tagLesbian SexFinding Love Pt. 05

Finding Love Pt. 05


Author's note: This is the fifth part of a very long story. Please remember that it is a work of fiction.

My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have voted, emailed and commented on my story. Your support makes writing worth it.

There has been a lot mixed feelings about where this story has gone so far however I am truly grateful to all of you who have become so invested in my little flight of fantasy. I do hope you continue to follow this journey till its end.

Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 27

Meg had spent the last few days reading. She had scoured the internet for any material that was remotely similar to her own situation. The most helpful information came from various blogs.

It seemed her situation wasn't a unique one. Women all over the world, who had always considered themselves straight, at some point met a woman who changed their view of things.

Some confessed that it opened a door for them that they never knew existed. Others spoke of loving or falling for one woman and never being attracted to any other women, save their initial crush.

This made a lot of sense to Meg. She tried to picture other women, Jade for instance, as being sexually attractive to her. She could appreciate how beautiful Jade was, how sexy even but that was all. She also tried looking at sexy women on the internet. She acknowledged that the women were attractive but their pictures did nothing for her. Kate however was different. Just the mere thought of Kate's smile, her eyes, was enough to make Meg's stomach flutter.

There was no other answer, Meg concluded. She was in love with Kate, that was all there was to it. Now came the hard part ― what to do about it. The answer seemed clear; go to Kate and tell her. Of course it wasn't that simple. Kate was hurting and hopefully recovering from her breakup with Ari.

Then there was the question of whether Meg could adapt to living this new life. She knew from talking to Kate just how bigoted people could be. She had always enjoyed the freedom of walking hand in hand with her past boyfriends and lovers. Being affectionate in public was a huge part of her dating life. Now it wouldn't be so easy. People still balked at seeing a same sex couple being affectionate with each other. It was ridiculous but did happen.

Could she live like that, knowing that there would be people who would look at her strangely for touching or kissing Kate?

There was also the big question of her family and friends. What would all of them think and say? Would they accept the new her? She tried to fathom what her parents would say. They weren't overly religious or set in their views about homosexuality. She had never heard them speak ill of any of those famous people that were out. She knew that at least one of their friends had a gay son. They didn't seem to have a problem with him. Yet Meg also knew that things were much different when it hit close to home.

She had a few close friends; the closest being Eva and Jenna. Eva was married with a two year old. Jenna was still single and seemed to be happy about that. Both had always supported her in everything in her life and Meg hoped they still would. She would have to worry about that, and them, later.

Meg decided that all that mattered was being with Kate. The happiness they could have far outweighed any bigotry or other problems they might face.

The biggest question of all was whether Kate would really want Meg. Yes Kate liked looking at her but after all that happened with Ari, would Kate want to start another relationship or would she decide to stay single. Another problem was that if they did get together, would it be long lasting or would Kate just be rebounding with Meg.

Meg didn't want something that was short term. She always entered into a relationship with the intent of a long term commitment. Being with Kate was no different. If they did get together, Meg wanted it to be for life.

* * * *

It had been a week since Kate's revelation about her true feelings for Meg. She had admitted to her parents that they were right about everything and thanked them for being so persistent in helping her see things clearly.

Logan and Adam had returned to their home that Sunday but Logan had continued their talks through instant messaging. Kate now had a better understanding about her feelings and her repression of those feelings. Logan had suggested that she try talking to Meg but Kate was still unsure about that. She still felt that she should just leave Meg alone and not complicate her life with the knowledge of Kate's feeling and desires.

Any hope of a relationship with Meg was false and misplaced. She was not attracted to Kate and never would be. She was a trusted friend and Kate would strive to keep it that way.

She had not made a decided whether she would really leave, get away from Meg and start over somewhere else. Yet she hadn't taken that option off of the table either. She still had a week to sort through things before she needed to make a decision.

* * * *

"Angel, there are some things I'd like to discuss with you," Vivian said to Ari after they had kissed hello.

It had been a just over a week since their first dinner, sexual encounter and admission of love. Things had moved fast between them. Since that first night, they had spent every night together, exploring each other, learning each other's likes and dislikes.

