tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 050

For the Whored Ch. 050


Renwa yanked open the door, barely holding on to his pants. "Elunara, I don't have to tell you why this better be important."

"Sorry I killed your morning hour, but I figured you'd want this immediately."

He backed up and let her in.

"Hey, Zel." Elunara waved to the woman who had given up on using the tattered bed sheet to cover herself.

"You can't have him back!" She called.

"Don't want him back." She grinned.

"No threesomes either." Zelinnia crossed her arms.

"You monogamists, I'll never understand you." Elunara sighed.

"To the point, Lu."

"I've discovered a whacky plot."


"Are you aware of a brother and sister, John and Kathleen?"

"The names don't come to mind, those would be in my personnel files... in my office." He ground out.

She handed him a pair of sketches. "These two?"

"Hmm. Yes, I do remember them. John is currently training under Grogek. His sister had to come with him... some kind of condition that makes her delicate, difficult to handle. Her brother is the only one who can take care of her at the moment."

Elunara chuckled. "She is no delicate flower, and she is running the show. He threatens her brother with these." She handed Renwa a roll she got from her own collection.

"Oh, ow. Nasty, why would she even...?" He shuddered and passed the roll back to Elunara.

"Not certain." Elunara went back for the portrait she made. "How often have you seen this one?"

He studied the page. "From first day introductions... after? I can't place her."

Zelinnia leaned in. "I've seen her." She twisted the picture sideways, put her hand over the hair. "See?"

Renwa blinked at it. "You're right. She's usually wearing a massive sun hat. I didn't recognize her without it."

"Why did you turn the page?" Elunara considered the picture and drew a sketch of a hat that she stuck over the image.

"Because she's always looking around corners." Zelinnia shrugged.

"Put her in a dramatic pose on the ground, and I probably would have recognized her. She's forever fainting. Claims the sun gets to her. I've suggested getting Ina to help her, or perhaps Eloise to design her a better bonnet. She waved it away, says she's doing the best she can. Then I escort her home, or some other such thing." Renwa considered. "You say she's faking it?"

"She's a vicious little bitch. Her own brother would probably drown her in the bathtub if he thought he could." Elunara sighed. "What I saw was no wilting flower, but rather a nasty woman bent on vindictive revenge. She couldn't do anything about me, but once I was so obviously out of the way..." She shrugged. "You might want to sit down for the rest of this."

Renwa sat in his one chair and then tugged Zelinnia into his lap.

Elunara smirked. "I am so drawing that when I get a chance. "

Zelinnia held her head and stared, wide eyed. "Because some little twat wants Johnathan to marry HER?"

"I couldn't determine her entire game plan, but I was on an information gathering mission, and I couldn't find a diary or journal with which to glean all information, but yes. Going on what John said, she wanted Renwa to be considered the most important person here. And she wants herself firmly attached to him when he gets any promotions."

"I could shoot her in the ass." Zelinnia muttered.

"What concerns me is, who else might have been included in this thought process?" Renwa frowned. His arms were tightly wrapped around Zelinnia, as if trying to prevent her from running away again.

There was a knock on the door and Elunara opened the door. "Hello Jordan."

"Sir!" He froze in shock, and then sighed. "Zelinnia was strange enough, now you have BOTH of them?" Jordan drooped his shoulders.

Elunara rolled her eyes and grabbed Jordan by a shoulder and dragged him inside. She slammed the door behind him.

Zelinnia scrabbled behind Renwa. "Elunara!"

"Sorry, forgot." Elunara yanked off her own shirt and shoved it over Zelinnia's head. "Now we can continue."

"Poor Zelinnia." Jordan murmured. "I mean... I don't get your tastes Sir, but that's not mine to judge." He held up his hands. "I haven't heard of this strange rumor though."

"Elunara, what do you believe the best course of action to be?" Renwa asked.

She shook her head. "I need more intel. For now, I need you two to be on alert for any of these rumors. Zelinnia and I will go about our days as if nothing has changed. Once I figure out the end game, I can move forward then.

"Do it."

"Zelinnia?" Elunara grinned. "Do you need me to get you some clothes?"

She flushed. "I'll just put my dress back on."

"Well, I need my shirt back. I was already warned about strolling around naked."

Zelinnia glared. "Jordan leaves first."

He turned the same shade of red as Zelinnia's hair.

"Dismissed, Jordan." Renwa said mildly.

Jordan turned and fled.

"Good kid; shows too much emotion on his face." Renwa sighed.

