tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFootball Practice Ch. 03

Football Practice Ch. 03


Alice Beckett strode purposefully towards her car. She really needed to get out of here. Many things had happened this evening that shouldn't have, and she needed to leave them behind. Her mind was racing a mile a minute, going over everything, trying to find reason in it. She unlocked the car doors and threw her bag onto the back seat, not noticing the first few drops of water on her shoulders, as the rain started again. She slumped into the driver's seat, and sighed deeply. She slid her still damp hair out of her face and reached up to the rearview mirror. She studied herself in it, looked deep into her own eyes and chastised herself. She should have just let the kid have his shower. Told the caretaker to wait. She should have told Anna to come back the next day. She should feel embarrassed, she should feel ashamed. And she did, to a certain extent, but she couldn't help but smile when the muscular, eighteen year old's naked body swam into her imagination.

She readjusted the mirror, and turned the key in the ignition. The radio came on automatically, but she switched it off again, the noise becoming an unwelcome intrusion on her internal musing. She sighed again, shook her head, and backed out of her parking space.

Dave slumped against the bus stop signpost. He'd been here for going on half an hour now. Where was the bloody thing? He just wanted to get home, to curl up in bed, and wish the world away. He put his face in his hands, trying to banish the images burnt into his mind's eye. He looked up at the sky. The light was fading. He made his decision, turned, and trudged off into the night. His hamstring still ached, but thankfully his route, for now at least was downhill. Soon he was lost in his own little world, and didn't notice the return of the drizzle. At the bottom of the hill the bus, as if it had been waiting for the worst possible time barrelled past. It had caught some momentum travelling down the hill, and was going far too fast when it hit the puddle lying around a blocked drain, and caught Dave almost full in the face. He stopped, drenched from head to foot. Perfect. Just Perfect. He looked at the road ahead of him, and almost as if his body was revolting against him, lost all strength, and buckled to his knees. He managed to struggle over to someone's garden wall, and managed to lean his back against it. His head slumped forward, and he felt the cold water drip from his hair, and down his neck. He just didn't care any more.

Alice was startled out of her reverie by the first crack of thunder. She slowed her speed, noticing she was nearly ten miles an hour over the limit. The rain was beginning to hammer down now, and the first bolt of lightning soon followed. She slowed right down now, and if she hadn't she may have driven right by. The second flash of light brought her attention to a slumped figure at the side of the road. She pulled up to a halt. It was Dave. She undid her seat belt and ducked out into the rain.

'Dave!' She had to raise her voice, 'What are you doing?'

'Wha?' Dave looked up startled

'Come on, get in!' Before either of them knew what was happening, Alice was helping Dave to his feet, and guiding him towards her car. When they were safely inside she turned to him. He wouldn't return her gaze.

'You can't walk home in this, you'll catch your death.' She said, but got no response. Where do you live?'

Dave looked up and out of the windscreen. His mind suddenly snapped to attention.

'No, It's OK, I'll be fine.' He said quietly, and made to open the door.

Alice grabbed his arm softly.

'Nonsense. You're hurt, and it's mad out there. Where do you live?'

Dave stuttered some vague directions, and they set off. They drove in silence, until they pulled up at a set of traffic lights.

'This can't go on.' Alice said.

'Hmmn?' Dave grunted in quizzical response.

'I don't want to leave you hating me. Everything that happened tonight was an accident. I didn't mean to walk in on you like that. Either time. I tried to ignore it but clearly that's not going to work, I think we need to have it out in the open.'

'What?' Dave said, clearly worried.

'I didn't mean it like that,' Alice said, blushing, 'I meant we need to talk about it.'

'There's nothing to say.'

'I think there is. I don't think I said it before, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry I barged into the changing room. I'm sorry I made you use our shower. I'm sorry I came back into the office. I'm sorry Anna saw you. These are all things that didn't need to happen, but they did, and I'm sorry.'

'I'm sorry I was, you know,' Dave trailed off. The light turned green, and they set off again.

'You've got nothing to be sorry about.'

'God this is so embarrassing.' Dave muttered as he put his face in his hands.

'You've got nothing to be embarrassed about.' Alice said matter-of-factly.

'I got caught naked, worse than that caught wanking! I don't know about you but I find that embarrassing.'

'You weren't doing anything unusual.'

'Really? Everyone plays with themselves on school property do they?'

Alice shifted uncomfortably.

'OK, maybe your choice of location was unusual,' Alice said, remembering her own episode in the exact same spot, 'but the act itself wasn't.'

