tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 076

For the Whored Ch. 076


Elunara sat down her papers and answered the door.

"Um, excuse me... My name's Chrissy, and I was told you could help me."

Elunara jerked her head to the side. "Come on in." She closed the door. "What can I help you with?"

"You see, I have a... female problem." She twiddled her fingers. "Not the kind Ina can help with." She added hastily. "Some of the women said that you helped them with their problems and... umm."

Elunara sighed and leaned against a post. "Sit down and spill it. Don't worry about what you have to tell me, I've heard it all before."

"Everybody masturbates, right?"

"Well, they should. Some don't, and I feel bad for them. Women especially try to avoid the topic, though that's just stupid. Men are men, so they know men. Women on the other hand, are a mysterious subject shrouded in a veil of fog. They don't know shit about us, so if we don't do it ourselves and find out what we like, how the hell are they going to know?"

"Yes! Exactly!" Chrissy pointed. "Some of the others were rude to me, told me I was vulgar. Said if I wanted to discuss vulgar topics I should find you."

Elunara raised an eyebrow. "Is that all this is?"

"Well, no..." She fidgeted. "You see... when I was..." She made vague hand gestures. "Doing that to myself, I decided to... umm well..."

"Not a mind reader, sweetie."

"I touched my butt." She whispered.

Elunara laughed and put her hands on her own ass. "Touch mine all the time."

"No! Not... not like that."

"Oh, the anus."

Chrissy flushed. "I mean. I rubbed it. I liked it. I... went a little farther. I liked that too. I mean... I know it's gross and gross stuff comes out of it, but it..."

"Felt good, like a turn on?"

"Yes." She sounded defeated.

"You should try it with an actual dick up there. It can blow your mind."

"You've done it?" She whispered in revered awe.

"Honey, I've lost track of how many times I've done it. I quite enjoy it myself. But I gotta warn you, you can't go from timid touches to an entire dick up your ass, you have to build. You ruin it once, you could seriously injure yourself."

"Oh." She frowned.

"I can teach you to train it. Being what it is, you have to work on it and train it, long before you go for the actual guy. However, if you really want to do this, I know just the guy I can set you up with."

"He'll... train it?" Chrissy swallowed.

"No, I'll teach you how to train it, and you can work on it yourself, and we can build you up for that."

"Will it hurt?"

"There might be some stretching and such, but no, pain means you did it wrong." Elunara shrugged. "The guy can come later. But, I do need to know if you're ok with that. In fact, I wouldn't even bring the suggestion to him until we know you're really ok with this. No need to disappoint two people."

"When do we start?"

"I have time free right now."

"Oh, ok. How do we start?"

"Get up a sec." Elunara reached out and pulled a couple of levers to make the bed couch shift into a seated slop. "Now, two options; First get completely naked. Second, hike your skirt up so I can see. I recommend the first. Keep in mind, I am a woman and I'm married to a woman, your body is just another woman. I care not for any "embarrassing" body parts. There is no embarrassment in front of me, because I really do not give a damn."

"I guess I'll go for naked."

"You can fold your clothes up over there."

Once Chrissy was comfortable in the chair, Elunara pulled up a chair in front of her.

"Now, first and foremost, every single time, you must get horny. You must start with the basics and go for the thing that gets you the wettest. Never start with the ass itself. You need lube, and the best lube comes directly from your pussy."

"You want me to do that now?"

"Remember, there is no right or wrong, so long as it gets you going. If you need my assistance, let me know. I'm told I can be imposing."

"Alright." She timidly ran her fingers through her hair and slipped down to the lips."Can you not stare...?"

Elunara flipped her hair to the side. "Here, let's move this along." She reached over and put her hand on top of Chrissy's. "There we go, just like this." She began to help Chrissy stroke her fingers up and down. "Don't be afraid to really get in there, and spread a little. "There you go."

"Oh! Oh that's much better."

