tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 072

For the Whored Ch. 072


Grogek sighed as he stroked her head. "Oh, my love, what have you done to yourself?" He murmured.

Jordan ran in, gasping for air. Letting Ina off his back, he made his way to the bed. "Oh, Baby." He sighed and ran his fingers on her cheek.

"What was she doing before she went cold?" Ina ran her hands over Elunara.

"Sitting downstairs, talking."

"She have much to eat today?"

"Just some cake."

Ina shook her head. "This girl needs a meal. Preferably a buffet, she used too much energy, then slept it off. No food in her belly means she had nothing to burn but more of her own energy. You're both idiots."

Tulani came in holding a basket. "Damn, I'm too late."

"A house FULL of idiots." Ina shook her head.

"Is there anything I can do?" Tyrande stepped forward.

"Well," Ina shrugged. "If you're willing to do it, you can pump a healthy dose of energy into her system; give her more time to recov..." Ina narrowed her eyes at Grogek. "You didn't listen to me, DID YOU?"

Grogek flushed and scratched his head. "You know how she gets..."

Ina smacked her forehead. "Can you keep it in your pants for a few more days?"

Grogek snorted. "Can YOU stop her?"

"Be a man."

Grogek's color deepened.

Tyrande sighed. "I take it she burned off her fresh store of energy on sex?"

"Damn, Grogek... even I could have resisted." Jordan snorted.

"I doubt it. Besides, we hadn't had time to properly celebrate the whole... not dying thing."

"Men. I never had a use for em." Ina snorted.

Tyrande ran her hands over Elunara. "She's so depleted." She murmured. She straightened up and held her hands up high and began to cast the spell. Closing her eyes, she focused on the light in the center of Elunara's chest. She spread her energy out and seeped into Elunara. As she cast, that light in the center of Elunara reached out and tangled with the spell. Soon the tendril of light became hungry and greedy, sucking energy from the spell. As it reached out, Tyrande became aware of another. Somewhere deep within Elunara, the spell was channeled and directed, as if Elune herself was helping to aid in the recovery of Elunara's body. She gasped and broke contact as she became dizzy.

She stood there in shock. Tyrande knelt beside the bed and prayed for guidance. Standing back up, she shook her head. "There is no logic in this."

"What?" Said Ina.

"It was not Grogek who took her strength. He... may have fed it." She shook her head. "I desperately wish Elunara would accompany me back to Darnassus, there may be something there to explain this."

"Explain what?"

"There are two beings inside of Elunara. She... takes energy from those around her. Then there is this darkness." Tyrande shivered. "It's a burning rage, so deep and so angry. I think that this being has been trapped inside her. I have no idea how long it's been there... Perhaps it's possibly the reason she has never shown a mark for Elune." She sighed and put her hand on Elunara's head. "I cannot tell which entity is malevolent and which is pure. It is my belief that perhaps the spirit of Elune has kept these things in balance until that day that she saved Jordan. Something shifted, and now they're both trying to take control. Whichever one is malevolent, it is draining her."

"That makes... no damned sense." Jordan shook his head.

"Aye, I agree with Jordan." Ina sighed. "Something is going on."

"My head is freaking killing me." Elunara put a hand on her head.

"I still have the food." Tulani sat the basket on the bed.

"Give it to her." Ina moved out of the way.

Grogek helped Elunara sit up in bed.


Everyone looked at Tyrande. "Grogek, can you humor me and kiss my daughter?"

Grogek shrugged and pulled Elunara to him and kissed her. Tyrande closed her eyes and channeled. When they broke contact she waited a moment before stopping.

"Hmm. Jordan? You."

Jordan repeated the process.

"As much as this entertains me, what the hell?" Elunara shook her head.

"Now, Ina, I hate to ask this of you, but... can you?"

"Tyrande asks for a favor, I guess I gotta." Ina kissed Elunara.

"I thought so. Forgive me Ina." Tyrande sighed. "When she is kissed by those she loves, she pulls a little bit of energy from them. When by someone she has no romantic connection, there is little to nothing."

"Sooooo everything I've been doing all my life... feeds me?"

"I would have to test the theory with others, but maybe? I don't really WANT to test you while you're... doing that."

"Tulani? Can you get Zelinnia and Gerald?"

"Sure. Eat." Tulani turned and left.

"May I ask the significance?"

"Both I have had..." Elunara rocked her head back and forth. "Encounters with. They would be the middle ground to test."

"You... and Zelinnia?" Jordan raised an eyebrow.

Elunara pointed at him. "If you repeat it to Renwa, I will tie your dick in a knot. She does NOT want to admit it to him. It is HER place to tell him if she decided to."

"Well, that explains the bathtub comment."

Elunara began to systematically destroy all the food and drink in the large picnic basket. "Gods, I didn't eat this much when I was pregnant."

"Some days I am amazed you have only one child."

"I ripped out the ol' baby maker at the earliest convenience." Elunara shrugged as she continued to eat.

Gerald stepped into the room. "Huh, so this is what it's like in here. Sort of like the old place. Less porn on the walls though."

"I went for tasteful and not random postings this time."

"Tulani said you needed me."

"We're testing a theory, get over here and kiss me."

He froze. "Uh, why?"

"Mother is channeling a spell to test my energy levels. So far, kissing people I love gives me bursts of energy. Now I have to kiss people I merely have sexual energy with. So get over here and imagine it's my ass."

He laughed nervously. "You don't beat around the bush, do you?"

She snorted. "Neither do you. Now get."

He sighed. "Fiiine."

"I'm not kidding, give it a good go. Whatever you gotta think of to charge the sexual energy."

