tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 06

Finding Meridian Ch. 06


Consequences and Flames

"Connor, do you want to explain, the video is being sent up to me now" Marcus said in an angry voice. Drake and Logan just looked at each other like they were watching a movie.

Drake said to Logan telepathically "This is like watching a movie".

Logan's sarcastic response back was "But who gets the girl?"

Oddly, Connor and Marcus both said at the same time "We can hear your thoughts you know".

Connor telepathically told them all "Before anyone speaks let me turn on the jammer in case someone is listening or there are bugs".
He turned it on and sat it on the table.

"Marcus, the cover up was necessary. As much as I would rather you not see what happened to Meridian, watch the video and I'll fill in the gaps" and Connor sighed. Both Logan and Drake moved to each side of Marcus to watch the video on Marcus's laptop. He had no idea what he would see. All of them looked highly confused once they had finished watching the video.

Logan spoke first "Marcus please replay it and stop when I say stop....stop". "Connor am I seeing this correctly? " Logan asked with a raised eyebrow.

Marcus was trying to cool his emotions. He went to disgust, anger and hatred. That bastard had touched her. He had to calm himself and refocus.

Then Marcus caught on to what Logan had noticed and proceeded to start asking Connor questions. "Ok Connor, first of all how does an assistant have the skills to kill a vampire and shoot him in the head, much less be carrying a Beretta with a custom silencer? As far as I knew it wasn't a normal gift as an engagement present. Was she sent here to take me out? I have more questions but we'll start with those". God, what if everything was just some plot and she didn't give a shit about him?

"Marcus, honestly she wasn't carrying a gun to make an attempt to infiltrate and assassinate you. She's still a creature of habit and she used to work for the government". Connor thought he should just slam his head on the desk right now to finish the migraine he would have later if they didn't kill him first.

"Look Marcus, shit it looks like some of this is going to have to come out. It has to be need to know and never written anywhere or typed anywhere. The girl made some enemies during government work and she's guarded when it comes to her personal safety. She's guarded for a reason. If she was going to screw you over she wouldn't have given me the usb drive and the note the guy was carrying to give you. Oh fuck, I left it in her bag. She knew I'd never screw her over and didn't know I knew you. You don't know I used to work with her".

"Connor, you're telling me she was an agent working for the government? You honestly expect me to believe that a 110 lb little 20 year old, not even legal to drink used to work for the government".

Connor just started to laugh. "Now I remember another reason they chose her. Marcus, she's not 20. She's in her 30's." Connor sighed and then began again.

"She has top sniper ratings, she shoots with both hands, she's sweet and nice but when things get dicey she flips her personality and turns into the ice queen with a gun and other weapons. She can make a guy feel like he's being seduced and give him frost bite at the same time, she has an odd lack of guilt if someone is to be eliminated, odd ethics and refuses eliminating children. She's a very unique creature she stashes weapons like a squirrel stashes acorns. I've never seen her regard a dead guy on the floor as anything more than a house plant in the way."

"On a personal note Marcus, if she was here to take you out it would be over and she would never, I mean never had become your assistant. It's too close and too high profile".

"Ok Connor, let's say I believe this then why is she "retired".

"She got sick, became a liability. A rare genetic disease is a liability for the government, it's not predictable".

"We have more questions for you Connor".

"Ask away".

"Logan pointed it out to me, her eyes changed from blue to dark storm cloud grey as soon as she planned to get the gun. That's not normal for a human, she is human right?"

"As far as I know she is. No one knows why. Things that aren't supposed to happen tend to around her. No one has figured it out. She goes on instinct. We were partners at times and she has premonitions. If she tells you something, you best pay attention. And for your information she is officially "retired" no freelance. She called this morning saying she felt it was going to be a very bad day".

"I'll need some more convincing and the USB drive and piece of paper would go a long way. I'm going to still want to talk to her and make sure things sound right. I know you are vampire like me. Each of us has our own talent. Drake can see completely into someone's head; their entire life like a movie. I have to have him read hers to confirm this all. It can be quite invasive though if she resists. She will stay with me until this is all settled."

"Marcus I have no problem with her staying with you. Keep in mind despite her acting all strong and tough she's still a human and she's been hurt. As far as reading her" Connor took a deep breath.

"Meridian was not working for the government voluntarily. She was forced into it. I don't know all the details only that somehow she was brought in for a top agent vampire to read her thoughts. She naturally blocks but something happened and she forced something into his head. He upset her and her response caused him to go insane. He was a top official vampire in the government and at least a century old. She was given the option to work for them or be dissected. My only suggestion is you have someone who is disposable trying it but don't expect them to come out of it alive."

