tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 09

Finding Meridian Ch. 09


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay. I ran into technical difficulties. I wanted to thank DDSmith81 for editing and review! Much appreciated.



Trinity awoke wondering why she was sleeping in an apron and housecoat. Flashes of last night were going through her head but it did not add up. She looked over to see a bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand. She saw the empty liquor glass. Shit! Shit! Shit!

Trinity quickly dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Everyone except Meridian was eating breakfast. Drake was the first to speak, "Good morning! Would you like a cookie sunshine?" He dangled it in front of her until she took it. "As for your other creations, I took the liberty of making a fake website to advertise your display in the living room."

Everyone started laughing as Trinity muttered obscenities under her breath and walked into the other room. "What the hell is this? Please tell me I didn't do this."

"You sure as hell did sunshine. Now do you want the good and bad news?" Drake was thoroughly enjoying taunting Trinity. "It turns out the website I made with your obscenely creative decorations has been receiving an amazing amount of traffic. You have hit a rare fetish market. You can thank me for not putting the site or anything in your name. I made you an alias for the website." Drake started to chuckle before telling her what it was, "It seems the owner and designer of the site, Cookie Sunshine, yes that would be you, has been offered jobs to do numerous porn holiday sets."

Trinity started staring at the holiday decorations and the obscene arrangements when she started to laugh. "I'm never going to live this one down will I? Thanks for not putting the website in my name. Was that the good or bad news?"

Alex chuckled at her, "You are correct my sweetly obscene sister. Eat your Cookie Sunshine and we'll give you the bad news."

Trinity was not paying attention as she bit into it. She rushed to the trashcan to spit it out. "Who the hell made this? What the hell is in this? My tongue needs a shave!"

Drake started laughing, "That's the bad news sunshine. You will not be the next Mrs. Fields. If I were not already dead that gross thing you called a cookie would have killed me last night. I do not see much of a profit in selling your crack cookies. But smile, your holiday porn website looks like it will be a major moneymaker. Did I mention we have pictures from last night?"

Trinity growled at him. Alex began to speak, "Back in your corners children. Next we get to go over plans for training Meridian."

"Trinity, I figured we would work with Meridian on her talents today." Alex was finishing eating toast between talking. "We need to discuss if we share 100 percent of our talents with each other or if we need to keep some stuff hidden for the upcoming plan. Marcus, how is Meridian doing?"

"She's sleeping, I left her in bed. I have no problem with us sharing 100 percent. I'm assuming there's a little bit more you have to tell us."

Alex gave Marcus a look of dread, "There is a lot more to share. I am trying to decide if sharing the prophecy will change the future. There is so much more for us to go over. There is more I need to know from Meridian. We have a lot to discuss and decide. The game plan has been decided but there are many details to be hashed out."

Meridian was still shaking her head at having another premonition of the funeral, her funeral. Death was on its way. It wouldn't be much longer now. Visions of funerals still cut her to the core. She had never managed to evade a premonition. Then she sensed the discussion of full disclosure and prophecies.

She saw her sisters as she walked down the staircase when they said the same thing at the same time, "Prophecies tend to breed fear and destruction; their meanings distorted throughout the ages."

"Obviously the talking in unison has begun. Can I just say it's kind of creepy?" Connor was staring at Trinity as he began to speak again, "You alone go from funny to creepy in under 60 seconds."

"Shut up Connor or I'll make you eat a cookie!" Trinity taunted Connor.

"Be nice Trinity or I'll post your nearly nude June Cleaver photos online," Drake taunted her.

Alex looked at Marcus, "Marcus, are you ready for full disclosure on both parts? We would know our strengths and weaknesses."

"I believe it's instrumental to pull this plan off."

"I have to ask Meridian a question first. Who is Jamison? I saw him in your dream and you said his name before slamming the door in my face. It may be a mental door but it's still rude." Alex was staring at Meridian waiting for an answer.

"Jamison is a freelance agent now, former government agent out for the highest bidder. He wants me dead." The expression on Meridian's face was one of complete disregard.

Alex's face contorted, "I want to know the rest of it. I saw how he looked at you during the brief moment of the vision before the door shut. It's more than freelance to him."

