tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 071

For the Whored Ch. 071


Jordan walked in and sat down at the table with the two ladies. "Elunara still asleep?"

At the loud thumping, they all looked up.

"I take that as a no." Jordan laughed. "Oo, carrot cake."

"Tippy sent the whole thing to Elunara." Tulani grinned.

"Neeever mind." Jordan sighed. "Not worth a lost limb for a slice of that."

A knock on the door and Jordan sighed as he got up. He frowned at Tyrande.

"Why are you here?"

"I wish to speak to my daughter."

Zelinnia pushed away from the table and stood up. "I refuse. I'm going home before I fire blast that bitch in the face." Zelinnia pushed past Tyrande and left.

"Would she?" Tyrande said with wonder.

"Don't mind Zelinnia," Tulani sighed. "She has a habit of saying the first thing to come to mind, and not realizing it until she gets home."

"Though, she is pretty pissed." Nodded Jordan. "But, if you must... you'll have a wait."

Elunara lay on the bed beside Grogek grinning up at him as he lay propped up on his elbow, fingers sliding through her wet center. Using two fingers he spread her apart and flicked one finger inside the opening. She squirmed and giggled.

"Mm, I do like playing with my wife."

"Who likes being played with." She purred.

"There is one thing I like more..."

"And what is that?"

He shifted himself over, so that his head was between her legs, and his legs were near her head. "Eating my wife." He buried his face in the soft folds, slipping his tongue in and out.

She closed her eyes and groaned, her hand grasping his hard dick. She began to play with his balls and ran her hand up and down his dick. She licked his tip, slurping at the sticky mess they had already made. With a groan, she ran her lips and tongue up and down the length of him, leaving little sucking kisses behind. When she slid her mouth on him, it didn't take long for him to finish. She licked him clean.

He laughed. "Oh, but I'm not finished with you." He laid his tongue flat against her and licked, grinning at her shudder. He slipped two fingers in and began to pump in and out of her, licking the edges of her folds. She squirmed against him, grabbing his leg and whimpering. He rolled on to his back; pulling her with him. Using the thumb of his other hand he pressed into her ass and began to move around inside.

She arched her back and groaned. She bit down on his leg and he laughed before burying his face back into her soft slick folds. He enjoyed his time just feeling her and tasting what she gave him. When she began to whimper and struggle, he quickened his pace to finish her off.

Elunara rubbed her cheek on his leg. "I don't know what I would have done if..."

He reached down and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her up and over. He cuddled her between his arms. "I didn't, and that's all that matters."

She buried her face and arms into his chest. "I need you. More than anything in the world."

"Shh." He stroked her hair. "Don't cry."

"I can't help it." She sniffled. "It's all gotten so crazy. What the hell?" She gave a watery laugh. "I was just a whore who made it work. It was just another mission; I didn't need anyone but myself, and couldn't rely on anyone but myself. Now, I'm falling apart because I almost lost you."

Grogek laughed. "I was second in command to the meanest bastard on this world, taken apart by a silly little Night Elf with the heart of a wolf. Fate sends us down the strangest paths. We just have to take them and see where it leads. I almost left you behind; I almost didn't get to see my son grow up. But you, you fought through hell to bring me back. I thank you for that." He kissed the top of her head.

She reached up and pressed her mouth to his. His fingers brushed her cheek.

"I love you." She whispered.

"Do you know how long I had to fight, just to get you to say that for the first time? Now here I get to hear you say it every day, and every time it crosses your mind to say it. And every time, it makes my heart leap into my throat. I love you so much, my little she wolf."

"Does it bother you at all, what I' been doing?"

He laughed. "Which part? The collecting lovers? Or the making a business where you can use your body on any man or woman that entertains you?"

She turned red. "All of it..."

He laughed again. "You forget; that is why I love you. Because of everything you do. You inspire people to have confidence in themselves, you show them love and respect and they flock to you. Yes, anyone else would be jealous of those men who get to have your body, but I just enjoy the way you tear through them like so much fodder, and then make them feel special for it." He chuckled.

She sat up and sighed, running her hand down his side and his hip. "Then you won't get annoyed that I really want some more cake?"

Grogek exploded in laughter, grabbing his sides. "I see how it is!" He pushed her over and climbed on top. "Maybe I should bring you a cake more often." He smothered her in kisses while she giggled.