"Sure Viv."

"Let's sit down angel."

"Okay, is something wrong?"

"No, we just need to get some things sorted out. Angel, it's only been ten days since we've gotten together. It's been an amazing ten days and I want it to continue for a long time."

"So do I Viv. I've had so much fun, pleasure and happiness in these past ten days. I want things to continue too."

"Good. Tell me angel, what are your plans for after school. And what is happening with your book and future writings?"

"Well, Jade's company is has already linked with a publishing house who's gonna publish my book. They took a while, but Jade managed to get a pretty good contract deal for me. The company wanted to flat out buy my book for about five thousand dollars. Jade's company gets fifteen percent of that which only amounts to seven hundred and fifty dollars. I learned that they call that a flat fee.

"Jade advised that payment by royalties was the better way to go. She thinks that my book has real potential to sell way more than five thousand dollars worth. The standard is that an author is paid according to how many copies are sold.

"I did some online research and found out most of this stuff and Jade also explained it. She hammered out a deal on my behalf. I get eleven and a half percent on my first seven thousand copies sold, then thirteen percent on the next seven thousand copies and finally fifteen percent on ever copy after that.

"Jade's company gets fifteen percent of everything I make. Everything is set in motion but it will take some time before the first few books are even ready to be sold."

"You seem to be in the know about it all. That's good angel, I'm glad you're on top of it. What about school?"

"Finals will be in two months. I've been pushing hard and I'm confident I'll come through on top," Ari said proudly.

"Yes I have no doubt but what about after school?" Vivian prodded.

"I will have to go home. My parents, they only sent me to business school so that I could take over their dairy farm. They will probably want me to start right away," Ari said sadly.

"So you're going to leave me my angel?" Vivian asked in a low voice.

"I don't want to. I love you, but I don't know what else to do. I really don't want to run the dairy farm, I just want to write. They don't even know about my book or the publishing deal."

"Ari, I love you and I don't want to lose you. Yes things between us are very new. Right now we don't know where this will go and if things will last, but I want the chance to find out.

"If you don't want to go back home and run your parents farm, you shouldn't have to. You need to follow what your heart wants not the plan others have for you. What does your heart want Ari?"

"You; I want you Vivian," Ari said, her voice strong and sure. They embraced, their kiss deep and passion filled, conveying to each other how much they felt.

Soon they were both naked, stretched out across Vivian's couch, their lips locked together as their hands roamed sensually across each other's bodies. Vivian moved so that her body was on top of Ari's.

"Spread your legs pet, open yourself to me," Vivian ordered as she pressed her pussy to Ari's. While her lips found the side of Ari's neck and sucked the sweet flesh, her right hand took possession of Ari's breast and the prominent nipple.

Ari's hands drifted down and held Vivian's ass cheeks firmly, pulling Vivian tightly to her as they ground their sexes together.

Vivian threw her head back and arched her body, pressing her hot, wet center even harder to Ari's. Ari cried out as Vivian's movements caused jolts of pure bliss to shoot through her entire body.

"Oh Viv, oh god, oh oh oh," Ari cried out as her muscles tightened and the familiar sensations rolled through her. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure crashed over her body, her brain screaming in ecstasy as she climaxed.

"Yes, yes, yes pet, cum for me, cum with me," Vivian hissed, her mind, body and entire being rippling deliciously as she too succumbed to her orgasm.

Spent, shaken but blissfully satisfied, they held each other tightly afterward.

"I won't try to influence your decision angel. I will stand by you in whatever you choose. I will say that you have to live your life for you and no one else."

"Is that what you do?" Ari asked. Vivian nodded. "Tell me about it, about you," Ari said. Vivian smiled at her. They had talked mostly about Ari's life so far in the ten days they had been together. This was the first time Ari had asked about Vivian's life.

"I'm the third of four children. I have two sisters and a brother. My parents were good people and I had a very good childhood but they were kind of set in their opinion of homosexuality.