"What is her real name?"

"Honestly, I have no clue. She was known as the Ice Queen. I don't recommend doing any searches or backgrounds on the code name. The government will swoop in and we'll all disappear. Marcus I wouldn't lie to you. I know what happens to people who get on your bad side."


The first shift of security left Benedict Imports. One of the individuals called Cyrus Astor. "Sir, we've had some complications".

"What the fuck happened to my man? You're telling me a mere human killed him? That is not successful, it's a failure...I don't tolerate failure". The line went dead as the security agent who worked for Benedict Importing heard the sound of a click before the gun to his head's trigger was pulled.

Jamison picked up the phone hitting redial. "Jamison, I assume you will be completing the mission?"

"Yes Sir, no problem".

"Go get back that drive for me, have fun with the girl while you're at it. I don't like witnesses."

"I won't fail you".


Jamison did a quick search on Meridian Hayden. That bitch! The Ice Queen still lives but not for long. Jamison took the stairs up to Meridian's home. This time he would not be screwed by that bitch. He placed picked the lock to the door entering the condo. He put the bomb under the counter. As he searched around he noticed she wasn't there. Where the fuck is that bitch? As he touched the scar on the side of his face he, she did this to him, fuck! He'd find that bitch and kill her.

He started searching the place. He went over to the bookcase. Grabbing the false book he opened it. Dumb bitch was still hiding shit in the same place. He grabbed the usb drive and put it in his pocket. He ran down the stairs and out the back after arming the bomb for 10 minutes.

After the bomb blast, Jamison called Cyrus "The job is complete".

"I'll meet you tomorrow at 2 pm at Navy Pier Beer Garden and don't be late" Cyrus smirked.

"Wouldn't think of it Sir" as Jamison smirked and thought to himself. Screw Cyrus this goes to the highest bidder and auction off Cyrus after he had upped the price to both him and other clients.


Driving up to the gorgeous rehabbed condos Connor, Marcus, Drake and Logan were getting ready to walk to the building when Marcus's phone rang.

"Mr. Benedict a first shift employee was shot in the head. We dumped his cell phone line and found the last call to Cyrus Astor." Marcus stood there for a second and started cussing. "Ok dump his home phone and get all the info on him you can, we are about to retrieve Ms. Hayd...What the hell?!" He shouted as the entire top floor exploded. "Oh shit, the entire top floor of exploded, please tell me she doesn't live on the top floor" and the line was silent. "Damon, tell me what fucking floor she lives on!" Marcus screamed. "Top floor Sir, I'm sorry Sir" and Damon stayed silent. "Damon, get a crew together to work with Connor's as soon as you can. Get in to confirm if she's really dead."

Connor just stared in shock with all of them and 2 seconds later started yelling "Get in the car we have to get out of here." Maybe she made it out. Things are going to hell fast.


4 hours later Damon's crew assembled with Connor's and entered the remains of the top floor penthouse.

Drake and Logan were working at Marcus's estate with international contacts to work on piecing together the puzzle. Marcus's and Connor's angry attitude was wearing on both their nerves.

Marcus and Connor headed to the charred remains of Meridian's residence. The whole building was blocked by Security to ensure safety. Both Marcus and Connor felt their heart sink when arriving at the top floor. No one could live through this. The whole place was completely destroyed.

"Damon what do we have so far?" Marcus asked as Damon fidgeted.

"Sir, the bomb was bad enough that I don't know if we'll even be able to find much less identify a body if there was one. The only reason we were able to view the remnants of the blast was a special shell has been built throughout the condo and hallway. We checked with the builder and it seems they had no idea about the special installation. All the other floors are normal. If it wasn't for the blast enforced walls then all of the floors would have exploded. The condo below hers was empty. All residents have been evacuated with only minor injuries" and Damon stepped back.

Connor went to check with his team just dumbfounded at the destruction and was informed the only reason the whole building didn't go was because she had blast reinforced her floor.

They just stared at the utter destruction. It was basically a box on top of a building. Damn, such destruction. Marcus kept thinking how all he wanted to do was get there, take her to his home and clear this all up. He wanted to hold her till she was well and then she would be his. His alone. Now it was all gone. He was so jealous before of Connor but now they were both suffering.

"I think we both need a drink." Connor said.

Walking to the car Connor was sitting remembering her laugh. Their missions together. The time they discussed being a couple. Up until now he had thought he messed up saying the missions came first but he realized she was just like his sister. He had to help protect and save her so many times and now when it really counted, he failed. Failed miserably.

He looked up and saw Kendall. As Kendall approached him he got ready to give him the news then Kendall opened his mouth.

