabbed it and he took his hand away.

Mrs Plank just held it until he stopped peeing. She then shook it in the approved manner and then cupped his balls with her other hand and squeezed gently and began jerking him with the hand already around his dick.

"Can you feel my luscious big tits against you back darling young man?"

"Yes," he said, being the only thing he could say.

He turned pink, aware he was developing an extreme erection.

"Jeepers it is fat," she said. "We won't tell anyone about this will we darling?"

"No," he said, being the only thing he could say without risking having his nuts crushed in her hand.

Mrs Plank removed her hand away from his nuts and then he could tell by the way in which her hand was hitting his butt she was fingering herself and then he heard a squelching noise.

Holy shit. No one would believe him if he dared tell them about Mrs Plank who was chairman of her church membership committee and sang in the choir, according to what his mom had said.

"Let me sit on the seat Lee and please don't attempt to move away."

What the hell was she up to now? He thought he should just push her away and walk off... he would be stronger than her. But he backed off that idea thinking if she made a fuss and yelled he could land in big trouble.

Mrs Plank sat and pulled him in by the hips as he faced her told him to bend at the knees and before he knew it she was feeding him into her pussy.

Holy shit. Rather that being tight like young women he felt like he'd entered a cave.

But she was warm and smooth and there was no usual complaint that he was hurting the recipient or screaming not to push it all in. No way. Mrs Plant pulled him and said, "Ram it in all the way."

She took all he had after pushing her groin out to meet him to ensure their groins collided.

Spider came out into the garden and found Lee sitting on a seat.

"I've been waiting and waiting for you."

"Sorry I was sitting here thinking and time just raced away."

"Your pants are wet."

"Oh yeah, my zip jammed at the toilet and I pissed myself. I washed off the juices I mean the piss and am drying off out here."

"Boys I've bought you a beer each," said Mrs Plank, making no comment about the state of Lee's trousers.

"Who are you taking to the ball Lee?"

"Um my chosen partner dropped me."

"Goodness with what you've got... um by way of dancing ability. You should have no shortage of prospective partners. I'll tell Jenni she has to go with you."

"Jenni is going with Phil Dykes," said Arnold (Spider), who was Jenni's twin.

"Well now Phil has to find someone else," said his mother. "There is always last-minute juggling."

"God Jenni is going to love you mom. She is quite keen on Phil."

"Well I think she'll be more than satisfied with Lee. It's a wonder you two have never got together before this Lee?"

"Um Arnold warned me off and I thought our friendship wasn't worth busting over his sister."

"Oh you are so moral Lee. I'd hope you'd show the same chivalry toward me."

"Yes anytime Mrs P. Um please if Jenni is against the dumping of Phil don't fight her. I don't wish to go to the ball with a Sad Sack."

"It will be fine. I'll just tell her something that will interest her," Mrs Plank said, turning Lee's face red but Spider thought he'd caused the blush by saying, "What tell her Lee thinks he can dance?"

Gwen Plank said, "What DVD are you boys watching?"

"Um Kings of Rodeo or called something like that," Lee said.

"Oooh I have a lovely rodeo DVD that will put you guys off girls for life," Gwen smiled.

"Um no thanks mom we only have time to see this one and then Lee has to be home to cut the lawns?"

"But a contractor cuts their lawns."

Spider looked at Lee desperately, hoping for a bailout and not wanting his mom to find two of her private DVDs had been raided from her cache in her closet

"Spider I mean Arnold means I have to weed the fucking grass... oh sorry Mrs P."

"No it's okay. I've heard worse," Gwen said, smiling at Lee fondly, leaving Spider to wonder if his mom were on happy pills.

Jenni called Lee two days later and was very nice, saying she'd heard he was without a partner for the grad ball and she was willing to partner him if he'd like that.


"Yes guaranteed. I've heard usually off-putting reports you have a big one and get drunk and go to sleep but mom assures me you won't be gigantic and you'll keep off the liquor if I encourage that and give you incentive not to get boozed up."

"What kind of incentive Jenni?"

"Never you mind," she said with a very sexy laugh.

The done date wasn't a surprise to Lee because Spider had already reported Jenni and her mom had had a screaming match over Jenni must date Lee and it was settled with Jenni being promised $50 bucks extra spending money when she went to stay with her girlfriend at he grandmother's apartment in northern city later in the summer.

"I can't understand why mom has taken this big shine to you pal."

Lee sighed and said, "Perhaps she's about to have a big period and her hormones are playing up."

