tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFinding Rebecca Ch. 02

Finding Rebecca Ch. 02


The ship docked in Ocho Rios. Everyone going on excursions left the ship and went their separate ways. The ship being a luxury liner only had about seven hundred and fifty passengers. It also had a helicopter pad for emergencies and VIP passengers. It was all but deserted now, just the crew, and maybe a hundred passengers. Rebecca stayed in the stateroom, and relaxed she was feeling a bit better, and thought tonight she would make it up to Josh. It was only seven thirty it he morning, and the ship would be there until five thirty that evening. Alex had lots of time to put his plan in motion. He waited about an hour and a half until he made his move. At nine o'clock he got the ball rolling. He gathered his supplies, a cloth and a new chemical his company had been working on. The chemical, Solpreria, rendered its recipient unconscious, and when they came to there was a degree of confusion, and were very susceptible to suggestion. Unlike chloroform, which takes up to five minutes to act and burns the mouth and nose area, Solpreria renders the recipient unconscious in as little as thirty seconds, and lasts for almost ninety minutes with no burning or marking.

Alexander opened his door separating the two staterooms very quietly. Then he went to his main door and exited into the passageway and went to the next door over, Rebecca and Josh's room. He knocked on the door and waited.

"Who is it?"Came the timid voice from inside."

"Ship's Steward, I have a delivery for you from a Josh Bernhardt." Alex lied.

"Just a second!" Rebecca yelled from inside.

How sweet of him Rebecca thought to herself, just like Josh. Just because she couldn't go, he sent her a little package. Of what she didn't know, but she was sure it would be sweet.

She looked through the peep hole; the steward had his back to her. Oh well she thought, this is a luxury liner, I'm sure it's secure.

Alex heard the lock being disengaged and the doorknob turning. As he heard the door swing open he turned around, facing Rebecca.

"Alex!" she said, visibly surprised.

Before she could say anything else Alex pushed himself and her into the stateroom.

"Alex wha..." she managed, but that was all. Before Rebecca knew it, the cloth soaked in Solpreria was covering her mouth and nose. She gasped and inhaled sharply, and then she faded into black.

"That was fast." Alex said to himself as Rebecca's body went limp in his arms.

He bent down and lifted her into his arms then carried her over to her bed. After he carefully laid her on her bed he stood back and stared at his prize. Her brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail; she was wearing a thin blouse, and tight shorts that went mid thigh. She was on her back, and her blouse was pulled up halfway between her cute little belly button and her breasts. Alex already had a hard on looking at her unconscious body. He caressed her beautiful face, and cupped her chin. Placing his thumb on her moist pink lips, he pulled down gently on her bottom lip, it flipped back into place. He then moved his thumb down to her chin, and opened her pretty little mouth. Alex bent down and kissed her open mouth, it tasted sweet. He moved his hand down the front of her blouse and groped one of her firm breasts. She was wearing a bra. His hand moved steadily down her body and came to rest on her crotch. He rubbed her short clad pussy for a while.

After he was finished playing with her he stood up, and went to open the door between the two staterooms. Next he went back to gather Rebecca up in his arms and carried her light body through the door to his stateroom. Laying Rebecca on his bed he went back into her room and went to her suitcases and picked them up and carried to his room. Then he went back to find and clean up all traces of her being there. He found the safe and was relieved to find it open, which saved him a few minutes. Inside were her passport, and a meager sum of money. He took her passport and the money and placed it in his shirt pocket. He searched her purse and found that she was on birth control pills. Good, he thought to himself, I don't need her getting knocked or anything. Upon completing his search, he crossed back over to his room, carefully closing the door from Rebecca's room to his, and then closing his door. Now, he had to get her off the ship. He had a plan for that as well.

Alex looked at his watch. That entire episode took about twenty minutes. He had a little time until she came to. Alex moved the chair in the stateroom to beside the bed and took a seat. She was beautiful lying there, so innocent, so vulnerable. Alex felt his cock swell inside his pants. He could smell her perfume and shampoo. Fuck it, Alex thought to himself. Alex stood up and went over to Rebecca. He couldn't wait, he had to do something. Alex stared at Rebecca for a minute or two, then he reached down and started unbuttoning her blouse. One button at a time, he was breathless. Months of preparation culminated into this moment, the moment he would see his prize in all her glory. He was on the third button now; he could see the top of her bra. Fourth button, she was wearing a hot pink padded push up bra, nothing exciting. He undid the remaining buttons and spread her blouse open. He ran his hand across her flat, firm belly.