"What did the fucking bitch blow my stuff up because I fucked some skank? It was her fault. Having to work fucking jobs" then he turned to Marcus "For you, you were fucking her weren't you? Is that why she threw me out and blew the fucking place up?"

Suddenly Marcus was overcome by rage and anger and hit Kendall throwing him backwards into the crowd. He couldn't kill him right here so he had to keep some degree of control. The crowd all separated letting him fall onto the side walk. Connor grabbed Marcus's arms to pull him towards the car. Before they were at the car they heard the crowd started to scream and go after Kendall.

Connor grabbed his radio and instructed his officers to extract Kendall from the crowd and take him to the station for the time being.

Marcus looked at Connor and asked "Was the crowd really going to tear him to pieces?" Connor answered him by saying "Meridian did a lot for this community, she may be able to turn into the Ice Queen but she helped so many families here. I always suspected it was because hers was horrid but she didn't say much."

"Marcus, shit, the city is going to get a dicey if she's dead. I don't know how to tell you about the other half of her life. I should have told you earlier" Connor said while thinking about how to say it.

"I knew she was getting married to Ken, what else is there?" he said as his mind raced.

"Have you ever heard of the band Genevieve's Revenge?"

"With the female lead singer, millionaire and philanthropist Genevieve Austin? I know of her but haven't met her. Is she a friend of Meridian's?" Marcus asked quite confused.

"You've met her, she is Meridian" Connor announced.

Marcus stared at Connor dumbfounded. No, why the hell would someone who makes so much money come and work for him as an assistant? Working 2 jobs like she was saving money and not a millionaire.

"I don't understand."

"She felt that the constant band, stage, rock star was starting to jade her. She had said she needed to "reground" herself as she put it. She was losing sight of why she was doing it. The meaning behind her love of the music. And it was working. She had never told Ken about her rock life. He just got more and more jealous and she tends to just cut herself off if someone is obsessively jealous."

"Ken was freaking when he found out who she was working for and to her it was a "litmus" test. She was having doubts. Also, she's stubborn as hell so telling her she can't do something doesn't work. If he couldn't handle her working for a successful high profile individual and trust her how the hell could he handle the rock star in her? She'd never cheat on any committed relationship." Connor said.

"I told her before this started. I know her, have for really long. There would be no "litmus" test if it were right. She was over justifying ending it with Ken. She's not the kind of woman who is into a high maintenance relationship. She can't handle the fighting. I can tell you like her; I see it in your eyes. And so we are clear, a long time ago she had talked to me about us having a relationship and I declined. It wasn't until now that I realized I felt like a protective big brother. Still do. If none of this had happened, there would have been a day when Ken came home and she'd be gone. She's in a relationship for the long haul. If there's screaming, fighting, suffocating and huge drama or telling her how to be then eventually she grabs her running shoes and is gone without an explanation" Connor explained.

"Damn Connor, now I miss her even more, we're there. If she is declared dead then what about a huge memorial service to avoid any riots?" Even while suggesting it Marcus's stomach was turning.

"The problem with it looking like she was murdered is keeping the city from burning down around us. It's not as simple as having a huge city memorial service. She was kind of like a diplomat amongst the different styles of music, cultures, races, religions. If she was killed, you have no idea how many different people will be hunting down whoever did it. We're talking some not so legit groups, normal citizens, communities and the city could easily turn into a war zone of killing anyone suspected." Connor took a deep breath trying to relax.

"We're talking about planes of people from all over coming here for retribution over her death. As an example in Nevada she was able to unite and help form a treaty between a coven of witches and were's pack. They had been fighting and killing each other off for 100s of years. She doesn't care about the little things. To her the little things are things such as race, color, or religion. She never understood how much of a leader she was. Let's just go drink and if we can't be optimistic let's get so drunk we can't see straight" Connor said.


Once walking in and seeing Drake and Logan they both looked up at Marcus and asked..."How much worse could this get? You look like a meteor is going to hit the planet".

Marcus let them read his conversation with Connor in his mind.

Drake was the first to speak "Oh shit, do you have any idea of the following in London she has? The charities, the groups she has united? I agree, we drink and when we get the call tomorrow we figure out a game plan to stop World War 3 from breaking out".

Marcus picked up his cell and called Damon. "Damon, I need you to pull all the information on Genevieve Austin. I especially need everything she's done with every charity and diplomatic work with anyone. I'm talking even the off the radar groups. Vampires, were's, witches, covens and anyone else." Marcus closed his phone. Connor started handing out drinks.

Not only was he mourning but now he was worried.


The phone rang at 10 am the next morning. Saturday, damn it. Connor answered "Chief O'Brien here, tell me is she dead?"

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