First Taste of Extra-Marital Sex


Julie and Damon casually got dressed, with Julie seemingly not at all concerned that Mark was seeing her well shaped tits. "I trust you guys had a bit of fun as well," Julie said looking directly at me.

Mark answered for me, by pulling out my bra and panties. "I guess you could say so," he said waving them above his head. Thankfully, in the soft moonlight the others could not see as I blushed deeply. This was very embarrassing. Mark then added hugely to my embarrassment by telling them we were keen to get back to my hotel room. I was not at all used to discussing my sexual activities with anyone, let alone my first extra-marital explorations.

As Damon drove us back to the hotel, Mark stroked my legs and occasionally slid his hand up to touch my uncovered pussy. Each touch was exhilarating in it's naughtiness and promise of what lay ahead. Mark was certainly keeping me primed and turned on.

In the lobby of the hotel it was clear that Damon and Julie were also not ending their evening just yet. Julie and I had a brief few moments without the men as we collected our keys from the receptionist. Julie slipped in a quick comment to me. "Hey Ann .... I am glad for you that you have taken this step. I am sure you will never regret it. Enjoy your first fuck away from home!!"

Julie's comments brought home the reality of what I was about to do. I was about to willingly cheat on my husband ..... and unlike my feelings 24 hours earlier, I was exhilarated by the thought of casual, lustful, erotic sex.

We said goodnight to Damon and Julie and headed off to my room. As I closed the door to the room Mark gave me a sexy smile, took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. While still kissing he turned off the main light leaving the soft glow of the bedside lamp. His hands were gently kneading my tits again. Very quickly I started feeling aroused again.

He whispered in my ear that in the privacy of my hotel room I could now have and do whatever I wanted. I felt a weird, but wonderful, erotic thrill race through me as it now became very real that I was about to be fucked by another man -- who only a few hours ago was a complete stranger.

This was like one of my fantasies come true -- and the naughtiness of it all felt so exciting. Mark stepped back and gave me an approving look. "Take your dress off. I want to see you strip for me."

I had never consciously stripped for any man before -- not even my husband. The prospect of voluntarily stripping naked for a man as he lustfully watched I found very arousing. Taking off my clothes for him was a fairly direct message that I really wanted him to fuck me. My nipples got hard from these erotic thoughts.

Looking at Mark I pulled my zipper down, shrugged the dress straps off my shoulders and eased the dress all the way down until it fell at my feet. Having had my bra and panties taken away earlier that evening I was left standing totally naked. With the bedside lights still on I was totally exposed and felt a thrilling vulnerability as Mark looked me up and down. I had not realized what a thrill it would be to get naked for another man.

Mark pulled me close to suck and lick my nipples, getting me moaning with pleasure. With his lips still wrapped around a very pointed nipple he slipped a finger into my sopping wet pussy. I could not believe how erotic it felt to be completely naked with another man who was fingering my cunt. I knew then with certainty that I would be unfaithful to my husband that night and fuck Mark.

Rubbing my clit and tugging gently at my nipples Mark spoke quietly in my ear, saying he knew I was a married woman but that he found me incredibly sexy and he badly wanted to fuck me. Did I want him to fuck me, he asked.

It was such a turn on to know that a stranger found me so sexually attractive. I almost pleaded him to get on with it, I was so horny.

I got onto the bed while Mark ripped off his clothes. He approached me with his cock standing straight out. Although I had never been big on cock sucking I just had to do it that night. It just felt so naughty, so erotic and so exciting to take another man's cock into my mouth and pleasure him.

I went about the blowjob with an enthusiasm I could hardly believe myself. As I sucked and licked his pole I gently fondled his balls. His balls felt large and full and were probably loaded with sperm. My ministrations soon got Mark groaning and I got even more turned on knowing that I was giving him such sexual pleasure.

Stopping me before he orgasmed, Mark then took control. He lay me back, spread my knees and lowered his head between my legs. His tongue started exploring my folds and sensitive areas and got me tingling all over very quickly. Mark's variation was exciting and stimulating in itself, but to have a stranger performing cunnilingus on me was an amazing sensation -- just about as good as my fantasies on this had been.

Despite having had an orgasm earlier that evening, I was getting very aroused and was loving having Mark lick me out. Little spasms of sexual electricity were rippling through me and I was soon approaching another orgasm, but I desperately wanted to cum with a cock buried inside me.

I lifted Mark's head. "Please fuck me now Mark. I really want you inside me." I realized I was almost pleading I felt the need so strongly.

Mark seemed to enjoy knowing that I was desperate for his cock. He sat up and stroked the inside of my legs, which were already spread wide. He looked lustfully at my wet pussy and aroused clit before he moved between my legs getting his cock just nudging my pussy lips. Mark playfully ran the tip of his cock up and down my pussy lips and brushed it against my clit. I looked down and shivered in excitement at the anticipation of this strangers cock about to slide into my cunt.