"I was about fourteen when I noticed that I really didn't care for boys like all my other friends. By the time I was a senior, there were many rumors. I refused to date any of the guys that asked so the gossip ensued. My sister told my parents about the rumors and they confronted me about it.

"As you can tell I'm not one to back down so I admitted to them that I was in fact a lesbian, knowing how they would react. And react they did. First I received the lecture of the error of my ways. Next I was subjected to religious intervention from the local parish. Finally they tried to force me to see a psychologist to get these 'feelings' out of my system.

"That was where I drew the line. My parents believed in hard work and had instilled that in all their children. I had held down a part time job since I was fifteen and had saved most of the money I had earned. I was eighteen and just a few months from graduating when I moved out of their house. A friend's sister, who lived alone, was kind enough to let me stay on her couch until I finished school. Then I took my beat up little car and my few possessions and drove away from my hometown with the intention of never returning.

"I had saved a nice little nest egg but I had no idea what I was going to do next. Then I found myself at a lesbian bar. The place was nice and the barmaid/owner was kind. After my first beer, she had me spilling my life story to her." Vivian smiled warmly at the memories.

"Her name was Dena. She said I had nice eyes, looked trustworthy and offered me a job tending bar. I was grateful and accepted. She had a spare room at the back of the bar and let me stay rent free. I worked there while I attended community college, gained my associate degree and Dena's approval.

"She was my first lover. Twenty years older than me but so very beautiful and passionate. I learned most of what I know about pleasuring a woman from her."

"You loved her very much; what happened to her?" Ari asked.

"She died in a knife fight at the bar. She was trying to stop two butches from going at it and was stabbed in the chest by one of them. The butch in question is in prison.

"As for love, yes I loved her and she loved me too, but it wasn't a great, heart pounding love affair. Not like I feel with you. We were comfortable and content with each other but we both knew that it was just convenient for us to be together.

"Dena, being the sneak that she was, had gotten her will done and left me the bar. I was twenty two. It's taken me ten years to turn it into what it is now."

Ari was in awe of all that Vivian had been through and how she had become successful. Ari felt proud of her and proud to be with her too.

"Do you miss your family?" Ari asked.

"Not really. I haven't spoken with my parents in a long time. My brother and I still talk on occasion. My sisters have taken my parents view of things. I don't let it bother me anymore. They are living their life, and I'm living mine."

They continued to talk, with Ari asking questions and Vivian answering. Eventually they rose and showered, then had a quiet dinner. They made slow love and fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, both feeling contented and fulfilled like never before.

Chapter 28

It was a peaceful mid Sunday morning at the Price home. James and Sabrina were sitting in the living room chatting idly about this and that when the doorbell rang. Sabrina opened the large wooden door and got the shock of a lifetime.

"Hello, Mrs. Price?" The young woman standing on the porch questioned.

The face, hair and eyes; Sabrina knew immediately who this lovely girl was.

"Megan! You are Megan aren't you, Katie's friend and assistant at work?" Sabrina asked.

"Yes," Meg answered stunned that Kate's mom knew who she was.

"You look just like I imagined that you might from our Katie's emails, dear. Every bit as lovely as Katie described you." Meg stood, blinking, not quite understanding what was happening. "How did you get here sweetheart? Did you fly?" The questions came fast and furious.

"I ... um ... yes, I flew. I ..."

"Oh come right in dear. I'm so happy you're here," Sabrina gushed and gave Meg a brief hug as she led her inside the house.

"James, look who's here," Sabrina said happily. James smiled warmly as he stood and offered his hand to Meg.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm James Price and you've met Sabrina. I'm guessing you're here to see Kate," James said.

"Well of course she came to see Katie; why else would she have come," Sabrina said excitedly. "Isn't she just lovely, dear?"

"Yes, indeed." James said, smiling warmly. Meg stood, bewildered; she had no idea what was going on.

"Sweetheart, why don't you go and get Kate." James suggested.

"Oh yes," Sabrina said and hurried up the stairs.

"I'm sorry about her; she's just very excited that you're here," James said.

