tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFixing up a Bitch

Fixing up a Bitch


There's only one word to describe my mother-in-law, and that is BITCH.

Her husband walked out on her years ago, leaving her to bring up the kids on her own. She seemed to have developed a hatred of all men, myself included. This particular morning she came charging into the house going off about something that was none of her business, and she just wouldn't shut up. I asked her politely to stop ranting on, because I had just come off night shift and was in no mood for it, but she wouldn't stop.

After a while I just sat there, trying to block out the whining voice until I heard the words, "...I've been telling her for years she should get rid of you, you're no good, just like her father."

That was it, I had seen red, I could take no more of her verbal onslaught, so I jumped to my feet and stood directly in front of her. "Shut the fuck up you miserable bitch!" I screamed, "Get the fuck out of my house!"

"No, I wont. You're forgetting that I helped you out with the deposit for this place, and without me, you wouldn't have a house! You're too incompetent to look after your own family, without me, you would have nothing. You're just a loser, we all know it!" she threw back at me.

At this point I was shaking with rage and without thinking, pushed her really hard so she went flying onto the couch, her legs sprawled open to reveal her conservative underwear as her huge boobs were flung up into her face.

For just one second, I saw a look of fear, for the first time ever. I was actually getting off on the power trip, my cock giving a little twitch at seeing the old cow shaken up, but it wasn't enough to stop her as she still continued on with her ugly words.

I had to get her out of the house before I did something stupid. "Ok, ok, I'm a pathetic dick-less arsehole, you win. Can you leave now?"

She looked all smug, sitting back on the couch making no attempt to move. "Oh, I don't think you're dick-less, in fact I'm pretty sure that's the only thing my daughter sees in you. It couldn't possibly be anything else, the pathetic arsehole bit was right on track."

She seemed to be goading me on; perhaps she liked the rough stuff. If she kept it up, I would literally have to throw her out the door, I just couldn't put up with any more of her intimidation. "Just fuck off! You've had your say, Dianne won't be home for hours and I'm not listening to any more of your crap, so leave!"

To which she just simply replied, "No. Make me."

Something just snapped inside me. I walked over to her, grabbed her arm and pulled her rather large frame off the couch with so much force she tumbled into me and we both fell to the ground.

"Get your filthy hands off me, you pig!" she screamed at me.

I reached up and gave her huge boobs a firm squeeze. "I'm warning you, shut up now or I'll jam my cock in your mouth and make you!"

I expected the frigid bitch to scrape herself up off the floor and go running off down the street to find the nearest phone box and call my wife. Instead she kept mouthing me, egging me on, and pushing me to the limit. I slid my hand under her dress and grabbed her on the snatch as another warning that if she didn't leave, she was going to cop it. I had an enormous erection considering I had the mother-in-law from hell flinging insults up at me left, right and centre.

I was getting off on the fact that I could over power her anytime I wanted to, teach her a lesson not to mess with me. I wasn't even listening to what she was saying anymore, her words were a blur. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my fly to release my big thick member, a droplet of pre-cum already glistening on the tip. I held her by the hair as I positioned my cock over her mouth. "One more word and I'm going to plug your mouth full of meat."

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw how big I was, this would have her back peddling out the door for sure. Instead she forced out an evil laugh, "Is that all you've got, you wouldn't plug up a garden hose with that!" On the last word as her lips were partially open I shoved the knob of my cock past her bright red lipstick and plunged deep into her mouth, half expecting her to bite me, but she didn't.

I started to slowly fuck her gaping mouth, it had the desired affect, and she was totally silent as my cock probed her mouth. In the back of my mind I was thinking, 'What the hell am I doing?' but the sexual excitement was building up in me and I couldn't stop, the anger leaving me as I felt her lips close round my shaft. Much to my surprise she started sucking me, mmm it felt so good, she was hogging for cock.

I slipped my hand under her dress again and quickly removed the conservative underwear to reveal an untamed hairy bush. As she continued to suck me I slid a couple of fingers into her moist pussy, her hips immediately bucked up to let me penetrate her deep. I plunged my fingers into her a few times making them nice and wet, she seemed so tight for a larger framed woman.

I thought to myself, I bet she hasn't had a man in years, if I give her a good fuck maybe she won't tell her daughter. My fingers, now coated in pussy juice, found her clit and I gently slid them over her sensitive button. She was moaning as she flicked her tongue round the tip of my cock then took me deep in her mouth again and gave me an incredible suck that almost made me cum.

I continued to work my fingers into her now very moist pussy, slowly opening her up. I was still thinking, 'What the hell am I doing?' but her lips felt so good around my cock it didn't matter that it was my mother-in-law. Her moans were getting extreme so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and tugged her to the floor.

