Flashed Virgin


Julie is looking around for Sam who seems to have vanished without anyone noticing and certainly without giving any indication of her impending absence. A voice answers from the back bedroom.


Sam arrives looking a little flushed; she is dressed in a long denim dress with a long split at the side and running shoes that looked like they had never been used.

"Take Belinda into the room there and completely oil her down with the sheen body oil we normally use. I want her absolutely covered all over."

Belinda is pushed gently down the short hall and into a bedroom Julie is using for a prop room. Apart from the obvious, it was after all a bedroom, on the floor along one wall is a line of tote cartons with all manner of photographic lenses and cameras and accessories. One of the cases has a number of oils and make up products inside. After a quick scan Sam selects two pump bottles of lightly coloured oil. Belinda attempts to take these items from Sam who pulls back and gestures to Belinda to disrobe and lie on the table set up just for this purpose. Belinda removes her clothes and climbs onto the table and lies face down. Sam begins to apply the lotion. When Sam reaches between Belinda's legs she jumps and quickly dismounts.

"Ok, I can do the rest, really I can."

Belinda holds out her hand for the container that Sam is holding in a very protective manner. Belinda gestures and Sam finally gives it up but does not leave the room. Instead she watches as Belinda quickly covers her body and the result is quite dramatic, her body glistens. Belinda hands the container back to Sam just as Julie announces that she is ready and the reveals the details of the action plan.

"You have to realize that this is somewhat non-standard but I have not lost any models yet and certainly no arrests and I don't intend to start now."

Julie dreads what she is about to say and almost feels that this is really the end for Belinda's involvement as she knows that she is now about to give her an out.

"So, it is important for a successful outcome that you, Belinda, remain on alert at all times as well as in the moment for every shot. The reason being, I cannot predict what might happen and more importantly, I can't control what could happen. We are operating very close to the flight or fight threshold of the human psyche and we will have to be swift if the situation warrants a decision. So you have to make up a safe word and let us know what it is, so that when you say it, we know you have had enough. All of our moves will be instinct based so we have to pay very close attention to each other. Do you understand?"

Belinda nods a yes to Julie's question.

"Now.... do you want out?"

Julie was so sure of the answer she would hear, she stops listening and begins to fondle the strap around her neck on which the camera was suspended as a prelude to removing it and packing it away.

"My safe word is Holy," came Belinda's response, so softly at first it did not register with Julie that she had responded. She turns to look at Belinda who realises that Sam had not heard her so she repeats.

"My safe word is, Holy."

Julie's heart skips a beat she simply cannot believe her ears but she does not let on; turning away from Belinda she says in as level a voice as she can muster.

"Great.. So we will do a first run fully clothed. This puts everybody at ease and then we will continue with you guys completely nude.... Sam, bring out the dress we have for her and demonstrate how things work to Belinda."

"So here is my dress and I appear to be fully clothed." Sam is standing and doing a slow turn with her arms outstretched providing an unobstructed view of the dress.

"Notice it is strapless, so no arm holes to worry about, this is a key factor. To be ready for the shoot we get all setup with the dress on. When Julie is ready she shouts, "GO!" and... voila!"

Sam slips her fingers underneath her right armpit and tugs quickly and firmly. The Velcro snap, so carefully and expertly sewn into the full length of the dress, comes apart and she tosses the garment. She is completely naked and Belinda's jaw drops in amazement. Her gaze is riveted to Sam's crotch. She is one of those, those tranny types, she has a penis. Belinda hears these words screaming in her head and this adds to her uber state of arousal. Sam notes Belinda's response and dresses quickly before she begins to show her own interest. Belinda takes her dress that Julie had selected for her to wear and wraps it on her body, sealing the temporary seal under her armpit. In her case the hem is puffed and ruffled so that the skirt looks fuller like one of those designer numbers. She is suitably impressed when she sees herself in the mirror.

"We are ready, people." Julie strides out of the suite towards the elevator with camera equiptment in hand. She muses half to herself,

" I would really like some additional lighting but it does not make sense to take equiptment down there and possibly have to leave it, if we have to make a hasty exit for any reason."

When they have piled in Julie's car she continues the commentary for Belinda's benefit.

"So here is what we do. We will go in and I will show you where the shoot will take place. I will give some general instructions and then once I say GO,then whip off the dresses and listen to my verbal cues, as I will want poses as I see things unfolding. I will keep you guys as close together as makes sense, so that in case there is any kind of mob scene we'll not get separated. That OK?"

Sam and Belinda nod their approval. After picking a parking spot about three blocks from the market area. The girls walk towards Granville Market entering on the Johnson Street entrance. Going a little ways into the market and then exiting through nearby side doors, circling back to the entrance. Julie readies herself for the shoot. Belinda moves into frame and stands next to a main structure with her rear to the camera. After about 45 seconds pretending to adjust her dress she whips it off and poses completely nude this time facing Julie. She seems to lose herself in the moment. She turns side on to Julie then there is a full frontal, then she bends provocatively always with the camera in mind.

