tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked Mike Ch. 01

Naked Mike Ch. 01


Mike and Janet were always pretty close friends of ours. About a year ago, they divorced, and Janet moved out of state. My wife, Candy and I stayed friends with Mike, helping him through.

We were headed to the beach one morning this past summer and invited Mike along. As always, he was happy to hang out with us.

We arrived at the beach rather early in the day. It was a weekday, and the parking lot was mostly empty, allowing us to park right up front by the edge of the sand.

After setting up our sparse gear, a blanket, umbrella, cooler and folding chair for me, we plopped down to enjoy the day. Mike hadn't brought anything to sit on, preferring to squat directly in the sand.

Pulling three beers from the cooler, I passed them around and we chatted, passing the time like old friends do.

Finally, after a bit, Mike announced he was going for dip. Rising, he stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a tanned, hard muscular body.

"Wow Mike," Candy commented, turning her head in his direction, "nice tan."

"Thanks," Mike answered a bit shyly, and then trotted off to the ocean's edge. I noticed Candy watching him.

"He's in pretty good shape," I offered.

Candy nodded. "He sure is," she said, craning a bit and shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand.

A moment later, Mike returned...striding up to us with the water from his dip beading across strong looking chest.

I offered him another beer, as he plopped down again next to Candy. Handing the beer to Candy to pass to him, I couldn't help noticing the way her breasts lolled as she twisted. I also noticed it was not lost on Mike, although he was far too polite to ever stare openly.

You have to understand, Candy is a looker...5"1, long, naturally blond hair, and a set of knockers to die for. She'd chosen to wear her red wicked weasel that left ridiculously little to the imagination. I couldn't blame any man for staring.

"So Mike," Candy said, opening the conversation, "where did you get that tan?"

Mike laughed, nearly spitting his beer out. "Well, Jan and I used to spend a lot of time at Rock's," he answered, looking just a bit embarrassed.

"Reaaally?" Candy asked. Leaning on one elbow, she turned her upper body towards Mike...treating him to another loll.

"Isn't that a nude beach honey?" she asked, turning towards me again.

"I think so," I said. I wasn't sure. "Is it Mike?" I asked matter-of-factly.

"Well, yeah, it is," Mike answered. Looking towards the ocean, he drew his legs up and rested his arms on his knees in a somewhat defensive position.

Fascinated, Candy pressed on. "So you and Jan are...were...nudists?"

Candy pulled herself to a sitting position and turned to face him with her back towards me. I could plainly see the top of her butt crack creeping out of her wispy thin bottoms.

Mike cleared his throat. "Well, we were kind of into the lifestyle, yes," he answered, still looking at the ocean.

"Wow," Candy said, "why?"

Turning his towards Candy, he looked surprised for a moment, "why?" he repeated the question.

"Well," he began, "actually, it's freeing."

"Freeing?" Candy was interested. "Freeing how?"

Mike dropped his eyes briefly, scanning Candy's huge, bare cleavage, before looking up again.

"There's nothing more comfortable than being free," he explained, "the total, relaxed feeling of being who you are without any pretenses or need to hide is wonderful."

He smiled.

Candy was silent a moment. I could tell she was processing it. Reaching into the cooler, I handed her another beer to pass to Mike.

"Mike," she said, smiling, "I never knew that you were a nudist, did you honey?" she asked, looking at me briefly.

"Nope," I smiled back.

I was emptying my third beer, and Candy and Mike had about the same each.

Out of the blue, Candy said, "Hey Mike, why don't you get comfortable?"

"Huh?" Mike answered, surprised.

"You know, being a nudist and all, you must be uncomfortable."

"Oh!" Mike laughed understanding, "this isn't a nude beach."

"So?" Candy pressed, looking around. "There's hardly anyone here at all...and the ones who are here are too busy to really notice anyone else."

Glancing behind me, I confirmed what Candy said. There wasn't anyone around us...the nearest people were so far down the beach that I doubted they even knew we existed.

"Besides, Candy continued, placing a hand on Mike muscled thigh in a warm gesture, "you're with friends who care about you...we just want you to be comfortable, right honey?" She turned to me for confirmation.

"Yeah, right," I said smiling.

Candy finished with a smile at Mike, waiting in silence for an answer.

"I don't know," Mike said, glancing around, unsure of himself.

"Aww, it's okay," Candy interrupted, "really, you can be yourself with us, Mike," she smiled again.

