tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 057

For the Whored Ch. 057


"What is WRONG with this goddamned town?" Tim growled into his beer.

"You got off easy." Gerald snorted. "The last person to genuinely piss of Elunara was the shit cleaner."

"The guy covered in scars?" Roger sipped his beer.

Gerald nodded. "Elunara put every last scar on his body. You should see the hamburger she made out of his balls."

"Dear Gods, how did you see that?"

"She did the whole mess in the center of town. Covered him head to toe in scars, and then dumped salt water on him to wake him up so his sentence could be given."

"That's what I don't get," Tim snorted. "She does whatever the fuck she wants."

"If you knew anything about her, you wouldn't go down this path." Gerald warned.

"Don't you start, you git. I know you've been on her service."

"I was her spotter for years, before they decommissioned her here. I know how many throats she's slit." He shrugged. "Being here has made her a little crazier than she used to be. Then, she did everything with cold calculation. Now," He shrugged. "No one pisses of Elunara and stays intact."

"Why would being here make her crazy?" Steve asked.

Gerald rubbed the back of his neck. "She had a purpose in the SI:7. They kept her busy. Once she was done with a job, she had a new one. If possible, they overlapped the missions. Her mission here was simple; get to Grommash, and undermine his entire operation. When shit hit the fan, and Grommash broke every bone in her body, it was Grogek that saved her. When she needed to abandon the mission, the first she ever had to... it was Grogek who got her out. She broke her own oath and became involved with a target. Yeah, sure, they're a family... but Elunara hasn't been sent out on any useful missions. Just to have something to do, she helped Thrall secure his own Iron Horde trainer... but something went wrong, and the guy became obsessed with her. He kidnapped her. She now wears his teeth on her arm."

"Is that what that thing is?" Roger bit his lip.

Gerald nodded. "Aside from that? Elunara hasn't been allowed out of town. It makes her crazy. She challenges Grogek to these duels just to keep sharp. She prowls around, looking for anything to do. She started that sex thing of hers just to stave off the boredom." Gerald shook his head. "Even Renwa is completely afraid of her. He lets her do what she wants, because if she got out of control, no one could do a damned thing about it."

"That's all fucking bullshit." Tim snorted.

Gerald gave a shaky shrug. "If you get on her good side, she's sweet and polite. You get on her bad side..." He shuddered. "Gods, when she caught me cheating a little side bet..." He scrubbed his hand on his face. "She sticks her hand in my pants... has her fingers wrapped around my balls before I knew what was happening... and she twisted." He swallowed hard. It wasn't hard to remember that mess, or fake the chills it gave him. "I thought she was going to rip them clean off. I haven't even tried to cheat a bet since. I don't know where she's hiding, or who will tell her I did it."

"She's fucking crazy." Tim held a look of disgust. "Why won't someone do something about her?"

Gerald snorted. "Everyone prefers to get on her good side. Renwa was in love with her for years. Jordan..." Gerald shook his head, the amazement was not faked. "Jordan is in love with her too now."

"Wait," Tim pointed. "Now?"

"Oh, it was no mistake; he couldn't stand the sight of her. Grogek and Elunara at the same time? He'd just freaking leave. Renwa reprimanded him a time or two for disobedience, because he refused to associate with her. I was there one day when Renwa called Grogek and Elunara to his office, and Jordan just stands up and says "please give me any report for this conversation" and just leaves. Slammed the door behind him. Elunara watched him leave, grinned and says "I guess he's still pissed", and then Renwa points at her and says "fix your differences or I will"."

"Damn." Whispered Steve.

"How long ago was this?" Tim frowned.

"This incident was months ago. Seems a couple of days ago, Jordan just walks in to Renwa's office and says "I'm in love with Elunara, isn't that amazing?" I thought Renwa was going to hit the floor."

"What did she do to him?" Roger's eyes were huge.

"No one knows. Not even Renwa."

Tim took another slug of his beer. "Let me get this straight, anyone messes with the Bitch, and they either fall in love with her, or meet a miserable fate."

"That's the best summary I've heard." Gerald drank.

"This town is fucked up." Tim snorted.

"It's crazy around here, I tell ya. The best thing you can do; is train well enough for Grogek to sign you out, and then leave. Or, ignore Grogek and go back to Stormwind." Gerald shrugged.

"How do we get on her good side?" Steve bit his lip.

"Volunteer for her... project. Keep her happy, and life is pretty good around here."

Jordan whistled as he walked along, and nodded to the people who smiled at him. He knocked on Elunara's door. She opened and stared at the bundle in his hand.

"For you." He smiled; trying to not let the nerves he felt, seep out.

She laughed and took the bundle of flowers. "Aw, that was sweet of you. No one's brought me flowers in..." She stopped and blinked down. "The last person to give me flowers was Grogek when I was pregnant." She took them with a little "huh", and turned. "I think Tulani has a vase around here somewhere. Come in, sweetie."

He let go of the breath he was holding and stepped inside. She laid the flowers on her desk and dug through a couple of cabinets.

"Ah hah!" She pulled out a vase and tucked the flowers in, pouring in some water from the basin. She smiled at him. "I wouldn't have pegged you for a flowers guy, but I guess I don't know much about the happier side of you." She kissed his mouth.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her for a little longer. He smiled at her. "I'm still figuring it out myself."

She laughed. "While I wouldn't mind the company, I have an appoint-" She frowned at the knock on the door. "I guess they're early." She kissed him again, and brushed past. She tugged open the door. "Mayby?" She blinked.

The woman brushed on past Elunara and stopped short when she saw Jordan. "Him too?" Mayby jerked her thumb at Jordan.

