tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 059

For the Whored Ch. 059


"Well, yes. I have almost every person in town. There are a few hold outs, but it doesn't hurt me much. They really have been useful in identifying bodies." Elunara shrugged as she reached her door. "It was originally started as a way to..." She frowned at the cracked door. Pushing it open, she held her nose. "What the hell?" She gasped in shock and dropped her arms.

"What happened here?" Tyrande wrinkled her face and tightened her grip on Darguni. "And what is that smell?"

Elunara dropped to her knees and picked up a sheet of paper. She spotted the droplets of blood leading to the back room. "Yoona!" Elunara scrambled up and opened the door. The little sabre cat whimpered and crawled over. "Oh sweetie, what did they do to you?"

Yoona shook her head and stumbled, before meowing. She had blood on her teeth and claws.

"Looks like you did more to them."

"Hey, Elunara, can you..." Jerry stopped and stared. "What the hell happened here?" He ran his fingers through his hair.

Elunara held the cub. "I don't know Jerry, I just came in. Looks like whoever did it got a leg full of teeth though."

"I'll get everyone." He took off running before she could say more.

With a sigh she looked around. "Well, I figured out the smell." She pointed. "Whoever did this had a final say."

"This is just awful." Tyrande frowned. "Who could do this?"

Elunara raked a hand through her hair. "I got a few names in mind. Oh, Mrs. Finister." Elunara sighed. "Now is kind of a bad time."

"Jerry sent me over. Shall I help?"

"Oh, no. Don't worry."

"Can you watch Darguni?" Tyrande smiled.

"Always." Mrs. Finister took the large toddler from Tyrande. "Is his room a mess?"

"Aside from a little blood on the floor, no."

"Well, I guess leaving that beast in his room was a good call after all." Mrs. Finister picked her way around the mess and went into Darguni's room. She held open the door. "Yoona?" The cub scrambled down and followed.

Tyrande stooped down and began to gather papers.

"Oh, you don't have to do that, mother."

"I want to." Tyrande continued to pick up the mess.

Soon they had a number of helpers sorting papers and books. She made a pile of the damp pages so that she could redo them. Jordan was also crawling on the floor with the rest of them.

Grogek stuck his head in. "Is there anything I can do, love?"

"We've almost got it. It's going to take me days of work to get this all back in order."

"I'll send for Zelinnia." Jordan nodded.

"Good idea. Sugarbear, can you start inspecting the troops for a clawed up leg or legs. Yoona's got blood."

"Good cat." He nodded before leaving.

Jordan stepped out and snagged a person. "Have Zelinnia sent down, might as well tell Renwa as well." He tucked back in and sorted several more sheets. He spotted the glitter and moved some papers. "Oh." He frowned. "Elunara."

"Huh?" She frowned and gingerly picked up the smashed chain in his hand. "Aw, I didn't even get to wear it yet." She bit her lip and frowned. She wiped a tear off her cheek. "Damn it." She muttered. "There's no point in that." She whispered.

He wrapped his arms around her. "Hey, it's OK. This is just a bad situation."

"There's just no sense in it." She laid her head on his shoulder. "Why?" She felt the tears come, but she couldn't fight them any longer. "I worked... I work so hard on these. It'll take me months to fix all of it."

Tyrande quietly shooed the rest of the helpers out of the room and closed the door behind her.

"It's just papers... but... it's my life's work. And I can't... I can't find Tulani's picture." She sobbed. "It's all here, except her. Why did he take her? Why did he break my necklace?" She curled up against him and sobbed. "How am I going to tell her?"

"I'm so sorry." He dislodged his shoulder plates and took off his gloves, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I'm so sorry, Baby. Please don't cry."

"I'm going to rip out his throat." She growled. She shoved away from Jordan and stood up. She wiped her face with the heel of her hand. "I'm going to rip off his dick and shove it down his throat. How DARE that asshole come into MY home." She balled her hands into fists.

Jordan stood up and grinned. "That's the Elunara we know."

"Gods, I'm so pissed right now." She rubbed her forehead. "The last asshole to make me shed a tear; is currently wrapped around my arm." She rubbed her hand on it.

He paused in the reattaching of his shoulder plate. "Lorros made you cry?"

She stared at the floor.

Jordan ran a hand down her arm. "You can tell me." He whispered.

"I missed my baby." She shrugged. "I missed my family. I..." Her voice shook. "I couldn't be without them. It drove me crazy."

Jordan smiled and put his hand on her cheek. "Baby, that just means you have a heart that can be broken."

