tagGroup SexFisher's Catch Ch. 02

Fisher's Catch Ch. 02

byAlan D©


Author's note: This story can be read on its own, but you will have a much better understanding of the characters and their relationships if you first read chapter 1...


The morning was unusual, to say the least. Jeff fell asleep in Kathy's bed and the girls were up before them. As he awoke he heard them talking and clattering in the other room. He looked at Kathy lying naked next to him, marvelling at his good fortune.

She opened her eyes and looked at Jeff, her gaze confused for an instant, then snuggling in and saying "Good morning, Lover."

"Kathy," he said. "About last night, - I didn't mean to..."

"Shhh," she said gently. "It was wonderful and we both loved it, and there are no commitments and no recriminations. Just a good memory for my files."

"You are quite incredible, you know," he said seriously. "I was aching for you all day, but I knew I had to leave the pace to you. I had a feeling we were getting to this, but I didn't want to push you or take anything for granted..."

"I wanted you from the first day," said Kathy with a blush. "That first night, - when everything had gone so horribly wrong, - the only good thing that had happened all day was the way you were so nice to us, and gave us at least one day to enjoy what was supposed to be a break from all the things that were wrong at home. I wanted to experience things and have fun on the holiday, and here we were, going straight back. I wanted to have at least something to remember, and I wanted to thank you as well, that's why I came out and ... you know." She blushed again.

His dick remembered and gave a twitch. "I was surprised," he said with a smile.

"I was, too," she replied, "but I enjoyed it even if I was scared. And I really enjoyed last night!"

"Does that mean we can do it again?" he said, - grinning now.

"Only once before breakfast," she said happily.

It was gentler and more leisurely for both of them that time. She took control, put him on his back and said hello to his rapidly stiffening dick. "You are a lovely thing, - yes you are," she crooned to the muscle in her hand and kissed it good morning. Then she took it deep into her throat, just like the first night. But after a few strokes, she got on top and lowered herself on him, gently, but firmly. He slid in easily, to the hilt in one stroke.

She gasped, but laughed happily. "Oh I LIKE fucking you, Jeff Fisher," she said, and went at it with abandon. Her full breasts hung invitingly before him, full and firm, begging to be held and kissed. He didn't need to be asked twice. After a while, his hand slid down her flank and over her firm ass. He twisted his body and reached further, down the crack of her ass and touching the opening.

She took a quick breath. "Jeff..." - she said uncertainly.

"Just relax and enjoy it, Darling," he said. "I won't hurt you, and I'll stop if you really want me to." She relaxed a bit, and he moved his finger gently around her asshole. He moved up to her pussy, feeling himself moving in and out of her hot grip. He fingered her lightly, wetting his finger in her copious secretions. She picked up the pace just a little. He moved his finger back to her asshole and slowly pushed the now slick finger inwards.

She flushed all over. "Oh, my god, Jeff," she said in hurried breaths. "That's ... unbelievable. Don't stop!" He pushed deeper into her hot buttery passage, and her pace became frantic once more. She reached around and gently grasped his balls, and running her fingers around the root of his prick, nipping as it left her and withdrawing them just as he disappeared back in.

He left one finger in her ass and with the others reached to her cunt. The double manipulation took her over the top again. He loved the look on her face as she came. Joy, bewilderment, abandon, deep satisfaction all at once. He responded with deep thrusts and an orgasm right in sync with hers. Not as copious as the night before, but more intimate and caring somehow. Slowly she fell down on his chest.

"I think they heard us again," he said. It had become very quiet in the other room.

"So what?" she said.

The girls' faces were a study in conflicting emotions when they emerged. Curiosity, mixed with a great deal of love for Kathy, and with a tiny bit of jealousy thrown in, he thought uneasily. He hoped they could go back to the carefree mood of the day before. But maybe it had been destroyed by the events in the night.

"Way to go, Mom," said Rebecca, breaking the awkward silence, - and silencing his fears. The girls were OK! They hugged and talked in pleasant confusion, completely ignoring him.

"Hey," he said, taking a risk. "How about giving me a hug?" He had three hugging females all over him in an instant. He returned the hugs, which quickly turned to mild kisses. "A great way to greet the day," he thought. "And we're having a whole week of this?"

