tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 029

For the Whored Ch. 029


Elunara woke up to Tulani tangled around her and Grogek up and shaving. She stretched.

"Did she stay the whole night?"

"Looks like it. I was trying to let you two sleep."

Elunara ran her fingers through Tulani's hair. "She needed it."

Tulani shifted and mumbled.


"What's a hosebeast?" she blearily asked.

Elunara shrugged. "No idea."

Tulani giggled.

There was a knock at the door, and Elunara slipped out of bed and opened it.

"Where ya want it?" The man jerked a thumb at the desk.

"Over here." Elunara let him in and shoved the table out of the way.

"What is it?" Tulani had the sheets tugged up to her neck. Elunara raised an eyebrow, since she knew Tulani was wearing a dress.

The man delivering the table had gotten used to Elunara answering the door naked, so was surprised she actually had clothes on this time. He said nothing as he got it in the place Elunara wanted. He held out a clipboard with a sheet of paper. He nodded and eyed the Draenei in Elunara's bed. He'd seen Tulani around, but he didn't believe the rumors, until now. He quietly escaped.

Tulani climbed out of bed and slowly approached the new desk.

"It's a sewing desk for you. I specifically designed to hold all your little tools and things. It even has a nice chair and a place to prop your feet."

"Oh, I love it." She breathed as she sat down at the little desk. She ran her hands along the top of it, Inspected the little cubbies and propped her feet on the bottom. With a giggle, she bounced up and wrapped her arms around Elunara's neck. She kissed her soundly on the mouth. "This is the best gift!" she exclaimed. She reached for her basket and frowned.

"What's the matter?"

"I forgot to air out the fabrics after they got wet."

"Come on; let's see if we can fix this."

Another knock on the door had Elunara looking at Grogek. He shrugged and opened the door.

"It's just Renwa." He snorted and went back to what he was doing.

"Well, I feel dismissed."

Elunara laughed as she helped Tulani hang fabrics. "What brings you here, sugar?"

"I haven't decided if I'm annoyed with you yet."

"Hey, those-"

He cut her off with a shake of his head. "Caravan arrived, and it is PACKED with people that want their portrait done. I have no idea where I am to put all these. Most of them are Draenei survivors of some sort or another."

She gawked.

"I'll be able to ship out a few more troops, and a few guests who have decided to not stay, but I'm just at a loss."


"I'm having them set up in the south orchard." Renwa eyed Elunara. "You can have your spot back after they vacate."

Grogek snorted.

"Spot back for what?" Tulani looked at Elunara.

"Demonstration purposes." Grogek stifled a laugh. "Well, let's go see what we have."

Elunara frowned down at the group of people camping in the orchard. She popped open her board and began some preliminary sketches.

"This is going to make security difficult." Commented Grogek.

"Don't I know it." Muttered Renwa.

Tulani seemed to be looking among the group of Draenei. She gave a small gasp and started running. "Delari!" She cried.

A male Draenei stood up and looked around. He threw his arms wide. "Tulani! You're safe!"

Elunara and Grogek exchanged a look, and she began to scribble as fast as she could to capture the moment.

Tulani and the new Draenei embraced. They began to speak in rapid Draenic. Even Elunara's trained ear lost part of the conversation. Tulani dragged the man along, speaking rapidly. The man had a confused look on his face and he seemed to be asking for clarification. They stopped in front of Elunara.

"You are the one who saved my sister?"

"I did not save her from wherever she was. But, I protect her now."

He spoke to Tulani who nodded.

"Tulani says you save her. That means you are family." He hugged Elunara. "I have my sister back. This day is good. Come, you must tell me everything."

"Elunara has to stay up here. She is working. But I will sit with you and tell you everything." Tulani led the man away.

"Interesting." Was all Grogek said.

"He better be kind to her, once he knows "everything"."

Grogek patted her shoulder and left.

Elunara worked even as she kept an eye on Tulani. The longer Tulani talked the more relaxed and jovial she became, so Elunara focused more on her work. It was slightly odd being on this side of the orchard, watching the crowd, instead of being in the center with a crowd watching.

"Are you the artist?"

Elunara pointed to her board.

The man nodded. "May I be drawn now?"

"Public or private?"

He shuffled his hooves in the ground. "Private."

She stood and motioned for him to follow. As she led the way to the barracks room, she explained her process.

"I have heard... fascinating things about the "full treatment"?"

She grinned. "Right this way, honeypot."

He was very patient as she worked her way up to the final pictures. He shivered under her detailed inspection.

"Your hands are amazing." He whispered.

"And this is just my clinical mode." She considered her drawing very carefully ad she lifted his balls to look at the inside of his thighs. She added a few more details before pushing the board away.

