tagLesbian SexFinding Love Pt. 06

Finding Love Pt. 06


Author's note: This is the sixth part of a very long story.

My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have voted, emailed and commented on my story. Your support makes writing worth it.

I hope Finding Love will continue be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 33

Kate and Meg's time at the inn was sweet and special for both of them. They had fallen asleep together, each feeling content and fulfilled, knowing what was in the other's heart.

When Kate awoke their bodies were a tangle of limbs, their arms holding each other tightly. She sighed and kissed Meg's lips gently, savoring this moment of happiness. Meg's eyes fluttered open and she smiled brightly at Kate. Waking up to Kate's eyes was the most wonderful thing in the world to Meg.

"Hey beautiful," Kate said

"Hey yourself," Meg replied. "What time is it?"

Kate untangled her arm and checked her watch. "Just past twelve."

"Ah, that explains why I'm hungry," Meg said.

"Okay, let's go out to lunch. We can go to the diner just around the corner from here," Kate suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Meg agreed as they freed themselves.

Both made quick, separate stops in the bathroom to get rid of the 'just woke up' look, dressed, then left. The walk to the Evergreen diner took about five minutes. A few clouds, a nice breeze and a warm sun added to what promised to be a gorgeous day.

Kate wanted to hold Meg's hand as they walked but thought it was too soon. She remembered their talk about Meg needing time to adjust to the 'new' her and decided she was right to wait.

They both ordered iced tea. Kate ordered a Caesar salad which they shared. Kate had a tangy chicken sandwich and Meg had the veggie delight.

"I might as well tell you now, my mother is very eager to meet and talk with you. If we don't have dinner with them I'll never hear the end of it," Kate said and shook her head.

"I'll be happy to have dinner with your parents. I only met them briefly but they were very nice to me, if very excited, especially your mother."

"My parents knew before I did how much I was in love with you," Kate signed instead of saying. She didn't want Meg to feel uncomfortable talking about their relationship in public.

"Really?" Meg questioned.

"Yeah, I talked about you a lot in emails I sent them; so much so that they figured out I was in love with you."

"Oh? You were talking about me a lot huh? How much exactly?" Meg signed and Kate could see a teasing look on her face.

"A lot. Anyway, once you appeared on their door step, Mom knew instantly that you must have come because you cared for me, loved me. Now she's almost as excited as I am about us."

"That's good right? Means your parents are okay with me right?"

"Oh yes, more than okay. Mom will interrogate you but do so gently. Of course you don't have to answer her and I'll talk to her as well, get her to understand how new all of this is for you so she doesn't overdo it with her questions," Kate said seriously.

"Thanks, but I'm sure I can handle whatever your Mom throws at me."

They chatted some more about what might happen at dinner and decided which day they'd have it. They agreed on the following night.

After lunch, they went back to the store where Meg bought her dress for the club. They liked how much fun they had so much that they decided to return to the club, this time as a 'real' couple.

Trying on clothes again, Meg actually modeled for Kate, who didn't have to pretend she wasn't looking at Meg's loveliness. Kate had always loved looking at Meg's legs; the short dresses and skirts almost had Kate drooling with how sexy Meg looked.

One particular top had a deep cut to it and showed off the dip of Meg's breasts in a delightful, tantalizing way. Coupled with the short skirt, Kate's head was spinning from the blood rushing to her sex. Her pussy was wet and desperately wanted some relief.

Kate had a moment where she had a daydream about Meg changing in the dressing room. She would slip inside the room with Meg, stripped down to just her panties, and would push her against the wall, kiss her passionately, lift one of Meg's legs and hook it over Kate's hip.

As her hand fondled Meg's ample breasts, she'd kiss and suck the sweet flesh of Meg's neck. Her hand would dip into Meg's panties. Meg would be so wet, so ready, and open for Kate to take her. Two fingers would easily slip inside her; Kate would fuck her against that wall, her mouth covering Meg's so she wouldn't scream out her pleasure as she bucked and came hard, her walls clenching on Kate's fingers.

"What are you grinning about like that?" Meg signed as she stepped out of the dressing room.

"Huh? What?" Kate asked as she came out of her daydream. Her eyes focused on Meg and what she was wearing.

The strapless dress was white. The hemline was high around the front and low at the back, showing off Meg's legs superbly. A thin, gold colored belt that sat high on Meg's waist and sandals that matched the belt perfectly completed the outfit.