The door opened and both looked over to see Tulani standing in the doorway.

Elunara went to her.

Tulani clutched her hands together. "Why?" tears came easily to her.

"Sweetheart, I have to tell you something important." Elunara gripped Tulani's shoulders.

"Are you alright?" She whispered.

Elunara shook her head. "I wasn't here at the time."

"I know. They told me outside. There's something wrong with your face." Tulani reached up.

"I had a good cry, that's all."

Tulani's hand froze and her eyes went wide. "But, you never cry." She whispered.

"Tulani..." Elunara sighed. "They took your picture."

She took a gasping breath and crumpled to the floor. "But that was MINE!" She cried. Tears streamed down her face. "You worked so hard on it, and it was MINE." She began gasping.

Elunara dropped down and wrapped her arms around the weeping woman. "I'll make you another one my lovely."

"But, I want mine back!" She wailed.

Jordan stepped back and frowned. He stared at the piled up papers. Something caught his eye and he looked over. "Uh, Lu..." He called.

She blinked back at him. "What?"

"Was the thing in this lockbox important?"

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" She left Tulani on the floor and ran over. She put her hand all over the inside. "That fucking ASSHOLE!"

Jordan jumped backwards.

"I thought it was him, but the missing papers confirm it."

A man ran in and almost tripped over Tulani. "Elunara, Kathleen is gone."

"Fucking Tim." Elunara growled.

"Well, I'm not leaving until he is caught." In Renwa's office, Tyrande crossed her arms.

"Ma'am, you're a major security risk." Renwa sighed. "You might be on his target list."

Grogek snorted. "She's also one of the most powerful people in this room. Tim won't survive the wilds of Draenor, he's sloppy. Even the weapons he stole are worthless."

Elunara's fingernails dug into the nice new conference table in Renwa's office. "Let me go after him. I'm the best tracker in this town. I'll drag his sorry ass back, and leave that obnoxious bitch hanging from the nearest tree as food."

"You're also the most emotional. I cannot let you go."

Elunara narrowed her eyes. "What did you call me?"

Grogek put a hand over hers, just as Jordan reached down and put his on her shoulder. They exchanged a look and Grogek spoke. "You're only proving his point right now."

Elunara shook both of them off. "I'm going for a walk." She muttered as she stood and walked out.

Jordan and Grogek looked at each other. "I'll go, you plan." Jordan said as he quietly left.

"I find the dynamic in this town very strange." Tyrande remarked. She turned to Grogek. "You're ok with that man being in love with your wife?"

Grogek shrugged. "I couldn't explain it to you without Elunara drawing up the charts and graphs that would be needed."

Tyrande chuckled. "You're very like her."

"She is my life mate, my soul mate, and everything before or after that. If Jordan cannot understand those points, he will be removed. If allowing a good man like Jordan to pursue her brings her any measure of happiness, then why should I stand in the way? Just as Tulani has become mine, if Jordan finds his place in this family, he will be mine as well. Everything that is Elunara's is mine." He shrugged.

Elunara marched through the streets. She was beyond pissed, but she wasn't about to go out without direct order. She wanted to retrieve Tulani's picture herself, and have more than—She dodged the attack from behind. She twirled on her attacker, knowing full well who she dealt with. The pathway was blocked.

"Hello, Bitch." Called a female voice. "You head this way, and I will shoot you."

Elunara dodged another attack.

"Of course, I want to just shoot you in the head and be done with you, but darling Tim here has a score to settle."

She continued to dodge the dagger, and the sword. He still seemed to think that the two hand approach was the best way to do it. She sighed inwardly. At least she wouldn't have to hunt the idiots down. He was terrible with that dagger. "Why the hell are you using a weapon you're not proficient at? Moron."

"Did..." He pinned her against the wall. "You like the present I left for you?"

"Give me back Tulani's picture." She growled. She kicked out and got his knee. He roared and fell back. She jammed her fist under his ribs.

"What picture?" Kathleen asked.

"Your dumbass boyfriend stole my wife's nude picture." Elunara sneered.

"Ew! You better not!"

"I shredded it." He snarled.

Elunara jammed the heel of her hand under his chin.

"Hey!" Cried a voice. "Get away from her!"

"Jordan! No!"

Jordan launched himself at Tim, but Kathleen's shot caught him in the face.

"NO!" Screamed Elunara. With a flick of her hand, she summoned her dagger and shoved it up under Tim's chin. She pushed the limp body out of the way and collapsed down on to Jordan. "NO!! She screamed. "NO, COME BACK TO ME!"