Julie begins snapping photographs with the continuous setting on the camera with a three second delay between frames. Then Sam moves into frame being much more overt with her poses. Julie continues shooting as if she is on a closed set.

" Yea,...... love it...... turn, look up....... No.... towards the street."

Julie is fortunate the roof structure is glass so the effect is to amplify the sun's rays falling through the gable like roof above them. It gives the perfect additional flood effect she is looking for. The women's bodies glisten as the full effect of the oil on their bodies is completely emphasized by the sun's rays through the glass ceiling. The girls continue their posing with the last dozen or so with Sam and Julie very erotically entwined until Julie shouts "Wrap!"

Belinda cannot believe what she has just done. Word spreads throughout the market and soon the typical traffic at this entrance begins getting heavier. There seems to be more milling about. The shopping crowd ebb and flow slows and it looks as though people want to gather rather than hustle about their business. There is a wild rumour that a porno is being shot without a permit. Julie believes it is time to go. She has what she believes to be the evidence of their presence in the Granville Market on this day. The girls are in no hurry to dress and follow Julie as she walks along Johnson Street. The warm summer sunshine reflects off their oiled their bodies producing a shimmer as they walk. There is a small crowd forming at the entrance watching them walk away. The air is electric as more people take notice. It is almost like a mini parade in Mardi Gras fashion just with three people in the procession. There is a hushed whispering and then Julie hears the sirens in the distance and knows that it is time the girls fold themselves into their outfits.

"Belinda's safe word is HOLY and I say we all say HOLY."

Julie's voice is just above a whisper but the girls detect her intensity and their reaction is immediate. They quickly cover themselves with their dresses and the impromptu audience applauds as they realise the spectacle is ended. Apart from Julie's camera equiptment which is now neatly tucked into her camera bag, there is little evidence that any extra ordinary picture taking is going on. The siren gets louder as the police car turns into the one way street moving towards the girls.

"Ok you know what to do, see you at the car, ladies."

On cue the ladies put a little more distance between each other and then having come to a natural fork, where Johnson Street meets two other streets, the girls each take a separate street.

Sam continues on Duraland Street and Belinda takes Johnson, Julie wanders down Anderson Street and as a further precaution they each blend into the crowd and wander into separate stores. Belinda is hyper sensitized to her completely naked body underneath this dress, as she moves the dress caresses her intimately adding to her already acute arousal. She experiences a rush as she passes by shoppers talking about the nude shoot, some in disbelief. Belinda smiles to herself but makes no other signal to indicate any acknowledgement of the topic of conversation. She is getting a high similar to but not quite equivalent to an orgasm. She walks through the market and on up toward where the car is parked. By the time she gets there the other two women are waiting for her. Belinda collapses on the hood of the car, in mock exhaustion. This causes a stir as the hem of her skirt rides all the way up exposing her nude bum.

"What are you doing?" Julie asks in amazement and some concern.

"I don't want to blow this, we have almost done it. Get in the car, let's get out of here."

Belinda quickly gathers herself up and trips around to the rear door and piles in as Julie pulls away.

" Sorry...Sorry I ..."

"Yes I know it's your first time."

Julie responds while casting a wary eye for anyone else that might have connected too many dots for their own good. They continue driving and Julie decides to get onto the Granville Street Bridge. She exits on the other side of the river and drives a square block configuration and picking up the Burrard Street Bridge to get them back into downtown and their hotel. They pull into the underground parking without incident.


"As I told you earlier I want to attend this year's National Nude Day party held at Browns Bay on July 14th. It is important to me."

Belinda's breathing is laboured awaiting Jason's response. She also never really told Jason everything that happened when Julie and she and Sam went on the Flash Shoot in the city. She didn't think the time was right and she just never got around to it before this came up.

Jason cannot believe his ears. He has seen a change in his wife of 7 years and it was ever since she came back from that time in the city with Julie.

"I blame Julie for this. She has stirred something inside you that while I find it hot and arousing it's scary, fucking scary."

Belinda is shocked to hear her husband swearing. It is not that Jason is some kind of saint; he had trained himself over the years not to. She stares in disbelief. The phone warbles and jolts them from their intense conversation. Jason spins his chair and now with his back to Belinda picks up the handset. Belinda overhears the conversation as a series of answers and questions from Jason but ultimately realises that he is going to have to head over to the church to deal with the matter. Jason stands up from his now hunched over position and hangs up. Turning to his wife he stretches out both hands and says

"Come with me to the church, sweetheart."

Without any hesitation, Belinda takes Jason's outstretched hands into hers and they hold each other. They head towards the office entrance which leads to the back yard of the house.

"Just let me get my car keys and the church keys wait for me in the drive way. I'll come out the side door and we'll head down. Shouldn't be long, Annette our organist is leaving and she doesn't have her keys, so there is no one to secure the place."

Jason shares this info as he bounds up the stairs two at a time finishing the sentence out of sight of Belinda.

The drive is a really a short 10 minutes and if someone was not waiting on Jason they would have walked. Annette is waiting, she is a very large overweight woman who limps heavily but is a trained soprano and Jason knows he is very fortunate to have her leading the church choir. As soon as Annette recognizes Jason's car coming down the hill she starts hobbling towards her own car. She stops short of getting into the drivers' seat to let Jason know the YPC meeting in the basement was about to break up and he could hurry them along. They wave goodbye and Annette drives off.