Meg looked stunning in the dress and Kate had to lick her dry lips repeatedly.

"You look amazing. You have to get this one," Kate said, her eyes glued to Meg's body.

"Yeah, it seems I do from the way you're looking at it, uh, me," Meg said and giggled softly.

Leaving the store, her purchases in hand, Meg spotted a really nice looking sleeveless shirt in the window of another store. She thought it would look great on Kate. Meg pulled Kate into the store and inquired about it.

It was dark red silk. The sleeveless quality would be perfect, showcasing Kate's well toned arms and the light definition of her muscles.

It didn't take much for Meg to persuade Kate to buy it. After trying it on and seeing herself in the mirror, plus Meg's open appreciation of it, Kate happily bought the shirt.

They made plans for dinner at the same little restaurant and then to the club. Kate made sure to walk Meg to her door and kissed her softly before she left to prepare for their night out.

* * * *

When Kate arrived home she went in search of her Mother, finding her in the sewing room. It was her main hobby now that her children were grown and lived away from home. She had been a stay at home mom since Eric was born. James had been the bread winner, owning the only dental office in town. Sabrina had chosen to stay home and had never regretted that decision.

"Hi Mom," Kate said and kissed her mother's cheek.

"Hello baby girl, where have you been, as if I couldn't guess," Sabrina signed with a grin.

"Yes Mom, I was with Meg. We are officially a couple," Kate told her mother proudly.

"Oh sweetheart, that's wonderful," Sabrina signed excitedly. "I'm so happy for you, Katie. Are you okay about everything that happened to move on so quickly? I mean, I know you love her but you did just end a relationship with someone else."

"Yes I know Mom. We've talked, and we'll talk about it again later, but for now, we've decided to take things very slowly. We love each other but we're not going to rush into anything. Besides, this is all very new to her. She hasn't even told her family yet; so when we have dinner please don't overdo your questions," Kate pleaded.

"Dinner! When? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Sabrina signed hurriedly. "Are we going out or are you going to bring her here? What will I cook?" Sabrina's mind took off.

"Mom, relax. I was thinking that you and Dad could join Meg and me for dinner, say tomorrow night?"

"I guess, but still, I would like to cook. How long is Meg staying, until the weekend?"

"I don't know; I'll have to ask. Maybe she will; maybe we'll fly home together," Kate suggested.

"Well Katie, I want Meg to know how special her being here is, so if she does stay till the weekend, perhaps I could cook dinner, maybe some steaks and such. I could call your brothers; they could come down and meet her."

"That's nice of you Mom but I don't want to overwhelm her."

"Will you at least ask her, Katie; please?"

"I'll ask and if the answer is yes then please just remember not to alienate her with your questions."

"I won't Katie, I promise." Sabrina assured Kate.

"Thanks Mom. Will you tell Dad the same thing please; I have to go and get ready. We're going out to the club again." Kate paused before adding, "If I don't come home don't worry okay."

"You have plans to not come home Katie?" Sabrina asked with a smirk.

"No, I don't; but if we come back late, well, you never know," Kate said and bounded from the room with a grin.

* * * *

It was a repeat of last night as Kate came to pick up Meg for their night. The only difference was that Kate was driving her mother's Toyota instead of her dad's Ford.

Once again Meg stole Kate's breath with her sexiness and her effortless, natural beauty. This time however, Kate knew that Meg was all hers, to be with, to enjoy and touch.

"Whoa, you look amazing," Kate signed, not trusting her voice.

"You too; you look really good, very sexy," Meg signed back, blushing mildly as she did but smiling too.

Kate couldn't help herself and stole a quick kiss when they were both seated. Meg was nervous about kissing Kate almost in the open but melted as soon as Kate's lips touched her own.

Dinner was even more romantic than it had been the night before simply because they both knew it was a date and not just friends going out together.

They had the same server and the young man remembered, smiling fondly seeing them again.

As they waited for their food, they discussed dinner with Kate's parents.

"I asked Mom if she and Dad would have dinner tomorrow with us and she said yes. I guess we could take them to Fredrick's across town but I really liked Patricia's place. I don't know if things will be awkward if we go there," Kate said.

"It could be unless you go and talk with her, clear the air so to speak. If it doesn't work then we can go across town," Meg offered. She wasn't fond of Kate going to see Patricia but knew that Kate did love her and that she had to trust that love.