Appearing to mull it over for a moment, Mike scanned the beach again. Gathering courage, he said, "Okay, but just for a minute."

Getting to his feet, he glanced around quickly once more, hooking his thumbs under the waistband of his swim shorts. I noticed again how incredibly tan and muscular he really was...Candy was staring at him too.

"It's okay honey," she reassured him, "be yourself."

Mike pulled his swim shorts down past his hips, slowly revealing his neatly trimmed pubic hair. As he continued to slide them down to his knees, his enormous cock came into view. Finally, he dropped them to his ankles, and stepped out of them. He bent to pick them, when Candy stuck her hand out.

"I'll hold them for you honey, so they don't get too much sand in them," she smiled.

Handing her his swim shorts, Mike stood for a moment, naked in front of us. I'd never seen him naked before, and was surprised at the size of his cock. It had to be a good eight or nine inches soft, and was just as tanned as the rest of him. The damn thing almost hung to his knees.

Mike was looking away, down the beach, but I noticed Candy's nipples harden under the material of her bikini top.

"There!" she exclaimed happily, "isn't that better?"

Mike was silent.

"Let's all go for a dip," Candy said, fanning herself, "it's sweltering today."

I agreed that was a good idea.

Standing up, Candy's breasts moved heavily, swaying with her movements.

"Imma stay here, "I said, taking a sip from my beer and patting the cooler, "someone's gotta guard the beer."

"Spoiled sport," Candy teased. "C'mon Mike," she said.

Mike stayed put. "I don't know Candy," he said, worried about the people down the beach.

Offering her hand for reassurance, she said "C'mon hun, I'll be with you, nobody's gonna care, really."

Reluctant, Mike took her hand, and they set off together towards the water, side by side. I watched as they went...noticing the stark contrast between them. Candy's creamy-skinned, luscious, bikini-covered ass moved and swayed invitingly as she walked. Mike was stark naked without a single tan line on him.

Glancing towards the parking lot, I saw that it was a bit fuller than it had been on our arrival several hours before, but still, there really wasn't anyone in our vicinity.

As I watched, Candy entered the water first, going into up to her chest. Then, turning to Mike, she waived. He followed, disappearing from the bottom up as the water swallowed his completely naked form.

I don't know exactly how long they were out there, but they got pretty far from shore...until they weren't more than tiny dots really.

While they were out in the water, a young couple, a man and a woman, showed up, and set up camp not too far from our spot.

Finally, I saw Mike and Candy coming back. Exiting the water, they walked side by side again, this time not holding hands. Candy's huge breasts swayed as she walked, and her gorgeous blond hair stuck to her in strings. Mike, naked and wet, walked along next to her. His cock bobbed slightly with his walking, and I noticed that it appeared to have grown somewhat. It looked about a quarter hard.

Approaching our spot, I saw Mike look worriedly in the new couple's direction, but they appeared to be preoccupied and didn't seem to notice him.

Candy stood in front of the blanket to shake the water off of herself...her breasts swung wildly under her bikini top, threatening to pop out. As she sat down, I noticed how the material clung to her body. The shadows of her aureole were clearly visible under it as were her hard nipples. I also noticed that she sat on Mike's shorts.

Looking back at Mike, I now saw that his cock had grown again to about half mast. I couldn't believe how big it was.

Mike sat down in the sand, and pulled his legs up to hide his growing erection. Candy didn't seem to notice.

"That was fun huh?" she said, patting Mike's naked thigh.

"Yeah," Mike uttered, looking embarrassed.

"Maybe I should get dressed," he said, turning towards the couple again.

Smiling, Candy waved her hand, dismissing it. "Why? Just be yourself Mike," she said, sweet as sugar.

Mike was beginning to look unconvinced, but made no move to ask for his shorts.

Leaning back, Candy stretched her body out and turned on one side, facing Mike, making her breasts hang down.

Mike winced a little.

"C'mon Mike," she laughed, slapping his bare thigh playfully, "loosen up!"

With a pensive look, Mike slowly unfolded his legs, stretching them out in front of him and leaned back a bit on his hands, revealing his full-blown erection. It stood straight up, and throbbed slightly with his heartbeat.

"There you go hun," Candy smiled. She was unconsciously dragging her nails lightly over her own thigh. "You gotta learn to relax."

Mike looked nervous in spite of himself. He kept looking towards the couple, but they were lying on their backs, unaware of the totally naked man just yards from them.