"Well, my last attempts to make a man out of him didn't end well." She got hit in the face by her own shirt.

"You're terrible, Elunara. You can't even see he has a crush on you." Zelinnia stomped over to get her dress.

Renwa and Elunara stared at each other. "Seriously?" Elunara stared.

Zelinnia stopped, still bent over. She rose up slowly. "Are you telling me, that the queen, nay, goddess of sex, can't see a boyish crush?" She put her hands on her hips. "I'm so ashamed for you."

Elunara put a hand to her mouth as she skimmed through the vast photographic memory in her head. "Elune save me, that's why I can't figure out what to do with him."

"How could we have missed that?" Renwa frowned.

"Damn it all, my dress is shredded." She marched over to Renwa and whacked him in the shoulder. "Have a care when you remove my clothes."

"I'm sorry, my Beauty, you're just so tasty, I can't control myself." He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap. He covered her mouth with his.

Elunara lifted her sketch pad and began furiously scribbling. "You two are adorable."

"Ack!" Zelinnia gasped. "Don't you..."

"Oh, I'm gonna, you two are ridiculously adorable."

"Can I get copies of both pictures?" Renwa asked.

"Would you like a wall poster?"

"Very much."

"Done and done."

Zelinnia stomped her foot and blushed. "You two!"

"Sweetness, I always love how your whole body blushes." Elunara laughed.

"Wait, you were aware of this?" Renwa raised an eyebrow.

Zelinnia pointed at Elunara. "Don't you DARE tell him!"

Elunara raised an eyebrow. "That I live with you?"

"I..." She squeaked.

"Tell me what?" Renwa looked back and forth between the two, curiosity driving his mind in fascinating places.

Zelinnia got redder. "It was only the one time! And I was curious and it just... Oh, Gods why can't I shut up?"

Elunara couldn't hold the laugh.

"You shut up!" Zelinnia was shaking with embarrassment. "Just leave!"

"Should I bring you back a dress?"

"Leave!" Zelinnia stomped her feet.

"Ok, I'm going, I'm going!" Elunara laughed as she stepped out of Renwa's apartment. She caught the edge of a big floppy bonnet behind a building. She blatantly ignored it. Jordan was standing at the General's office door, eying her warily.

"Sorry, the General is going to be a few more minutes."

He nodded stiffly and she considered him.

"Well, if you need me, I'm not going to be home much today, I have to make a few house calls."

"Alright." He relaxed only fractionally.

She considered this as she went about her day.

Zelinnia stared at the door, huffing and puffing. Hands came around behind her and across her breasts. She straightened her spine, but groaned as he began to tease her nipples.

"I'm not telling you." She panted.

"That's fine, I have quite the imagination." He slid one hand down and stroked her soft folds.

It had been something of an embarrassment that she got hot every time she thought of that day, but right now, she didn't care. "We were..." She panted. "In the bath, with Elunara and Tulani... and they... got kind of going."

"Is that so?"

Leaning forward, she put her hands on the door. "And I... was embarrassed."

He was kissing his way across her shoulders, fingers buried in her, hand massaging one breast and teasing her nipple. The hand on her breast moved away, and she could feel him pushing down his pants.

"And then... they were both on me." She moaned as he slid into her. "I forget who was where." She whimpered. He buried his face in her neck. She collapsed against the door as he thrust her forward. "Their hands and fingers were everywhere." She gasped. With his wet fingers he pulled one of her legs up and back. The other returned to her breast. "I think..." She panted as her vision blurred. "I could feel their fingers inside of me."

He growled as he sunk his teeth into her neck and buried himself deep in her. She cried out as she tried to find something to hang on to.

"And..." She tried to focus. "And even then, I thought of you."

He shuddered violently against her, pressing her into the door, she even as shivered and arched against him. He wrapped both of his arms around her belly. "I'm suddenly very glad that door doesn't swing out." He muttered.

She squeaked.

"Gods, woman. You sure know how to drive a man insane." He softly kissed that spot on her shoulder where his teeth marks still sang.

"I don't know why I thought to do that." She flushed.

"How many other doors will I not be allowed to look at the same?" He mused.

"Well, the place is a little small to have more than one door." She pushed away from it. She felt him slide out and decided she kind of liked the sensation.

"That's it; I'm commissioning a huge house with lots of doors. Lots and lots of doors." He declared.

"Perhaps we should get Elunara to design it for full usage." Zelinnia tapped on her chin.

