tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 04

Fiona at Camp Ch. 04


This is one of a series best read in order.

* * * * *

In the mid-sixties the camp bought an adjacent piece of property that bordered our lake on the far side. It had a lodge, a stretch of beach on our lake, a private pond on the far side of the house, several acres of trees and a beautiful open glade that came down to the pond but was mostly hidden from view of the lodge. The owner, a man named Crocket, held the mortgage and we began to use the lodge for staff programs and special events.

The staff had a habit of sneaking over to the pond at night to skinny dip and fuck. I once commented about how on nights with a full moon you could watch the girls strip and swim and sometimes hear the sounds of a young couple enjoying the pleasures of the evening on the grass next to the pond.

When Crocket died, the estate got tied up in probate and the bank started making all kinds of trouble for us. The lawyer took possession of the property and the camp was forbidden to use it. They padlocked the gate and posted "No Trespassing" signs all along the fence. That did not particularly stop the staff on their late night excursions. The only access to the lodge by car was from the main road, a lot further than the back road from camp.

It turned out, that the lawyer engineered some of the difficulties so that he could take the lodge for his own personal use and he came up many weekends and for a few weeks during the summer to enjoy the place. When he died, his partners reviewed the file and decided that it was all a lot of bullshit and decided to return the property to us with a cash settlement on condition that there would be no legal action. We were thrilled just to get the property and the money, especially since both were totally unexpected.

The keys were returned to us only two weeks before the camp opened for the season and there was no time to advertise the reopening of the Lodge for the summer. I'd hoped to use it as a marketing device, especially with parents, who have fond memories of the place. It was a good thing we didn't advertise it.

When I went inside, I discovered that the lawyer had made some interesting additions to the place. Several of the bedrooms had large, four-poster beds, with strong decorative eyebolts mounted high and low on the posts. He had a telescope set up in the master bedroom that was aimed through the trees at the camp's waterfront. When I looked through it, I realized that it was powerful enough to watch the girls on the beach of our lake. It also had a camera attachment and there were several blow-ups of our former staff on his wall. He was a good photographer.

In looking around the place, I realized that every mirror in the lodge was one way glass with a video camera stashed behind it. This made for some interesting possibilities.

I was glad that I'd decided not to open the lodge for this summer but to keep it for private use, as opportunity allowed. I'd planned to wait until the end of the summer to decide which way to go for the future but I'd already considered how to enjoy this place at the end of this summer. But now, Fiona provided an opportunity to use at least parts of the lodge right now.

Fiona arrived at the lodge on time. When I pulled up in my car, she was waiting on the porch. I showed her inside and left her standing next to the coffee table as I walked over to the stereo. She gazed around the lodge and was pleased by how nice and "country" it looked.

"Kick your shoes off and then climb up on the table." I instructed as I turned and watched her obey. "I want you to do a strip tease for me." I said as I turned on the stereo. Fiona listened to the music and then feeling somewhat self-conscious began to move to the music.

"You'll have to do better than that." I said as I sat down on one of the couches. Fiona began to move her body to the music and I watched as her body began to gyrate. "Think of yourself at the bar in town. I've seen you there." I said. Fiona closed her eyes for a moment and then her body really began to move. She flashed her legs open and then shook her huge tits as her hands began to roam over her own body as she danced.

"Now strip." I said and Fiona's hands slid up over her breasts and she rubbed them. She hooked her fingers under the shoulder straps of her top and then peeled it down slightly, revealing the firm swells of her breasts and then her dark nipples. They were rock hard. She swung her hips in a wide circle and then pulling up on the straps of her top, it slid up over her breasts and she pulled it over her head and tossed it on the couch beside me.

Turning around, she showed me her ass and then spreading her legs wide apart, she bent over and looked at me from between her open thighs. Her tits hung slightly in the direction of her face as she rotated her ass seductively. Then she braced her hands on her thighs and lifting her upper body wiggled her ass for me. As she turned around, she stood up and hooking her fingers into the front of her shorts, she peeled them slowly down over her hips, until they barely covered her pussy. She again turned away from me and bending all the way over, she slowly peeled her shorts down over her firm asscheeks and down to her ankles. She'd done this before. Stepping out of her shorts, she turned and stretching her long legs apart on the table, lifted her arms up and stood spread-eagle and naked before me as the music stopped. I clapped my hands and smiled to myself as I knew that Steve had the whole thing on tape.

"Have a seat." I said lifting my hand in the direction of the other sofa. Fiona stepped off of the table and sat down, a bit surprised that I hadn't wanted her to sit next to me. I let her catch her breath as I watched her beautiful tits panting.

"I want you to caress your breasts." I said. Fiona hesitated but then I gave her a stern look and she brought her hand up to her naked breast. Her fingers teased her taut nipple and then she pinched her tender nub between her fingers. "Both hands." I said and she slowly moved her other hand up to her breasts. I watched as she teased her own breasts and her breathing became heavier. Steve entered the room and sat down in one of the armchairs.

"Now play with yourself." he said and Fiona's eyes bolted open. She hadn't expected anyone else to be there and her hands instinctively moved to cover her breasts and pussy. He smiled at her and then said, "Do it!" Reluctantly, Fiona slid one hand down between her open thighs and caressed her own pussy. She'd done a lot of things sexually but she had never masturbated in front of anyone, let alone two men, unless they were actively touching her also. She felt like she was on exhibition. She felt her fingers slide over her oozing pussy and she lay her head back on the sofa and closed her eyes.

"Put your legs up on the table and spread them wide apart." he said and Fiona obeyed. "Now we want to watch you cum." he added. Fiona felt totally humiliated as she felt her finger slip between her engorged pussy lips. We watched for several minutes as Fiona caressed her pussy and her legs began to shake slightly as her body became more and more aroused. She loved the feel of her pussy being caressed and though she preferred to be touched by others, she did like the touch of her own hand. It was doing it in front of us that bothered her.