"Really, why's that?" Meg asked, feeling more than a little dazed at the entire experience.

"Honestly, we both think that there's only one reason you might come all this way to find Kate ... at least we hope so."

Meg was about to ask what that was when Kate came down the stairs.

"Meg, what are you doing here?" Kate signed. She was shocked to see Meg but happy too.

"I, well, I was worried about you, so I thought I'd come see how you are," Meg offered.

"Why don't you two go out back to the porch where you can talk? We'll call you when lunch is ready," James suggested. Kate looked at Meg who nodded.

Out on the porch, they sat opposite each other, a small circular table between them.

"Not that I don't appreciate it Meg, but you didn't have to come all the way out here just to check on me. You could have emailed," Kate said, choosing to use her voice for this conversation.

"Well I would have called or texted if someone would get a cell phone," Meg signed, shaking her head.

"Don't start that again. My mother is already all over me about it. How've you been? Enjoying your time off?" Kate asked.

"It's been an interesting week off actually," Meg said, turning over in her head how she was going to say what she wanted to.

Kate's mind was running a mile a minute also. What was Meg doing here? A very tiny part of her mind poked at her, sparking a slight hope that perhaps Meg had come because she missed her more than a friend would.

The rest of her mind tried to squash that thought and convince her that it was only her own feelings that were influencing her thinking. Yet that seemed like the only logical reason for Meg to come all this way.

Kate became aware of Meg's hand waving at her.

"What?" Kate asked.

"You okay? You kinda zoned out on me for a moment there," Meg replied.

"Did I? I'm sorry. What were you saying?"

"I was asking how you were doing, considering everything that's happened."

"I'm actually doing okay. When I got here last weekend, Logan was here. We talked over the weekend and he helped me work some things out."

"Yeah, that's good."

"It is. I've sorted through some things and I'm okay about Ari and Vivian," Kate said. Meg's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Really?" Meg signed.

"Yeah. Logan helped me see that as much as I loved Ari, things just wouldn't have worked out between us. Also, I really can't fault Viv for falling for Ari; she's a beautiful and alluring young woman. When I get back home, I'll go see her and apologize. I said some really bad things to her and I hope she'll still want me as a friend."

Meg nodded her understanding, amazed that how Kate was coping with everything in such a short period of time.

"As for me," Kate continued, "My heart is in a different place ..." Kate trailed off, stopping herself before she said too much about where her heart was.

"And what place is that?" Meg signed as she averted her eyes from Kate's. She feared Kate would see what she was feeling through them.

"It doesn't matter. Where my heart is, it's all alone there," Kate said solemnly.

"Are you sure about that?" Meg asked.

"Yes I think so, though you never know," Kate said, her mind once again nagging her about why Meg was here. "So how long did you plan on visiting?"

"I really don't know. What is there to do in this hometown of yours?"

"Oh I'm sure I could find a few things to entertain you. Are you staying at a hotel?" Kate asked.

"Yes, I'm at the Highlight Inn. I reserved a room for two days with the option to extend my stay if I needed."

"The Highlight is a good place, comfortable and not too expensive. Good choice."


The conversation fell into an uneasy silence. Both women stared at the backyard, each having the same feelings, neither knowing it.

Remembering how she was greeted, Meg asked Kate, "What is the deal with your parents? Your Mom gushed so much at my arrival. She even knew who I was before I even introduced myself. And your Dad had this kinda happy, knowing smirk when he looked at me."

"Don't mind them please. They're just overly enthusiastic about my friends, since I don't have too many," Kate said covering what her parents real reasons were for their treatment of Meg and vowing silently to kill both of them later when Meg wasn't around.

"Alright, if you say so," Meg said. At that moment James appeared through the sliding glass door and signed to them hurriedly.

"Katie, I think it would be best if you took Meg into town for lunch to save her from your mother's interrogation."

"Thanks Dad, you're the best," Kate said as she stood and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and handed her the keys to his car. She and Meg slipped out the back gate and were gone by the time James went back inside and broke the news to Sabrina that the girls were gone.

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