Jason pulls on the heavy oak door and immediately hears the garbled conversations of several young people arising out of the basement. It gets louder as the first freckled face youngster appears at the top of the stairs and upon seeing Jason and Belinda yells back down to her peers to hurry up and turn out the lights. There is a rustle and rumbling and jingling of keys and knap sacks and purses as a dozen teenagers trip up the stairs. They head out the entrance to dissipate into the evening, leaving Jason and Belinda at the entrance to the church. There is an eerie silence as the last voice disappears over the hill. Jason sets the alarm, pulls the door closed and then steps outside with Belinda right behind him. Without removing his hand from the door, Jason inserts his key and turns it sharply and quickly pulling the door with a shaking motion to make sure it's secure.

The implications of his recent conversations with Belinda seem to descend on Jason. This forces him to reach for his wife and hold her in a passionate hug as though he wanted to somehow draw her physically inside him. Belinda breathes in gasps he is holding her so tightly. His hands with fingers extended in such an exaggerated fashion that Belinda really only feels Jason's palms roaming over her body, begin to knead her flesh and she feels both palms assault her derriere. With one cheek in each palm Jason kneads mercilessly, pulling and squeezing her luscious body even tighter to his own. Belinda feels her vagina lips part and distorts and moistens quickly with the deep kneading from her husband's palms on her arse. As he squeezes and pulls apart each orb spreading the crack of her arse under her skirt she spreads her legs in a wider stance to keep her balance. Jason's face is buried deep in his wife's neck and shoulders as he is completely overcome with pent-up emotions that he never fully vented, he sucks hard on her neck area. She squirms and attempts to get her flesh out of his mouth without success. His very hard cock unencumbered by underwear tries valiantly to escape the material of his shorts as it contorts and crumples with the gyrations of the two bodies and Belinda definitely feels it seeking her heat as it rubs and pushes deep into her groin area.

It is getting darker out and the nearest home is so close to the church that if Jason and Belinda were not otherwise occupied they could the click of the switch as the neighbours turn on their lights. Jason's fingers find the sash cord to Belinda's top, he slowly but deliberately pulls an end. With her top undone, Belinda's breasts spill out to the evening air; her nipples harden as much from Jason's ministrations as form the cool evening temperature. Jason grabs her skirt's elasticized waistband and pulls her skirt along with her panties down to her ankles. Belinda is speechless completely speechless. She has unleashed something in her husband in the same way Julie unleashed something in her. Jason becomes even more animated and Belinda feels his penis free and untethered hungrily searching for her now sopping vagina and realizes his shorts have been discarded. In an almost automatic response to this unexpected passion Belinda leaps onto Jason while he is still standing, supporting most of her weight with her arms wrapped in a death grip around his neck, her legs around his waist. Jason wastes no time and like a beacon his cock finds those wet lips and Jason rams it home. Belinda gasps as it feels like Jason has pushed the head of his cock right onto her cervix. The passionate tussle going on against the church door is only partially concealed in the darkness but the two are now completely oblivious. The weight of Belinda and the constraint stroking begins to get to Jason's knees and the pair slowly sink down to the concrete stoop with Belinda's back up against the church door her legs up around Jason's shoulders.

"Oh God I can't believe this, I am going to come... OH.. God I am going to come!"

Jason is almost beside himself. His cock vomits heavily into Belinda's pussy. She responds by kissing him deeply and as she feels his cock pulsing inside her, she begins her own orgasm. She gives over to the tremors and shivers typical of her orgasms, her eyes are closed. In the midst of this visceral reaction, her pussy sucks on Jason's cock in a series of tight contractions. Jason holds her as she whimpers and shudders even more through her own ecstasy. Eventually the pair returns to consciousness but are completely spent, still wrapped up in each other's bodies. Jason gives Belinda a final wet kiss before he flops out of her and Belinda deposits a dollop of love cream from her vagina onto the concrete under her. Jason finally stands, feeling his knees protesting but holds out his hand to his dishevelled wife still in a semi squatting position. The light directly above them and the entrance clicks on and bathes both of them in a hazy orange tint. They scramble away towards their car but stop in relative safety of semi darkness to finish dressing, as Belinda turns with her back to him and motions for him to tie up her halter.

"Divine intervention?" she muses with a mischievous smile. Jason holds her skirt for her to step into. He pulls on his shorts but grabs Belinda's panties and puts them in his pocket. They brush the street dust and sand from their clothes. Belinda runs her hands through her hair. Jason is about to open his car door when something causes him to pause and take in his surroundings.

"Seems unusually dark doesn't it? Like if there is a power outage, just on this block, can everybody be out at the same time and leave no lights on?"

Belinda looks around at the houses that normally would be lit by now as it is almost pitch black.

"Can't be a power outage the street lights are on."

Jason starts the engine, Belinda buckles her seat belt.

" So.... wanna go with me to the Nude Day party?"

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