"Years of practice." Elunara raised her hand up and looked at her wet fingers. "Nice. Alright, from here, you can start to play with the anus, really spread the stuff around." She reached over and picked up a thin metal bar. "This I designed myself. It has many uses, but for our intents and purposes, you will be using it on your ass. It's nice and small so it won't hurt you, nice and smooth for a good insertion. I want you to stick it in yourself to get it nice and wet, then when it's drippy, you move it to the ass. Always use it slow, and you may have to shift a little to get in comfortable. This keeps your fingers nice and clean. You just have to wash it after EVERY use, and once it's in your ass, you don't go back to the front. Never cross. Always go front to back. OK? Come on, let's practice."

Afterwards, Chrissy clutched the little bag Elunara gave her. "Thank you! Thank you!"

"Yeah, yeah. Get." Elunara grinned.

A couple of weeks later, she made her way out to the training yard. She waved to Grogek but kept on moving. She stopped by the tree.

"I found what you're looking for."

Gerald snorted. "What was I looking for?"

"A woman with an ass half as nice as mine and a desire for it to be played with."

He stared at her. "What?"

"Well, if you're not interested in some virgin ass."

He grabbed her arm. "Don't shit with me."

"I'm not. I've been training her up the past couple of weeks. A little while longer and she'll be ready for the real thing."


"I told her to not hold her hopes up. That a little fun is one thing; an actual relationship takes something else. She wants to try the full thing, and figure out if he's a match later."

"Oh, man."

"Next week, I have an opening for 5 o'clock, don't be late." She waved as she wandered off.

Elunara opened the door. "You're right on time. I was just getting her ready."

Chrissy looked at Gerald and blushed deeply. "Oh, you're Captain Gerald."

"Yeah, he's an old friend of mine. He has volunteered to help you with your... wish."

She held out her hand. "I'm sorry, I've never done this before."

Gerald laughed and shook her hand. "Elunara can arrange any damned thing she likes."

"Alright, are you still willing to do this Chrissy? You can back out any time."

"Yes! I mean, no! I mean... I want to. Kinda badly." She fiddled her fingers. "I mean, I... I always thought I'd find a man first and figure this stuff out later."

"Pfft, what's the fun in that?" Elunara went to her couch bed and yanked the levers and unclipped the locks.

"I cannot get over that thing." Gerald snorted.

"You've done this before?" Chrissy flushed.

"With Elunara, same as you, I suspect."

"I prefer men." Chrissy put her hands to her face. "But only Elunara knew what I wanted and could do it without hurting me."

"Would you stop being adorable and come lay on the couch?"

"Oh! Yes, right." Chrissy tugged off her clothes and tried to not look in Gerald's direction. CAPTAIN Gerald she corrected herself. She climbed in the chair thing and made herself comfortable.

"Alright, you know my rule, it applies to everyone."

"Of course, Nara." Gerald rolled his eyes.

"Call me Nara again and I cut off your dick and find her another suitor. Get with it."

Chrissy looked up. "Which rule?"

"The woman's pleasure before your own. Meaning," Gerald ran his fingers through her folds. "I get you nice and slick before anything happens."

"Oh! Oh my... I... I thought Elunara was good at that." Chrissy buried her face in the pillow.

"Now remember, my house is for play. If you contact each other outside of this house, no awkward conversations. This didn't happen, unless while IN here, you agreed to SEE if anything happens. Got me?"

"Yes!" Chrissy yelped.

"Of course."

Elunara leaned against his ear. "She enjoys herself and I'll get you her file." She murmured.

He pulled his pants down and slipped out his dick. He positioned himself and slid into her front. Chrissy gasped and dug her fingers into the fabric. He slid in and out of her and she moaned. He looked to Elunara who nodded and he began rubbing his thumb against Chrissy's ass. When he thought he'd done enough, he pulled out of her and shifted on the couch.

"Don't clench Chrissy, you'll just ruin it for yourself." Elunara walked to the other side of the couch and put her hand on Chrissy's head. "Breathe, relax, feel. Breath, relax, feel. That's my good girl. I got you the best. Alright? Gerald's a pro. Breathe, relax, feel." Elunara looked up at Gerald and nodded. "Slowly" she mouthed. "Breathe... That's my good girl, relax... there you go."

