tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 09

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 09


The Primor leaned close to his guard and listened intently as Commander Yadoni and Soloni stood at attention, their eyes glued to a spot above the man's head. The regent's large eyes rotated upward, taking them in and returned to the floor, ingesting the information he was being given. When the guard was finished, the Primor stood, his robes flowing behind him and his slitted eyes intent upon the military man and his subordinate.

"Commander Yadoni, you make a strange request." Yadoni remained silent, following the strict protocol attached with requesting an audience with the Primor. "You have my permission to speak and answer my questions." He paused. "Is it really true that you've brought one of them here?"

"Yes, sire."

"And can you tell me why Soloni is glowing?"

"Yes, sire, but I would rather show you. The explanation would be much more complete."

"And this is why you wish me to accompany you onto your ship without my palace guards?"

"It is, sire."

The Primor walked around the two men, his nostrils flaring as he searched for any scent of fear. He found none but he found himself being drawn to Soloni, not quite knowing why the odor he smelled was so appealing nor why it was making his withered tubes tingle.

"You must tell me what this is about."

"With all due respect, sire, I would much rather show you."

Again, he circled the men, his consternation growing. His usual warning signals weren't present but Soloni and his glowing skin ... there was something that made him uneasy. "I must take at least one guard."

Yadoni inclined his head. "Please choose one that you would give your life for."

The commander's words made the Primor stop in his tracks and he swept closer, banging the base of his scepter on the marble floor, sending chips flying. "Are we speaking about breaking a Prime law, Yadoni."

Yadoni gave thought to his words before speaking them. "I cannot break them if I do not speak about them."

That piqued his interest and he made a great show of striding away, stopping at the rear of his throne where two guards stood. He quickly gave them orders to remain in the chamber, turned to Yadoni and gave him a curt bow. "Lead the way, Commander, but know that you will be killed on the spot if there's any funny business"

Commander Yadoni went first and Soloni provided rear guard as the twosome escorted the Primor to the ship. Jamie had been prepared for the regent's visit and sat on the table, his cock hard and shiny with slick pre-cum. The Primor was intrigued but remained behind Yadoni, uncertain of what was about to happen.

"Primor, permit me to introduce you to Jamie, member of Earth. Jamie, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the supreme ruler of Arcturus Prime, the Primor."

Jamie bowed to the man, noticing that he didn't return the gesture. "I am pleased to meet you."

"I am pleased to meet you also. What is that?"

"This?" Jamie pointed to his stiff rod, a long line of sticky pre-cum reaching down to his thigh. "It's my cock."


"Similar to our penii, sire, except that the genitalia of a human male resides outside the body."

"Interesting." The Primor moved closed, nodding at Yadoni's words. "What is it that you wished to show me, Commander?"

"Would you mind putting your scepter down and removing your robe?" The Primor stared at Commander Yadoni for a long moment, then propped his staff against the wall and allowed Soloni to take his clothing. "And your shirt, sire."

The Primor glared at Soloni. "What?"

"You must remove your shirt, sire."

"What kind of outrage is this? You're asking me to break my own law!"

"Please, sire!" Yadoni begged, dropping to his knees and his eyes to the floor. "Please trust us, your loyal subjects!"

When Soloni had floated the idea to the Commander, Yadoni had seen the flawless logic in it but now, possibly facing the wrath of the most powerful man on the planet, he wondered if he had bet on the right horse. Soloni had heard the rumors, as had everyone who served the Primor, that the man was unable to achieve release. If the Primor took this as subtle blackmail concerning that unmentionable problem, all of them, including Jamie, were dead men. When he dared to look up, he was surprised to see Jamie standing in front of the regent, tenderly unbuttoning the man's shirt.

Jamie didn't know why the alien trusted him but he was as gentle as possible, allowing the man to spread the shirt open and slide it from his shoulders. He handed it to Soloni who nodded in disbelief and knelt in front of the man.

"Kiss me."

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