tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 027

For the Whored Ch. 027


She wasn't sure she'd actually slap them, but she headed to the healer's building anyway.

"You're on time for once." Ina raised an eyebrow.

"It's that time again?"

Ina shoved a drink at her. With a shrug, she downed the liquid. Handing the cup back, she looked up at the ceiling. "How are the girls holding up?"

Ina lowered her voice. "They have nightmares."

Elunara frowned. "They like the dresses?"

"So you sent them?"

"Don't tell anyone."

"That was good of you."

Elunara shrugged. "A girl wants to look pretty."

Ina wiped a tear from her eye.

"Speaking of looking pretty..." Elunara bit her lip. "I'm marrying Grogek."

Ina gasped.

She held up a hand. "Before you launch on me, it doesn't mean I'll stop being me."

Ina grabbed a handkerchief and started blotting at her eyes. "I'm ok with that. You've made me so emotional today."

Elunara shrugged. "I'm going to make it worse. Can you help me plan it?"

Ina clung to Elunara and wept. Elunara awkwardly patted her on the back. "Ohhh, we have so much to DO!" Ina cried.

Elunara wound up regretting the whole mess. Ina drove her nuts daily with questions and details. She spent less time drawing, and more time trying to get rid of Ina. By time the little woman was finished, Elunara had to admit the woman knew what she was doing. The place looked amazing. The entire town had been decorated in flowers and ribbons. They had set up by the town fountain. Renwa was Grogek's best man, a thought which made her giggle.

Ina's ability to combine elements from their home world, from her home of Darnassus, and then elements from both Draenor and the Orcs, was remarkable. It should have been a terrible mishmash, but it was actually quite amazing. Grogek had somehow managed to get a ceremonial outfit made. She didn't care how traditional it was, she just knew she really couldn't wait to tear it off. Renwa wore his own traditions from Stormwind. Tulani looked beautiful in her fabulous dress, which combined fabrics and looks of the Alliance and the Draenei.

The entire town was there, dressed in their best. Elunara wondered who was willing and unwilling. She noticed the snotty looks of the three Draenei women. She gave them a cool look as she passed by. Since Ina was a priest, she qualified as their officiator. A title she snatched for herself as soon as she could. Elunara walked the flowered path and decided the tailor deserved her commission. The wedding gown was magnificent. Elunara was glad Tulani found herself as a tailor's assistant.

It was a combination of rites and ceremonies. They skimmed through each ceremony tie in they wanted to hit. Finally, after all the words were said and all the silly rituals performed, they stood together, hand in hand. Grogek held his hand out to Renwa, who placed a package in Grogek's hand.

"It is traditional of my kind, to present you with many tokens of affection through courtship. Nothing we do is traditional... Ever."

There were a few laughs in the crowd.

He held up a fur. "I present to you, a cloak made of the hide of a beast I slew for you." He wrapped the cloak around her shoulders. He held up a dagger. "I present to you a dagger made of the finest steel. It has been engraved with you in mind." He presented the dagger. She took it and eyed the intricate hilt. "The hilt is also made from the bone of the same animal in the cloak." He took her hand. "And, in tradition from your Alliance, a ring." He slipped it on her finger. "May these symbols show you that I will provide for you, and I will protect you; but most importantly, that I love you."

"Kiss the bride already!" Cried someone in the audience.

"Jerry, I will smack you." Elunara cried back.

Grogek put his hands on either side of her face. He spoke in orcish, but she knew him well. She spoke in elvish, and a couple of audience members broke into tears. They kissed long and sweet. The crowd went wild. They made their way down the aisle and the champagne was opened.

Quite frankly, neither gave a damn about the party. It was the break of morning before Tulani snuck in.

"Where have you been?" Elunara eyed her.

"Ina let me stay with her for the night. We thought you two would appreciate it."

"Get over here."

Tulani approached the bed and Elunara grabbed her wrist and tugged her down. She brushed a kiss across the Draenei's lips. "I missed you." She rolled her eyes and let go. "Eventually." She grinned.

Tulani kissed her forehead. "I always miss you."

"Nothing was said, was it?" Elunara searched her face.

"About what?" Tulani looked confused. "Oh! Oh. No. They avoided me. Though Jerry was angry they were off somewhere saying rude things about you being allowed to do something so profane."

Grogek raised his head. "I could do a few more profane things... in about an hour." He flopped his head back. Tulani laughed.

"You laughed." Elunara murmured.

Tulani looked surprised. "I... I guess I did."

Elunara leaned up and kissed Tulani's nose. "Good."

Tulani put her hand on the bed and stood up. All at once the bed broke, causing Elunara and Grogek to come crashing down.

"Well, shit." Elunara sat up and rubbed her back. "We did break the bed!"

Grogek lifted an arm and pointed at the ceiling. "Told you!"

Elunara sighed and climbed out of the wreckage. "I guess I'll head to the lumber mill. Do you need help up?"

"I think I'm going to just lay here until I can feel my legs again."

She snorted. "Wimp."

It took a few days to get the bed remade in the size they needed, so they just used the floor. In honor of their marriage vows, as modified as they were, she didn't entertain any one for a couple of weeks. The town was torn into two camps. Those who were surprised she took a break, and those who were surprised she hadn't "given up the life" yet.

It was actually Renwa who knocked on her door next. She eyed him and then motioned him in.

"Where is Tulani?"

"At the tailor, helping with an order."


"What brings you to my room?"

"I can't believe your little "talk" with Jordan actually worked."