They rolled out of the bed together.

"Maybe I should put on pants."

She shrugged. "I'm not, there's cake to be had. Besides, we could always try out some of the settings on my couch."

He grinned and tossed them to the floor. They walked hand in hand down the stairs and Elunara froze and glared. "Oh."

Grogek looked over and snorted. "Still not putting on any pants."

Elunara looked up at him and grinned. "Well, it IS our house."

Tyrande stood up. "I need to speak..." Her face grew hot. "Uh."

Grogek shrugged and sat down at the table, carefully cutting a small slice of cake for himself.

Elunara joined him and took a much larger piece. "Well, speak."

"He's not wearing pants." She hissed.

"Most men don't in my house."

Tyrande closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. "Elunara, we must speak about what's been happening with you. I'd like for you to come back with me to-"

"Not a chance." Elunara shook her head. "I'm not about to leave my family, and even if we were all to go, I didn't exactly get a nice reaction last time I was there."

"They are all welcome to come with you. I think we should have you tested at the shrine."

"Testing does nothing. No one can find a trace of it in me. On top of that, the time dilation here is too great. What would happen in this town if both Grogek and Jordan disappeared?"

Jordan put his hand on Elunara's shoulder. "I've seen Darnassus. I can stay here. Take everyone else to see your homeland, like you told them you would."

"I'm just not comfortable." Elunara sighed. "That reminds me, Sugarbear, I need to finish your tattoo."

He held up his hand.

"Yeah, that one." Finishing her slice of cake, she sat down her fork and walked into her library. "Here, sit." She pointed him to a chair and, from a hidden compartment, pulled out ink and a needle. He laid his hand on the table and she began the intricate task of tattooing his hand.

"What are you doing?" Tyrande cocked her head to the side.

"You see, the way this works, the cabinet that the weapon resides, is heavily ornate and carved to exact specifications. The cabinet is then put in a location that it can't be found by those who would try to break the magic. The tattoo I'm currently carving into Grogek's hand, not only matches the carvings in the cabinet, but also the markings I put on the axe itself. It took me quite a bit of work to get the enchantment done before Grogek discovered what I was doing." She grinned. "In any event, this only works because the object the enchantment is placed on has quite a bit of significant value to the person wielding the magic. You have to have some emotional connection to the object you wield."

"How do you know this?"

Elunara stopped, put down her tool and flexed her hand. "Because I've done it before."

Tyrande took the dagger and gasped.

Elunara returned to her work. "If you maintain your emotional connection to your weapon, the magic will always work. Should you disregard it, the magic fails."

Tyrande jumped back as the dagger disappeared.

"This is actually a temporary detachment. In reality, when you want the weapon, need the weapon, and want the weapon near you, it will always find you and it will stay with you so long as you continue to desire the item. Once the desire fades, or you "forget" about the item, it will return to its safe location. The location has been further enchanted to help clean and maintain your item. Only minimal care is required to keep the tool sharp."

"You've used that dagger, all this time?" Tyrande murmured.

"Yes, actually. It's saved my life more times than I care to count. Many missions have been completed on my ability to summon that dagger."

"And I..."

"Didn't think I knew what an emotional connection was?" Elunara snorted. "Please." She shook her head and continued to work. "This ink I specifically designed myself. Once the pattern is complete, it will disappear. It's a safeguard against people realizing you need this hand to summon your weapon. Can't see it, doesn't exist."

"How did you learn this?"

"Those forbidden books in the libraries? Yeah, I read them."

Tyrande groaned. "Is there ANY rule you didn't break?"

"I don't remember. I should try it over again."

Grogek just laughed.

"Please come back with me to Darnassus, if only for a little while."

"The answer is simple... I would need a full pardon, my husband and child a guarantee of acceptance, and my wife would stay by my side. I would wish for Jordan to see and be seen, but he is right, he would have to take over for Grogek."

"I trust him to do so." Grogek nodded. "In fact, I've told him that, should he ever need to, he can take my place. In all matters."

Elunara looked up from her work, tears in her eyes.

Grogek smiled and brushed her cheek. "I speak only the truth. I trust him to fill my role."

"Something tells me this has nothing to do with training..." Tyrande murmured.