Alex took his fingers and ran them underneath her bra. He almost came right there; he had his first touch of her breasts. He wondered if Josh had even touched them yet. Then he lifted her bra over her breasts. He was breathing heavy now, his throat was dry. There they were, just as he had imagined them two months ago, perky breasts with pink nipples. Alex licked his lips and bent down to her beautiful breasts. He started kissing them, nice soft kisses. His kisses soon turned to the nipples; he took her left nipple in his mouth and sucked deeply. He was pleased to feel it hardening in his mouth. Moving on to her other breast, he could have sworn he heard her moan. As he sucked on her right nipple he played with the left breast, caressing it. Alex moved his hand down to her shorts, and undid the button. Unzipping the shorts he saw her bright pink cotton panties. His hand moved under her shorts over her panties towards her pussy. They were damp with her juices. Alex heard it again, he heard her moan. Alex started rubbing her pussy through her panties; he could feel her hips move with his hand.

"Mmm," he heard Rebecca moan.

"Yeah? You like that?" Alex whispered.

"Hmm, mm" she moaned in agreement.

Alex started to masturbate Rebecca through her panties; he felt her lips part for his fingers as they worked their magic. Rebecca's hips were gyrating a little more now. Alex wondered in Rebecca had ever masturbated before. He pictured her slim fingers working her pussy, glistening with her juices. He backed off a bit; he didn't want her to cum just yet. Not like this. Alex looked at his Rolex; it was time to redress Rebecca. He put all her clothes back in their respective places. She should be regaining consciousness in about half an hour.

Alex got all their luggage set and ready to go, and then he called the porter. He saw Rebecca start to stir on the bed. He went to her.

"Rebecca, get up. We have to leave the ship. We have to go; there's been an emergency back in Florence."

"C'mon Rebecca," he said as he lifted her to her feet, "Josh is going to meet us at the airport."

"Alex? Wha, what's happening?" Rebecca asked wearily.

"I'll explain on the way to the airport, right now we have to hurry."

There was a knock at the door, the porter was here.

"Leaving us so soon Mr. Becker? I hope everything is all right." the porter said. Michael Becker was the false identity he was traveling with.

"There's a little emergency, and I have to take Rebecca Bernhardt here back home." Alex lied.

The porter gathered up their belongings and they made their way to disembark the liner. Once at the disembarkation point their passports were checked and the questions began.

"What's the nature of the emergency?"

"Mrs. Bernhardt's mother is gravely ill, and I am escorting her back home."

"Why isn't Mr. Bernhardt accompanying you?"

"Josh is meeting us at the airport." Alex used Josh's first name to make it more believable.

"Mrs. Bernhardt, is this true, you are being escorted home by Mr. Becker, here?"

"Hmmm? Y, yes. That's right, isn't it Alex?" Rebecca responded hazily, and confused.

"Are you alright, Mrs. Bernhardt?"

"She's worried about her mother. What do you think?" Alex snapped.

"Now if you don't mind, we have a plane to catch." Alex started getting rude.

This seemed to work, their passports were returned to them.

"I'm sorry about your mother, Mrs. Bernhardt. Please have a safe trip."

With that, Alex whisked Rebecca into a waiting limo and gave the limo driver directions to their destination.

They were headed to Falmouth where Alex had his yacht berthed at the Glistening Waters Marina. From there, they would cruise to his private island just off of the Bahamas. His island, Leaf Cay, wasn't huge but it was big enough for his purposes. It was his piece of paradise. The limo ride would take just over an hour, depending on traffic. The yacht was prepped and ready to go. Alex laid his head back, he was happy. Soon his waiting will be over. Rebecca had lapsed back into sleep. Alex watched her. She looked peaceful. Alex left her alone for now. Soon enough he would have his fun. Alex enjoyed the passing landscape and his thoughts turned to Josh. Did he feel sorry for Josh? Maybe a little but that feeling passed quickly. He chuckled to himself. He'd never done anything like this before, and he was unsure how he would feel. Now that he had pulled it off, he felt kind of good. Powerful even, he would control Rebecca; she WOULD bend to his wishes. Alex started stroking her hair.

"Rebecca, you are going to have a good life. One that fruitcake Josh couldn't provide." he said to the unconscious Rebecca, stroking her hair.