The girls decided that topless was still the dress code, and no one objected, least of all him. The suntan lotion routine now included Rebecca, who responded with great joy to his touch on her back and the sides of her breasts. She raised her upper body just a little each time he stroked the sides, and he got closer and closer to the nipple. When he finished, she sighed a little and went to sleep. When he did Kathy's back, he also got a good feel of her breasts, and then suddenly she turned on her back and said: "Do the front too, please, Jeff". He filled his hands with lotion and reached for her breasts.

It was incredibly erotic to fondle and massage her breasts right in the open, with a teenager looking on with amusement, and a certain glint in her eyes. He massaged Kathy's nipples as he spread the lotion all over, and they responded by saluting him. He slid his hands down to her stomach, and flirted with the line of the bikini bottoms. "Thanks, Jeff" was the signal to stop. He smiled and complied.

"Mine, too," said Elizabeth. He looked at her mother. She hesitated, then smiled a funny little smile and nodded. Elizabeth was clearly not used to this. Her skin reacted instantly when he started putting lotion on her shoulders and the upper slopes of her breasts. Her breathing became a little ragged and a flush crept over her upper body. He continued to her nipples, pinching them lightly as he continued massaging the lotion into her breasts. They responded instantly, hardening into nuggets of deep red, and standing out like pillars on her mounds.

As he continued, her color deepened and she suddenly started to shake, clenching her legs together. Her orgasm had her gasping and writhing with pleasure, as it slowly subsided. She shook herself a little, then seemed to come back to reality, and quickly ran into the house.

He shot a worried look at Kathy, but she looked at her daughter's retreating back with a loving smile, and said softly. "Thank you. Jeff." He must have looked very odd, because she laughed and whispered: "I knew you would be gentle and give her pleasure. Don't feel so guilty, I know you enjoyed it, too."

He grinned ruefully. "I did," he admitted.

"Well, then..."

Rebecca woke up and looked around for Elizabeth, then disappeared into the house after her. He heard them talking inside, but couldn't make out what they were saying. Kathy looked at him solemnly.

"Jeff," she said slowly. "Can I ask a huge favor of you? Please say no if it is too much, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do."

"What?" he said.

"I know the girls like and respect you a lot," said Kathy, "and I know they trust you as well." Jeff didn't know where this was heading, but his mind was racing in every direction. "Making love to you was just wonderful," Kathy continued. "I have never felt so satisfied and so safe in my life. You were gentle, and yet firm, and I wish you had been my first lover. Will you help my girls have that experience that I never had?"

"What!?!" he said, sitting bolt upright. "Do you mean what I think you mean?"

"Yes, Jeff," she said. "I am asking you to teach my girls what making love is all about."

He was struck dumb, and just sat there gaping. "But Kathy," Jeff protested. "They are so young, and I'm too old for them, and besides, you and I...."

"Bullshit," she said firmly. "I was a year younger than Reb when I lost my virginity, and an experienced, gentle lover is what they need. What you and I have won't be damaged by you helping them out a little."

"But Kathy," He protested again.

"If you don't want to do it, I will understand," she said, "but if you are only worried about us, that's not an adequate reason to say no."

In the end they were reduced to where, when and how, and together they decided to let nature take its course, - helped with a little push here and there. When the girls came back out, Kathy was naked, and Jeff was putting lotion on her ass. Ignoring their stares, he kept kneading her firm buns, opening her crack to their gaze each time he moved outwards. Slowly they sat down, quietly, yet somehow understanding that they were meant to see this, that it was OK.

Their gaze went from his hands to their mother's body to his eyes and face, and his smiles brought an uncertain smile in response from each of them. "That feels wonderful, Jeff," said Kathy. "Put lotion on everywhere." The girls stared as he dipped deeper, letting his fingers slide into the crack of Kathy's ass and swirl sound her asshole. Rebecca gasped as his finger slipped into the opening. Elizabeth was mesmerized. Slowly Jeff moved his finger in and out of Kathy's ass.

She lifted her hips a little, to give him better access. She swayed her hips and came up in a low, kneeling position, her legs spread wide and her ass pointing high in the air. Her whole cunt and ass were now visible to the three of them. Jeff pulled his fingers out and just stroked the globes of her ass. His hands were gliding across her smooth fair skin, slick with the lotion.