Elunara laughed and bent her head over Grogek's hand. "Looks like I have a backup husband."

"I wonder what kind of ceremony THAT entails." Jordan laughed from the door. "Though if I want one of those neat instant weapons, it looks like I'm going to have to form an emotional attachment to something." He shrugged. "In any event, I hope to NEVER have to take up that whole... backup husband thing."

"You almost did..." Murmured Elunara.

Jordan walked over and knelt in front of her. He wiped the tear off her cheek. "And it almost destroyed you. No. I don't want to ever have to step up on that one."

Tyrande looked behind her at the Draenei woman, quietly sewing. "What do you think of this discussion?"

"I think that no one could replace Grogek. I believe that Jordan would give it his best shot, because he loves her. But in the end, he would be just as devastated, as would I, and we would all move on just that much less than we are." Tulani shook her head. "No, I don't think it's a fair task to anyone. It will always remain best for Grogek to be the head of our household, but should anything happen to him... we would just do the best that we could, because we had each other."

Elunara looked up and grinned at Grogek who looked genuinely moved by Tulani's statement. "Hey, I thought I was the head."

"You are the glue that brought us all together as a family. Grogek is the head of the rest of us. If it came down to it, what Grogek says, goes before what the rest of us say. It's probably good he's never bothered to exercise that right." Tulani shrugged. "Elunara brought us in, but it is through Grogek's graces that we were allowed to stay. What other man would let his wife have lovers, let alone let them move in and share space?"

Grogek laughed. "I like this arrangement."

Jordan shrugged. "She's not wrong."

Tyrande just stared. "Once again, I feel as though I've been put in my place."

"Welcome to our little town." Tulani smiled benignly.

Elunara gently blew on Grogek's hand. The detailed work she had finished glowed brightly before fading into nothingness. Elunara nodded. "Alright, try it."

Grogek held out his hand and flexed. His axe appeared and he grabbed it. "Fascinating."

"Now, should you drop it, you can re-summon it."

Grogek dropped the axe on the floor before flexing his hand again. The hilt was back in his hand. "Very nice." He nodded.

"That you are able to do that at all is something of a miracle." Tyrande breathed. She shook her head. "Well, we did eventually allow our kind to study the arcane. There are now Night Elf mages, but even they are fledgling. This is full blown magic.

"I broke into the forbidden magic books and I have read every one of them. I have a photographic memory that allows me to recreate what I have seen with perfect accuracy. It is one of the reasons I did so well as a mission specialist. Over time, I absorbed the magic of the people I thwarted. I have more magic in my head than most mages can wield. The problem, is that I can ONLY use things that require some form of inscription. If tried to cast a spell, nothing happens. This is why I am so confused by this light thing. I've tried, mother. Over and over again I have tried, and nothing, NOTHING happens."

Elunara sighed and looked at her hands. "The fact it took me loving someone is strange too... I know this, because I tried to heal Tulani's scars."

Tulani froze. "You what?"

"When you first came to me... and I saw what they did to you... I tried to heal it. I..." She ran her hand through her hair. "I just wanted to help you so badly; I... traced runes and tried to summon the magic. Nothing happened." She dropped her hands.

Tulani sat down her sewing and walked to Elunara. Wrapping her arms around Elunara, Tulani pressed her mouth to the other woman. Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani and pulled her into her lap. She came up for air and ran her hands on Elunara's cheeks. "Only you would think to try." She laid her head on her shoulder.

"I just couldn't stand what they had done to you. I had hoped to at least... lighten them."

Grogek stood up and kissed Tulani on the head. "I would try if I could."

She laughed. "You're always so sweet to me." Tulani pat Grogek's cheek.

"You make people want to take care of you, Tulani." Jordan grinned. He shook his head. "Elunara makes everyone want to love her, to do whatever she says in order to curry her favor. Everyone wants to take care of and protect Tulani. Grogek just likes making people nervous."

"And you make all the ladies swoon and curse Elunara's name." Grogek cackled.

"Gods, it's gotten worse since my face healed." Rubbing his face, he winced. "Now I'm all distinguished. Even worse, I'm the languishing forgotten lover."

Elunara cackled. "Yeah right."

"I think they were happier when they thought I was gay for Grogek. Somehow THAT made sense to the looneys." He shivered.