"I like this plan." He laughed and kissed her neck. "She does like designing furniture; maybe we can get her to rig an entire house."

Zelinnia giggled. She leaned back against Renwa and sighed. "Someone wants to ruin me, because they wanted you first."

"Don't think about it. We'll deal with it as it comes."

"I guess I'm not surprised. I'm just the ex-Horde who showed up; you're the big, strong, sexy, General."

"You're going to get me going again." He warned.

"Captain Jordan might string me up if you're any later." She lamented as she rubbed his arms.

He sighed into her back. "Damn, he'd be right to string ME up. I take hide out of anyone else who's late." He let go of her and moved to dress.

"Dammit, I forgot about my dress." Zelinnia sighed. "How am I supposed to get to Elunara's now?"

He froze. "You said Elunara's, not home."

She blushed. "Oh. You're right." She tapped a hand to her chin. "Well, I do want to finish my work reading her journals, but I only have a couple of outfits left." She held up the tatters of her dress. "It's not like I have much there other than a bed to sleep in, and I can do that here. She rocked her head back and forth. "I might miss talking to Elunara, and Tulani, but they wouldn't mind if I came over. And Grogek just scares the shit out of me by existing." She tossed the ruined dress in the garbage can. "Well, I guess I am moving in."

Something had changed in Renwa's face as he moved back towards her. He placed his hands on either side of her face. "I will do my best to please you." He whispered.

"But, you already d-"

He kissed her softly, slowly, pressing deeper in before she was lost in the sensation of his mouth.

Her fingers trailed up his back and shoulders.

A knock on the door shattered the moment. Renwa growled. "WHAT?"

"Sir!" Jordan called from the other side. "Are you coming out today at all?"

Renwa sighed. "Yes! Just... a moment more, then I'll be out."

"Yes, sir!"

He laid his forehead on her shoulder. "I better get to work. I of all people must maintain my routine."

She laid her hand on his cheek. "I might not be in today; I don't know how much more of Elunara's work I have to read."

"Alright, come in if you can." He kissed her chest. "You can borrow some of my clothes. They'll be a little big on you, but you can make it to Elunara's to change." He considered. "You'll need some clothes then."

"Yeah, I'll figure it out."

"There's lots of figure out." He grinned.

He tossed her a shirt and a pair of pants. "Here, those will work for now."

She tugged on the shirt and held out her arms. "Yeah, it's a little baggy."

He stared at her. He swore. "Work is going to be a pain in the ass today."


He kissed her. "Because I will have that image in my head while I wait for you tonight."

She blushed. "Oh." She quickly tugged on the pants. "Well, I guess I can just hold them up as I run." She wiggled her feet into her shoes.

He laughed as he snapped his shoulders on. "You are a sight."

She ran a hand through her hair. "I am a fright, you mean." With a sigh, she opened the door. "It will have to do."

Jordan eyed her warily as she tried to not look at him directly. She looked back and forth, and then took off like a shot.

"Are we actually going to get some work done today, sir?" Jordan eyed Renwa.

Renwa patted Jordan's shoulder. "You're a good man. Keeping me on track. I'm not mad at you in the least." He nodded. "Come on, I have a couple of stops to make."

Zelinnia knocked on the door and heard nothing, so she peeked in. Seeing no one inside, she slipped in and closed the door. Breathing a sigh of relief, she striped down and grabbed a dress and slid it over her head. She attacked her matted hair with a hairbrush, before settling down at Elunara's desk. True to her word, everything had been left as Zelinnia left it. She picked up the next book and began to read.

Tulani found her there, still reading. "Hello, Zelinnia." She called softly. When the woman didn't respond, Tulani shrugged and carried the sleeping Darguni to his bed. She laid him down and tucked him in. She came back and Zelinnia hadn't budged. Tulani eyed the pile of men's clothing by Zelinnia's bed, before going to her own desk and starting on her work.

It was near nightfall before Elunara made it back home. She opened the door to find the two women at their desks, working.

"Welcome home." Tulani whispered.

Elunara kissed her. "Don't worry, when Zel gets in the zone, she doesn't hear a thing."

"Is that so?" Tulani looked over. "She's quite intense. I've never seen anyone burn through books like she does."

"It's kind of fascinating to watch."

"Want to know fascinating?" Tulani grinned.

"Someone learned a secret."

Tulani lowered her voice, just in case. "Renwa has commissioned a mess of dresses."

"Is that so?" Elunara considered.