She lay down again and turned on her back, pulling her knees up in the process. Jeff 's hands kept stroking, now closer to her curly red pussy. It was starting to gape open, the pale red of her inner lips bright in the sunlight. Moisture was coming in little droplets from her cunt, lubricating his hand and fingers. He kept stroking her from ass to clitoris and back. Kathy shuddered with lust and pulled her knees higher. He put two fingers in her opening, while he leaned forward to kiss her moist nether lips. As the mesmerized girls looked on with wide-open eyes, he let his tongue swirl around her clitoris. Kathy was getting very close now. The girls leaned in almost subconsciously, their eyes glued to the scene in front of them. He let up on the movement and Kathy mumbled in disappointment.

Jeff looked at Elizabeth and reached for her hand. As in a trance she let him guide her hand to her mother's naked body. " It's so soft, so soft", He whispered. She reached out and touched Kathy's groin gently, then letting her finger move down to her cunt. She stroked it ever so gently, afraid to touch, yet unable to resist. She reached for the clitoris and touched it, still stroking. Kathy's secretions were flowing now. Elizabeth dipped her hand in her mother's cunt and felt the slickness.

"Yessss," hissed Kathy, on the brink again. Out of the corner of his eye Jeff saw Rebecca leaning in, reaching out as well. Her hand met Elizabeth's in their mother's pussy, both stroking breathlessly and shaking a little.

"Stroke like this," he whispered, showing them. "Put your fingers inside, gently". Both hands obliged as one, fingers reaching tentatively inside. "Move them in and out," he said softly, hardly daring to breathe in fear of breaking the mood. He returned his attention to Kathy's ass and inserted his finger again.

The girls kept up with his pace, as Jeff's finger moved in her clasping ass. Kathy was whimpering and on a razor's edge. He bent down and kissed her breast, tasting the lotion on her nipples. He sucked hard while he reached out and touched her clitoris. That was it. With a loud cry, Kathy came. Her cum flooded the girls' fingers, and her pussy clenched on their hands. They kept moving – in and out, while she soared and soared. Then she collapsed in a heap, crying with pleasure. The girls sat still, not knowing what to do or say. Their chests were flushed; their nipples tight with lust, and their hips were still twitching with a receding orgasm.

Jeff smiled gently at them. "Thank you for being so nice to your mother," he said. "Did you enjoy it?"

They clearly didn't know what to say, but Kathy said weakly: "Isn't he wonderful, girls? He knows exactly what to do and exactly how I feel all the time."

"Oh, Mom," said Rebecca. "It was awesome!" Kathy chuckled at the odd phrase for what had just happened.

"Awesome indeed!" she said.

Elizabeth looked thoughtfully at them. "You really wanted to show us this, didn't you, Mom?"

"Yes, Darling," said Kathy. "I wanted you to see how wonderful making love can be."

"But you didn't, - eh.... "

"Fuck?" asked Kathy bluntly. "Eh, - yes," said Elizabeth.

"There are many ways to make love," said Kathy gently, "you should try some more of them. You enjoyed making love to us didn't you?"

"Yes, but..." They all sat in silence, - each thinking about the amazing event.

"Let's get cleaned up," said Jeff, "then we can take a swim." The spell was broken; the girls blinked, and went back in the house.

"How did you know they would join in?" asked Kathy.

"I didn't," Jeff said truthfully, "but I wanted to give them the chance, and they obviously enjoyed it. I think they both came when you did."

Kathy smiled. "Stage one complete," she said with satisfaction.

Swimming with three topless females was a whole new dimension in water activities. They were freer and easier with Jeff than ever, and took every opportunity to tackle him and rub against him. He shamelessly felt their breasts whenever he had the chance, and he felt more than one hand grope him in quick snatches. He came out of the water with another hard-on and this time the girls giggled unashamedly.

"Look Mom, - what do you think happened to him?" said Rebecca, pointing at his prominent erection.

"I don't know," said Kathy, "but we'd better find out." And with that they all jumped Jeff, wrestled him to the ground and with a triumphant shout came up with his trunks. Jeff was too excited to hide bashfully, so he just sat there and let them look.

"Isn't it beautiful?" said Kathy. "Have you ever seen one more beautiful?"

"No," said Elizabeth softly.

"I have never seen one at all," said Rebecca, - full of wide-eyed wonder, "but it is really beautiful, Mom."

Jeff laughed. "Well, I guess it's all yours, now," he said. "No more secrets in this household."

"Then I don't need these," said Elizabeth, slipping off her bikini bottoms.

"Me neither," said Rebecca, following suit, a bit uncertain, but determined not to be left out. They looked at each other, still smiling but with a suddenly serious undertone.