Mike's cock was incredibly hard. I don't believe I've ever seen a larger one. He was obviously embarrassed by his excitement. He placed one hand on his inner thigh, inches from his balls.

"Damn," I said glancing at my watch, "we gotta get going."

"Aww," Candy protested.

Mike look relieved.

Getting to my feet, I grabbed the blanket, rolling it up with Mike's shorts in it. I took down the umbrella, and folded up my chair. Picking up the blanket, and umbrella, I turned to Candy.

"Can you grab the folding chair?" I said, ready to go.

"Sure babe," she answered, picking it up.

Mike still sat, now covering his throbbing erection with his hands.

"Comin' Mike?" I joked, indicating that we were leaving.

"But," he stammered, "what about my shorts?"

"Oh hun," Candy rolled her eyes and smiled, "I want you to be as comfortable as possible."

We both turned to go.

With no other choice, Mike stood up. His cock pointed straight out in front of him. Turning towards the couple, I saw that the woman was shielding her eyes from the sun, and staring at Mike's nude body from behind her sunglasses.

Mike walked slightly behind us, and I knew he was staring at Candy's ass. His hard cocked bounced up and down as we walked across the sand towards the parking lot. By now, the beach had filled up some, and I saw that the parking lot was much fuller than before.

We passed a group of college-aged people, standing near the edge of the lot. At first, they barely noticed us, until we got close enough. Spotting Mike, they turned their heads to stare at the naked man walking past them with a hard-on. Mike had his head down, ignoring them.

"Wow!" exclaimed one of the girls, pointing at Mike. "That guy's naked!"

We walked on, finally reaching the parking lot. Opening the trunk, I dumped the gear inside while Mike and Candy stood next to the car, waiting for me to unlock the doors.

There were people everywhere.

Coming around to their side, I saw that Mike was trying, unsuccessfully to hide his hard-on behind his hands.

Grabbing his hands, Candy lifted them in hers and said, "I'm so glad you came out today with us hun. We miss you, you know." With that, she leaned in to hug him, pressing her breasts against him. His throbbing cock bounced off her bare thigh, finally coming to rest against it.

"Oh shit!" I said, suddenly, "I forgot the cooler!"

"Well go get it silly man," Candy laughed.

Mike looked mortified.

"Be right back," I said, trotting off towards the beach, leaving Mike totally naked next to the car with Candy.

Reaching our spot, I saw that the cooler was gone. I searched the beach but saw no sign of it. Finally, I asked the couple if they'd seen it. They hadn't.

After spending a few more minutes looking for it, I gave it up as a loss, and headed back to the car.

By the time I got back, I'd been gone about fifteen minutes. When I reached the car, I was somewhat perplexed. There was no sign of Mike and Candy.

Suddenly, I hear d what sounded like someone groaning.

What I saw next stopped me in my tracks.

Mike and Candy were standing about 20 yards from the car, in the middle of the parking lot in an open spot.

Candy had her head bent, looking down intently at Mike's front.

He was furiously stroking his engorged cock.

Approaching them, I heard Candy's voice, "that's it hun...be yourself."

Mike's eyes were closed as he leaned his head back and jerked himself for all he was worth.

Cars passed, some stopping to watch, and snap pictures of the naked man beating off in the parking lot.

"Oh god, oh...Candy," he moaned, pounding his cock with his hand.

The slapping sounds filled the air around us.

"Oh, hi honey," Candy said, noticing me.

She took Mike's hand, and tugged slightly "C'mon hun," she said, "we gotta go."

We walked back to the car. Candy held Mike's hand while he continued to jerk himself. He walked, stroking his cock back to the car.

Suddenly, he stopped short and stood where he was. Candy and I stopped and looked at him. He started to cum, his body shaking.

Stepping quickly towards him, Candy pressed her body into the side of his, and gently stroked his naked ass.

"Oh yah Mikey," she said, pressing her breasts into him, "be yourself, show us who you are."

Mike came, shooting thick white ropes of hot cum out in front of himself.

His legs tightened...then his knees buckled as he cried out in orgasm, finally falling into Candy.

Noticing that a crowd had gathered, she took Mike's hand and led him back to the car. I hurriedly unlocked the doors and we all got in.

Mike rode home naked in the back seat, still recovering from his orgasm.

That was the beginning of our special relationship with Mike, who indeed turned out to be quite a nudist.

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