"You seem to be having some trouble." I teased her. "Reach under that pillow." I said, indicating the small throw pillow at the end of the sofa. Her hand slid under the pillow and she felt something hard. Her fingers grasped it and she pulled out a large plastic vibrator. It was shaped like a penis and she looked at it. "Perhaps that will help." I teased. Fiona lay the plastic cock on the sofa and went back to caressing her pussy with her fingers.

We watched as her breathing became more labored and her hips began to roll. Her eyes closed and she began to sink into her own pleasures. After several minutes, her hand reached over to the vibrator and she picked it up and slid it over her open pussy. She rubbed the tip over her open gash and then slipped it between the folds of her wet pussy. Her feet pressed down on the coffee table and lifting her ass slightly, she slid it to the edge of the sofa and then began to fuck herself with the plastic prick.

Her body was writhing as she pumped the vibrator deeper and deeper into her seething pussy and then she started moaning as her chest began to heave. We watched as she brought herself to the edge of a climax and then with both hands, she shoved the plastic cock deep into her pussy and her body arched and she let out a soft scream as a powerful orgasm wracked her luscious body. She let go of the vibrator and as she sank back onto the couch, it slipped out of her wet pussy and fell to the floor. We sat and watched her for a moment as her breathing eased and her thighs fell open and she relaxed her beautiful, young body.

"We only have time for a quickie." I said as I looked at Fiona. "Over here." I said. Slowly, she lowered her legs to the floor and lifted her body off of the sofa. She walked around the coffee table as I slid my shorts off. When she stood in front of me, I gazed up at her naked body as her crotch glistened with her sweet flow. I could smell the sweet aroma of her cum. "Turn around and have a seat." I said.

Fiona turned her body and then bending her legs, she looked down at my ramrod as it stood straight up. Her hand came down and wrapped around the length of my shaft and she guided the tip to the entrance of her love channel as she lowered her beautiful body onto my ramrod. She gasped as the tip slid between her engorged labia and then she felt my cock stretch her pussy open as she slowly impaled herself on my ramrod.

Once she had me deep inside of her, she released her grip on my crotch and brought both of her hands up to her head. She slowly began to fuck me as she lifted her body and rode my cock. Then leaning forward, she braced her hands on the coffee table and began to fuck my cock in with real enthusiasm. Steve watched for several minutes and then moving in front of her, he sat on the coffee table and pulling out his cock, placed his hand on the back of her neck and guided her face to his crotch.

Fiona felt his cock press between her lips and fill her mouth completely. Her beautiful body bounced back and forth between our cocks once again as her dangling breasts began to bounce with each thrust. I reached up to Fiona's firm asscheeks and squeezed them as she fucked my cock. I felt her powerful inner muscles begin to massage my invading shaft with every thrust. As her body bounced back and forth between our cocks, I decided to try something new with Fiona.

Opening my hand, I slapped her hard on her firm asscheek and I felt her inner muscles clench down tightly around my cock as she screamed softly and Steve moaned as the vibrations caressed his cock. I slapped her several more times with the same results. As her powerful muscles closed around my cock, I grunted and my cock exploded deep in her tightness. As my load sprayed the insides of her pussy, she too let go in a powerful orgasm and as she screamed with pleasure, the vibrations overwhelmed Steve and his cock erupted in her mouth as she swallowed and gulped feverishly in an effort to swallow his entire load.

Steve held Fiona's head and guided it up and down his spent shaft as he felt her tongue snake over the sensitive tip of his cock. I eased my grip on her ass but she remained sitting with my cock rammed deep into her pussy. Finally, Steve released her head and slipped his cock from between her lips. He smiled at her as he tucked his cock back into his shorts. Then holding out his hands he took hers and helped her to stand up.

As her body rose, she felt my cock slip out of her drenched love hole and then she turned and faced me as she stared down at the instrument of her pleasure. I nodded and she sank to her knees and sucked my spent cock between her hungry lips. I felt her tongue lick over the sides and tip of my cock as she sucked all of our cum from my shaft. When she was done, she sat back on her knees and looked up at me. I smiled at her.

"After every fucking, you are to clean yourself out and be ready for whoever is next. No one likes sloppy seconds unless it's a gangbang." I said. "Do you understand?" I asked. Fiona nodded. "You can go in there and clean yourself out." I said, nodding in the direction of the bathroom. Fiona lifted her body and then padded over to the bathroom as we watched her magnificent body move. She went in and closed the door as I tucked my cock back into my shorts. Fiona looked at herself in the mirror and could see the cum that coated her pubic thatch and her soft thighs.

"Have you talked to Arty?" Steve asked me as he sat down on the couch.

"Nope. But I have an idea that he might like." I said. Steve smiled and headed for the video machines to turn them off. I waited for Fiona to return.

"All cleaned out?" I asked as she came out of the bath and then I handed her clothes. She dressed as we watched and then I turned to her and said, "You go back to camp and change into your long, blue tank top and then meet us at Central Supply. Arty will be back soon and it's time for you to go to work." I added. Fiona walked over to me as I stood by the door. As she passed me, I wrapped my arm around her slender waist and pulled her body close to me. I leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth and forced my tongue between her lips as my hand slid down over the firm globes of her ass. She sucked on my tongue as I squeezed her magnificent ass. "No shorts." I added as I released my grip on her ass.

Fiona started to walk in the direction of camp as she wondered what was in store for her next. Steve and I got into my car and drove back to camp. As we pulled up to the office I could see Fiona going up the hill towards Central Supply.

* * * * *

To be continued...

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