Silence resumed. Despite everything, Alex actually felt better for having this chat. If it was kept quiet, then maybe, just maybe, he could forget it ever happened.

They drove in silence until they reached Dave's home.

'Take care.' Alice said as Dave climbed out.

'Thank you.'

Alice watched until Dave had gone inside, closed the door behind him, and an upstairs light went on.

Dave stripped off his wet uniform, and threw it into the hamper. No one else was home, so he strode, naked to the bathroom, and found a clean towel. He began to pat himself dry, and caught sight of himself in the mirror. He looked at his reflection, and couldn't help but think back to the moment Miss Beckett had walked in on him. She hadn't seemed fazed by it, but the way she was talking in the car, had she liked what she'd seen? His cock twitched. More to the point, had he enjoyed it? He had clearly got excited, enough to warrant 'self-exploration' as his sex-ed teacher would have put it. He saw himself, naked in the changing room, and he saw Miss Beckett, staring, open-mouthed at his pale skin. Looking back, he couldn't even be sure if she had made eye-contact. He looked down at his now fully erect self, and smiled to himself.

Alice Beckett unlocked the door to her flat and trudged inside. She went to her kitchenette, and poured herself a glass of wine, before collapsing in front of the TV. She stared at the news, not really paying attention, her eyes focussed on the middle distance, her mind somewhere else. She slipped off her shoes, and her socks soon followed. No matter what she did, she couldn't get her mind off of the boy in her car. She had fought the urge all the way through the journey to throw herself on him, to take his innocence there and then. Now she couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she had. Was it hot in here or just her? She slipped off her sweatshirt, and her polo shirt got caught up in it, and came off too.

'Sod it.' She said to herself and tossed the pair onto the back of her chair. She sat, in her sweatpants and sports bra and stared into nothing.

Dave rubbed himself dry, and wandered back to his room, closing the door behind him. Could she really have enjoyed what she saw? How long had she been watching him wanking? The more he thought about it, the more his cock strained for some relief.

Alice awoke with a start. A banging noise from the upstairs apartment had woken her up, and she heard the familiar groans of the newly-wed couple just home from work. Did they have to do it on the living room floor? Couldn't they do it in a bed like everyone else? Well, she thought, everyone who had someone. It was at this point she realised her right hand was inside her underwear, resting on her sex. The noises from upstairs were getting louder.

'Ohhh God!' The woman screamed 'Yes! Yes!'

Almost by itself Alice's hand began moving up and down. She closed her eyes, and let herself go. With her free hand, she slid her trousers and knickers to her knees, and slouched back in her soft chair. She stretched out with her left hand, and scrabbled around, until it landed on the TV remote. . .

The weekend passed, with both Alice and Dave spending most of it in their respective bedrooms. Alice dragged herself out of bed, and into work. She went through the motions, and the kids were, thankfully, happy to get on with it without too much fuss. The last period rolled around, and a few sixth formers rolled in. Several had no lesson this period, and members of the sports teams tended to come and have a quick workout, or go for a swim in the pool for half an hour or so, rather than go to the library and study. She didn't have a class to teach, and was hoping to catch up on some paperwork, but no one was allowed to use the pool area without a teacher present, so she often volunteered to 'spot' for the sixth formers. It never did any harm to get on their good side.

Alice was in the office with Miss Wilkins and Mrs. Long, the other P.E. Teachers at the school. They both had the fifth formers this period, and with the continuing bad weather were going to combine the classes in the hall for some basketball.

When they left, Alice quickly slipped her swimming costume on. It was a dark green, functional one-piece. She usually only wore it when she was teaching, not 'spotting', but for some reason today she just felt like it.

Dave stood with his classmates, just outside the locker room, and after the fifth formers had filed out, went in. There were only four of them today, and they chatted loudly, as they changed. Each lad quickly slipped off their clothes, and slipped on the college issue dark green speedo trunks. They each wrapped a towel around themselves, and headed for the pool.

Miss Beckett was waiting for them as they entered. Wearing her one-piece, with track bottoms on over the top, clearly engrossed in her paperwork. The boys dumped their towels next to her, and dived into the pool. She couldn't help herself but sneak a glance at each of the boys' packages as they went past.

Dave was certain now that Miss Beckett had just caught a glance at his crotch. There was an unmistakable twitch in her eye as he went past. The only question now was, what to do about it. He jumped into the pool. His hamstring still ached slightly, but he thought that maybe some exercise in warm water would help it.