The trip took less time than he expected. Before he knew it, they were at the marina. He had the limo driver park close to the pier and help him with getting the luggage to the yacht. After it was safely on the yacht, he went to the limo to collect Rebecca. She was coming to, but was still groggy. He helped her toward the pier, she moved under her own power for the most part, but relied heavily on Alex for assistance. She was confused, and looked up at Alex helplessly.

"Alex? What's going on?" she asked wearily. "Where are we going? Where's Josh?"

Alex said nothing, just kept moving Rebecca toward the yacht. After a few minutes Rebecca was being helped aboard the yacht, still utterly confused, it would take a little more time before she was fully coherent.

"Are we ready to get underway?" Alex asked the captain.

"Yes sir, Mr. Gavin." Captain Eduardo Diaz responded.

"Very good, let's take her out." Alex ordered.

"I'll be below with our guest." Alex told the yachts captain.

"Very good, sir." Eduardo smiled.

Alex led Rebecca below to "their" quarters, guiding her by her shoulders. He was metaphorically licking his lips in anticipation. When they got to the cabin, Alex opened the door and led Rebecca in. Once in, he locked the door and looked laviciously at Rebecca.

"Alex, where's Josh?" Rebecca asked still a little confused.

"You know what Rebecca?" Alex asked.

"I'm fucking sick of hearing Josh's name." Alex figured the nice guy routine could end for now.

"Where's Josh? Where's Josh?" Alex sneered

"Well guess what sweetheart, you belong to ME now." Alex said.

"What the hell are you talking about Alex?" Rebecca started to sound worried.

Suddenly her safe little world wasn't safe anymore, or hers for that matter. Alex pulled a hunting knife and a set of handcuffs out of a drawer. He started playing with the knife, all the while staring at his prey.

"You know Rebecca; I really want this to be easier for you. Now if you just do as I say, your life will be so much more comfortable. All it's going to cost you is your freedom. You would become something of a, well let's say, slave to me. A very well treated slave, if of course you behave and obey me."

Rebecca stared at Alex unbelievably. She looked like she was going to cry. This turned Alex on, he liked the feeling of power he had over this woman. Alex calmly took one of Rebecca's slender wrists, and snapped one of the handcuffs on. The, he pushed her gently onto the bed in the cabin. Then gently pushed her further down so that she was laying down. She started to struggle, but the pain in her wrist was unbearable. Alex threaded the handcuff through the bars on the headboard, and then took her other wrist and snapped on the other handcuff. She was helpless now. She pulled at the handcuffs, they felt like they were cutting into her skin. Her wrists felt like they were on fire.

"I won't! I won't! If you are going to kill me, then do it. I'd rather be dead than be YOUR slave." Rebecca said incredulously, still unbelieving what was happening.

"Oh, I'm not going to kill you my dear Rebecca. There are things far worse than death." Alex replied calmly.

Rebecca paled at the casualness at which Alex just threatened her with.

"You love your family don't you Rebecca? It would be a damn shame if something were to happen to your mother, or little sister. Amy was it?" Alex said almost soothingly. "Amy's a very beautiful young woman. Oh, and your mother? She's quite alluring for a forty six year old. Maybe I'd do them both at the same time." Alex laughed.

Actually the thought of Amy's twenty year old body made him hard. Then he thought of Amy and Rebecca's mother Judith together. Lying beside each other, kissing one another while fingering the other ones pussy. Maybe he was a sick bastard. Oh well, he chuckled to himself, we all have our flaws.

Rebecca started to cry.

"Please, you wouldn't dare." She whimpered quietly.

"Well now Rebecca, that's where you come in. It's all up to you now isn't it?"

"So, let's get down to business. Take off your blouse Rebecca."

"No. I can't." She pleaded.

Alex sighed.

"Don't make me do it Rebecca, it won't be pleasant." Alex sighed.

Rebecca just stood there staring, unsure of what to do next. Alex had enough. He moved toward Rebecca and grabbed her. Rebecca gasped and started to scream. Alex clamped his hand over her mouth hard, muffling her scream. Alex pushed her down onto the bed and stood over her. Rebecca just stared up at him petrified. She tried to scream, but the sound wouldn't come. Alex reached down and grabbed her blouse on both sides of the buttons. Then he tore her blouse open. Alex took the knife and cut her bra through the middle. Her pert breasts popped out. Rebecca started thrashing around, her breasts flopping from side to side. Alex grabbed one, and started squeezing it.