"Mom, what is going on here?" said Rebecca in a small voice, a little girl suddenly, with all her bravura gone.

"Whatever you'd like, my little baby," said Kathy gently, "and nothing you don't. want"

"Do you mean we can ..."Elizabeth hesitated to say it.

"Make love? Sure you can, and fuck too when you are ready."

"Mom!" they exclaimed, suddenly shocked. "You told us that was a dirty word."

"It is when you use it at the wrong time, explained Kathy, but at a time when that's what you are thinking about, it feels really good to say all those words, fuck, cunt, prick, asshole, tits..."

"MOM, stop!", cried Rebecca.

"Ok, darling," said Kathy with a smile. "I won't make you, but I just wanted you to understand that it's ok sometimes."

"Do you want to watch some more," Jeff asked.

"Do you mean now?" said Rebecca nervously.

"If you want", he said. "Your mom enjoyed this afternoon, and I think you did, too." They blushed. "I did too, but I never came."

"Oh Jeff," cried Kathy. "I've been so selfish. You poor thing. Let me make up for it now."

"You don't keep count when you make love, my precious", he said, "but I wouldn't mind a little something", just to tidy me over."

"What's your pleasure?" asked Kathy teasingly.

"Whatever you and the girls want," He said. "I'm in your hands"

"You mean like this?" Kathy said; reaching out and holding his semi-soft prick.

"And like this?" said Elizabeth, also reaching out and putting her hand next to her mother's on his rapidly stiffening spear.

Rebecca hesitated, then shrugged and reached out as well. "And like this?" she said nervously, taking the protruding head of his dick in her soft hand.

"Oh, yes," Jeff said. "Like this is just fine."

The three women stood naked around him, each with a hand holding onto his now rampant cock. "How big does it get?" Elizabeth asked breathlessly.

That's about it," He said, "but you could get another inch or so if you treat him right."

"Mom, can you show us how to treat him right?" said Elizabeth, suddenly eager to learn.

"Let's go into the bedroom," said Kathy, "and we can have your first lesson."

"Second," said Rebecca with a laugh, "we already had one, remember?" They laid Jeff down on the bed, without letting go of him for even a moment.

"Now leave it alone for a little, girls," said Kathy playfully, "and watch carefully".

She bent over and took his cock in her mouth, nibbling lightly on the head and licking the shaft. The girls sat in stunned silence.

"How can you..." Rebecca started and stopped in the same breath.

"It feels so nice," said Kathy, "and I love the taste!"

"Yuck!" said Rebecca, making a face.

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it," said Kathy. "Here, have a taste."

Rebecca hesitated, but Elizabeth reached out and grasped his shining dick. "Let me try," she said, and plopped it in her mouth.

"Easy does it," said Kathy. "It's better if you are gentle at first. Lick it a little, and take just a little bit of it in your mouth."

Jeff was floating on air while Elizabeth tried again. Once she understood the concept, she took to it like breathing.

"Suck on it gently," said Kathy. "Move your hand up and down, but not too hard or fast in the beginning." Every command translated into glorious pleasure, as Elizabeth went effortlessly from move to move. "Swirl your tongue around the head. Move your head up and down. Take it in deeper, all the way into your throat."

Elizabeth gagged. "Easy," said Kathy. "Stop breathing for a little and relax your throat. Now try it again." Rebecca was watching with wide-open eyes. Jeff was breathing in ragged gasps.

"I think we need a break," he said, "or the lesson will be over very quickly." Reluctantly, Elizabeth let go.

"It feels so good. Mom," she said, "and I like the taste a lot."

Smiling, Kathy gave Elizabeth a hug. "See, Mom does know something after all."

Jeff's dick quieted down just a little, but still waved like a flagpole in a stiff breeze. Rebecca couldn't take her eyes off it. "Would you like to try," he asked quietly. She nodded hesitantly, but made no move to start.

"Why don't you kiss me first?" he said gently. She looked up, smiled gratefully and gave him a chaste kiss. "One more," he said, "and let it last a little longer this time." She kissed him again, and he held her tighter and moved his lips on hers. The naked, excited teenager melted into his arms, her mouth opened slightly for his probing tongue, and then suddenly she was on fire, kissing him with all her youthful energy and with wild abandon. They kissed and kissed as Jeff held her tight. His cock was digging into her stomach, but she didn't notice, just clung to him with her whole body, pushing her hips and pussy against him in short humps. He wanted to come up for air. Rebecca didn't.

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