"Oh Mark ....... you are making me so horny. Pleeeeeease put it in me," I begged him. I pulled my knees up to encourage him to just take me there and then. I felt absolutely wanton and could not think beyond getting his cock deep in my cunt.

Mark rewarded my lewd pose by slipping his cock in a little way. He need not have been concerned about whether I was ready for penetration. I was sopping and desperate. I groaned and wriggled my hips trying to myself more deeply impaled. This time Mark plunged fully into me in one measured thrust.

"Ohhhhhhh..... that feels so gooooood!!" I moaned erotically. Mark's hip started rocking as he slowly started to fuck me.

"Oh yesss Mark. Do it to me. That feels incredible. Oh yessssss!!!" I was not normally vocal during sex but this was so erotic and good that I could not stop expressing myself.

I was getting very close to my orgasm, when Mark pulled out of me and told me to turn over. He wanted to fuck me doggy style. I happily obliged as I always enjoyed this position. I rolled on to my tummy and pulled my knees up, again feeling quite wanton as I exposed my pussy and little rear hole to Mark. Without any preliminaries this time Mark lined up his cock with my pussy and slid it right up. He grabbed my hips and continued fucking me. Part of the thrill of this position was that it made me feel sexually submissive, and that was especially erotic when I had a stranger in my cunt.

Mark reached around and started to rub my clit with one hand as he rhythmically slid in and out of my throbbing pussy. That got my body shuddering and jerking.... and had me moaning in ecstasy. Keeping up the rhythm Mark asked if I wanted him to come inside me or on my body. It was only then that it passed through my mind that I had been so horny that I had not even thought of a condom. I found the thought of this stranger depositing his cum deep inside my cunt incredibly erotic. This pushed me over the edge as I told him where I wanted his sperm.

"OHHHHHHHH SHIT....... YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" I was overcome by the most explosive orgasm that I could remember. My body shook and shuddered and left me absolutely breathless.

I was just coming out of my erotic euphoria when I felt Mark jerk and felt the warm sensation of having my pussy lined with his cum. I got a weird but great thrill from having another man's cum deposited deep inside me. At least I felt secure in the knowledge that I was on the pill. (STDs were also much les of a concern in those days).

Mark and I collapsed next to each other and cuddled as we recovered from our exhilarating sex. I asked him if he would stay the night .... hoping that we could fuck again before we had to part ways in the morning. Thankfully he said he would like to do that. We both showered and got back into bed. I lay there thinking how amazing the evening had been and how naughty, thrilling and liberating it felt to be comfortable walking around naked in front of another man and getting into bed with him. I felt exhilarated.

We slept touching each other. Sometime during the night I was aware of Mark in a spoon position behind me and I could feel his cock nudging the back of my legs. Still drowsy and half asleep I eased my legs open just enough for his hard cock to slide against my pussy. He gently slid his cock up and down against my pussy lips and up to my clit, very quickly getting me aroused. I stayed lying on my side with my eyes closed just reveling in the sensations. In no time I was ready for another fuck. I moaned in pleasure as Mark slipped his cock into my wet and willing pussy. I could not remember when last I had had sex twice in one night, but here I was horny as anything for another fuck.

We had a slow, sensuous fuck while Mark fondled my tits and stroked my clit. We didn't say a word to each other as Mark worked us to another orgasm. I found the whole experience of silent sex in the dark, with a relative stranger, wonderfully erotic and it wasn't long before I was rewarded with another shuddering orgasm. Mark followed soon after, depositing another load of cum in my pussy. I reached for a tissue and mopped up his cum and my juices before quickly falling into a deep and blissful sleep.

We very nearly overslept the next morning. My alarm was ringing loudly and persistently, and gradually roused both Mark and I. I leaned across to Mark and gave him a little kiss. "Mark - thank you for last night. It was fantastic. I don't think you know what it meant to me," I said in all honesty.

Mark suggested we could indulge in more sex, but as I was already running very late I reluctantly declined. Maybe sometime in the future again I offered. We showered, got dressed and said our goodbyes. Mark gave me a kiss, a big hug and blew me another kiss as he walked out the door.

I hurriedly packed my suitcase as Julie and I were heading home that afternoon..... back to our husbands. Quite unexpected I found myself wanting to share my previous evening's thrilling and erotic experiences with my husband. I wanted him to share in my liberation and exhilaration .... but was very unsure how he would react. I knew with conviction, however, that I wanted to fuck him as soon as I got home, as another way of sharing my sexual liberation with him.

Julie had been absolutely right. Partaking in extra-marital sex was amazingly exciting and satisfying..... and it did make me want to screw my husband even more. I certainly felt no change in my deep seated love for him -- but I also knew that this would probably not be the last time I indulged in some sex away from home.

As it turned out, it was quite a few months before I indulged again. The next time it was in Paris, where I was accompanying my husband to one of his company's sales conferences. More about that in another episode.

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