"Do you think so?"


"Oh. Come over tonight and I'll grab another couple of DVDs from her store. She must have thirty or forty of them."

"Um bring them over to my house and we can have a swim before we watch the jerk movies."

During that summer Lee was grabbed and pushed to have sex with Mrs Winterbottom, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Bukowski and Mrs Joyce. When Irma Joyce was in the bath soaking after her torrid round with Lee, her daughter Isobel grabbed Lee and pulled him down on top of her on her bed and waved her panties in the air.


All through summer he was balling Jenni Plank and whenever Lee went to her house he made sure he was never left alone with her mom. It worked pretty well but Mrs Plank was a cunning bitch and she managed to catch him and nail him twice.

Lee was relieved with Spider's mom dropped them off at college after a 200-mile drive, knowing he'd never be under pressure to fuck a mom again. Gwen Plank drove off crying profusely and Spider said to Lee, "I can understand mom being upset at me leaving home but she seemed to make a bigger fuss of you than me and I was sure she had her tongue down your throat."

The alarm bells were ringing for Lee. Spider had seen too much.

"Yeah she did a bit. I guess she must have been thinking she was kissing your father after getting all emotional after saying she would miss her dear boy."

"She actually said, 'I'll miss you asshole."

"Means the same thing doesn't it."

"God look at the tits on those two," Spider said, diverted and then the woman signing in new students called next please and they went up to the counter.

They saw those two babes next evening and Spider pounced but came back to Lee looking mournful.

"They are second-year students and so this year aim to do it only with seniors. She said freshmen were scum. What they hell were they last year?"

"Relax Spider, females love putting guys down. I see by the registration lists that first year babes outnumber guys by almost two to one. You'll have pussy coming out of your ears."

"That's not where I prefer pussy," Spider grinned.

Late next afternoon Lee spotted a woman take a cardboard box out of the rear of her small SUV and stagger under the weight. He dashed over and grabbed the box and said, "Please allow me ma'am."

She looked relieved. "I'm three months pregnant with my second child and am not supposed to carry anything heavy. Are you a student here?"

"Yes," Lee said, thinking that should be obvious to a tutor.

"Oh, you seem awfully polite to be a student."

Ah, so that was it.

"Are you English ma'am?"

"Yes, recently arrived. I married and American and he became bored with England. So we have returned here with my mother who will look after our three-year-old boy weekdays. I will return home each Friday afternoon and spend the weekend with them."

"So you husband will only get sex at weekends?"

"Yes I suppose so."

"Although I guess where's always your mother?"

"Oh I hadn't thought of her. We are living in Ray's hometown so I had thought he'd know other women there but perhaps I would prefer him having mom."

"I guess Ray will sort that out. Men do like the comforts of home according to what my mom says."

"Are you missing her already?"

"No, we fight a lot. I don't know what she'll do now?"

"Fight with your father more?"

Lee grinned, straining under the load going up the seven concrete steps of the ivy-covered accommodation block for lecturers. He said he and she seemed to think quite similarly.

"Oh sorry, "I'm Caroline Walsh."

"Hi Caroline, I'm Lee Briggs. I suppose you'll teach English literature and being so young you'll teach freshmen."

"That is a pretty accurate assumption although being a theater actor since I was six, I'll also take theater classes at all levels."

"It's okay if I call you Caroline rather than Dr Walsh?"

"Of course but not in a teaching situation. I might take some of your classes."

"Perhaps although I'm doing public relations and marketing with emphasis on events management."

They entered the elevator.

"That should be a good choice for you Lee. You are handsome with an easy but forward manner and I guess you like women."

"Why do you think that?"

"Two reasons. Once you are into consultancy probably the majority of initial contacts you'll have with clients will be females because they tend to have that type of role in corporations. And the other reason, "Would you have helped the person struggling with this box had it been male?"

Lee grinned and said good thinking and actually he would imagine many guys wouldn't have bothered. "I did notice you had great legs and tits I admit but all I really saw was a person I could help.'

"God you sound as if you are already in PR. That was a very smooth and convincing reply but with one blip, when you are speaking to a female call them breasts and not tits."

"Oh yeah. You know that was me being careless because I really did know that. Mom has hammered it into me over the years."

He pulled the carton out on to the second level and picked it up with a grunt.

"It's not far to go. You've done very well. God I was a fool to even think of making it to my apartment without help. You have spoken about your mother's views more than once. It will widen your horizon being involved here with other females."

