tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 058

For the Whored Ch. 058


"It all makes sense now!"

"Come on, Tim. Leave off." Roger sighed.

"Of course she can do any damned thing she damned well pleases; she's the daughter of one of the faction leaders."

Gerald snorted. "Who disowned her thirty years ago over the death of Fandral's son?"

"She ain't disowned now." Tim slammed his fist on the table. "I'm telling you, someone should take her down a peg."

Steve snorted. "Like you did? That worked out so well."

"You shut up, Steve. I should have never had you try to infiltrate her house. Now you're gone over to her."

"She was perfectly decent, and asked me at every step. We never even touched." He had wanted to, gods her body was rocking, but he'd agreed. Maybe he'd take Elunara up on her offer of repeat visits.

"Well, it's not like Tim will ever get to find out. Any attempt to get in there will be denied." Gerald snorted.

Tim growled. "Too damned bad John had to sell out for his own skin. There's a man who knew what was what."

Gerald sighed. "That was his sister, remember?"

Tim considered. "Maybe I'll pay her a visit."

Gerald shrugged. "Nothing stopping anyone. Just don't wind up like shit cleaner Terrance."

Tyrande smiled to Renwa. "You have quite the little town here. It certainly has blossomed since I was here last."

"We like to attribute it to Elunara and Grogek, though Tulani has helped quite a bit in her own way."

"Fascinating to know."

"I'm pleased you've chosen to stay for a few days at my home. Even though Zelinnia has been hiding behind corners again." He sighed.

She laughed. "What is the matter with her?"

"She is easily embarrassed, among other issues."

"You glow when you speak of her."

He laughed. "You know, Elunara saved her. Elunara had been captured by a maniac with an obsession, and when he tried to kill Zelinnia, Elunara gave herself to him, and kept Zelinnia hidden. That's why she's even here." He said quietly.

Tyrande just stared. "She gave him her body?"

"According to Zelinnia, because Elunara won't really speak of it, Zelinnia was "given" to Elunara as a present. When Elunara tried to make excuses to free Zelinnia, he picked up his axe, ready to kill Zelinnia for not being a satisfactory companion. Elunara got between them, distracted the large orc, and had sex with him. Rather than make good her own escape, she continued to give herself to him, to keep Zelinnia out of his range of vision. Each time she was spotted, Elunara went in between. In Zelinnia's words... "I've never seen eyes so dead."." Renwa shook his head. "To hear Zelinnia speak of it, you get sick."

Tyrande put a hand to her chest. "I had no idea she was capable of that." She said quietly.

Renwa shook his head. "No one really does, until she does it."

Tyrande frowned. "Why is that man chained?" She pointed. "And those scars..."

"That is Terrance. He... well, Elunara embarrassed him, and so, in revenge he tried to rape Tulani. Zelinnia saved her."

"Is that so?"

He laughed. "Zelinnia may act like a coward, but she really isn't. She attacked him and held him down until help could come. She can be a little viper when she's angry." With a shake of his head he sighed. "I have to be honest with you, and tell you that every single scar on his body is Elunara's doing. Her wrath is not one to be trifled with."

"Well, she IS my daughter." Tyrande smiled. They reached Elunara's door and Tyrande reached up.

Renwa put a hand on her wrist. "Forgive me, but the sign is up."

"Do not disturb." She laughed. "Even Grogek?"

Renwa flushed. "I'm not explaining the second one." He pointed up.

"Elunara, Artistic Expert and Sexual Consultant." Tyrande blinked repeatedly. "She put out a SIGN?"

"She can't be a mission specialist anymore, so she made a business out of it. She must be in with an appointment. Ah, I guess you could say that, the first sign keeps out everyone else. The second sign is so that Grogek doesn't... ahh disturb them."

The door opened and Elunara ushered out a man and a woman. "I'll be there in the afternoon, three days from now, to explain the rigging."

The woman flushed. "Thank you."

The man's eyes went wide at Renwa and Tyrande. "Ah, Tuffy..."

"Oh my!" Tuffy put a fan in front of her face and took off running.

Elunara winced. "Just because everyone knows what I do, doesn't mean they don't get embarrassed being seen leaving."

"Rigging?" Tyrande found herself asking.

"One of the many things I call "sexual aides". Come in." She backed away. "You can get a lot of fun out of straps, ropes, and handles. I've been working on a design for a new housing set up."

Renwa laughed. "She designed some of the strange things you've been eyeing in my house. Sadly, Zelinnia and I haven't gotten around to figuring them all out yet."

Elunara shrugged. "Just tell me when and I'll come over and show you."

"You certainly have been busy. Where is the baby?"

"Tulani took him up to the tailor shop, I had some consults today."

"Are we interrupting?"

Elunara shook her head. "My next one doesn't show up for about an hour." She tapped a finger on her board. "Gerald has got some of the new recruits heading over... to get on my good side."

Renwa snorted. "What about the other one?"

"Gerald says he's unstable, agrees with Jordan's assessment to keep an eye on him for now."

Renwa sighs. "I might just ship him back to Stormwind and save myself the headache. If he'd just harness that brute power."

