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Food Fight


Even after picking up the one or two things that caught his eye at Victoria' s Secret, it didn't take Bob long before the urge to do something nice for Lisa was replaced by the urge to get back to Lisa's place. Bob knew she was going to be late because of her editorial meeting, but this time he was going to actually have a dinner waiting for her when she got there, so he rushed to the car, and got on his way.

Bob thought back to the first few nights he had stayed with Lisa; the first night they went to Lisa's favorite restaurant, and Bob had really liked some of the new tastes she had introduced him to. Well, all except for that *one* thing, but the giggles that came out of Lisa was worth the odd taste in his mouth. The next night, Lisa had fixed a light snack but they had gotten so lost in each other that they didn't even think of food until it was past time to go to bed. Not that they fell asleep right away... and THAT was why he was buying new undies after all.

About then he drove passed the restaurant that they had wound up at last night. His attempt at putting together a dinner for her had fallen apart when he realized that they didn't pick up everything he needed at the grocery store. He cracked a smile as he remembered the cause, "I thought YOU picked up the rice." "No, you said 'I'll give you a rise' and nearly knocked over the display when that stocker came around the isle corner and caught you trying..."

After a quick stop at the grocer for rice, and a suspicious eye from a certain shelf stocker later, he was almost there.

Driving in, Bob was making all sorts of mental notes about places to go, and thinking about all the things he had to do. He fumbled with the key, still not having figured out which direction to turn it, and then had trouble getting in; what with his bags and Lisa's dog's attempt to investigate the 'the new guy', which resulted in a lot of spilled contents, and one very wet face.

Bob laid the satin robe out on the bed, next to the panties, and headed into the kitchen. He had just slid the pan off the stove when he felt a very wet warm hug engulf him, and a peck on the back of his neck. He spun around, and just stared into Lisa's eyes. She draped her arms around him, and he lifted her into a bear hug, and kissed her. "Your going to hurt your back doing this you know," she said, as he spun her around the tight little kitchen. "Then you'll just have to rub it," he laughed back between kisses.

He put her down, and ran his fingers through her long hair, so shiny and thick. "I bought you something today, to try and make up for the damage we did to your wardrobe last night," he said, as he traced her lips with his other hand. "Why don't you go get out of that business suit, while I finish tossing the salad? "

"What is in it?"

"8 ounces string beans 3 plum tomatoes 1/2 cup roasted, unsalted peanuts 2 large green papayas (1 pound each) peeled, seeded and julienned 1/4 cup Thai fish sauce 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon minced garlic 2 teaspoons red pepper flakes 1/4 cup roughly chopped cilantro leaves, according to the recipe I found. I couldn't find any Thai fish sauce, so I just 'tied' a 'fish' into a knot, and dumped in what squeezed out!"

How she popped him with that dishtowel even as he ducked will be a question Lisa will never answer.

Bob laid out the rest of the unused papaya on two plates, scooped out some rice and cream of celery casserole onto the side of each one, and then put the salad in two bowls. He was munching on the remaining stalk of celery that he had added to the soup and rice mix, when he caught her out of the corner of his eye. He whipped around quickly, drawing the celery like a sword and was going to thrust when he was dumbfounded by her appearance.

She was wearing the light pink robe he had bought (the only color it came in), and while it was tied at the waist, he was amazed at the effect of the satin color against the skin of her wonderful legs and the almost loose top.

"Do you like it" she asked; hear head down, but her eyes looking right at him, and the hint of a smile on her lips.

"Whoa, that looks so much better on you than it did on me when I tried it!"

Lisa tried to swipe the celery, but Bob pulled away, and started tickling her with it. Then Lisa feinted left, moved right, and disarmed him soundly. Before she could strike though, he charged in and grabbed her, lifting her up onto the kitchen counter. She spread her legs, and he moved in closer between them, pulling her head to his chest. They stayed in the embrace for a while, until Bob asked, "Do the panties fit? I wanted to replace the pair that got ripped last night, during the pillow fight" I didn't know what to tell the clerk when she asked what size; all I could I could think of was 'perfect', and 'a lot smaller than yours', but I didn't think that would be of much help." He was smiling, and this time instead of hitting him because of his silliness, she just reached up a nibbled his ear.

"Why don't you look and see?" She whispered, not quite innocently.

Bob cocked his head, shook it slightly as his gaze locked onto Lisa's eyes again. "Okay" he said, as he backed away slightly, and dropped down on his knees. The folds of the robe were over Lisa's thighs, so he gently pulled them away, wondering if she was wearing the matching rose panties, or the cerulean blue, when he discovered... neither. As a matter of fact, he couldn't see any panties at all!

Bob looked up to see Lisa was blushing and biting her lower lip, and then he felt her lift her legs up, and over his shoulders. He reached about her, laid his hands above that 'perfect' bottom, and gently started kissing her right thigh. Then he kissed her left; but this time, a little closer. And back, repeating, while the kisses got closer, they also got longer.

Lisa was running her fingers through his hair, and he heard her breathing was getting deeper. Bob's lips touched the outer folds of her, and began nibbling. He ran his tongue along the length, and felt her open, as a flower opens its petals. He ran his tongue just inside the folds, near the top, and then back away. At the farthest point, he pressed his tongue fully in the center, and let it follow deeper as he moved back toward the top. As he moved up, he tongue slid back from the depth, and then circled about her clitoris. He started writing "I love you Lisa" with the tip of his tongue, and for the space between words he would push down to the center again, drawing back sweet flavors to spread up over her tiny bud.

Lisa started moving her hips about, guiding him, in, out, and around. He lightened the contact, and let his lower lip caress her slowly, then nibbled his way back down. He kissed her inner thigh, back near the roundness of her bottom, and let his lips slid across to the other, letting kisses go to both sides of the flesh.

Bob resumed kissing and licking up higher when Lisa brought her knees in, and held him, held him, held him. She relaxed her grip, and Bob fell back away, looking up into his lady's eyes. The robe was fully open, and her breasts were just showing from under the cloth. He reached up and cupped one with his right hand, pulling himself up.

Lisa slowly opened her eyes, and looked deep into her lover's eyes. She saw love, and laughter, and the boy in him all at once. She then felt a very cold pressure, from the stalk of celery that was now running up her leg. "What are you going to do with that?" Lisa giggled, as she reached to hug him.

To be continued...

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