tagLoving WivesFisherman's Wife Ch. 05

Fisherman's Wife Ch. 05


Keywords: spanking, blow jobs, group sex

Hubby's friends were in our home to celebrate the end of another successful season. The Fish and Wildlife Department was happy that enough fish had gone up the rivers to produce the next generation. The fleet skippers were happy that all of the boats had made money. I was happy that hubby would be at home, or at least in town, for a few months with me.

I mixed cocktails and poured beer in the kitchen. Then I put the glasses on a small tray to carry out to the living room. As I entered the room with my tray, Benny of the Alma G. said something, so I did not notice that Fred of the Saucy Girl was sitting with his legs extended. Yep; I tripped and dumped all the drinks over Fred.

"Wasting all that booze can't go unpunished." Fred said, and he grabbed my arms, pulled me across his lap, and started to spank my bottom.

One of the other skippers shouted, "You don't spank girls that way. Pull up her skirt."

Then Fred flipped my skirt up and continued to slap my bottom on my panties.

"No, no. You need to see if her ass is turning red." someone shouted.

So Fred slipped a hand in my panties and pulled them down below my knees while still holding my firmly across his lap. This all happened pretty fast and I did not know how to react. Anyway, there wasn't anything I could do physically because Fred was too strong for me. Now that I had every man's full attention, I admit that I was getting excited. I guess hubby was excited, too, because he did not say a word as Fred continued to slap my bare ass.

I had not realized before this experience that spanking makes me very compliant. So when Andy of the Misty Bay asked for a turn and Fred let me up, I meekly hobbled over with my panties still around my ankles, flipped up my own skirt, and lay across Andy's lap with my bare ass up for all to see. Andy is left-handed, so he worked different parts of my bottom than Fred had. My bottom hurt; but I must admit that I was enjoying the attention from all the men and the new sensations in my lower half. The pain on the surface of my bare ass was transforming into thrills in my lower passages.

Now, I felt that Andy's cock was becoming stiff. Was it my fault? Should I do something to fix that? The harbor is a hive of gossip, so probably all of these skippers already knew that I have sucked the cocks of all of the men in the crews of hubby's boat for several years. I enjoyed having their stiff cocks in my mouth; I enjoyed giving them that relief; and they appreciated my service. So if I have drained the balls of every man in hubby's crew, why not do it for these skippers visiting in our home?

"I can feel that spanking me has made you excited, Andy. Do you want me to take care of that?"

"Oh, yes, please do." He replied. "As long as your husband doesn't mind."

I looked over at Hubby and saw that he had a big grin on his face; so I guess it was OK with him for me to suck his friend's cock in front of all these skippers.

With my panties still around my ankles, I squirmed off his lap and knelt down in front of his chair. I unfastened his belt and pulled down his zipper. Andy lifted his butt off the chair and slid his pants down, exposing a very stiff cock. I could feel the eyes of all the men in the room on me as I kissed the tip of his cock and slowly licked the shaft. I swirled my tongue around the tip and suddenly drove my mouth all the way to the base. Sliding my lips up and down the shaft of Andy's penis, I realized that I was the Exhibition Queen for the evening. Keeping his cock in my mouth, I reached down and pulled off my skirt. I wanted all those men to enjoy looking at my red, spanked bottom. I wiggled my red ass and continued to bob up and down on Andy's stiff cock. I licked his scrotum and took each of his balls into to my mouth. I put pressure on his cum tube with my tongue and soon enough, I felt it swell with his discharge. Andy grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into himself as he let go a large, warm jet of cum straight down my throat. I could not contain it all, so some spunk dribbled out of the corners of my mouth. Lying back with his eyes closed and a blissful expression on his face, Andy let me up.

I was excited - incredibly turned on by what had just happened in front of all these men. I was unsure about what I should do next. Then Harry, skipper of the Island Princess, grabbed my hand and led me to a big low-back easy chair. He pushed me onto the cushion, facing the back of the chair.