"He's got a dick to prove." Elunara rolled her eyes.

"What's this?"

"We got a new recruit, Tim. He's a big one, was the tough guy back in Stormwind. When he challenged Grogek, I basically humiliated him with no effort. He's been pissy about it since." Elunara laughed. "Though, Gerald says he's taken up with Kathleen."

"Oh, Gods." Renwa rolled his eyes.

"Bought John's lies, hook line and sinker."

"Can I ship them both back to Stormwind?"

"That depends; do you still want Kathleen at your wedding?"

"I'll get back you on that."

"Well, maybe if Tim gets laid, he'll stop being such an asshole." Elunara snorted.

"That's your answer to every—"

There was a knock on the door. Elunara shrugged. When she opened the door, she laughed. "Hello Jordan."

Looking in, he blushed. "This a bad time?"

She threw her hands in the air. "I don't know any more." She moved and let him in.

"Jordan." Renwa nodded.

"Sir." Jordan blushed and gave a half bow. "Tyrande."

"Why are you here, Jordan?" Elunara smiled.

"I..." He trailed off and turned several shades.

"You're adorable, Jordan." She kissed his cheek.

He held up a small box.

Taking it, she opened it and smiled. "What a pretty necklace."

Renwa and Tyrande shared a look.

He coughed. "I never see you wear any. So, when I saw it..." He stared at his feet.

"It's very pretty." She kissed him again. "I just never think about these things."

"You seem to not think about a lot of things." He mumbled.

She laughed. "What does that mean?"

He halfway pointed to the pair on the other side of the room.

"Sweetheart, the things I have done..." She shook her head. "I stopped caring about an audience years ago, else wise; the south orchard wouldn't be so damned fun."

"Well, I..." He looked directly at her, and tried to block the rest of the room from his mind. "I'm glad you like the necklace." He brushed her hair back from her neck. "I'll see you..." He swallowed and dropped his hand. "I'll see you." He turned, straightened his back and marched out."

Tyrande's mouth dropped open as Elunara ran her fingers along the chain. "WHAT was THAT?"

Elunara shook her head. "I haven't figured that man out yet. I do believe I'm being wooed."

"But, you have a husband... AND a lover, and... whatever else it is you do here." Tyrande threw her hands up.

"Fascinating isn't it?" She sighed. She placed the little box carefully on her desk. "I'll have to figure out what this thing means later."

"You know, I've never seen Jordan pursue a woman before. It's a little strange."

"You should see him smile, it breaks your mind."

"I heard him whistling!"

"Well, shit." Elunara put a hand to her cheek. "What have I done to him?"

"I hope you don't plan on hurting that boy." Tyrande crossed her arms.

"Oh, relax, mother. I've already told him to not get his hopes up. Any damage will be what he does to himself."

That night, Elunara was staring at the necklace when Grogek came in. He sat down and pulled off his shoes. "What is that?"

"Jordan gave it to me."

"Did he now?"

"It's only the third piece of jewelry I even own." She took off Renwa's ring on its necklace and sat it down beside the box. She put her hand over the bangle that never left her arm.

Grogek shrugged. "We've already discussed the second husband thing. I think it's... cute." He grinned. He dropped a kiss on her head. "You pile up lovers like the laughing skulls pile up bones."

"I used to think that I was incapable of feeling love. You disabused me of the notion." She kissed him. "Then Tulani snuck her way in. Now I have friends, and I even love Zelinnia a little. Don't tell her that, she might run off screaming."

He laughed. "I'm sure she already knows."

She reached up and grabbed a fang. She ran her hand up it. "We're a weird pair."

He wrapped his arms around her. "That we are. You're so small, yet feisty and mean, and dear Gods if I'm not terrified of you."

She laughed. "As you all should be."

The door opened and Tulani came, Darguni asleep on her shoulder, trying to cling to her basket. Grogek reached over and plucked the sleeping child from her. He carried the child in to the other room.

Tulani hefted her basket on to her desk and sighed. "I swear he jumped in size again."

Elunara nodded. "We're going to have to set up baby sitters."

"He's becoming quite difficult for me to handle on my own." She sighed. The box on Elunara's desk caught her attention. "That's pretty. Since when do you buy jewelry?"

"Jordan gave it to me."

She stared. "Oh."

"Even better, he was so intent on giving it to me; he gave it to me in front of Renwa and my mother."

Tulani's eyes went wide. "He's determined, isn't he?" She ran a finger over the necklace. "What are you going to do?"

"Haven't decided."

"Can't believe this shit." Tim chugged his beer.

"What now?" Gerald leaned back against the wall, twirling his beer in his fingers.

"Now people can confirm that Cap... err General Jordan is banging the bitch too."

Gerald raised his eyebrows. "But, he hated her. I mean... I know what he said the other day, but that could be..."

"Apparently not. The whole town is on the whisper about it. Several people saw him take her flowers, and the jewel crafter said he bought a necklace." Tim snorted. "He's gone off the bend."

"Woman has some pretty magic legs. Among other parts." Gerald snorted.

"Steve hasn't been back to this tavern in a few days." Roger grumbled. "Gets all flushy when anyone speaks of her." He shook his head. "It's sick, what she does."