It turned out that he wasn't all that interested in her mouth, hands were his fetish. She played with him for quite awhile before giving in to his agony and letting him cum on the floor. Once she had him clothed and out the door, she added a little more detail to her papers. There was a knock on the door, and she opened it to a nervous looking Draenai.

"I was... told to ask for full treatment?"

She grinned and pulled him in the door. By time Grogek got in, she was singing and dancing around the room. He raised his eyebrows and closed the door. She stopped and taking one look at him, took a running flying leap at him.

"It has been entirely too long since I've had four men in one day. Want to be number five?"


With a little growl, she yanked his shirt up and had his pants off before he could react. She ran her mouth up and down his chest, enjoying the full flavor of him. One hand went for his dick; the other dragged nails down his back. He groaned and grabbed the wall. Swiftly, she stooped down and slipped her mouth on his dick, sucking him hard and fast. She was needy and greedy. He couldn't keep up with her mind, as she was sucking on him one moment, and licking his arm the next. She grabbed him by a fang and half dragged him to the bed. She shoved him backward and climbed on to his stomach. He could feel her wetness sliding on his stomach as she went mad on his mouth.

He grabbed her by the hips and slid her downward. She nipped at his lips. "Fingers." She whispered.

He shifted one hand and buried a finger in her. She purred and shifted her hips. He slipped a second in and she started rocking against his hand.

"Ahh, I love your fingers. They know where to reach." She adjusted again and yanked his hand up to her mouth. She licked the wetness off of then and sucked on his fingers. By time she slipped herself over his dick, he was half mad for her.

He groaned and gripped her hips, shoving her down hard over him. She rocked and arched and gave him all he could take. Even after he exploded, she scooted herself up his body and stuck her breasts in his face. He sucked on them, licked them and enjoyed her as he slipped his fingers into her again.

That's how they were when Tulani opened the door. Neither bothered to look over, they were used to Tulani coming and going.

It was the male voice that had them hesitating. "Oh my."

"This is my Elunara and her husband, Commander Grogek. They do this a lot." Tulani was unfazed. She paused and frowned. "I am sorry. This was rude?"

Elunara laughed. "Only if he thinks it is. If you don't mind, I'm finishing what I set out to do."

Delari watched in fascination as the orc and the woman went back to ignoring them. Tulani discreetly closed the door. "They... do this a lot? While... you're there?" Delari stared at the closed door.

Tulani shrugged, her back to the building. "I guess I've gotten used to it. Elunara is not afraid to use her body to her enjoyment. She also once told me that she likes an audience. I find the process fascinating."

"After what happened to you?"

"Especially because of what happened to me. I enjoy seeing someone who enjoys what her body can do."

"She is the one I have heard about then? The artist who... gives special treatments to men?"


"I never expected to find you again, yet I find you in the strangest place of all. But, you said he is her husband? Does he not get angry?"

"I don't understand it completely myself... But he enjoys that she enjoys herself? Does that make sense? He LOVES her for it."

"Very strange." He was silent for a time. "Where do you fit in this?"

"I love her."

"Does she care for you?"

"I think in her own strange way, she loves me too." Tulani looked up at the sky. "She gave me myself back. She gave me a life, she gave me a home. I have stepped into their lives, and they have accepted me." She looked at her brother. "You know I never preferred the men. Though I would have done my duty..."

"This I am aware."

She stared back at the sky. "She's the most beautiful woman I have ever met. She is strong, and very sweet. She has earned the respect she carries, and is not afraid to rip someone's throat out if they piss her off." Tulani laughed.

He gasped at his sister. "That is... concerning." He rubbed his own throat.

"If you plan on getting a treatment from her, she will be amazing. Trust me." Tulani smiled.

"You... You've had this treatment."

"Many times." Tulani winked.

"What about her husband?"

"Oh, he only joins for special requests."

The door was yanked open. "Are you going stand out there all night?"

Delari felt a little relieved that the orc was wearing pants. He followed his sister in and felt a little intimidated by the two of them.

"Can my brother stay the night?"

"Just for tonight, any longer and we have to have a few discussions. He can have one of the spare beds."

"I appreciate you allowing me a warm bed, instead of another night in the woods." Delari added politely.

Elunara waved her hand. "As long as you are nice to our Tulani, I will stay nice to you."

"Why would I wrong my own sister?"

"You haven't seen them yet, but the women I arrived with, turned hateful." Tulani frowned.

"They better be gone with that wagon in the morning." Elunara snarled.

"It does my heart good to hear Tulani defended so." Delari sighed. "You were picked on back home too."

"Delari!" Tulani hissed.

"She is too kind for her own good." He nodded.

Late that night, Delari lay and examine the scene before him. The giant Orc curled up with the Night Elf under his arm like a stuffed toy. Tulani in the small bed beside them. Her hand reached up and linked with the Night Elf woman. Delari was endlessly grateful his little sister had been delivered from the hands of demons, into the arms of angels.

