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Follow the Rules


I arrive at our room, at our regular place. He has left the key for me at the front desk. As I enter, I find myself alone. I see a piece of paper on the desk. They are instructions and read as follows:

1. Undress and wash up. Wash every hole, Sophie.

2. Pin your hair back into a ponytail or braids.

3. There's a box on the bed. Open it. You must wear everything I left in the box, and only what I left in the box.

4. Turn off your phone.

5. There's a chair at the back of the room. When you're ready, sit down, with arms at your side.

6. Don't move once you've sat down.

7. When you hear me enter the room, close your eyes and don't open them again, until instructed.

8. Don't speak, unless answering a direct question.

I follow the directions to the letter. I wash up, everywhere. The box on the bed contains a royal blue, velvet slip, black thigh high stockings, and heels. The slip is longer than what I usually wear for him, and hangs just above my knees. I dress, and move towards the chair.

The plain office chair is facing away from the door, directly across from the large floor-to-ceiling window. I sit down. I can see people on the street, going about their daily lives. They cannot see me. If they can, they can only see me from the chin up, my eyes watching them as they hurry from one place to another. I notice that I am shaking a little. My breathing is labored, and my heart is pounding in my chest. All I can hear is the sound of my heart beating and the congestion coming from the street. I'm nervous, but excited. I don't know what to expect this time. He has certainly pushed me to my limits, but this...all of this...is new.

I hear a "click" as the key unlocks the door. A slight murmur from the hall tells me that the door is open. The murmur fades, but I do not hear the door close.

My heart is beating faster. Where is he? Is he in the room? I don't move. I don't turn around to check if he's there. I stay perfectly still and close my eyes, as instructed.

A few minutes go by, and I think "Did he leave?" Again, I don't move.

Finally, I hear running water, coming from the bathroom. Then I hear him moving across the room, approaching me from behind. I feel his hot breath on my neck. I want to open my eyes, but don't. He must know this, because as soon as I have this thought, I feel a soft piece of cloth go over my eyes. I feel him tie the blindfold firmly in place.

I can hear his movements again. He's circling me, assessing me, like a tiger and its prey. He stops between my legs, and runs his hands up, from my ankles to my hips, hiking the long slip to the top of my thighs.

He tells me to spread my legs open, and I do as I am told. "Wider" he says, so I spread my legs wider for him. Suddenly I feel a smack on my inner thighs. Apparently, I have not spread my legs wide enough. He presses on my knees and opens me all the way up, my pussy exposed, and vulnerable. I feel a gentle, slow lick against my clit and I move my hips to scoot closer to his mouth.

He stops, and I feel a stinging slap across my cheek. He asks, "Did I tell you that you could move, slut?".

I answer with "No, Sir". He moves behind me and I hear metal clinking. The next thing I feel is the soft leather of my collar, as he fastens it to my neck. I let out a purr. I love my collar. I feel a tug, as he pulls my leash forward. I drop to my knees, and crawl as he walks me across the room. He tells me to feel for the bed, and to get on all fours and don't move. I do as I'm told.

I'm on the bed, waiting for my next command, or the feel of his touch, but minutes go by and...nothing. I want to lift my blindfold and peak around the room, but don't. I know he's testing me. After what seems to be an eternity, I feel his hands run up my ass to push my slip up on my hips. He finally speaks. He tells me to present my pussy to him. I arch my back, my ass in the air, and spread my legs for him.

Just as I think I have pleased him, he tells me that it's not good enough. He tells me he knows I can do better. I feel the crack of the belt on my ass and he tells me to start counting. By the fourth lash, he decides to graze my ass with his lips, making number five more bearable. My punishment is over - for now.

Again, he tells me to present my pussy. This time I drop my hands, with my face on the bed. I arch my back and spread my legs as wide as they will go. Is he pleased? I feel his fingers slide through my wet pussy lips, up to my clit, and his fingers start rubbing me in circles. His hot tongue runs along my ass, while his fingers slide in and out of me. Yes, he is pleased.

Just as I let out a moan, he stops, and removes his hand. I feel defeated. I want more, but I don't dare move. I want to be a good girl - obedient and patient. I feel the tip of his cock enter me. Then he pulls out. Again, he slides just the tip into my pussy and waits. Once more, he's testing me. I want so badly to push back into him, to feel his cock fill me up. I remain still. I'm panting, waiting for whatever comes next. He pulls back on my leash and he raises me up so I'm on all fours again. Just as I get to my hands, he slams his cock deep inside my pussy. I moan loudly. This is what I want. His cock feels so good and my moans grow louder. He knows how to fuck me, he knows how to bring me to orgasm, and I am so close.

His movements stop. He pulls out and says, "Don't fucking move".

I stay on all fours. The blindfold is still on, so I can't see him. I feel the bed move, and I can sense him in front of me. He rubs the head of his cock against my lips and I can taste my pussy on him. I open my mouth, but once again, I am denied. He tells me I'm a greedy little whore, then whips his hard cock against my face, and smacks it against my cheek.

"Now, open your mouth. Wide" he says, and I do. He slides his cock all the way it, to the back of my throat.