"We should discuss this in private." Meridian was worried about the judgment they would pace on her.

"No, this is what full disclosure is." Alex gave her a stubborn searing look.

"Fine, we had a very brief relationship. My job came before him and we fought at the end of the relationship. Connor, the job always came first. It was not the reason you were hurt. I had him burned and that was one of the reasons he had to go rogue and do freelance."

She was hoping Connor wouldn't go on the offensive and try to insinuate disloyalty. The possibility of her being disloyal to Connor? Ha! She's the one who cut Jamison's face in rage when she found out he had taken Connor. The timing of the event was impeccable. She was riding him Jamison and had a vision mid orgasm of him having Connor tortured hit. Her eyes had instantly changed to storm gray as she fell on his chest. She nibbled on his neck as she slipped the knife from under her pillow and without a thought cut him. That was one time in her life when she let herself go totally on rage.

Connor looked at Meridian. His gaze could not hide the anger. "But you found enough time to fuck around with him. So tell me, would you have been on time if you would not have been sleeping with Jamison? Would you have kept me from getting hurt and tortured? I almost died on that damn mission and you were busy fucking Jamison?"

"Connor, please try to understand. I was given instructions to get close to him. I was not late due to Jamison. I was late because our commander attacked me."

The fight was still so vivid in her head. After she had cut Jamison their commander had come in and the two had attacked her. It was a close fight and they were taunting her on how they would rape her before killing her.

"He was the one selling us out. Please do not be mad at me. I always put you first." Meridian was trying to keep her focus on not getting upset.

"I don't know if I can believe that, not after you let him touch you. What should I have expected?" Connor gave a harsh condescending laugh. "You were damaged goods from day one." Connor pushed his chair out from the table. Every glass on the table exploded and objects around the room were shaking.

Meridian was cut to the core. After all the years working together she finally got together the courage to tell what happened in the one horrid foster home and he threw it in her face. She walked up to Connor and slapped him. "How could you? Well even damaged I saved your ass many times. So go the fuck home!"

Meridian looked over at Marcus and noticed he looked highly agitated. "How many people did you sleep with because of your government job or is that just something you do? You obviously fooled around with me while engaged. And you wonder why Ken cheated on you?" Even as he said the words he regretted them.

Meridian was so full of rage, anger, and hurt. Her attempt to calm herself was not working. "What can I say? I am already judged a whore, damaged goods and a slut completely unworthy of love and trust. Alex, can you have Tarrin set their flight up and get the guys home. Drake and Logan please have a nice flight. I will not be here to see you leave. I can't stay in here any longer!" Objects around the room vibrated, glass was exploding and things flew around the room until slamming into walls and falling to the floor. Meridian went upstairs to her room and started pulling clothes out of the closet to change.

Marcus stood at the door ready to speak when Meridian yelled at him from the bathroom, "Go away, GO HOME!" She ripped the IV out and wrapped it in a bandage and gauze. Marcus was ready to speak when she turned around, stared at him and in a deep evil voice said, "Go Away!" The door slammed shut without her being near it and locked. Marcus went to push it open and could not get it to budge.

Alex walked upstairs to see what was happening and caught her yelling at him to go away and the door fly shut. "Marcus, let her cool off."

After a half hour, Alex went to check on Meridian. She knocked, "Its Alex can I come in?"

"Yes," Meridian said. She was packing a bag.

"Don't leave; give them time to realize the mistake they made." Alex gave Meridian a hug.

"I've got to get out of here for a while. I need to just get away." Meridian was hiding her hurt and rage. Things around the room started to shake and the house began to shake.

Alex pulled a set of keys out of her pocket. "Bike clothing is in the closet. Here are the keys. Go for a drive." She gave her a hug. "They didn't mean what they said."

"They did. How can I ever be worthy of love? After that foster home where I was raped? I am damaged goods. At least I know it now before I get any more involved. What can I say? I should have remembered 'everyone dies or leaves'." Trinity had been standing outside the door and heard the conversation. The house felt as if it was shaking.

"YOU ARE NOT DAMAGED GOODS. You are not responsible for being raped. I will not let you accept responsibility for that. Now go let off some steam. Trinity's friend has a race track. Remember, Ryan is harmless but will hit on you." Alex smiled.

