tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 075

For the Whored Ch. 075


She stood on the small platform in front of the training yard, Jordan and Grogek on either side of her. Tulani was safely on the hill with Darguni who'd shot up again overnight. Elunara prayed that was the end of it. She stood in a warrior's pose, staff to the ground.

"You sure about this?" Jordan frowned.

"He wants a display of power; he's going to get it. I'm fully recharged ad ready to go. Unlike when I fight Grogek, we won't be playing around."

"You call that playing?"

"Have you ever seen either one of us seriously hurt the other?" She shook her head. "I get cuts, yes but nothing like I could. Grogek gets bruises, but I've never gone in for the kill. This time? I get no holds barred. The only mercy I intend to show, is keeping him alive."

"What's the point in all of this?"

"There are orc clans out there, especially in Nagrand that haven't chosen a side yet. I intend to use chuckles to get them stirred up."

"If this works, we will have plenty of new blood to add to our cause." Grogek grinned.

Charnak was led to the center of the ring in chains, his four handlers using poles attached to his collar. Once he was in position, she waved her hand. "Release his bonds!"

The men unlocked the shackles on Charnak's legs and arms. They stepped out of the way as instructed prior. Everyone watching knew their role and played it to the hilt, cheering and roaring.

"SILENCE!" She bellowed, and everyone quieted down. "Charnak of the Warsong, you have severely pissed me off. You want to see who's in charge? Then FINE, you have it."

"That is not your weapon!" He gestured to her staff.

"This? This is all the weapon you GET! You are not worthy of my blade!" She sneered. "Return his weapon!"

Grogek reached down and picked up the axe, still stained with his blood. He tossed it in the ring with a smirk. "Her staff is more than enough to deal with you."

"Should you manage to defeat me, I will fight you with my blade." Elunara shrugged. "I severely doubt that's possible."

He growled. "You insult me."

She raised an eyebrow. "Do I? I distinctly remember the last time I went after you, you had no defense against me. Did I rip out your teeth? Or were you "just surprised"? We shall see." She stepped off her platform and into the ring. The crowd began to yell and cheer. She shot them a look, and there was a ripple of quiet.

"They are trained well." He grinned.

"There'd be no point otherwise." She took a deep breath and laid her head back. Opening her mouth she began to sing a traditional war ballad.

"I love when she does that." Jordan murmured to Grogek.

"Mm, as do I."

At the finish of her song, the crowd burst into cheers. The energy pouring into her from them was palpable. She held out her staff. "Let's begin, Chuckles."

He lunged, she dodged. He swung, she jumped. She taunted him endlessly with dodging and weaving, never letting him land a blow. When he stumbled forward, she went on the attack. She landed blow after blow as she dodged and weaved, leapt and spun. She cracked him in the face, in the legs, and even in the balls. She was impressed by his ability to continue standing after that one. He cleaved, and she jumped on top of his axe and ran up his arm, cracking in the face with the heel of her palm. She dropped down behind him and attacked sensitive areas of the back, before dodging out of the way when he spun on her.

He roared in pain, anger and humiliation. "HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT?"

"Are you even WORTHY of my weapon? Land's sake." She blocked his axe with the staff and flung it to the side. He went for the weapon and she continued to rain her wrath upon his body.

He grabbed the weapon up and used it to block her next attack. He kicked out and barely grazed her leg.

"Oh, are you actually trying now?"

With a roar, he threw the weapon at her. Anticipating him, she caught it and flung it back at him. His eyes went wide and he dodged out of the way. He grabbed it up again and went for her, but she dropped the staff and effortlessly deflected it to the ground. She jammed the heel of her hand under his chin, knocking his teeth together. With her foot, she popped the staff back up, grabbed it and cracked him across the face. He stumbled to the ground, his fist in the dirt, holding him up.

"Do you yield?"


"I'm going to do you favor, and assume that being stuck in that jail cell for the past couple of months has made you soft. Perhaps I will consent to let you come to the training yard ever so often, just to re-hone your body. When you think you've improved, I will allow you to challenge me again."

With a sigh, he laid down his axe. "I yield."

She bent down and picked up the axe, effortlessly tossing it back to Grogek. "Good, now go sit in your cell like a good boy. I'll be along when I have time."

"Yes, Goddess."

The men approached Charnak with shackles. She held up her hand. "I think he's humiliated enough. Just take him back."

They bowed. "Yes, Ma'am."

He stared at her with raw lust in his eyes. "Again you show me mercy."