He closed his eyes and concentrated. "Ok, I got it." He pressed his lips to hers. After a moment he pulled back. "Please tell me that was enough. Worse than my sister, I swear to Gods."

"Wait, so you've got a thing for your sister's ass?"

Gerald visibly shuddered. "Why'd you have to go there?" He scratched his head. "You may have the nicest ass I've ever seen, but you're like my sister sometimes."

"You pull some energy from him." Tyrande mused. "Not nearly what Grogek and Jordan offer, but definitely more than Ina."

"You kissed Ina?" Gerald cackled. "I missed it?" He shook his head and left.

Zelinnia walked in flushed and out of breath. "Tulani said it was urgent."

"Zel, sweetie, we need you for an experiment."

"Um, ok."

Elunara patted the bed. "Come on, get up here."

Zelinnia climbed in bed and cocked her head to the side. "What's going on?"

"I need to kiss you."


"Think of it like healing energy."

"If you say so."

Elunara put both of her hands on either side of Zelinnia's face and pulled her to her. She pressed her lips to Zelinnia who responded immediately. Elunara slid her hand down Zelinnia's arm and back, pulling her in. When Elunara finally broke contact Zelinnia was gasping.

"I hate how you can do that." Zelinnia flushed. "Between you and Tulani I go crazy. It's not fair at all."

"Aw, I'm sorry, sweetie." Elunara rubbed her thumb on Zelinnia's cheek. "You did me a huge favor. But now you can take it out on Renwa when you get back." Elunara winked.

"Amazing. Even after she stopped, the energy transfer just kept up until... the moment was broken." Tyrande stared at her hands.

"Aye, I saw it too."

Zelinnia turned deep scarlet. "Why'd you have to do it in front of people?"

Elunara grabbed Zelinnia's wrist before she could run. "First, don't excite yourself, you could bother the baby. Second, I'm having to kiss random people. Apparently, I recharge on sexual energy. This is returning my health to me. I hate that I had to." Elunara brushed her fingers on Zelinnia's lips. "I knew you would give me what I needed. Thank you for helping. Now, go maul Renwa." Elunara let go of Zelinnia's wrist.

"You needed me to get better?"


"Oh, that's fine then." She wrapped her arms around Elunara.

"If you want to borrow Darguni again, he's downstairs playing with Yoona."

"Alright. Get well." Zelinnia pressed her lips to Elunara before climbing out of the bed and running away.

"I find Gerald's actions strange." Jordan shook his head.

"YOU find it strange? You haven't had him ploughed up your ass." Elunara shook her head. "I wasn't ME that was freaking him out; it was you and Grogek staring at him."

"Your descriptions are always so pleasant." Tyrande sighed.

"You should try it sometime." Elunara shrugged.

"The descriptions or the thing you described?"

"I quite enjoy both myself."

Grogek snickered.

Tyrande rolled her eyes. "Please Elunara, let me take you to Darnassus, if the priestess can't help you, then maybe the druids can. Even Malfurion may be able to sort this out. He knows plenty about the division of self."

"Ugh, if it will get you to quit harping about it."

"I will get Darguni ready." Tulani smiled and left the room.

"She's been dying to go." Elunara sighed.

"I will make sure you are welcomed home with open arms. You have done so much to deserve it."

Jordan kissed her cheek. "I'll go let Renwa know what's going on."

Elunara reached out and grabbed Jordan's hand. "We won't be gone long, I swear it."

"We'll make preparations, you just rest."

She whimpered and tugged him back down. Wrapping her arms around him she sighed. "I don't want to leave you all by yourself."

"Baby, I was alone for a long time before you talked sense into me. I can handle a few days without you." He slipped out of bed and down the hall.

"You know, if I understand this energy transfer of yours..."

"You read that?" Elunara grumbled.

"Then it means that I've horribly misjudged you all these years. Yes, your actions were... horrible, but this insatiable need to have sex with everything that moved was merely a manifestation of the quickest way to get your energy fix." Tyrande shook her head. "I don't even have to forcibly read it. Now that I recognize it, even the most casual touches with the ones you love send shockwaves of power into your body. I very much would like to study it."

"Will my axe work across the time?"

Elunara shrugged. "My dagger never stopped working."

He nodded. "I will get us packed." Grogek froze. "Did you use energy to do the tattoo?" He held up his hand.

"Yes, of course. I have to pour a little bit of myself into every needle point. I charge the ink, I weave the spell, and it takes massive amounts of concentration and power."

Ina reached over and whacked Elunara in the back of the head. "No damned wonder you blacked out."

"Ow, damn." She winced.

"I got patients to tend to that aren't morons." Ina snorted.

Grogek laughed. "I'm just glad it wasn't my fault."

"Elunara, I can't figure out, how you managed to conceal that dagger all these years. No one has ever come across it."

"OH! Um, well, at risk of our already tenuous relationship, I broke down one of the inner walls of the Temple of the Moon, then sealed it over with concealing runes. You'd have to order the complete and utter destruction of the temple in order to find it."

"You did WHAT?" Tyrande put a hand to her chest. "The defacement of a sacred structure..."

"Yeah, yeah. Kind of too late now. I only managed to complete it a few days before I was forcibly removed."

Tyrande put a hand to her forehead. "Elune help me."

"Elune thought it was funny." Elunara snorted.

Tyrande stopped and stared. "How do you know that?"

"She told me."


"When..." Elunara blinked. "I... don't know when." She rubbed her forehead. "I remember speaking with her, she said it was brilliant." Elunara shook her head. "But, I don't know when."

"Could it have been that night in the healer's building, when you awoke and said you spoke to her?" Grogek rubbed her arm.


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