"I think I need that."

Alex looked at her, "Honey, we all need that. Worship me damn it! Call me your queen." Alex smirked, "Sorry I was thinking of the pool boy!"

The house stopped shaking and Meridian started changing clothing. Alex began to talk, "Taking a drive helps me when I'm upset. The keys for the other two bikes are numbered on the wall but I figured you would want to ride that one. Here is a number. He knows you're coming and you can race on his track."

Meridian almost started to laugh, "You know me so well despite all these years we've been separated. Weird."

Alex gave her an evil grin, "The weird is just beginning. We all race and probably have the same traits. Go race for a while and then we have to work on practicing."

"Practicing what?"

"We each have a hidden gift. I can tell what yours is but I am not unleashing it here. I will explain when you come back. Then the weird can begin. The world as you know it is about to disappear."

"My world has disappeared, I'm glad to see you in the new one." Meridian hugged Alex and went down the stairs to the garage.

Marcus had come out of his room long enough to see her leave. He walked over to Alex. "Is she coming back?"

"When she's ready. She needs to cool off and so do you." Without giving him a chance to respond, she went down the stairs and outback.


Marcus knocked on Connor's door. "How many people did she sleep with for her job?" Marcus was still fuming with jealousy.

Connor looked up at Marcus with regret shaking his head, "I shouldn't have said it. It was wrong of me to accuse her of that. He is the only person I knew of her sleeping with associated to the job. I was angry about the whole thing. I still am but it was wrong for me to suggest what I did. Be mad at me Marcus not her. She was attached to one agent during her years of work and I turned into some jealous ass. I accused her of shit that was not her fault. She was my partner so another agent being with her bothers me. I just hope she will forgive me. Shit, I called her damaged goods. She might never forgive me. She confessed her deepest darkest secret and I throw it in her face in front of others." Connor rested his head in his hands. "I should go apologize."

Marcus looked at him, "She left on the motorcycle." Drake knocked on the door and Logan followed him into the room. Just before he was going to shut it, Trinity walked in. Alex stood at the doorway. Trinity glared at Marcus and Connor. Alex was the first to speak, "Can everyone leave for her sisters to talk with Marcus and Connor?"

Trinity looked at them, "No, when Alex says the first of this we need you to keep Marcus from killing Connor. You want full disclosure, we'll give full disclosure." Sweet loving Trinity turned into a force of nature. She made tornadoes look tame. Her voice sharp and scary. She tilted her head to the right, "Now Connor explain it to me? What made you betray her trust? Throw something so horrid in her face twisting the facts to hurt her?"

"I'm sorry, I got so angry. I have been seeing her slip away from me. I guess I always wanted her as mine but first it was Ken and now Marcus so I…I used it against her. I'm an asshole." Connor put his head in his hands.

Trinity looked at Logan and Drake. She walked up to them. Her voice became melodic and hypnotizing. "You will hold Marcus back so he doesn't hurt Connor. Tell me yes if you understand."

Both chimed in, "Yes."

Alex stood back like the judge letting Trinity be prosecutor. "Now Connor, why did you call her damaged goods? Why should you feel guilty about that? Before you answer; Drake and Logan hold Marcus back."

"I was the first person she shared that she left her foster home at 16 because as a virgin her stepfather raped her. He hurt her so bad, she was hospitalized for a week. She was told she could never have children due to it. She slipped in during the middle of the night, packed and never went back. She always felt like damaged goods and I always told her I'd never tell anyone or throw it in her face, until today."

Marcus flew into a rage and it was taking everything for Logan and Drake to hold him back.

Trinity walked up in front of him. "Trinity, move out of the way!"

She began speaking hypnotically, "You will find you cannot move, you can talk but you cannot move."

Drake looked at her and asked, "So how many times have you used that one me?"

Trinity walked up to him, as he was able to remove his hands from Marcus. Her accent changed to British, "It is none of your concern until we explain our...hum…talents? Yes, talents. Now, I have never used it to disgrace you or in a derogatory way." She ran her hands up his chest straightening his collar and whispering in his ear, "Be a good boy and maybe you I'll play with you to make up for it." She gave an evil smile and then it vanished as she turned. "We need to make sure you never underestimate us. Connor your behavior is inexcusable."