"I told you, sweetcakes, I know men."

"That you do." He murmured. He took her hand and looked at the ring. "I can't believe you did it."

"Weird isn't it?"

"So, how do things change?"

"They don't. That's the interesting thing." She took her hand back and stared at the ring Grogek had given her. "He told me that the ring isn't even a symbol."

"It's not?"

She took the ring off and laid it on the desk. "No. He said that he gave me the ring at the ceremony because of how we were doing the ceremony. This is not his symbol to me. That I will know it when he brings it to me."


"He's right though." She flicked the little ring. "I've studied orcish culture, and a marriage requires a grand gesture. The head of an enemy perhaps. Who knows what he'll deem appropriate. In fact, he doesn't even like the ring he gave me. Says it's too small and meaningless."

"I'm.... Sorry?"

"I also wonder if he isn't fibbing a little and doesn't want to give me a ring because YOU gave me a ring."

Renwa flinched. "I make him jealous?"

"In a way that doesn't make sense." She shrugged and ran her finger on Renwa's chest. "The thing is, I can give you my body all I want, but I could never give you my heart. Grogek wants my heart to be all his. So, the fact that you tried to give me a ring first... well, that just won't do for him." She pushed Renwa backwards. "The other problem we both have is that for our culture, seeing a wedding ring on a woman is a "hands off" sign." She slipped her hand into the edge of his pants. "And we all know that just won't do for me." She began to unbutton his pants. She tugged them down and knelt in front of him. He was already stiff with anticipation. "You always come prepared." She purred.

She ran her tongue up his dick. He shuddered and grabbed her ears.

"Careful with those..." She slipped her hand around his balls. "and I'll be careful with these." She began to suck on Renwa's dick as he shifted his stance.

"Lu..." He groaned.

The door was opened and Elunara pulled off and looked up. "I swear you wait out there until I get to the good parts." She chided Grogek.

He grinned. "Maybe I do."

She purred and turned back to Renwa. "Bad boy, I'm not done with you." She licked him hard again.

Grogek got down on his knees behind Elunara and pulled his pants down. Tugging her pants down, he slipped deep in her and grabbed her hips with one hand and her breast with the other. As she continued to suck at and play with Renwa, Grogek began thrusting in and out. She squeaked with pleasure as she worked on Renwa. When the man finally came, she let him come in her mouth, but discreetly spit it on the floor.

Renwa collapsed in a nearby chair. Grogek kept going, lifting Elunara up and into his lap. He thrust her up and down on his dick. He twisted her head back and devoured her mouth. Renwa's eyes went wide with shock. His stuff was still running down her mouth, but Grogek did not care. Renwa began to feel wholly inadequate when compared to the massive orc.

Elunara eyed him. "Ready for a second go?"

Renwa stood up and walked over, unsure of what she had planned. When she slipped her mouth over him again, he groaned.

Grogek licked and sucked on Elunara's neck, making her flinch in interesting ways. He liked watching his mate give pleasure to other men. This was something he had not understood about himself. He enjoyed seeing her play. He even more enjoyed that it was only him she drank. The man in front of them was just another toy. She may have let him finish in her mouth, but she'd spat him out, rejected him. It was he who controlled the show, even if it was Elunara's show. He gave her what she wanted, because it pleased him to do so. It wasn't even male arrogance. It was who she was. He hadn't figured out how Tulani fit into this, but that was also her show.

Elunara jerked back this time, and shifted, letting Renwa release himself on her chest. She and Grogek had already finished, and she shifted off of him to sit in the floor.

She whacked Grogek on the chest. "You timed it. I know you did."

He ran his thumbs across her sensitive nipples. "You told me you wanted that. All I had to do was wait around until Renwa walked in here." He bit her shoulder. "I know you."

"My brain cannot comprehend you two." Renwa had found Elunara's towel collection and borrowed a towel, wiping himself down. "You just don't make any sense."

"Pfft. Any traditional sense, you mean. Animals take multiple mates all the time. Even night elves have been known to take additional lovers. It's you humans and a couple of the other races that said "I'm going to dedicate myself to one person!" Then you spend years of your lives, wondering if that cute little filly three doors down would be just as wild in your bed as your wife used to be before you got bored of each other."

"That's a bit crude."

"Do you have any idea how many men I've fucked that were just bored of their wives?" She shook her head and stood up and stretched. "Too many. Even more like to lament how much their wife USED to enjoy sex, now they don't wanna be bothered." She sighed and held up the little wedding band. "This means about as much to them as it does to us. A restrictive symbol. Sadder still, they were all lousy lays."

She dropped it back on the table.

Renwa blinked. "I'm... sorry?"

"Bah. It's fine. I don't know why I'm worked up."

Tulani came in the door. She froze, hand on the door handle.

"Close the door, Tulani. We want to protect a guest's dignity."

Tulani closed the door and avoided looking at the General. "I'm back. I brought some lunch. I know you forget when you're..." She hazarded a glance at the General, but only saw his private parts. "Busy."

The General flushed and yanked his pants on. "I am truly sorry." He held his hand out.

Tulani shrank behind Elunara. Elunara shook her head at the General, who dropped his hand.

"Let's forget it happened." Grogek said as he yanked on his own pants.

"Let's." Said the General.

Elunara grabbed a towel and cleaned herself up. "Thank you for lunch, sweetie."

The General politely bowed out. Grogek kissed Elunara, and then turned and dropped a kiss on Tulani's head. "I'll see you both later."

When the door closed, Tulani looked up. "Were you doing them both?"



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