tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Time Exotic Dancer

First Time Exotic Dancer

byjay hanspard©

Jay sat in the audience of the Kitty Kat Club and waited to see something he never thought he'd get to see. He had always wanted to take his wife to a strip joint, but he never imagined that her first time in one she'd be a stripper, and not a participant. Jay had written the commercial insurance on the club as a favor to a friend whose company wouldn't insure strip joints. He took the opportunity of dealing with the owner of the club to arrange for his wife to perform on a one-time basis. Jay explained to the owner that he was just trying to keep the sex life spiced up. With the money the owner was going to be saving on insurance, he told Jay he could do what ever he wanted. So here he was on a Saturday night in the Kitty Kat Club waiting for his wife to come on stage and take her clothes off for men. The club was about half full; it was still too early for the main crown to hit. Missy was nervous, and didn't want to dance for the first time in front of a packed crowd. It was 6:00 so the heavy crowd wasn't due for another hour or so.

Fifteen men sat in the audience. Five were seated around the stage, and the other ten plus Jay were at tables. The five seated around the stage were college age, and looked to be two separate groups of friends; one group of three and another of two. The guys at the tables looked like professional types. A tall skinny blonde was on stage finishing her routine, and a couple of girls were in the audience doing topless table dances. The music finally stopped for the blonde's routine and she collected her money from the floor and disappeared off stage.

Missy didn't think she could get more nervous than she already was, but when the music stopped for the girl ahead of her, she did in fact get more nervous. She was sitting on a stool in the dressing room back stage. Four other girls were self-absorbed with primping and preparing for their routines. The girls were cordial and Missy was surprised at the camaraderie. When one girl came off stage, the first thing she did was tell the other girls who was tipping heavy. When Angie, the blond, came off stage and announced that the five college guys stage side were tipping heavy, Missy knew it was now or never. The stood up and adjusted her gown. The gowns were mandatory. All girls started in a stripper's gown and thong, and how much they removed was up to them. Of course, all of them removed the gown and danced topless, but maybe half removed the thong and danced totally nude. She shifted the gown around so that she had maximum cleavage. She wasn't a tall girl, only 5'3", but she was very curvy. Her 38D breasts didn't look out of place in a stripper's gown. Her heart was in her throat as she waited behind the curtain for her song to start. She had chosen "In The Air Tonight" by Genesis. She picked something slow because she didn't think she's be able to deal with her nerves and a fast dance at the same time.

The song began and the DJ introduced her as simply "Little Miss". She strutted out to the middle of the stage and began her routine. She had planned the first 90 seconds of her dance, and then she would work the guys at the edge of the stage. She tried hard to remember her 90 seconds worth of moves, but her mind was spinning. She walked up to the pole in the middle of the stage and stroked it up and down as she spread her legs and squatted up and down behind the pole. She had a few seconds to scan the floor and see the crowd. She saw the five guys trying to stare through her clothes at stage-side. She saw various suit and tie types in the audience and recognized one in particular. Jay sat to the left of the table area. His thin smile masked his rapid pulse, which was hammering away so hard he was lightheaded. Seeing Jay made Missy feel more relaxed. She decided to dance for him and everything else would fall into place. She walked to the front of the stage and pulled the drawstrings on the front of the gown. It fell off her shoulders and she held it up over her tits.

The gown was meant to come off easy, and once she let go it would fall to the floor. She turned her back to the audience and let the gown slide down off her shoulders. She put one arm over her breasts and slid the gown over her flat stomach and hips. She dropped it and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in her platform heels and a white sequined thong. She kept her breasts covered with the arm while she strutted back to the pole. She began to grind her hips in circles and bend at the waist to let everyone see her ass. She swung around behind the pole to face the audience and hugged her tits with both arms. Slowly, both arms moved to the side until her hands cupped her breasts. She pulled her hands away and her large boobs were swinging from side to side. She could hear the guys up front make some breathless noises in appreciation of her dance. She hugged the pole and squeezed each tit on either side of it and rubbed it in between her cleavage to simulate getting her tits fucked. The guys started elbowing each other and casually placing their hands on their laps to hide growing erections.

Missy strutted to center stage laid on her back on the floor. She pulled her legs back to her chest and then quickly spread them out as wide as they would go. The tight thong was all that kept the crowd from seeing her shaved cunt, and she wanted to show them everything. She pulled her legs back to her chest and grabbed the thong at her hips. She seductively slid it down her butt until she could feel the now-wet section of the thong uncover her pussy. The guys in front were exhaling harder as she pulled the thong from around her heels. Now, fully nude, she again opened her legs wide and let the crowd see her wet slit. She crawled over on her hands and knees and crawled back to the pole, wiggling her bare ass for the guys the whole time. She stood up by sliding the pole against her wet slit as she went up. Her wetness allowed her to slide easily against the pole, and its coldness shot electricity through her clit. Standing up, she walked to the edge of the stage and began to work the crowd.

She walked up to the spot in front of the first guy and knelt down. A dark haired kid, he put a dollar bill in his mouth and leaned forward. Missy put his face between her tits and pushed her boobs together and pulled back, taking the dollar bill from his mouth. She knelt in front of each guy and squeezed their faces with her tits; taking their money. The last guy held up a dollar bill with his hand. Missy squatted in front of him, giving everyone a clear view of her dripping cunt, and squeezed the guy's hand in between her boobs. Her song ended and she felt like she hadn't been up there two minutes, but it had actually been closer to five. She collected her money from the floor and walked off stage. Her heart slowly began to beat at a normal pace. The hard part was over, now it was time to work the floor doing table dances and trying to get $20 a pop lap dances. She put her gown back on and adjusted everything in place.