She turned her back and walked up to the platform and resumed her position between Grogek and Jordan. When Charnak was to the edge of the training yard, she called out. "What are you idiots standing around for? BACK TO WORK!" They began to scramble around, trying to get back to their posts.

Back in his cell, he sat down on the bench and leaned back. "I do not understand that woman."

One of his escorts snorted. "The only one who has that claim is Grogek. Everyone else is just too damned afraid of her."

"What of the other one?"

"The pet? He is there by her allowance. Nothing more." The guard motioned to the other three and they left.


Outside one of the guards frowned. "It feels so wrong to downplay General Jordan like that."

"Elunara knows how to keep the balance with a hostile captive. I trust her on this. Besides, the whole town knows the truth, and that's what matters."

She shuddered. "Oh my, that was... delicious. Now that I understand the situation so clearly, wow." She tossed her staff by on the rack.

"Explain it to us." Jordan laughed.

"Every person here was feeding me. It was like the energy poured off of them. Even that idiot was pumping out enough lust at me to make me mildly dizzy." She shook her head. "It's going to take awhile to get use to it, better yet, ignore it. Just, wow."

"You sound like a succubus."

"I... sort of am? But less malicious, more benign. If anything, the energy is being thrown at me, and just absorbed. Though the cause is similar." She shook her head. "It's probably best we keep this to just the people that was in that room. People think I'm feeding off of them, and they'll go crazy."

"That, I agree with." Jordan nodded. "The three of us will gladly feed you, anytime." He grinned.

Elunara gathered up her papers and made her way outside. Darguni ran past with some of the other kids. She shook her head and sighed. She'd lost four years of his life, just to take him to Darnassus. Thankfully, with a little help from everyone else, he was right on track with learning and had caught up quickly. She made her way to the blacksmith's building.

"Hey Arian. I have some designs I want you to help me with."

He sat down his tools and reached out for the papers. He frowned down at them. "You're joking, right?"

"I'll pay double what you'd normally charge. Also, I need thee of each. If this works out how I think they will, I'll be ordering a whole lot more."

He groaned. "I'll never live this down."

"Try to make the big ones hollow, the less metal means they'll weight less, which in this case is important."

"Yeah, I'll have to do cast molds of these. Gods, Elunara, you come up with the weirdest shit."

She grinned. "Just do it."

"Fine. But I want half the fee up front."


"What are the buckles for?"

"The straps I'm going to have the leatherworker make."

"Oh, geez."

"Hey, you're getting off easy, wait 'til the glass maker sees the other ones I made up."

"You're making them out of glass?"

"Just trying all the options." She waved.

He groaned and got to work.

Soon, he came over with a couple of boxes. "Where do you want em?"

"In the library. Most of my work is in there anyway."

He entered the room and sat the boxes down. Interested, he wandered around the room looking at the drawings on the wall. "Your... subjects freak me out, but the work is quality."

"Good to know you have taste." She pawed through the boxes, taking inventory and checking his work.

"Hey, you mind if I get one of these done for my wife?"

"Of your wife or of you for your wife?"

"Of me, for my wife. She likes to joke that she'd love a picture of me to stare at."

"Sure, I can arrange you a sitting."

"No funny stuff."

She snorted. "Of course not. I don't touch the devoutly married." She rubbed her hand across the metal, checking for smoothness. "You also do quality work." She nodded. "I have time next Thursday, six o'clock?"

"Yeah, sure."

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.

Elunara opened it with a grin. "Right on time."

"I can't believe I found my way in here." He muttered.

"Oh, chill out." She gestured to the chair. "Let's start you off right."

He sat down.

She arranged him to her liking and then sat on her couch, sketching.

"This isn't so bad."

"Here's how I work; I start off with a basic portrait, get bone structure, body type down. When I'm happy with what I got, I switch gears and having you turn or move or what have you. You've requested a nude, so then I have to ask you if you'd like to contribute to Ina's books, or just go for the fancy portrait?"

"I guess I should."

"Good boy. Let's work."

He stood there in his pants, fidgeting. "I've never been naked for anyone but my wife."

"Honey, I've seen it all before. Once drew a guy who literally had two inches on him."

"It's not that." He flushed.

"Just relax. This is for your wife. Believe me, I do good work."

He flushed and pulled down his pants. She nodded appreciatively and continued her work. She asked him to turn for awhile before she finally stood up and snapped her board closed. She reached down and grabbed a lever, yanking the bed higher up and slightly slopped.

He stared. "So THAT's why you wanted all those parts fabricated."

"Oh yeah, I love this stupid thing." She grinned. "Climb on and I'll get you adjusted."