"Be a good slut, and open that throat for me, Sophie". I relax my throat so he can enter, and he slides his cock all the way down my throat. He stays there, and continues with small thrusts. It's hard to breathe, and I'm gagging now, but I love it. Suddenly, he stops and pulls out of my mouth. He raises my face, and slaps me.

I feel the familiar tug of my leash, and he tells to come off the bed and follow him. I crawl across the room until he tells me to stop. He instructs me to stand, and I do. He presses his chest against my back, and moves my body forward. I feel the cold glass of the windows against my tits and stomach.

I think to myself "Fuck. Anyone on the street can see." Before this thought can really sink in, he grabs my right leg and hooks my knee into the crook of his elbow. I feel his cock again, and he's fucking me so good right now. Hard and deep, just how I like it. He slaps my ass, then removes the blindfold. I see two people on the street, staring at me. They're watching as he pounds my pussy. I don't care. I am only focused on how he's making me feel. The cold glass against my tits feels so good, but his cock...his cock is what's driving me over the edge. I'm meeting his thrusts with my own movements now.

"May I please cum, Sir?" I ask. He doesn't answer. I ask again, and I feel the smack of his hand on my ass. He grabs me by the throat and pulls my back against his chest.

"Greedy slut" he says, sharply. The way he grabs me, and the anger in his voice, makes me tremble with excitement. I like it when he's this way - commanding and intense. Then he reminds me of the rules. That I am not to speak unless answering a direct question. He bends me over, my face pressed against the window, then tells me to start counting again. We get to five, and my ass is burning, but he's still inside me, so it was worth it.

He pulls me away from the window, and guides me to my knees.

He asks me if I'm going to be a good girl. He asks me if I am going to follow the rules.

I look up at him and respond with "Yes, Sir", to both questions.

He says "It seems what you enjoy most, is being an insolent slut. Now, are you going to be good, or do I need to correct your behavior?".

I assure him I will be a good girl and that no further discipline will be needed, then I shoot him a sly smile. A smirk that reeks of defiance. He sighs, and raises an eyebrow at me, then leads me across the room by my leash.

He leads me to a desk in the corner of the room and tells me to stand. He's behind me now, and I feel the collar fall off my neck. With his hand on the small of my back, he pushes me forward, so my stomach lays flat on the desk.

I turn around to look at him. He has something in his hand, but I can't see what it is. Before I can get a good look, his hand comes towards me, and shoves my panties in my mouth. He palms my head, and presses my face back to the desk, then reaches for both of my wrists and pulls my arms back.

The next thing I feel is the restraints against my skin. As he fastens the restraints, and tells me that I've provoked him, and that he doesn't think I've learned my lesson. He kicks my legs out so I'm spread wide, and steps up between them. I can feel his hard cock against the crack of my ass.

"Are you going to follow the rules, Sophie?"

I go to answer, but my response is muffled by my panties. That's what he intended. Next, I feel the crack of the belt on my ass. The belt hits hard and true. This time it burns; the belt is going to leave marks.

He's right. I did instigate this with my challenging look. He rubs my ass cheek, then spits down the crack of my ass. Just as I'm expecting another crack of the belt, I feel his cock slide into my ass. It hurts, and he knows it. As he moves to slip all the way inside me, I feel another crack of the belt and my body tenses up. My ass is being assailed, and my eyes water. I don't resist. I don't make a noise. I let him continue.

Oh yes, I will be following the rules from now on; no more disobedience. Sir can sense that I have given up any idea of having control. He is good to me, and slows down. He takes his time, and now both his cock and the belt are starting to feel good.

My punishment is over, but he is still working my ass. I feel his cock sliding in and out of me, and it feels amazing now. All I want, is to feel him cum inside me. I don't speak. I don't ask him for it. I wait for him to address me, like a good girl.

Finally, he leans in, his body pressed against my back, and whispers in my ear "Where do you want me to cum, Sophie?"

I respond with "In my ass, Sir. Please give your slut all of your cum, Sir." I turn around and see his sinister smile. He pulls out of me, grabs me by the arm and whips me around to face him. He pushes on my shoulders and forces me to my knees.

Instinctively I open my mouth, but he wags his finger in my face telling me "No." He rubs his cock along my bottom lip as he strokes his cock in my face. The touch of my lips on the head of his cock must have sent him over, and he cums all over my face. I look up at him, smile, and then lick my lips.

He smiles back, then raises me up, to stand with him. He removes the restraints, tucks a stray lock of hair behind my ear, and wipes my face with a towel. He takes me by the hand, and lays me down on the bed. Hovering over me, he goes in to kiss me. His kiss is very gentle, it feels nice, and calming.

As he raises his head, he tells me that I did well today. The session is over. He lays down next to me, strokes my hair and pulls me to his chest. I'm exhausted, and just lay there. After I take a few minutes to recover, I throw my leg over his body, still embracing him. I slowly move my body up and straddle him. I'm still wet - I'm always wet - and I start rubbing my pussy back and forth on his cock. Mmm. I feel him get hard again.

I look down at him and tell him, "My turn."

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