"Yes, and word is, he asked about a spot of land." She giggled.

"Oh my."

Zelinnia slammed a book closed. Tulani jumped and looked guilty, but Zelinnia just reached up and grabbed another one, returning the first as she did so. She cracked the book open and started turning the pages. She stopped, muttered and dug around. "Now, I know I saw... ah, that one." She began comparing the two books.

"She's a little scary." Tulani whispered.

"I'm curious as to what she's on to. I looked over everything she has there. I couldn't make heads or tails of what she sees."

Tulani stared. "You don't know how she's reading your own books?"

Elunara shook her head. "Not even a little."

"Of course!" Zelinnia exclaimed, startling them both. She reached out, running a finger on the bindings. "Why didn't I see it before?" She muttered, as she pulled out a new book and compared it to the first two.

"Ok, now I'm a little worried." Muttered Elunara.

"That stupid bitch has been here all along!" Zelinnia exclaimed. She carefully worked out a page from the new book. She dislodged a different page and held both up to the light.

"What bitch?" Elunara asked.

Zelinnia startled so hard she fell backwards out of her chair. She hit the ground with a crack. "Ow... don't DO that!"

"Zel, I've been here for about twenty minutes, calmly chatting with Tulani. She's been here for hours. I contend that you shouldn't get so involved in your work." She shook her head and helped Zelinnia up. "Now, who is the bitch?"

Zelinnia held up the paper she still had in her hand. She reached out and picked up the other one. "Kathleen. You have a near perfect hand with drawing crowds of people and it's kind of crazy to see, but when you brought me the drawing of her, something was in my mind. Well, when I started reading you again, I came across a picture of the men training in the valley, and she's there standing on the edge." Zelinnia pointed to the picture. "See?" She held up the other page. "This made me remember what I had seen before." She shook her head. "I can't explain it in a way that makes sense to people, but my background memory said I'd seen that exact thing before... and before. So I double checked, and if you hold them up to the light, they overlap near perfectly."

Zelinnia demonstrated with the sheets of paper. "The dumb bitch needs to buy a new hat."

Elunara blinked at the sheets. "I'll be damned."

Tulani looked at the page. "Is this the foul woman?"

"One is from Stormwind, one is from here." Elunara considered. "How fascinating."

"I don't know what the significance of it is though." Zelinnia flopped down in the chair. "I'm about 2 more books shy of finishing your library."

"That's fine." Elunara tapped the pages together. "I will need my desk back tonight, so if you could clear anything you're finished with..."

"Oh, I will. I only need another couple of hours I think. Then..." She trailed off as she looked at the pile. "Can I look at these any time I want?" She asked. "And always visit?"

Elunara blinked. "Yes, yes you can. Why?"

"Well..." She fidgeted in her seat. "I kind of agreed to move in with him."

Elunara laughed. "I was wondering how long that would take."

Zelinnia narrowed her eyes. "You just know every damned thing, don't you?"

"I know people. I know men and women in love. And I know the frequency in which you yank each other's clothes off, so yes it was inevitable. I was just hoping it was sooner, rather than later, because I was going to have to kill you if you took too long. Sappy little buggers." She muttered.

"Aw, but I think they're cute." Tulani smiled.

"How'd you get home?" Elunara grinned.

"I wore his clothes." She blushed. She turned back to the books. "Hush the both of you; I want to finish this tonight."

Elunara grinned. "Well, since you're busy reading, you won't mind if Tulani and I have some private time?"

Zelinnia raised her arm in the air. "Whatever."

"Oh, but should we?" Tulani cocked her head to the side in question.

"Let's use the big bed." Elunara grabbed Tulani by the wrist and tugged her up. She yanked off her shirt and wiggled out of her pants. She then helped Tulani out of her dress, tossing it on the floor.

Pushing Tulani on the bed, Elunara kissed her, and slid her hands down the Draenei's arms. She ran her hands across Tulani's breasts, carefully teasing the nipples.

Tulani moan softly and spread her legs out.

Elunara ran one hand down and slipped her fingers through Tulani's soft folds. She slid a finger in and then knelt down and buried her face in Tulani's crotch.

Zelinnia winced. She could hear the shifts and moans and she was having an awful time getting back to reading. She hazard a glance back and saw Elunara's face in Tulani's crotch and her own hand buried in her. Before Zelinnia could figure out what she was doing, she had her own dress off and walked over to the two women.

"I don't know what you do to me," She murmured. "But I want in."

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