Kathleen threw the gun on the ground and fled.

Both Tyrande and Grogek froze at the same time. She was quicker, but he followed her out and followed her movements through the streets. They found Elunara wrapped around Jordan, screaming.

"Take her. I'll save the boy." Said Tyrande.

Grogek pried her free of Jordan. "Love, come with me."

She sniffled and buried her face in Grogek's chest. "The idiot tried to save me. Kathleen shot him."

Tyrande ran her hands on Jordan. She frowned. He was gone, and she wasn't entirely certain she could bring him back. She stood and concentrated. The link to Elune was weaker here, but she wasn't the most powerful priest for nothing. She held up her hands and prayed for a miracle.

Tulani reached them and cast her own hands to the sky. Soon they were followed by Ina, and the rest of the healers. Together they all concentrated on the same spell, the same prayer. Slowly, Jordan's body rose into the air and a brilliant circle of light. Not certain what she was doing, Elunara walked forward and placed her hands up on Jordan's chest. She closed her eyes and prayed.

Slowly, he was lowered back to his feet. He blinked at her in confusion. "Elunara?" He whispered; his voice hoarse.

"Jordan!" She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Oh, you foolish man." Tears streamed down her blood stained face.

He brushed the back of his fingers across her cheek. "Why are you crying for me?" He stared dumbly at the blood on his hand.

The healers and Tyrande stumbled back. Tyrande shook her head. "Elune can barely hear me, but she heard."

Elunara threw herself on Tyrande. "Thank you."

Tyrande wrapped her arms around Elunara and smiled. "How long I have wished for you to do that, my child?" She whispered.

Elunara untangled herself and kicked Tim's corpse. She bent down and began searching his pockets. Tucked into his shirt, she found the thing she wanted. "Kathleen must have my books." Elunara sighed. She unfolded the page and brought it back to Tulani. "Here."

Tulani wrapped her arms around Elunara. "I felt you! I felt you! I know I did!"

Elunara shook her head. "Felt me what?

"I felt you grab on to Jordan's spirit and yank him back!" She cried, tears in her eyes.

"I did what now?" Elunara blinked.

"Yes." Tyrande smiled. "I felt you too. There is some of Elune's own spirit with in you, and it is very powerful."

Grogek eyed her. "This Elune, is she powerful?"

"One of the most powerful there is." Tyrande nodded.

"Well," He shrugged. "Now we know where she gets that endless supply of energy."

"But, I never trained."

"Because none of us felt it within you. You didn't test well for the service, so we never tried to train you. I guess the well was always in you, but you had to figure it out on your own." Tyrande sighed. "Perhaps if I had recognized it sooner, we would have never come apart."

Elunara shrugged. "I can't complain, really."


She looked back at Jordan.

"I have the mother of all headaches."

"Oh, Jordan... your face." She stooped down and put a hand on the ruin of his cheek.

"We might be able to heal some of that." Ina nodded. "Once we get our breath back, we'll each give it a good go."

"I can't see out of my right eye." He frowned.

"Kathleen shot you in the face. Elune knows where she was actually aiming." Elunara sighed.

"Oh. Is it bad?" He winced.

"For now, but the healers will do what they can."

"I'm so sorry."

She laughed. "For what?"

"If I'd assed the situation, instead of jumping in, I might have known about Kathleen."

Elunara shook her head. "You can't guess crazy."

"Well, I didn't, and now I'm hideous." He pouted.

She ran her fingers over the area. "When Ina gets done with you, you'll be distinguished."

"But I'll still be scarred."

"Sweetheart, Grogek is beautiful because I say he is. Tulani is covered in scars you haven't seen. I'm not exactly picky with who floats my fancy. You'll be just beautiful the way you are; even if Ina can't fix any of the damage." She kissed his mangled cheek.

He wrapped his arms around her. "As long as I have you." He murmured.

"Well, if we're keeping him," Grogek snorted. "We're going to need another bed."

"Oh, I have plans made up for an entire house to be built." She grinned.

"Then we'll have to get started on it right away." Renwa nodded.

Jerry and Louis appeared from seemingly nowhere. "Hey, we can see if we can beat our other house record. A few other men from around town had found their selves standing around watching the ruckus.

"I don't know." Said Mark. "When Elunara gets involved, everything gets that much more complicated. Her own house? Might take a couple of days." He rubbed his beard.

"PLACE YOUR BETS!" Called Gerald.

Tyrande leaned over to Elunara. "This entire town is crazy."

"You have no idea." She shook her head.

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