Tim snorted. "How come you aren't fluttering around her like a horny peacock?" Tim whacked Gerald's arm.

"I guess you missed the conversation where she almost ripped my balls off." He grouched. "I haven't been back since."

"Right, right." He chugged. "Ball bustin' bitch."

Gerald snorted. "THAT should be her codename."

"You can't make me go in that house." Roger shook his head.

Tim clapped him on the shoulder. "Man, I need you to."

"But why?" He whined. "I don't want to wind up like those mind controlled morons."

"Exactly!" Tim raised his glass. "You'll go in, knowing what she does. Come back with any information you can. She won't let ME in there. You're all I got."

Roger took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door opened and Elunara eyed him. "Is this a bad time?" He asked.

"Not really, can I help you?"

"Gerald said I should come volunteer for your project."

She looked behind her, before looking back at him. She shrugged. "I can fit you in right now." She jerked her head to the side and moved out of the way.

The nerves raked through him as he stepped inside.

By time he left, he felt a little shell shocked. Suddenly, he realized what the deal was. Quickly, he went to his bunker and buried his head under his pillow.

"So?" Tim whacked Roger on the back. "What have you got?"

Roger shook his head.

Tim yanked the pillow up. "The hell, man?"

Roger turned his head, tears streamed down his face. "Dude, you have no idea..."

"I'm TRYING to have an idea, that's why I keep sending you losers in there!" Tim growled.

"She... she's beautiful. So soft, and gentle. Like...like a breeze. First, she draws you, clothes on. You turn around as she works, and her fingers...they're so fast and accurate. Little by little, you take off your clothes, and she continues to work, never flinching. It's like watching a miracle. If you ask, she'll show you what she's done. It's... it's beautiful. How could she capture a person so? Then as you stand there, buck naked to the world, she works; those big eyes of hers flicking back and forth. Then she puts the board down, and puts those soft hands on your shoulders." He swallowed

"She asks you... "Do you want to go on?" And no matter which one you choose, she sets up her board and runs her hands all over your body. She tells you what she's doing as she does it. She stops, adds to the board, and moves on; every mole, every scar, anything that your body might have, she finds it. She found markings in my hair I'd never seen. Those hands work so soft and fast, you're hard as a rock against your own will. She... she puts her face down there, and still those fingers..." He shuddered. "I have never seen my dick to such a detail up close, as to what she drew on that paper. Then... gods, she keeps on moving. I'm not sure there is a part of my body that those fingers did not explore." He ran his hands over his face. "I told her... I told her I only wanted the basics, and so... When she stopped... I didn't want her to stop."

He grabbed his pillow back from Tim. "Gods, I was hard as a rock, and she just shrugs, snaps that board closed and went back to the huge ass bed. She offered me some ice water, to deal with my dick, or, she said, she could continue with the full treatment. She popped open her board and continued to draw, the magic gone. I was shivering as I pulled my clothes on, and she just continued to work on that board. It was a struggle, but I managed to escape." He put the pillow back over his head and buried his face in his bed.

"The fuck?" Tim snorted.

Roger raised his head. "The lack of fuck is the problem." He flopped back down.

"Describe the place."

Roger sighed and sat up on his elbow. "It's a barracks building, there's this monstrosity of a bed, I assume it's designed for General Grogek and Elunara. There are... some other beds, I failed to count. A pair of desks, one was covered in shelves and shelves of books. There's a library there. There's a door on the back wall, don't know what was there. And on all the walls, were pictures. Endless pictures of naked men. Some of them are pictures of naked women. There's this amazing display of Tulani in a half dozen positions, looking like some kind of Draenei angel." He sighed. "I've never wanted a woman so much in my life. Now leave me be, while I try to restore some of my goddamned dignity." He flopped back down

With a growl, Tim looked around the corner. The bitch had taken her abomination up the hill. Grogek was in the training yard, and the blue bitch was off wherever she spent her time. He slipped into the building unnoticed. With a snort he looked around. Why three of them got this much space, he'd never know. He went to the desk with the books. He took a book out and flipped through it. He never learned to read elvish. No point in a sissy language. He flipped through and tossed the book over his shoulder in disgust.

He flipped through all of the books and found only pages and pages of naked men. Many were acts of filthy purposes. He ripped a few pages out and dropped them to the ground. After he'd gone through the entire lot of him he kicked them around. He began to yank pages off the walls. He wandered to the door and pushed it open. He yelled in pain as something bit his leg. He kicked the cat in the face. While it was dazed he slammed the door. With a growl, he began to yank down and shred all of the pages on the walls. He came to the framed portrait and plucked it off the wall. Even he could appreciate the work, and the form of a woman's body. With a snarl, he smashed it over his knee and stuffed the ripped page into his pocket.

Just out of sheer meanness, he peed on the pile of ripped pages and books. Something caught his eye and was wandered back to the shelves. Feeling around he popped the latch. Pulling out the books and pages, he frowned. This was what Kathleen wanted. Her mother's work, stolen by the Bitch. Tim stuffed it in his other pocket and slipped out of the building.

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