For the Pleasure of the Princess


When she approached her rooms, she saw the tall blonde waiting with a package, talking to Maude. "Your Highness, this lady said she has a personal delivery for you." Maude bobbed with respect.

"Are they done then?" She asked looking at the big woman, getting lost in her blue eyes.

"Yes Highness." She nodded her head. "I was telling your dressing girl, that I could handle her duty, while I finish fitting these to you." There was a look in her eyes that made Beatrix knees go weak.

"Maude, you can have the evening to your leisure, but please be discrete, I said after he did his husbandly duty!" Beatrix gave her dressing girl a stern look before waving her off.

"Yes, Highness." Maude bowed in half before scurrying off to get some of the warm leftovers in the kitchen. It would be her first warm meal in a month.

"This way." Beatrix opened her door and entered into her domain.

"Do you have a wash basin?" Ivoline asked looking over the room. She realized the room fit the woman who lived there. Everything was neat and in its proper place.

"Yes, call down the shaft and they will send up warm water." Beatrix pointed to the tapestry covered wall. "Why do you want to wash?" She asked looking at Ivoline, her center throbbing.

"Not for me Highness, but for you. No need in soiling new cloth with a day's worth of sweat and odor. It is something my first mistress taught me." She stepped over and opened the small door. "HOT WATER FOR THE PRINCESS!" She shouted down the shaft and closed the door.

Beatrix looked on as Ivoline set everything up in her room. She looked at the matching garments and wanted to touch the two that looked so shiny. They shimmered like the pearls that her mother had given her.

Five minutes later there was a timid knock at the door. Ivoline took the two pitchers of hot water and dismissed the servant with a look. Beatrix looked on in wonder as the tall woman took over the space. She wondered why she was letting her. She knew she would never let Maude act the way Ivoline was.

Ivoline smelled the excitement of the Princess. She knew she was going to step over a line, but try and do it in a way that she could claim that she was only bathing the small Princess if it ever came to light. She took off her overdress and folded up her sleeves.

"Highness, if you please." She stood Beatrix on the dressing stool and started undressing her. She took her time, exposing each inch of flushed flesh.

Beatrix's head was spinning. She wanted to jump every time warn fingers brushed over her skin as it was being exposed. "Is this necessary?" She asked breathless.

"Yes, the last two are of imported silk. You will need to be completely clean to wear them or they will stain. Once stained, they will never come clean again, Highness." Ivoline kept her touch firm, enjoying the tight nipples and raised flesh as she slipped off the bodice and skirt, leaving the Princess naked.

She took her time lathering up the towel with warm water and rose soap. She started at Beatrix's feet, working upward. She avoided her center knowing she would dive in and never stop. It was a good way to lose her head and she knew it. She smiled at the small gasps from the tiny Princess. She wanted to tease more, but she smelled the change in her musk. Standing up, she almost missed Beatrix as she curled around her center.

"My God what have you done to me?" Beatrix gasped out, her body rippling.

"Made you clean and relaxed." Ivoline said in her ear. She couldn't resist, she moved her hands and cupped the Princess breasts in her hands. "Just let yourself go, I have you My Lady."

Beatrix rippled with need and the contractions coming from her center. "Oh God, I never... Oh GOD...!" She screamed as Ivoline pinched her nipples and sent her brain into colorful spasms.

Ivoline knew it was now or never. She picked up the small woman and all but tossed her on the bed. In an instant she had her face between the slender legs, looking for the musky center that was calling to her. Pushing the hair out of her way, she found what she was searching for. Without thinking, she kissed and licked the Princess's cunny, savoring the tangy sweet juice that was flowing from her. She felt a power she had never felt before. She was going to make this woman hers.

"OH GOD, Please... Please.... PLEASE...!" Beatrix begged and screamed.

"Please what; my woman?" Ivoline asked her lips drenched in womanly fluid. "Beg me for it and I will give it to you." She smiled and dove back in. If she was going to lose her head over this, it was going to be worth it.

"I-I-I... I can't breathe. Please, let me breathe." Beatrix begged. Ivoline scooped her up and cuddled her close. She knew the tiny woman was now hers for the taking and on emotional overload.

"Pull my bodice down and suck my tits!" She ordered, wondering if Beatrix would do it.

Beatrix mind was spinning while her hands ripped at the material, looking for the ripe nipples under it.

"Yes, that it...! Suckle me like the babe you are, My Sweet." Ivoline gasped out as the small mouth found a nipple and sucked it in. "In this room I own you. Out there you are the Princess, but in here you are mine." Ivoline hissed as her need built. "I am going to teach you how to pleasure me, and how to receive pleasure. I will have you the first thing before you leave this room and the last thing before you can find your sleep." Ivoline was lost in her fantasy.

What she didn't know, was she struck a chord deep inside of the tiny Princess. "Yes Madame...." Beatrix gasped out as she went rooting for the other nipple to feast on.

"Oh, MY GOD!" Ivoline screamed, finding her release with the simple words of surrender. She pulled the Princess to her mouth and pushed her breasts together. She took in as much tit flesh as she could get in her mouth and sucked hard. She knew the mark she was leaving, but she needed to mark her territory. She ground her leg against the wet sex under her feeling the small hands searching for and finding her own nipples, sending them both over the cliff and onto the bed passed out and gasping.

Seconds, moments, or hours later; Beatrix came back to awareness. She opened her eyes and knew she was in her apartments. What she couldn't figure out, was why she was so warm and who shared her bed. Her brain was still in a fog as she turned over and ended up face first in a massive set of naked breasts. She tried to put it together has her hand reached up and realized the nipple barley fit in her palm.

"Don't do that my sweet or we will never get these clothes fitted properly." Ivoline said from above her. It all flooded back into Beatrix's mind.

"What have we done?" She couldn't help herself. She leaned forward and kissed the growing nipple. "But, I must be married before the year is out." She could hear the confusion in her own voice.

"I am not giving you up. I own you; body, mind, and soul, My Precious Princess. Yes, you must marry and produce an heir, but only I will own your heart." Ivoline stated and pulled her up. "All you have to do is seal it with a kiss." She waited.

Beatrix didn't know why but she couldn't resist the pull. Her head moved and closed the gap between them. There was no question if she should or not. Their lips met and sealed their fate.


Post Script:

Once again thanks to Princess_V for the insperation from her story. I would like to know how I did with my frist true short story. I hope I have kept it at the same quality level as my other work. Please vote and comment so I can know how well I've done


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