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Foot-Sex Fantasy

byEnglish Bob©

As I sat in the corner of the dark bar, I looked over the rim of my half empty beer glass at my colleague and best friend, Jack Richards. My eyes fixed him with a steely gaze while my brain assimilated the information that he had just imparted. It was more of a confession really – the sort that only two good friends can share and then only after several glasses of beer! But, far from ridiculing him or showing any form of distaste or revulsion, my mind was telling me that I had found a kindred spirit.

"Well, Jack," I started, "You're certainly not the only man in the world who has an attraction to the female foot. There must be thousands of us out there."

Jack's eyes rose from where he had been staring diffidently into his glass and held my attention. For a long moment there was a sullen, awkward silence between us.

"Us?" He said simply.

It was clearly time for my confession as well. I told him all about how I had always had (and still have) a fixation for women's feet and toes. I explained how I felt about a high arch and how a set of neatly painted toenails would turn me on every time.

"Christ, Mike," Jack exclaimed. "That's exactly how I feel! It's been driving me almost insane. Nearly every woman I meet seems to think I'm some sort of pervert!"

After assuring my friend that his sexual preferences were not in the least perverted – to me, at least – and that I was firmly on his side, the conversation settled down a little. We talked endlessly about the advantages of stockings and pantyhose, the attraction of a well-turned ankle and the delights in caressing the soft skin of painted toes and slender, muscular calves. I think that Jack was getting as worked up as I was before I blurted out the words that were aching to escape my lips.

"Of course, I suppose I'm very lucky." I said. "Jenny has really pretty feet and toes. And she likes to dominate. I love that!"

"Oh Christ, Mike, I know!" I've seen he padding around in bare feet. Sorry, but I just get an immediate hard-on when ever I see her!"

I laughed and assured my friend that his apology was completely unnecessary. I'd had no idea that the sight of my young wife's sexy feet and legs had such an effect on him, but I was more than happy that they did. Sometimes I will rue speaking without thinking first but in this case I knew that there was no way I was going to regret what I was now about to say.

"So why not come back with me now?" I said. The words were almost gushing from my babbling lips and my heart was beating a wild tattoo against my rib cage. "I know that Jenny will be only too happy to entertain another 'foot man'".

Jack fixed me again with an incredulous stare. It was true that I had felt sorry for him in that he hadn't managed to find a woman who felt the same as he did and was willing to entertain his fantasy, but, moreover, I was being a little selfish. Whilst it was Jack's fantasy to be teased by a sexy woman's feet and toes, it was mine to watch my wife do exactly that with another man. It seemed a perfect arrangement to me and I smiled at him and nodded to indicate that I was indeed very, very serious.

As Jack and I entered my house about twenty minutes later, we found my wife, Jenny curled up on the sofa and idly watching TV.

"Hello…um…Mistress." I said slowly as Jack and I stood respectfully in the lounge doorway. I knew that using the term Mistress would put Jenny straight into character and I felt sure that Jack being with me would not deter her at all. I watched her facial expression change slowly from a radiant smile into cool, controlled nonchalance. My Mistress was with me!

"Yes?" She asked indifferently as she turned back to the television.

I swallowed deeply and began to play along.

"I have brought a friend home with me. I hope that Mistress does not mind?"

All at once, Jenny rose from the sofa. Pulling the towelling gown that she was wearing tightly around her she knotted the belt vigorously.

"I am not dressed to receive guests." She barked. "You should have asked me first."

Both Jack and I mumbled subservient apologies. I was delighted to hear that my friend was joining in as well.

"Stay here." Jenny continued. "I will change my clothes and call you both when I am ready."

As she strode purposefully out of the room, I caught an almost indiscernible wink as she passed me. My heart suddenly raced and I caught my breath. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Time seemed to pass so slowly. The minutes seemed like hours as Jack and I both sat obediently on the sofa and awaited our Mistress' words. We both watched the clock as the second hand slowly crept round and round almost as if measuring our longing. When the call eventually came it was like the joy of being suddenly and unexpectedly released from years of confinement.

"Both of you!" Jenny called down the stairs. "Come up now. I am waiting for you."

I led Jack as we both began the climb up the stairs and into the spare bedroom. I don't think that either of us had dared to breathe for the last few minutes and as we saw Jenny standing in the middle of the room, hands on hips in a dominant pose, we both exhaled sharply.