Rebecca couldn't believe this was happening to her. No one but Josh had ever seen her naked. No other man was ever supposed to be touching her, and here was Alex with her breast in his hand. Oh God, she thought, Josh! This was supposed to be their honeymoon, their special time. But instead it was turning into a nightmare. Then she thought about her mother and sister. God how she loved them, she didn't want any harm to come to them. But she didn't want to be harmed either! They would make a sacrifice for her, and she knew it. She relaxed herself a bit and stopped fighting. She was pissed off now. She had saved herself for Josh all these years. Josh was supposed to take her virginity, not this piece of shit. Wait a minute, she thought, if I plead my case with Alex maybe he'd understand. Yeah, sure he would, she reasoned with herself. She swallowed hard and made up her mind. God I hope this works.

"Alex, please. I saved myself for Josh; this was supposed to be special." Rebecca pleaded.

Alex stopped, and loosened his grip on her breast. She had stopped fighting. What's this? Alex thought. She's a virgin? I fucking knew it. He felt his cock swell in his pants. He had NEVER had a virgin before. He wanted her to say it though; he wanted her to say she was a virgin.

"What are you telling me Mrs. Bernhardt?"

Rebecca flushed.

"I, I'm a virgin." she said, defeated.

"Well then Rebecca, I'll be gentle." Alex laughed.

Damn, Rebecca thought, that backfired. She started thinking about her mom and sister again. Her defenses started to melt away.

Alex moved toward her and unbuttoned her shorts. Rebecca was breathing hard, she wanted to fight, but she was petrified. Alex slowly undid her zipper, savouring every moment. When her zipper was completely undone, Alex spread her zipper open, exposing her bright pink cotton panties. Alex started sliding her shorts down her narrow hips, a side of her panties started sliding off with the shorts, Alex placed the panties back on place. Now, Alex was sliding her shorts down her shapely legs, and over her small ankles. Alex was breathing harder now. Rebecca was lying in front of him in just her panties now. Rebecca could just stare at her tormentor, she was scared shitless. Alex looked down at her, blouse splayed open, her destroyed bra exposing her beautiful tits. Alex was fully erect now. Taking Rebecca's legs he pulled them close so they were hanging over the edge of the bed. Alex kneeled in front of her and spread her legs, then he grasped her panties and started sliding them off her hips. He was looking at a little piece of heaven. There it was, Rebecca's virgin pussy. He spread her legs further apart and moved in closer. She smelled delicious, she wasn't shaven, but she had trimmed for the cruise. He played with her little, trim triangle of pubic hair, he was running his fingers through it. Then he took his finger and started playing with her pussy's exposed lips. She was breathing heavy now, almost hyperventilating.

"Alex, please..." she gasped.

Alex ignored her pleas. He leaned in and caressed the outside of her pussy with his tongue. She moved her hips sideways to try to avoid his tongue. Alex grasped her hips and held them in place, he went in for the kill. He thrust his tongue into her tight virgin pussy and started playing his tongue over the inside.

Mmm, he thought, she tastes as goods she smells.

"Alex, no. This isn't right. You can't do this..." Rebecca weakly protested.

Alex stopped for a second. "Just relax, Rebecca, and let it happen."

"No, I can't. This isn't right!" she cried.

"Oh but it is right, Rebecca, in so many ways." Alex went back to pleasuring her pussy with his tongue.

Rebecca didn't want this to happen, but she started to feel her body betray her. She started to experience feelings she never had experienced before. Her hips started moving, gyrating upward in search of pleasure with each tongue thrust. Alex was getting more excited. Her pussy started getting moist and glistening. Rebecca was moaning now, her fight seemed to be going. Her pussy started to warm, and her body started to tingle. She was in ecstasy, but was conflicted with anger, and fear. She thought of her family again, knew in her heart they would sacrifice themselves for her, so she relented and let her guard down. She would let Alex do this, and she would be free to go. Free to go back to Josh, back to a normal life, although she doubted her life would ever be again. Her moans turned into whimpers, and little gasps. Then she came. A feeling she had never experienced but had heard about from her friends. She came hard, she let out a loud gasp, and arched her back as her pussy filled with fluids.

Alex was pleased. He felt her climax. It was her first time, and he was the kind to provide the sensation. Alex stood and looked down at his piece of work. She was a little flushed, and starting to sweat. Alex undid his pants, and slid them down his legs, then he stepped out of them.

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