tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Time UK "Dogging"

First Time UK "Dogging"


My husband Andy and I first learned of an activity known in the UK as “dogging” from an article in a popular Sunday tabloid newspaper. This pursuit, as we found out, usually takes place in remote secluded locations, mostly after dark and involving exhibitionist minded couples who actively seek out voyeurs to watch or even join in their public sex displays.

I must admit to being more than a little apprehensive when Andy suggested we actually try dogging. We had looked at various sites on the internet and I must confess I found reading the personal experiences of couples and the people they meet more than a little exciting.

Eventually I agreed that we should try it. Andy said he had found somewhere not too far away from us but far enough not to be recognised. On the Saturday evening in question I dressed carefully in a red blouse and a short brown leather skirt. Under it I wore a red bra and thong panties with matching suspenders and black stockings. Andy decided we would go for a drink first to relax me and calm my frazzled nerves.

At last it was time to go and leave the safety of the pub for our adventure. My stomach was all knotted up with nerves but I was wildly excited at the same time. In due course we arrived at a car park which was deserted except for one car near the entrance. It was a warm and pleasant night and quite dark except for the reflection of street lights in the distance. Once parked I reclined my seat a little and tried to relax. I was aware of a car drawing up next to my side of the car and a few feet away. It had arrived with no lights and looking up I saw that it was the same one that had been parked by the entrance. Andy leaned over and put his arm around me and said that he thought this looked a possibility.

Glancing to my left I could see nothing of the driver but as I looked he turned on his interior light. I was surprised; he was probably late 20s and quite nice looking. Andy whispered to me what did I think and I replied that he seemed ok. That seemed to be the signal for my husband to quickly open the buttons of my blouse and push it back so that my restrained breasts were revealed to our watcher. I felt Andy release the catch at the back of my bra. Just then the door of the other car opened and he got out looking carefully around him. He was slim and about average height wearing jeans and a dark shirt. He moved forwards and then walked back on a path which would bring him closer to my window. Andy by now had pushed up my bra so that by boobs were fully on display to this stranger. I felt as nervous as hell as he walked slowly past looking in my window. He stopped when he got past the car and then slowly moved back down to stand just out of my line of sight but where he could see Andy caressing my breasts. I closed my eyes and decided to go along with it. Andy moved my skirt up and allowed the stranger to see my legs and thighs in stockings before pushing my skirt right up to show my thong and barely concealed pussy. I was wet with excitement now and was relieved when Andy slipped the thong off throwing it on the back seat. I glanced to my left and our watcher opened his zip and pulled out his semi hard cock. Even semi hard it looked pretty big. He gazed in at my body slowly playing with it until it was rock hard.

Andy asked me if I liked it and I replied that it was a beauty. I had hardly got the words out of my mouth when he pressed the button and down came the window. I am not kidding, I absolutely froze. Suddenly there was a big hard cock inches from my face and I was totally available to his touch. Andy gently caressed my boobs and the strangers hand moved onto the window ledge. He paused for a while and then I felt his hand cup my breast. I shuddered as his thumb and finger teased my nipple which was already hard. My husband played with one breast while this stranger played with the other. I enjoyed his touch. He was gentle but determined to have a good feel. Andy moved his hand while the guy put both hands in to feel both my boobs at the same time. He moved back and reached into the car, his hand closing around mine. Gently he guided my hand out of the car and placed it on his hard cock. I suppose my fingers closed around it by instinct and I moved my hand up and down his hard length.

It was bigger than Andy's both in length and girth and I found myself enjoying the different feel of it and its hard thickness which almost gave a sense of power hidden in there. The strangers hand moved down my body onto my thighs and his hand felt both my thighs above the black stockings. I parted my legs further in anticipation as his fingers began to explore my pussy, opening the lips to find my clit. One finger entered me while his thumb found and excited my clit. I could feel myself building to a climax and hear the wetness as his fingers worked on me. Andy was working on any part of me that the stranger wasn't and had one hand under my raising my bum.

Our watcher began to use two hands on me always working on my pussy but his other alternating between my boobs and bum. I could control it no longer and I felt myself begin to jerk as the first orgasm wracked through me making me buck and heave in their hands. One orgasm followed another leaving me a soaking shaking wreck.

Our guy transferred his attentions to my boobs as I calmed down. I was still holding his thick and even harder cock. I moved both hands onto it determined to have a really good feel of it. He undid his belt and let his jeans and pants fall a little to give me access to his large heavy balls. I could tell he wasn't far from coming. Andy fumbled in his pocket and passed me a flavoured condom. I thought about it for only a minute and then passed it to the watcher who slid it on carefully. I pulled his cock and thighs into the open window so that Andy could see everything and closed my lips around the guys cock. It felt even bigger in my mouth than outside the car. I made sure that I explored every bit of it with my tongue before taking as much of him as I could and moving back and forth as I used my hand on the shaft and balls. I felt him begin to throb and give a low moan as he jetted into the condom in my mouth. I kept going until I was sure he was complete and then released him so that he could remove the condom.

Everyone made themselves decent and we talked a little while before bidding each other goodnight. When he had gone I had to admit to Andy I had really enjoyed it.

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