"I've had a bit to do with other females, er mothers of my pals."

"Oh in what way?"

Lee almost dropped the box in shock. Caroline darted around him to steady the load.

"I have an idea why that question embarrassed you. Here we are," she said, turning in front of him and unlocking the door and opening it. The door was just wide enough for Lee to walk the box through.

"Put it on the table please. The things I need to personalize this apartment are in this box, ornaments, knickknacks and paintings but not my two largest painting that are still in my vehicle."

"I'll fetch them."

"Oh thanks. Here are the keys."

Lee returned and helped Caroline unpack and then she poured Lee a glass of wine and a little later repeated her invitation for him to stay to dinner saying it would only be stir-fry because the cooker was small as it was only meant to cook the occupant's breakfast.

"My roommate will expect to go to dinner with me."

"Then phone him, that's what phones are for."

Lee called Spider and that was done. He then said stir-fry was one of his favorite meals.

He stood by Caroline as she was cooking the thinly sliced chicken and she asked, "You didn't answer my earlier question?"

She watched Lee shuffle and then grab his glass and gulp wine.

Caroline waited and Lee sighed and said, "They were sexy moms."

"What you guys call over-sexed moms?"

"Some do. I think of them as really liking sex."

Caroline smiled and said she thought that was a far more preferable and probably more accurate term.

"Kiss me."

Lee didn't hesitate because by then he guessed that could be coming. She turned to him, still holding the spatula. She held up her lips and was kissed.

She turned back to the cooker-top wok and asked, "Did you like that?"


"Being a little more expansive would be appreciated."

"Yes it was a lovely kiss. You have great lips."


When Lee was about to leave after dinner, Caroline hugged him and then whispered, "Please stay."

"B-but you're pregnant."

"It will be okay. I'm 100 percent confident of that."

She pulled his hand down and pushed her vulva against his hand, beginning the seduction of Lee, and he could feel the fullness of it through her dress and panties. Her nipples were now noticeable and he knew she was sexed-up and wanted him. It was her choice and he saw no reason to deny her.

Their nocturnal liaison continued for the next twelve weeks and then melted, having run its course. Lee assumed he'd been replaced because she had not been showing signs of loosing interest in sex and he had remembered her saying a couple of times she worried she was becoming a little too attached to him. He regretted loosing the intimacy with her because she really was a very lovely woman but she was twelve years his senior, married and with a child whereas he was a first-year student with practically nothing to his name.

Lee got deeper into his studies, enjoying the work, and didn't have to bother looking for sex because Spider's new girlfriend seemed to have access to an endless supply of babes who were primarily interested in one-night stands.

The next summer two of his mom's friends got a piece of Lee.

Back at college he and Spider roomed again and Spider was depressed because Meg, his girl, had found someone else over summer and back at college went to someone else but when that relationship collapsed she wanted Spider back but he was now into Annie in a really big way. Lee found Susan who lacked sizeable breasts and good looks but she was reasonably good at sex and was an excellent study coach and that interested Lee more than sex right now because he aimed to finish in the top ten of his class in communication studies.

Lee only went home with Susan once but that was enough. Her grandmother who lived with the family practically stalked him, the youngest sister just seventeen kept flashing her tits at him and Susan's mom kept touching over her pussy and staring at him whenever they were in the same room alone. Lee made pals with Susan's dad who displayed absolutely no sexual interest in him. When Lee sneaked into Susan's bedroom during the first night and she finished bouncing up and down on him she said, "You best keep your distance from mom. God have you seen the way she looks at you?"


"God and you men think you know everything there is to know about sex."

That left Lee thinking what did he have to learn about sex when for him it just happened?

* * *

Lee took jobs to gain work experience during longer breaks and worked all the way through that next summer.

The PR firm Winkler, Haines and Scott was a small business headed by three people in their mid-thirties and was making a name for itself in the field of events organizing and promotion.

Nancy Scott took Lee with her to a distant city where they would stay overnight because the meeting with the Chamber of Commerce committee to discuss the young businessperson of the year awards event was scheduled for 7:30 pm. The chamber had revived the contest and wanted to stage a 'gala evening' for the awards presentation 'to maximize exposure'.

"I decided we should share a room," said the mother of two as they set off after a coffee break, Lee taking the wheel of her Explorer. "It's a small suite with two bedrooms."

She paused.

"Sounds good."

She resumed confidently, "You choose whether you wish to take the second bedroom or sleep with me."'

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