"Yeah, I may have to talk to her," Kate agreed but left it at that. "So you're okay for tomorrow night then?"

"Yup, I'm good with that. It should be fun."

This time Meg tried the vegetable penne with a lemon-cream sauce while Kate had the penne with sausage, eggplant and feta cheese. Both enjoyed a delicious Kendall Jackson Chardonnay with their pasta, and shared a large slice of ricotta cheese cake for dessert.

* * * *

At Eclipse, they went to the bar again. Kate ordered for them; once they'd been served, they found an empty table. This time there was no doubt that they were together as Kate sat close to Meg and wrapped an arm around her, showing all who looked that Meg was hers.

On the dance floor, they enjoyed getting close to each other. Meg abandoned some of the shyness she had about being openly affectionate with Kate and held Kate close as she ground into her.

Kate was having a ball. Meg's newfound freedom was thrilling and also was making Kate so hot and aroused that she hoped she could control herself. She really wanted to take Meg to one of the darkened corners and have some fun but held off not wanting to rush her.

They didn't drink as much as they had last night but had just as much fun, maybe more. Meg still hesitated when Kate wanted to kiss her at the club. Kate didn't push the issue. She knew it would take a lot of time for Meg to get to a place where she would be comfortable.

Kate again walked Meg to her door at the hotel. Alone in the hallway, Meg initiated the kiss. Kate deepened it and prolonged it as much as she could. When they parted, Meg was panting and clearly aroused.

"Are you going to invite me in tonight?" Kate asked.

With a shy, sly smile, Meg answered. "If I do, I don't think we'd be able to stop ourselves, if that kiss was any indication."

"You don't trust me?"

"You asked me that yesterday."


"I trust you, Kate. I know you won't hurt me. Right now, with how I feel, I don't trust myself. My body is very close to overriding my mind, so I think it's a good idea for us to say good night," Meg said, regretting every word.

"You're right babe; I won't hurt you, ever. If I come inside, I won't let you ... us do anything that we'll be sorry for tomorrow," Kate assured her.

Meg thought it over for a moment. She really wanted to say yes but also worried that they would end up having sex, which she wanted but also didn't want.

Kate watched Meg mull it over for a minute before she spoke. "It's okay babe. I'll head home and dream about you as I hope you'll dream about me," Kate said, smiling.

"Yes, I'll definitely dream about you and more too," Meg said and blushed. Kate grinned.

"Gonna give yourself a workout huh?"


"Me too, just so you know," Kate said with a wink. Kate kissed her once more before she said good night and left.

Chapter 34

Meg slept in. She and Kate hadn't made any plans for the day and Meg wondered what, if anything, they would do before the dinner that night. Climbing out of bed and to the bathroom, Meg thought about what she should do for breakfast. Should she go find Kate and have breakfast with her or have breakfast alone?

While Meg was sleeping in, Kate had been busy. She woke up early and made plans for their day. Checking the Blue Star's website, Kate saw that it opened at eight each morning as a coffee bar; Kate could go and see if Patricia was there and have a talk with her.

Next she went to Evergreens and ordered a few items for a picnic lunch. The waitress assured Kate that the items would be ready by the time Kate came back to get them.

At the Blue Star, Kate asked for Patricia, who came out to meet her after being called by a member of the staff. Patricia was surprised to see Kate and also a little embarrassed about her behavior Sunday night at the Eclipse, but welcomed Kate warmly and led her to her office where they could talk.

"I wasn't expecting you, Kate. Is everything okay?"

"Yes Pat, I just wanted to come by and kinda clear the air between us."

"Oh, there's nothing to clear Kate. Your girlfriend was pretty clear. You two are very much together and in love. It was really wrong of me to try and start something with you without first asking if you were involved or if you were even interested," Patricia said, quite contritely.

"I appreciate that Pat," Kate said a bit taken aback by Patricia's understanding.

"So do you forgive me for shamelessly throwing myself at you?" Patricia asked, making Kate laugh.

"Yes, I forgive you since no harm was done," Kate said with a smirk.

"Good, I'm glad."

"There's another reason I came by to talk to you."

"Really, do tell?"

"Meg and I are taking my parents out to dinner tonight and well, our choices are Fredrick's or here and we prefer here."