"Right, you're going to get it long, hard and fast, you know that's what you've been craving for, that was the reason why you continued mouthing off, you knew I would do it!"

As she went to talk I put my hand over her mouth and said, "Shut up bitch, you deserve this and you are going to enjoy it." As I slowly edged my cock into her cunt she let out the hugest moan, almost like she was in pain but I guess it had been a few years since she'd taken a cock.

Although her moans were quite guttural, I couldn't stop feeding my shaft into her, and when I was buried right inside her tight pussy I bent forward and gave her boobs a good, hard squeeze. By the look on her face I knew she loved it. I leaned down and sucked on her very hard nipples as she moaned again from pleasure.

I started fucking her very gently and slowly at first. My big, thick cock was getting in deep with every thrust; she bucked up her hips as her pussy stretched to accommodate me, wanting to feel every inch of me inside her.

Those enormous tits were really turning me on, I just couldn't stop licking and touching them, her pussy was opened right up now and very juicy and wet. I could tell she was close to climax by the way she was trying to draw the cum out of me so we would explode together, but I hadn't finished her punishment yet.

I was only a few strokes from climaxing when I stopped, leaving her on the brink of orgasm. She was wriggling and bucking, trying to get the rhythm back, but I had her pinned down with my cock, not giving her what she so desperately needed, release.

"Do you want me to keep fucking you?" I asked.

"Mmm yes, I want your cock so bad," she moaned.

"Well I might give you some more after I've fucked those lovely big tits." I pulled my cock out of her tight juicy pussy and straddled her chest getting one big boob in each hand and pushing them together with my shaft in between.

I was nicely lubricated with her pussy juice as I slid my cock in-between her fleshy mounds, my balls slapping hard against her. "Show me how much you want my cock back in your lovehole, suck me while I fuck your tits, mother-in-law."

She bent her head forward as I guided the head of my cock into her eager mouth, keeping my shaft firmly in-between her massive boobs. She was sucking and licking me every time I thrust near her lips, I was fucking her mouth as I rode her chest, working my balls in-between her boobs to get in deeper.

I was fighting back the urge to shower her face with cum, leaving the bitch unsatisfied, but I was having too much fun to end it now. I wanted to get inside that tight pussy again and maybe try for her ass, I wanted her to be begging me to fuck her.

I had to stop what I was doing before I lost control so I hesitantly lifted myself off her boobs and as she lay on the floor I spread her legs wide and drove my tongue right into her hairy snatch and wriggled it in deep, coating my tongue with her juice. I doubted whether she'd ever had a tongue in her pussy but by the sound of the moan she made she loved it.

With long firm licks I made my way up between her folds to concentrate on her clit which was poking out like a mini erection, she was going crazy as I flicked my tongue around the hard button then sucked and nibbled with my lips. From the way she was arching up and groaning loudly I knew she was close to coming again, but I still wasn't quite ready to let her.

The juice was running out of her pussy and trickling in-between the cheeks of her ass making it nice and lubricated. I sat up on my knees and pushed her legs back towards her to expose her moist butt.

"Are you ready for my cock to fuck you?" I say teasingly, already knowing the answer.

"Oh yes, please fuck me, please, I need cock, it's been so long!" she pleaded, still hovering on the brink of orgasm. She was now literally begging for it, so I rubbed the tip of my cock between her butt cheeks and ran it over the rim of her ass. She gave a little twitch from the sensation, then I placed my knob on the outer lips of her pussy. She started bucking up again, trying to lift herself up so she could feed herself onto my shaft, but I pulled away, my knob glistening with her juices as I once again ran it firmly over her ass, this time hovering on her rim.

She bucked up again, desperate to be penetrated, raising her hips to rub her tight arse onto my throbbing member. Slowly her efforts caused her rim to stretch enough to take the knob, and I took over, gently feeding my cock in bit by bit until the whole length of my manhood was buried deep inside her tight butt hole.

She was almost screaming in what I hoped was pleasure as I ass fucked her slow but hard. My fingers found her clit again and I rubbed her sensitive button as I pounded my cock into her. I couldn't hold back much longer, I pulled my cock out of her ass and without missing a beat rammed it deep into her pussy which was more than eager to accept it. A few more pumps and I could feel her erupting into a tremendous orgasm as I emptied my sperm deep inside her.

We stayed locked together while the sensations overcame us, then I slowly started fucking her again while my cock was still hard and took her over the edge to another orgasm that milked the last of my cum out of my ball bag and into her needy cunt.

After that day her attitude has totally changed towards me, she even calls in a couple of times a month when she knows Dianne's not going to be home for a special family bonding session, and life's never been so good.

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