"Marcus your jealousy has got to tone down. She has been severely victimized and doesn't need anymore."

Alex walked forward. Her attitude was reserved, conservative and purely business. She grabbed a chair pulling it in front of her straddling it. "Connor, you were very lucky today. Meridian is just learning her powers, inherently learning and losing control of our emotions becomes extremely dangerous. We have had time to learn ours. Understand this clearly, we expect you to do WHATEVER you need to in order to apologize when she comes back. Also understand, we will BURN YOU DOWN if you ever do that again." She motioned to Trinity.

Trinity twirled her hands emptying a silver bowl on the floor without any regard. She then artistically stacked many items from around the room in the bowl with the final piece being a chair balancing on odds and ends from around the room. It resembled a magic trick, the chair looked liked it was levitating.

Trinity changed her accent, "Gather round boys and girls to watch the amazing the magnificent Alexandria."

Alex spoke first, "Turn order to chaos."

Trinity spoke the next phrase, "Burn flames to earth."

Alex said the end of the spell, "Take these items and make them dirt."

The entire stack caught fire and burned in record time into dirt in the bowl.

Alex walked up, "Fix what you've done to her; you have to get her trust back."

Alex turned and left. Trinity looked at Marcus and in a hypnotic voice said, "Are you going to go after Connor if I let you lose?"

"I'm going to hit him but I won't kill him."

Trinity glanced at Logan and Drake. "Seems my job here is done, you might want to make sure he doesn't get too carried away." Trinity set Marcus loose and left.

Afterwards, Trinity and Alex met in the library. "Damn they can fight. You sure he won't kill him?"

"Pretty sure," Trinity smiled and laughed. "Connor will hurt but won't die."

"Champagne love?" Alex made exaggerated moves to serve the champagne.

"Why yes, I think I shall. Will we be called harlots for drinking so early?" Trinity made a fake worried face.

"Why surely not, I am sure it is happy hour somewhere in the world. In addition, I am sure Ryan will hit on our dear Meridian. I'm sure it will help put things in perspective for Connor and Marcus."

Trinity giggled knowing that Ryan was a vampire and he had a habit of kissing the girls. "They all think we're naive. And Ryan is one hot piece of eye candy."

Trinity looked at Alex, "Ryan could make a woman want to plant her feet on the ceiling and ignore the world for weeks!"


Trinity gave an evil smile and smirked.

Both laughed. Alex looked at Trinity, "How do the vampire men handle jealousy?"

Logan walked into the room. "I don't know if you can call it handling. I have never seen so much stomping and brooding in my life. It's like teen testosterone rage."

Alex then wrinkled her eyebrows, "Do they get better at it as they get older?"

Drake walked in waving for Alex to pour them drinks and then answered, "No, honestly, I think we get worse. You wait so long for your mate then you turn into a complete moron."

They all made faces at him. "Marcus is behind me isn't he?"


Marcus grunted and sat down as Alex handed him a drink, "Yep, we get even more irrational. Wisdom comes with age but it does not make us rational."

Trinity looked at Marcus, "Have you and Connor shook hands and agreed to be friends again?"

"Yes, but he's still got to apologize and get Meridian to accept it."

"Oh yeah, if you guys ever do shit like that again I'll lock both of you in cages and feed you my crack cookies! Now you guys need to discuss if you stay or leave, you have an hour we've got stuff to do and find us when you decide."


Marcus took care of business. He returned emails, calls, and outstanding business. The entire time he wondered if he burnt down any chance of being with Meridian.

His mind was focused on her. He could not focus on work. He was angry and upset. The very thought of letting her go made him clench his jaw. He thought of someone else touching her. He remembered sucking on her pierced clit, her coming while he thrust his fingers in and out, and kissing his girl while he slid his hard shaft into her. Damn it! He hated the thought of another man licking and sucking on her clit. She was his! He should not care this much. There were rumors of vampires finding mates, irrational and illogical but drawn. The longer she was gone the worse it became.

He had to get out of the house. He found Alex in the library.

"I need to run out for a while."

Alex simply tossed him car keys. "Garage is in the basement. Hit the button and the car will flash."

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