Jenny's choice of attire was truly magnificent. A figure hugging black top that accentuated every curve of her firm, supple breasts, had replaced the robe. She wore no skirt or pants but had decorated her feet and legs superbly with black pantyhose and shiny black, strappy sandals. She had re-applied her make-up professionally and now looked every bit the powerful Mistress. Quite simply, she was a sight to behold.

"On your knees. Now!" She commanded Jack. I was ordered to sit at her dressing table and watch while my hapless friend instantly obeyed.

"Kiss them." Jenny continued as she placed her feet near my friend's head. "You may worship at your Mistress' feet!"

I looked on as Jack obediently bent his head down and began to run his tongue over my wife's sandals. I could clearly see a prominent bulge in the front of his pants and knew that he was equally as excited as I was. I could hear him whimpering softly as he treasured the dainty toes and ran his tongue lovingly up and over Jenny's stockinged feet. His eyes were tight closed and I guessed that his erection was throbbing painfully inside his suit pants.

My attention quickly returned to my wife as I heard her moan quietly. There is little she likes better than to have a man kiss and adore her feet and it was clear that she was getting as turned on as we were. I watched as she stood with her feet planted a little apart. There was a flash of light coloured skin at her crotch and I suddenly realised that the pantyhose had a split in the gusset. I held my breath in anticipation, as I understood immediately that Jenny was clearly prepared to take this situation to its natural conclusion.

As Jack continued his oral caresses, Jenny's soft moans became louder and more urgent. Her hand dropped to her crotch and I saw her eyes close as a long, slender finger stroked her protruding pussy lips. She was still standing and as she neared her climax I saw her legs begin to tremble as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

As Jenny orgasmed loudly so, in the same instant, Jack groaned pleasurably.

"I am …..er….sorry, Mistress," he stammered clumsily. "I just …couldn't …help it."

A Deep, visible wet stain was soaking into the front of Jack's pants as he fell back away from Jenny. She stared down at him as he lay on the floor. Her breathing was still a little ragged but she was still very much in control.

"Get on the bed and take it out." She ordered brusquely.

Jack reacted quickly and, kneeling up on the bed, lowered his zipper and exposed his still erect penis. Tendrils of sperm dripped from the tip as he held it up for Mistress' inspection.

"I am glad to see that you are still quite hard." Jenny commented in a softer voice. "I think we may still get more work from you!"

Jack's loud gasp almost took me by surprise and was entirely due to Jenny as she lay back on the bed and squeezed his semi-erect cock between the soles of her sandals.

"Oh my God!" Jack moaned as his eyes shut tight.

"No," Jenny answered with a sly grin. "Not God. Just your Mistress!"

Her sandaled feet rolled back and forth slowly around my friends' cock as it grew harder and harder. I watched his foreskin slide back and the shiny, purple head exposed as the straps rubbed and agitated him wonderfully. My own cock was aching mercilessly and without a second thought I quickly unzipped and began slowly masturbating.

After a few more minutes of sandal rolling, it was becoming quite obvious that Jack could easily cum again. This was clearly something that Jenny was keen to avoid at this stage and, amid vociferous protests from Jack – and indeed myself – she suddenly removed her feet from his throbbing manhood.

"Strip now. Both of you." Jenny exclaimed still a little breathless as she glanced between Jack and I. "Let me see both of your cocks and I might show you my tits!"

This was an invitation that neither my friend nor I could resist and both of us began feverishly tearing at our clothes. Of course, I had seen my wife's breasts many, many times before but the thought of her stripping off in the presence of another man had my nerves tingling like a teenager about to touch his girlfriend for the very first time.

Once Jack and I were both completely naked, Jenny sat back on the bed and grinned wickedly. She was as good as her word and slowly, teasingly began to ease her top up and up her lithe body. Inch by inch her golden coloured skin was revealed. Her flat stomach seemed to glisten with a sheen of perspiration after her climax and as she teased the thin top higher the sight of the underside of her breasts caused the two cocks in the room to twitch uncontrollably. Finally the garment was up over her head and off and Jenny cupped both of her fantastic breasts in her hands and rolled the nipples.

"Now I want to feel that hard cock of yours between my feet." Jenny murmured. The thought must have been nearly more than Jack could stand because as my wife bent to slip off her shoes, his cock jumped and twitched wildly in the air.

Slowly and luxuriantly Jenny lay back once again and began to slide her stockinged feet over Jack's turgid penis and balls. My friend's breathing was coming in short, ragged gasps but he seemed more in control of himself now. He clearly did not want to disgrace himself by cumming too quickly again.