He followed her instructions and climbed on the strange couch. She adjusted the angle of his head, the tilt of his shoulders, and the positions of his hands. She did so in such a strange and methodical way, that he didn't feel embarrassed by her touching him. Even when she started adjusting his hips and legs, he didn't feel bad, he felt comfortable. He was a little uncomfortable as she started to arrange even his manhood.

The door burst open and Elunara looked over her shoulder.

"Get away from my HUSBAND!"

"Marlene!" He jumped up and put his hands over his crotch.

"Dammit, do you know how much effort it takes to arrange someone correctly?" Elunara sighed.

Marlene pointed at Elunara. "You get away from him! I know what you do in here!"

Elunara raised her hands and backed up.

"Marlene, honey, it's not like that." He held up a hand. "I mean, I know what it looks like." He flushed.

"Before dinkers here, puts his foot in his mouth and you put one where the sun doesn't shine, he was doing this for you."

Marlene froze mid word and stared. "How the hell could he be doing this for ME?"

Elunara picked up her board and popped it open. She tuned it toward Marlene. "He was trying to surprise you with a portrait."

She wandered forward and stared at the spread of pictures. "You did that in one sitting?"

"Yeah, it's a little rough, but I refine as I go along. If you want, I can get you a chair and you can watch everything I do from here on out. He was already weirded out by the process, maybe you can calm him down, and I can get a decent base for my portrait." Elunara shrugged.


"If you're still not satisfied..." Elunara closed her board and sat it down. She took Marlene by the wrist and dragged her into the library. She lit the lamps. "This is what I usually do."

Marlene wandered around the room, staring at all the pictures.

"This was what convinced your husband to try to do something special for you."

"Oh, I feel so dumb."

Elunara shrugged. "You're not the first, won't be the last. Thus is my life, as the whore."

"I didn't mean to..."

"You didn't. I know what people think I am." She shrugged. "Come, let's get you a chair." Walking out of the library, Elunara pointed at Arian. "Get on the couch; I'm not done with you."

He looked to Marlene. "I'm so sorry, I..."

"Couch." Elunara pointed. She pulled out a second chair and sat it at the head of the couch. "You, sit." She pointed at Marlene.

Marlene sat down in the chair and blinked.

"Are you going to interrupt me again?"

"No." Marlene squeaked.

Elunara nodded and went through the detailed process of getting him rearranged on the couch. He tensed when she returned her attention to his manhood. She gave him a glare and he shrank back into the place she'd left him. Once she was satisfied, she stepped back and examined her work. With a frown she made a few more tweaks to his positioning. Then she sat down, popped open her board and went to work.

A little while later she made a few more sketches as he got dressed. "I'll have the finished work to you next week."

"I'm sorry." Marlene frowned.

Elunara waved her hand. "Don't mention it."

She headed down to the Blacksmith shop, picture under her arm, wrapped in a blanket.

"Is that it?" He frowned.

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

Arian jerked his head back. "I'm not alone."

Elunara shrugged. "You have a good body, don't be ashamed of it." She lifted the blanket.

"Oh, wow." He rubbed his hand over the glass. "That's amazing."

A wolf whistle had them both jumping in surprise. One of the other blacksmiths grabbed the edge of the picture. "Oh man! Arian, look at you!"

"Guys." Arian flushed.

"First metal dicks, now this? Man." The guy shook his head.

Elunara snorted. "What are you packin?" Before he could react, she yanked out his pants and looked down. "Not enough to compete." She let the pants snap back. "Come on; let's go give your wife a prize." She flicked her eyes up and down. "Well, ANOTHER prize."

"How do you always know what to say to people?"

"Decades of experience."

He raised his eyebrows as he pushed his front door open. "Marlene?"

Marlene stuck her head out. "Oh, is that what I think it is?"

Elunara pulled the blanket off the painting.

"Oh!" She took the painting in hand and looked down at it. "Oh, my." She held it to her chest. "This is going up in the living room!"

"Oh, Marlene, please don't."

"You just try and stop me!" She giggled. "You don't suppose you could do one of me?"

Elunara shrugged. "If that's what you want."

"Yes! Yes I do!"

Soon, Marlene had a picture of her posing in the nude. She stood with her back to the viewer, looking seductively over her shoulder, a hint of breast present in the scene.

"THAT one is going in the bedroom." Arian grumped. "Can't believe she hung me in the living room where guests can see." He flushed.

"That's between the two of you. I for one think she has a pretty nice ass." Elunara grinned. "Later."

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