tagFirst TimeFist of Furry Ch. 01

Fist of Furry Ch. 01


My fetish was underarm hair. I just loved hairy women. The more the hair the more I masturbated. I was a maniac when it came to women with bushy armpits. I fantasized all day long and jerked my penis till my cock ached. I always poured out my jism into my bathroom pot dreaming about the big busy woman with her arms raised showing huge quantities of jet-black hair in her unshaven armpits. It was always dark hair and extremely bushy. Sometimes it was coarse and sometimes silky but always thick.

Alas it was always a dream and the rather sad aftermath of spilling my cum was a touch tragic. But I always hoped that my dream hirsute woman was somewhere waiting for me to lick and caress tug and pull the long strands of tufty hair in her furry armpits. I dreamt and fantasized about armpit hair but I also thought about a wide triangle of jet-black pubic hair filling her hairy pussy from near her navel around till her asshole. Years went by and my dream girl eluded me but I never gave up hope and felt that she was always around the corner.

Whenever I went out I would sneak a look at women in sleeveless tops to see if she had armpit hair and even if they were all shaven the thrill of glimpsing at a woman’s underarm in the hope that she was unshaven was magical almost till it was revealed. I did see a few which were hairy but none with the amount of hair, which my dream girl had. Sometimes I would follow them hoping that my earlier glimpse may have been insufficient to tell whether she had untrimmed armpits. This was all in the past till the big day arrived.

It was a lovely summer’s day and I went for a swim in the ocean. I am a very good swimmer and I like the feel of the water and in a secluded part of the beach I took off my clothes and wandered into the ocean. The water was warm and as usual I started playing with my cock and masturbating without a care in the world. After depositing my seed in the water with Madonna and her hairy armpits in my thoughts, I returned to the beach to pick up my shorts and T-shirt, which I had placed on the side of a huge rock next to an old shack at the edge of the beach. I heard some noises from the shack and I peeped when I saw her.

My dream girl was on her knees and though her arms were by her side tufts of jet-black hair was spilling out of her armpits. Her armpits seemed very hairy. In front of her was a large man. He was just about to unbutton his pants, and then I saw him lowering the zipper. She reached out, and helped tug them lower to expose his erect cock.

"Oh, my god! It's so big, darling I never knew a cock could bee so big." Her eyes were wide with wonder. She leaned forward, taking the tip of his cock in her mouth. She began to lick the tip, swirling her tongue around the head, down the side, the bottom, licking the base, and then taking him full into her mouth. “Suck it! You hairy slut", he said and my eyes grew wide in amazement as she raised her right arm to feel him above his groin and move her hand into her hairy chest. Her armpits were excessively hairy. Wild unruly jet-black hair grew in her bushy armpits. It filled her entire armpit almost a foot long and stuck about six inches out. It was so thick and crisp that it seemed unreal. He pressed firmly on her shoulders and inside the bushy hair as her lips moved back and forth caressing his swollen cock, licking the head and inching him into her mouth. She looked up her mouth crammed with his cock and made eye contact with him. He pushed himself deeper into her throat while he held her gaze.

I whipped out my cock, which was in no way any less hard than the cock going in and out of my hirsute goddess’s mouth. I wished I could tug the tufty hair in her bushy armpits and normally I jerk off with my eyes closed but this time it was wide open as I watched him pull back, all the way free of her mouth and quickly entered it again, pressing with each fuck deeper to the back of her throat. She worked with the pace he had set for her.

She took out his massive pole out of her mouth licking his balls and said, “I love to suck big dicks." I like to see the shaft and if it is really thick and long, and those bulging veins along the side. I just think of big dicks, I mean really huge, monster cocks stick out from a forest of hair are just so manly". I was taken aback. I have always dreamt about women with hairy armpits and here was this fecund woman taking about huge pricks. The man reached down and pulled at the long bushy underarm hair in her unshaven underarms. I didn't recall having seen any woman with such bushy underarms. The thick long underarm hair certainly looked different and was turning me on. I was used to shaven underarms and trimmed pussies but seeing such wild bushy armpit growth was like my best dream coming true.

She had taken his swollen balls into her mouth and she looked at his penis, which was so huge and so thick that it resembled a salami. "Your dick is gigantic that even if you put in my hairy underarms it will not even get lost in the thick long bushy hair in my unshaven pits," she said and standing up she shoved her unshaven pit into his face as he wildly licked at her armpit forest. He started slowly licking and sucking at the long strands of bushy hair in her unshaven underarms. Again I wished it were me doing the licking as I watched him caress the untrimmed hair in her armpit jungle. The luscious hair in her unshaven bushy armpits was a sight to behold. Droplets of sweat dropped from the heavy fur in her bushy armpits.

She started to writhe in an orgasm as the man caressed her bushy armpits. My cock was so erect it was hurting; it wanted to burst, the blood pumping to the head making it visibly throb as I watched the wanton women taking on the monster dick of the man. She once again sank to her knees as I eyed her wet armpit hair and she

licked his balls, first one and then the other and slowly rolled them round with her tongue.

I moaned out aloud "I want to put my cock into her hairy underarms. I want to feel her long bushy hair on my foreskin and cum in her heavily thatched armpit hair”. I was sure they did not hear me and momentarily my eyes closed as I jerked harder with both my hands. As I opened my eyes I saw the man’s donkey prick entering her mouth as she gasped and choked as he plunged ever deeper into her willing mouth as she took his cock halfway into her mouth and she started to slurp as her desires took over.

I could see he could not hold on any longer and frankly nor could I stop myself. The sperm from the man hit the roof of her mouth leaking at both sides and it seemed she deliberately allowed a load to fall back onto the end of his cock before scooping it back up with her tongue.

I had no such luck (though I had a clear view of her untrimmed locks of the luxuriant jet-black hair of her bushy armpits) and I sprayed the back of the shack with torrents of my jism. I still had not seen the woman’s pussy but the “FIST OF FURRY” had completed its job. I……

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