In the early morning hours, he heard his sister's whimpers. He started to climb out of bed, but the Night Elf woman was awake, and she slid down into Tulani's bed and began to whisper to her. Tulani turned and buried her face in the woman's chest. She continued to whisper and comfort until Tulani was peaceful. Then she became still. Delari nodded to himself and turned over.

In the morning he was fascinated by what he saw. Grogek was up first, getting dressed, then Elunara slipped out of bed and began to change. Neither paid him any attention as he sat on his bed. Tulani was last up, looking tired. Elunara kissed her forehead and asked her how she slept. There was a series of exchanged kisses, bodily touches and other intimate moments. Grogek was kind and gentle to Tulani, but grabby and rough with Elunara, who returned the groping.

Grogek headed out and Tulani gathered her basket.

She turned to Delari. "Forgive me; I have to be at the tailor's early this morning to turn in my share of work. You may follow me, or find your own way today."

"I shall be fine."

Tulani kissed his cheek and the rushed out. Elunara had either forgotten him or dismissed him. She was digging through her desk. She pulled out a large piece of paper and laid it on the strange little board he'd seen her with. He looked over his shoulder and was fascinated by what he saw.

"What is that?"

Elunara jerked up, her fist catching him in the jaw. "Shit. Sorry, don't scare me like that." She knelt down and looked at him. She ran her fingers on his jaw. "Ok, I didn't break it."

"Ah, it feels like you did."

"Sorry." She frowned. "I thought you left with Tulani."

He stood up, still rubbing his jaw. "That's beautiful, what is it?"

"It's a present for Tulani. Don't tell her about it, please?"

"I will not."

"When is her birthday? I've asked, but she gets all quiet."

He counted days in in his head. "You've missed it by a couple of months. She was taken on her birthday last year." He added quietly.

"Slavers." Elunara growled.

"I'd avenge her myself, if I knew where to find them."

"They're long dead. She was rescued by adventurers, they don't leave enemies alive."

"I am glad."

"Hey!" Elunara smiled. "Let's give her a new birthday."


"Yeah, it's a common enough practice. Help me give her a new birthday party."

"I will do my best!"

"I need Ina. That woman can plan a party like nobody's business."

It took a bit of effort, but they managed to keep the party a secret for a couple of days while they got the fountain area set up. Eloise had several "rush orders" suddenly appear and kept Tulani busy enough. Even Elunara was a little surprised at how many people showed up from town. The Caravan hadn't left yet due to a broken axle, but there was enough food and drink to keep everyone supplied. Elunara sat on the fountain with her board as Tulani came down the hill.

Tulani sat down her basket and sighed. "My fingers hurt."

Elunara took her hands and began to massage the sore joints. "Tulani, I wanted to tell you something."

Tulani laid her head on Elunara's shoulder. "Hmm?"

"Happy New Birthday."

Tulani jerked upright. "What?"

"See, I was told how your last couple of birthdays were ruined, so I decided that you needed a new one. A special one. I could try and quote you from some culture or another about the ritual of a new birthday, but I'm not going to bother." She continued to rub Tulani's hands. "I've been working to give you your life back, to let you be your own person. So now, I'm giving you a new birthday. One that won't hurt your heart to think about." Elunara brushed a kiss on Tulani's lips. "Happy New Birthday, Sweetheart."

At once the candles lit, and the decorations unfurled.

"Let's start this new birthday off right." She stood and tugged Tulani up.

"HAPPY NEW BIRTHDAY!" The crowd yelled. Guests came out of alleyways; a cake was brought out, food and drink deposited on tables that appeared.

"A good chunk of town went into this actually" Elunara grinned.

Grogek sauntered over and handed Tulani a bouquet of flowers. He kissed her on the forehead. "Happy New Birthday."

"Oh my." Tulani looked around with tears in her eyes. "Thank you so much."

The party went on for awhile, as each person took a turn presenting a gift of some sort. Even the new comers had worked together to do a little song and dance routine.

Elunara picked up her board. "I saved mine for last." She opened up the board and handed the over sized sheet of paper to Tulani. She took it delicately and held it up. On the paper was a series of poses.


"It's you." Elunara whispered. "It's a study of you. In each of the poses, I tried to capture the inner you. Your innocence, your warmth." She pointed to the center one. "Your beauty and your strength. I kept some of the scars, because scars are just the world's view of the things that shape you. I left off the tattoo, because that is no longer you. It needs to mean nothing to you."

Elunara collapsed her hands together. "Do you like it?"

Tears streamed down Tulani's face. "It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

"Dammit. I didn't mean to make you cry." Elunara ran her thumb on Tulani's cheek.

Tulani threw herself on Elunara and wept.

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