Harry announced to me and to everybody else, "I am going to fuck her face while she kneels in this chair. I need a volunteer to continue spanking her ass. Who wants the honor?"

Then, to me, Harry said, "Take off your shirt. These fellows want to watch your boobs bounce while you are being face-fucked and spanked at the same time."

Well, I could hardly have been any more exposed or embarrassed, so I took off my top and my bra. While Harry stuffed his cock into my face over the back of the chair, somebody else continued the spanking on my red bottom. A cock was sliding in and out of my mouth; my ass cheeks were quivering from the spanking; and my boobs were swaying in time to both. I was thrilled out of my mind and in a sexual tailspin [pun intended] - completely dominated by these men - ready to do whatever they told me to do. Before, I had no idea that spanking would make me so compliant, so willing to abandon my previous limits. Except screwing. I do have standards. A bedrock policy was that nobody could fuck me except Hubby.

Harry used my mouth vigorously until he let out a groan and shoved his cock as far into me as possible. Then I felt a pulse in his cum tube followed by a mouth full of sticky, salty semen. I swallowed it all.

When Harry called out, "She's available. Who's next?" Hubby interrupted saying, "Hold on fellows. You each get only one turn, either a spanking or a blow job. I don't want you guys to wear her out. I have enjoyed watching you guys work; but I will want some time with her myself after you go home." Although I did appreciate the limits Hubby just set, that announcement made my face turn as red as my bottom.

I stayed kneeling I that chair as a couple more skippers stuffed their cocks Into my mouth and obtained their relief. Usually, somebody was slapping my bottom and fondling my boobs; except for one kind man who contented himself with caressing my sore bottom. I appreciated that.

After I had sucked the final cock, all of the men were lolling in their chairs, relaxed and content and I was feeling thoroughly used. Then Pete, skipper of the Fish Finder, requested that I go back to the kitchen and prepare drinks for everybody. In the kitchen, my mind was too fucked over to mix anything at all complicated, so I just opened seven cold cans of beer and put them on a tray. When I carried the tray, carefully this time, out to the skippers, I was in such an erotic fog from the spankings and the cock sucking and the total exposure, that I forgot I was naked. It startled me when some of the men stroked my bottom and my boobs as I passed the beers around. I was in such a suggestible and receptive state of mind that I enjoyed this sexual attention from men who were not my husband. I had no idea that being spanked would make me so docile and compliant. I felt humiliated and embarrassed; but also proud and thrilled at the same time. Who understands a woman's mind?

After the skippers departed for home, or their boats, or the Harbor Bar, Hubby didn't want to clean up the house or even let me do it. He had something else on his mind.

When we went into our bedroom, he undressed instantly and showed me the biggest erection I have ever seen on him. Remember, I was already undressed. He shoved me onto our bed. I was so excited already that I did not need any foreplay. Hubby jammed that big cock into me and proceeded to give me the best, most intensive screwing of my life. Unfortunately, the sex did not last very long. I guess Hubby was as stimulated as I was, so he released his cum into my vagina after only a few intense minutes of shoving that enlarged cock into me. I screamed with pleasure, so happy to be with my own man after all those other guys.

We both wondered whether more spankings would be in our future. I think we both agree that my bottom will be turned red again by somebody. Soon.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC02/26/19


You've been in the snow too long Sam. Your brain has frozen.

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by 27thNC08/13/18

Such a good wife

Sounds like everyone got what they wanted out of this. Good read. Keep it up.

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by Anonymous08/10/18


typical LW garbage. One Star.

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by Anonymous08/10/18

The new moron loved this shit!

Who is he? The retarded @hubbyhw, of couse. He must be a closet gay like @peteswick! The story? Just a sick smelly shit.

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by hubbyhw08/10/18

Either a Spanking or Blow Job

Some how I just love that line. Interesting spin on a LW tale 5*****

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