Elunara cocked her head to the side. "Ok, even I think that one is gross."

"Well, south orchard cured them all of that." He laughed.

"The south orchard cures all ills." Elunara grinned.

"No offense, you will never find me there." Tulani made a face.

"No one is expecting you to." Elunara kissed her.

"I avoid even going near it." Tulani flushed. "I had an order for some tarps... I made Eloise deliver them."

"She knows why, right?"

"Who DOESN'T?" Tulani sat up laughing. "Gods, I know you're going out there before you can ever tell me." She scooted out of Elunara's lap and went back for her sewing.

"Gerald is aces at rounding up his betters."

"WHAT is the sound orchard?" Tyrande interrupted.

Everyone started laughing at once.

"Uh..." Tyrande looked around for an answer.

Elunara took a deep breath. "When I'm... extra horny, me and Grogek go out to the south orchard and fuck each other's brains out until he collapses from exhaustion."

"And Gerald sets up a betting ring behind one of the hills," Grogek grinned.

"and... people gather to lay down bets on the... actions." Jordan finished.

Tyrande stared in horror.

"When they had that rumor going on that Jordan was fucking Grogek, well, we invited him to the party. He certainly proved where HIS affections lie." Elunara winked.

Tyrande put a hand to her head. "I can't believe I'm hearing this. Does Renwa do nothing?"

"Renwa made about 300gold last time." She shrugged.

"Wait." Jordan straightened up. "On what?"

"Mostly? That you were straight as a board." Elunara grinned.


"I'd get on to him about hedging his bets, but those that bet against him deserved to be fleeced."

"Damn right they did." Jordan crossed his arms.

"How IS Gerald, anyway?" Grogek frowned.

"Oh, we settled. I accept his description of not being like Jordan."

"Not like me how?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that one." Elunara sighed. "Since neither of you has my hearing, you don't hear the dumb conversations that go on during south orchard. Anyway, Gerald made some... vague statements about being in love with me."


She waved her hand. "No, he was still sore over me almost ripping his nuts off. He said that he thought we were friends, and then I tear him apart over his betting. I pointed out to the moron, that if he'd been caught by SI:7, they'd have done more than rip a few hairs off his balls. I made him see the error of his stupidity, he chilled out and I tossed him a freebie for it." She shrugged.

Jordan winced. "Gods, people need to learn to stop pissing you the fuck off."

"I know, right?"

Tyrande held her head in her hands. She looked at the ceiling. "WHYYYYYY me? What did I do to deserve this?"

Elunara snorted. "Ain't all about you, mother." She turned to Jordan. "Wait, I figured all your whining about having a smaller dick than Grogek would have helped with your female problems."

"Of course NOT!" He threw his hands in the air. "Now they think it's up to them to prove to me how valuable my dick really is."

Elunara snorted. "Gods Jordan, you cannot catch a break."

"You were my once in a life time break and I damned well took it at the soonest available moment. I'm fresh out of breaks."

"Aww, do you need me to pet it and make it better?" She grinned.

"It's always available to you." He grinned.

"All this talk of petting is making me realize I'm still not wearing pants." Grogek muttered.

Elunara looked back. "Aww, do you need somewhere to hide it?" she grinned.

"You're not wearing clothes either." He laughed.

"You say that like I care or I forgot. It's kind of breezy in here today."

Grogek put a hand on her leg. "You're ice cold."


"Shit." Jordan rushed forward and scooped her up.


He took off jogging upstairs and put her in bed.

"What are...?"

Jordan tucked the blankets around her as Grogek came in. He put his hands on her face and arms.

"I'll get Ina." Jordan nodded to Grogek and started running.

Tulani came in. "How much has she had to eat today?"

"Just the cake I guess." Elunara shrugged.

"I'll go get her something to eat." Grogek pulled his pants on.

Tulani shook her head. "I'll go. You can force her to stay in bed."

"What's going on?" Tyrande frowned.

"When Elunara... did the thing... she blacked out and was ice cold. Her whole body felt like ice, the only heat left in her body was in her chest. Ina told us, that if the cold comes back for ANY reason, we were to get her warm and get the healers."

"I was sitting there naked; of course I'm going to get cold." She shivered. "Well, damn." She muttered. The shivering continued to get more severe before the world went dark.

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