Jenny's feet and legs twisted this way and that as she teased and manipulated the hard cock between them. Occasionally her legs would part and both Jack and I would be treated to the wonderful view of her neatly trimmed and very wet vagina as it peeked out from the slit in her pantyhose. I continued to masturbate slowly as I watched the spectacle, absolutely delighted that two fantasies were currently being fulfilled.

Both Jenny and my friend were moaning loudly now as my wife increased the tempo with her feet. Her legs spread wide and again her hand dropped to the split in the hose. I watched as two of her fingers strummed feverishly against her stiff little clit and then drove deeply inside her body, disappearing with a wet squishing sound into the vaginal passage.

"Now!" Jenny suddenly cried out as she quickly rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me now! Right now!"

Jack didn't need to be asked twice and immediately positioned himself between her outstretched thighs. His red, swollen cock slid gracefully into her wet hole and was punctuated by a deep groan from both of them. As he started to thrust eagerly into her pussy, Jenny popped her foot up onto Jack's shoulder. The stocking clad toes were only a fraction away from his face and he clearly couldn't resist taking them into his mouth and sucking for all he was worth.

Jenny was bucking her hips wildly off the bed and frantically commanding that Jack fuck her tight pussy and suck her toes. My friend and colleague mastered both tasks expertly and within a few more moments, my wife was once again gasping her way through another orgasm.

My own cock was throbbing and as hard as I could ever remembered it. I stroked from the tip down to my balls using the plentiful amount of pre-cum that was oozing almost continuously from the tip as a lubricant. I had to force myself to slow down on several occasions. I guessed that jack would be quite capable of providing my wife with another load of his seed quite soon and, a little perversely, maybe, wanted to time my climax with his.

"Now from behind!" Jenny gasped as she extricated herself from Jack's thrusting weapon and twisted herself onto her hands and knees. "I want you really deep inside my cunt!"

I had a second or so to register my surprise at Jenny's use of colourful language while Jack shuffled around behind her and repositioned himself. I couldn't recall my sweet, young wife ever having referred to her most private of area in such graphic terms before and I suppose it shocked me a little. She seemed to have abandoned all her inhibitions in one go. Her long dark hair swirled in a matted tangle around her shoulders and face; sometimes partly obscuring her attractive features but causing her to look more wanton and reckless.

Jenny's mouth hung open as and languid as she was fucked so deeply from behind by my best friend. Her wonderful sexy feet – still encased in black nylon – were lifted and tucked under Jack's balls and she wiggled her toes – quite delightfully, I'm certain – under his scrotum.

"Oh, Mistress!" Jack suddenly cried. "I don't think I can hold out much longer. I think I'm going to cum again!"

Jenny timed her actions to perfection. She allowed my rutting friend two or three more deep thrusts into her cunt before rolling forward and letting him slip out of her open and abused hole.

"Oh no, Mistress. Please!" Jack complained bitterly.

"Have patience, my lover. It will be worth it. I promise!"

Jack's face looked a mixture of pain and pleasure. His cock stood out thick and meaty from his body and twitched violently as he and I both watched as my wife quickly stripped off her pantyhose. I gasped. She was naked at last and I had a good idea what she was going to do. As I said before, there is little Jenny likes better than to have her feet and toes kissed, but there is one thing. What my wife loves more than anything is to have a man's cum on her feet!

Jenny sat back on the bed and placed both her naked feet around Jack's bulging cock. Slowly she began to rotate her toes, gliding her soles up and down the length of his sticky shaft. I could hear my friend groaning. He was starting to lose control and I knew that in a few short seconds he would be ejaculating another thick, creamy load onto Jenny's feet.

Grasping my own solid erection in my fist I jumped up from my seat and stood by the side of the bed. I rubbed the head of my cock against Jenny's erect nipple just as I saw Jack's penis erupt between her toes. It was too much for me to cope with. The point of no return was now a distant memory and I closed my eyes for a brief moment and sighed deeply as I unloaded over my wife's soft warm breasts. My eyes squinted open a few seconds later to see that her lower body and tits were now covered in thick, sticky sperm.

Jenny was clearly delighted with the introduction of another man into our bedroom and, over some months, Jack's visits became more and more frequent. Eventually he found a woman who shared his (and our) fetish for foot sex and within a short time they were married.

Obviously, being newly wed, our most pleasurable rendezvous' with Jack became fewer, but they do still continue. Maybe one day he will be able to persuade his wife, Miranda to join us. Now that's something I'm really looking forward to!

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