"Please tell me why you're here." Elunara sighed. The last thing she needed was Mayby's mouth.

"I'm pregnant."

"That affects me how?" Elunara ran her hands through her hair.

"Can I still have sex?"

"Yes." Elunara crossed her arms. "You can have sex until you're a giant ball we roll down the street. And then? Sex can actually cause contractions, allowing for the baby to be born on time, or in same case early."

"How early?"

"Refer to the ball comment. Ask Ina, I don't know the specifics; I was completely immobilized throughout my entire pregnancy. Between me and her, we should give you good estimation around the whole mess." Elunara threw her hands in the air. "Mayby you give me a migraine."

"You could congratulate me."

Elunara sighed. "It's against my principles to congratulate people on something I didn't exactly enjoy myself."

"I take it you wouldn't do it again." Mayby snorted.

Elunara's grin was razor sharp. "I made a point to destroy my reproductive system all on my own. There's nothing left to get pregnant with."

Mayby turned sheet white. "You did that to your own body?"

"Ask Ina. She'll tell you I made a mess of myself." Elunara grabbed Mayby by the shoulder and shoved her towards the door. "Now you need to leave, because I try to give my customers their privacy."

Mayby pointed at Jordan. "Him?"

"Actually, I intend to kick him out shortly after you. My appointment should be here in less than ten minutes, and I'm going to kill the both of you, if you run them off." She slammed the door in Mayby's face.

Jordan blinked at her. "Is that true?"

"Cutting myself open?"

"I knew about that, I didn't know you intentionally broke... that."

She shrugged. "No, I did that after Lorros." She sighed. "No one but me, Ina, Grogek and Tulani know. I... can't remember if Renwa knows. But after Lorros, I chugged that stupid birth control drink like a dying person, and still, somehow I wound up pregnant again. We couldn't be sure if it might have been Lorros' or not. I couldn't have it... I'm a little shaky on the details, but I just started stabbing. I was like a person possessed and I ripped myself apart. It's easy enough to pretend that I did it when I cut Darguni free."

"I..." he frowned. "I'm so sorry."

She made a sound of disgust. "Don't. Just Don't. I never wanted the first. A second just drove me to lunacy."

"I'm sorry you felt you had to hurt yourself." He whispered. He wrapped his arms around her. "I'm just so sorry."

She smiled. "Don't worry about it, sugarsweet." She brushed his hair out of his face. "I'm fine now. Happier that I don't have to worry about that drink." She made a face.

He laughed. "You're amazing. Never forget that." He kissed her nose and walked to the door. He was shocked to see Zelinnia standing there. "You're her next appointment?" He blinked.

Zelinnia turned red. "Oh, Gods no, I came to return her book."

Elunara sighed. "Dear Lord, my appointment is going to run away screaming." She took the book from Zelinnia and shoved Jordan out the door. "You can walk each other back."

She closed the door and sighed. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. She opened up and smiled. Turning the sign, she motioned him in. "Sorry about that, Steve, everyone thinks they can drop by whenever."

Board in hand, Elunara made her way up the hill and stopped at the top. "Holy shit." She whispered. She turned around and put her hands to her mouth. "GROGEK!" He startled and looked back and she gestured wildly to him.

People began to circle around the growing procession. Elunara followed along and found Tyrande standing at the center of town, talking to Renwa. "Mother!" She waved.

"Ah, Elunara, there you are." Tyrande put her hands awkwardly on Elunara's shoulders. "It's been a little while."

"Though not as long as the time before." Elunara chided.

Tyrande put her hand on Elunara's cheek. "Must you bring that up? I thought our letters have come along nicely."

Elunara laughed.

"Where is my grandchild?"

Tim leaned to Gerald. "Tyrande Whisperwind is Elunara's mother?"

Gerald nodded. "I thought everyone knew that."

Tulani stepped forward, holding Darguni on her hip. "Forgive me, he is heavy." She held him out to the massive Night Elf.

"Tulani? Is it?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Forgive me; I was rude to you the last we spoke."

"It's alright. There was a lot going on."

"You are always too sweet." Tyrande smiled down at the child. "My, you are huge."

"His growth is pretty rapid."

"I have a surprise for you." Tyrande nodded to a sentinel.

Reaching into a large crate he pulled out a bundle of fluff. It meowed.

Elunara took the bundle of fur and smiled down at her. "Aw, she's precious."

"She's from Yondre's last litter. We were going to bring her, but then she gave birth. The rest of the litter will be treated as usual."

"Aw, it was so thoughtful of you to bring her. She'll make a fine companion for Darguni." She held up the small sabre cub to the baby, who patted the creature on the head.

"Elune save me, is that a Blood Elf?" Tyrande stared.

Sitting the cub on the ground, Elunara reached out and grabbed Zelinnia before she could make good her escape.

"Ohhhh hi Tyrande Whisperwind, leader of the Night Elves, how are you doing, I'm fine, I love your dress, please don't kill me." Zelinnia managed to say in a single breath.

"Yeah, she's a total coward." Elunara pushed Zelinnia to Renwa. "You lost something."

Renwa laughed. "I knew right where I put her." He kissed Zelinnia on the cheek.

Tyrande's eyebrows shot up. "So Elunara married an orc, and you're married to a Blood Elf?"

"Marrying. We're waiting for a nice fall day."

"I hope it's soon, I'm going stir crazy." Zelinnia sighed. She slapped her own mouth before trying to hide behind Renwa.

Elunara giggled. "Zelinnia is bad about saying the first thing to come to mind, then being embarrassed about it."

"That must be quite entertaining."

"You have no idea." Elunara cackled.

"So, come, speak with me. Tell me how goes your little world."

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