"And you were afraid things would be awkward huh?"

"Yeah, there was that possibility," Kate admitted.

"Well let me put those worries to bed Kate. You and Meg are welcome here anytime. In fact, I'll reserve one of the private corner booths for you for tonight, say seven thirty. I'll even spring for a nice bottle of wine for the evening, on the house."

"Thank you Pat, that's very generous of you."

"Well there one catch ... I'll be coming by to say hi to your parents at some point. Since I came back here to live, I haven't seen them at all," Patricia told her with a grin.

"That's fine by me," Kate said and stood, "I've gotta run; see you tonight?"

"Yes, I look forward to it," Patricia said as she stood as well. They hugged briefly and Patricia kissed Kate's cheek very chastely, then walked her out. The coffee smelled really good and reminded Kate that she hadn't eaten yet so she bought two cups and some of the muffins that looked tasty. After a final wave, she left to go give Meg a wakeup call.

* * * *

Meg was wrapped in a robe, just out of the shower, when the knock on her door came. When she opened it, she was greeted by a single red rose, coffee and a smiling Kate.

Meg's heart melted at seeing the rose. It was such a romantic thing for Kate to do. Their kiss was soft and sensual as they reveled in the touch of each other's lips.

When they reluctantly separated, Meg took the rose and the offered coffee.

"I thought you might have slept in some so I brought coffee and muffins," Kate said.

"You are just the sweetest," Meg told her as she sat on the bed and crossed her legs. The bottom of the robe parted and Meg's naked leg was revealed. Kate's eyes darted to the tantalizing picture but she tried to ignore it and the fact that Meg was very naked below that very thin robe.

Kate sat next to Meg and busied herself with drinking her coffee and retrieving a muffin from the bag.

Meg knew it was cruel of her to tease Kate like that but she rather enjoyed seeing Kate tying not to stare at her exposed leg. Meg pushed things a little further as she turned to Kate and allowed the top of her robe to open, showing the valley between her breasts.

"So what are we doing today?" Meg asked and watched as Kate fought to focus.

"Umm, we're going out, I, uh, thought it would be nice to spend some time in the, um, park So I ordered some stuff for us to spend the day out," Kate rambled as her eyes took in the tantalizing image of Meg's body.

Meg couldn't help but giggle as Kate nearly drooled over her, which didn't help as it made her breasts jiggle and bounce in the most inviting way.

Kate groaned at seeing Meg's chest doing such wonderful things. Somehow she managed to retain some sanity and told Meg in a very breathy voice, "Babe, please cover up before I leave a puddle on the bed."

Meg laughed and laughed but Kate was completely serious. She was so wet she might have to borrow some clean panties from Meg.

Meg took pity on Kate and closed her robe. They ate their muffins and drank their coffee quickly, then Meg dressed and they left because it was already past eleven am.

Kate made a quick stop at the diner to collect her order; a basket packed with goodies and they headed to the park. The park was fairly large, with many huge trees and a small manmade lake at the center.

Kate left the car in the parking lot and with Meg holding the miniature cooler and Kate with the basket; they headed into the heavily wooded area. Kate had them walk for a long while, passing many trees until they finally came to a shady spot that overlooked the lake but seemed to be out of the way of any foot traffic.

Kate set the basket and cooler down. She spread the blanket out for them to sit on, then took Meg's hand and led her over to a huge tree.

"Check this out," Kate said as she pointed to a spot on the tree. The letters KAP were carved into the tree trunk.

"KAP, that's you," Meg signed.

"Yup, this is my special spot. I used to come here in high school with my girl of the moment to make out," Kate said.

"Girl of the moment huh? Had many of those did you?" Meg asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A few here and there," Kate said with a smirk. In truth she had only been with three girls in high school and had only gotten serious with one ― Patricia.

"So you were quite the player huh? Competing with the jocks and collecting notches on your belt?" Meg continued.

"Something like that," Kate said as she stepped closer to Meg "Wanna be my next notch?" was asked in a sultry way. She pulled Meg's body against her own.

One hand went to Meg's lower back just above her ass, while she threaded the other through Meg's hair and kissed her hard. Meg liked Kate's sudden aggression and moaned into Kate's mouth as the kiss continued. Kate's tongue was everywhere, tasting Meg's mouth completely. Kate sucked on Meg's upper lip and licked at it with her tongue.

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