When she exited the door beside the stage out onto the main floor, the next girl had already begun her dance. The college guys whipped around to watch her as she walked by them and they gave her a unanimous thumbs up. She took her time and walked around the room smiling at the gentlemen at the tables. She made her way to a smiling Jay and sat down beside him.

"Oh my God, I can't believe I did that! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack. How did I do?"

Jay smiled and said nothing. He grabbed her hand and guided it over his rock hard cock. He was careful not to attract attention; no one else knew this was his wife.

"Oh my! I did that well, huh?"

Jay nodded slightly. "Tell me, Miss, how much is a nude table dance?" He asked the question in a normal tone of voice, but loud enough so everyone could hear. The question caught her off guard, but she quickly recovered.

"Uh, $10 sir"

Jay pulled a ten dollar bill out and handed it to her. She glanced up and noticed that several guys had stopped watching the stripper on stage and were watching her instead. Missy pulled the drawstrings and let the gown puddle at her feet. She pulled the thong down over her heels and stood by Jay nude. The majority of the guys were watching her and had forgotten about the girl on stage. She put her arms behind her head and moved her hips in tight circles. She would alternately cup her tits and swing them side-to-side. She leaned forward and buried Jay's face in her big tits. She turned away from him and pushed her butt out and wiggled it back and forth. She was getting to be a great tease. She finished by blowing him a kiss and giving a wicked smile.

She started to put the gown back on when a voice two tables over said, "Excuse me, miss, but I'll take a table dance if you're done."

The man was in his forties and wearing a suit. He was a professional of some sort. She looked at Jay and gave a surprised smile.

"Looks like you're a hit", he said quietly.

Still nude, she left her gown and thong by Jay's table and walked over to the man. She was getting more comfortable being nude, and her self-esteem was soaring because men liked her that way. She gave the same seductive dance for him, but threw in some bonuses. When she leaned over and shoved her tits in her face, Jay thought he saw her hand drop to his lap for a quick feel. The dance clearly aroused the man, and he wanted more. Jay could hear him quietly ask for a lap dance. Missy wasn't quite sure how she would do a lap dance, but there had to be a first time. She grabbed the man's hand and led him to the roped off area for lap dances. It was basically a large square area with couches lining the wall. The area could not be seen from the floor, but it could be seen at the bar. The bar was on the other side of one of the chest high walls.

Jay moved to the bar and ordered a scotch. He hated alcohol but he had to have a reason for sitting there. He could see Missy about fifteen feet away sit down on the couch with the man. The area was dimly lit, but the lights from the stage let him see what was going on. They sat against the wall were the entrance to the lap dance area was. Jay's view of them was a profile view. Missy faced him and he could see her chatting with her new client. She smiled a laughed a few times before beginning her lap dance. She stood in front of the man and turned her back to him. She sat down on his lap and leaned back, putting her head on his shoulder. The man had a great view right down her bare tits. She leaned forward and rubbed her crotch against the man's lap, humping up and down. She turned and straddled his lap; pushing her tits in his face. She grazed her nipples along his mouth and Jay could see the man running his tongue across her nipples when they slid in between his lips. She spent plenty of time letting the man surreptitiously lick her nipples before she moved beside him on the couch.

She got on her hands and knees across his lap and rubbed her big tits against his crotch. When she moved all the way across his lap she would pause with her ass close to his face. She was facing Jay as she did this, and all at once she noticed his presence. Jay thought she might get inhibited from his being there, but it seemed to turn her on more. She stood up on the couch, still straddling his lap. Her pussy was at eye level. She put her hand between her legs and opened herself up to let the man see inside her. Her clit was hard and poking out at the man. Jay didn't know how he resisted licking her clit; he had more will power than Jay. Missy continued to open herself up and play with her clit. She looked around to make sure that no one other than Jay was looking; and she slid her middle finger inside. The man looked like his eyes would bulge out. He couldn't believe a stripper was putting on this graphic of a show. She pulled her middle finger out and put it to the man's lips. He eagerly licked them clean. She moved down off the couch for the last part of her dance.

She straddled the man's lap with her back to him and bent forward and put her hands on the floor. This left the man with a view of her wide-open cunt on top of his lap. She reached back with one hand and fingered her clit, and then moved her finger up to her tight back door and rubbed the wetness over her ass. After another quick check to make sure no one else was looking, she grabbed the man's hand land placed it on her slit. The man instinctively rubber her clit with one hand and slid a finger from his other hand inside her. It took only seconds for her to have a deep orgasm. Her cunt muscles clinched around the man's fingers as she felt the rush go through her. She pulled the man's finger out, and stood up to catch her breath. With shaking hands, she accepted the $20 from the man for the dance, and thanked him. The man tipped her an additional $20, saying it was the greatest "dance" he'd ever received.

Flushed, she walked back out to the floor to get her gown when another man approached her and asked her how much a lap dance was. She tried to collect her thoughts, and she turned and looked at Jay. He had a big, approving grin on his face. She looked back at the man and told him it was $20. A quick glance around the room showed that there were about 25 men in the club now. That equaled $500 worth of lap dances.

And 25 more orgasms.

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