Soon after, a few sixth form girls joined them, again dumping their towels before jumping into the warm water. The constant splashing was the only sound that disturbed Miss Beckett, and she managed to get all caught up on her paperwork, and settled back to enjoy the view of four tight male backsides sliding up and down the pool.

Dave decided to hang out until the end, and talk to Miss Beckett alone. Sure enough, one by one, the other guys left to go and get changed again, but the girls just wouldn't go. Dave paused for breath, at one end, and surveyed the scene. One of the girls was Anna, from last week. He'd managed to avoid her all day, but here she was. She looked up as she reached the end he was at. She clung on and sidled over to him.

'Hey.' She said smiling.

'Hey.' He replied.

'I couldn't help but notice your dick last week.'

'Good for you.'

'It was. Thing is. . .' She paused looking around making sure that Miss Beckett wasn't in earshot, 'I wanna see it again. And so do the girls here. The other two had joined them by this point.


'Yes you will, unless you want it all over school that you were wanking in Miss Beckett's room.' Said Anna calmly, as she trod water.

'The answer is still no.'


Dave was clinging on to the side of the pool, so wasn't ready for when Anna ducked under the water, and pulled his speedo to his knees.

Miss Beckett had noticed the congregation at the other end of the pool, and was on her feet, and walking over when this happened. Dave lost his grip on the side of the pool, as he tried to grab for his lost trunks. He surfaced, spluttering, somehow having lost his speedo completely in the scramble. H began treading water, looking around desperately for what he'd lost.

'Everyone out of the pool NOW!' Miss Beckett roared.

The girls dutifully complied, and looked back expectantly at Dave. Who looked around. The place was now deserted, save for him and the four young women.

'Come on, Dave.'

'But I've-'


Dave swam over to the ladder, and pulled himself out. The girls creased up laughing. Miss Beckett didn't bat an eyelid, and turned on the three girls, anger in her eyes.

'You think this is funny do you?' She paused, as the girls gathered themselves, and feigned a sorrowful look.

'We're sorry Miss Beckett, we-'

'No you're not,' Miss Beckett interrupted, 'You planned this, and took advantage of him. If I took this to the head he'd suspend the three of you.

The girls looked genuinely concerned now.

Dave was standing behind Miss Beckett, stark naked, both hands over is genitals. He couldn't believe this was happening again.

'But,' Miss Beckett continued, 'I don't think that that would be a suitable punishment, although deserved.' She paused for a moment.

'Take off your costumes.'

The girls stood open-mouthed.

'Come on! You've all seen him naked, now it's his turn to see you. Or do you all want a suspension on your records?'

Slowly the first girl, a tall, skinny brunette slid the straps off her shoulders, before turning to the blonde next to her, pleading in her eyes. There was a pause, and together, the two girls slid their swimsuits off. They stood, in classic pose, one hand over the crotch, one arm over the chest. Dave still managed to get enough of a look to start his penis growing.

'And you Anna.' Miss Beckett said sternly.

'No.' Anna said defiantly, folding her arms across her chest.

'If you don't do as I say, all three of you will get a suspension. All or none.'

Anna remained silently defiant. The other two exchanged a glance. They weren't letting Anna do this to them, after they'd both stripped off. They darted behind Anna, and in one swift movement yanked the suit off her. It ripped down the middle, almost in two.

In that brief second, Dave had a full view of three naked girls. The tall brunette, with small firm breasts and a thin strip of dark pubic hair above a sweet, smooth slit. A shorter, but still slim blonde with full breasts and a bald crotch, exposing thick sweet lips, and Anna. Anna, a dumpy, but by no means unattractive girl,with huge breasts and a thick dark bush which revealed the truth behind the girl's blonde locks.

She shrieked, and all three quickly covered themselves

All three now stood, naked like Dave was, covering themselves as best they could with their hands.

'OK, I think that's sufficient,' Miss Beckett said satisfied, 'You can get dressed again. And if I hear one word of any of this again, you're all gone, do you understand me?'

The three girls nodded, slowly, and put their suits on, giving Dave another juicy flash. Well, two of them did. The other one picked up her rags, turned, and hurried off to pick up her towel before hurrying back to the changing rooms. Dave stared at her bare arse, until it wobbled out of sight.

Miss Beckett was looking at him now. He was still holding his hands in front of himself, but they could barely cover his throbbing erection.

'You can get your suit now. I don't think that's going to happen again.'

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