Gerald lined himself up with Chrissy's ass again and began to slowly press himself in.

Chrissy gave a little gasp as Gerald made his way in.

"There you go." Elunara looked up. "Breathe, relax, feel." She held up her hand. "There you go; he's all the way in. How does that feel?"

"It's... kind of good."

Elunara made a motion with her hand. "He's moving now, feel it?"

"Oh, wow." She grabbed Elunara's hand. "It's a little tight, but... wow."

Elunara signaled Gerald and he increased his pace, rubbing his hands on Chrissy's ass and back. Once Elunara was able to free herself of Chrissy's grasp, she went around and checked the progress.

"Good, go for it, but remain gentle." She patted Gerald's shoulder. She leaned over the couch, her ass in the air, as she laid her face in front of Chrissy. "Doing good?" Elunara rolled her eyes as she felt Gerald grab her ass.

"I like this."

"Well, come back next session and I'll have a surprise for you." She looked up and rolled her eyes at Gerald. "You up to come back?"

"You know me."

"Ya'll have at it. I'm going to get my papers."

Gerald was wiping himself off with one of the towels Elunara kept around, while Chrissy had her back to Gerald, getting her clothes back on. Elunara passed him the folder. "As promised."

"Elunara, you lied to me."


"Her ass is totally better than yours." He grinned, saluted and walked out.

"Did... did he mean that?"

Elunara shrugged. "Gerald tends to avoid saying anything he doesn't mean."

"So..." Elunara eyed Gerald. "I have to ask, what did you mean by your parting shot the other day?"

Gerald handed her back the folder. "Her ass is better than yours, because it's about to be mine."

Elunara laughed and shook her head. "So, you're keeping to your word?"

"That I'd marry any ass half as good as yours?" He sighed. "I guess I have to keep to my word, don't I?" He grinned. "Of course, with how YOU work, I now have to wait for an opening to start to pursue her. I've read your report, which is... vivid as always. In any event, I think we'll suit just fine, sexual preferences notwithstanding."

"I'll clear it for you tonight. She..." Elunara chuckled. "Has apparently had something of a crush on you. Was thrilled to the moons that I'd put her right in the cross hairs of... "The most eligible bachelor since Jordan went off market". She'd be out here flirting with you, asking for private lessons, if it wasn't for my steadfast rules and all."

"Oh, damn."

Elunara patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

Once Gerald was back buried in Chrissy's ass, Elunara pulled out a large metal object. "This here is another one of my little inventions, and it's meant to aid in these sorts of situations." She showed it to Chrissy before going around to Gerald. "See, when he's buried in here, it's difficult to get around to the front. With this, after he pulls out, he can slide it in like this..." Elunara ducked between Gerald's legs and slipped the metal dick into Chrissy's pussy.

She groaned and grabbed the fabric.

"So now, there's that extra bit of resistance. I have some objects to use to attach it, but for now... feel how his dick rubs up against it, giving you all the more..." Elunara laughed as Chrissy began to drip. "Came already, didn't you?"

"Yes." She whimpered.

"Well, you can keep it." Elunara slipped it back out. "You can use it solo for great effect, or you can use it in conjunction with this." She began to wipe the metal dick off.

Gerald pulled out with a grunt and grabbed a towel.

"I'm going to get the straps and show you how they work." Elunara left the metal dick on the bed.

Chrissy climbed out of the contraption and picked up the metal penis. "Fascinating how she comes up with these things."

"She's always doing weird shit like that." Gerald blinked. "Uh, sorry. Language."

"No, it's fine. You've known her long?"

"Oh, years and years. She's completely nuts, but it works for her."

"Did you ever... love her?"

"Ugh, no. I've seen where she's been. I'd explain it all to you sometime, but you know her rule about contact outside."

"Well, maybe we could... talk her out of it?"

Gerald reached out, ran his thumb across her cheek. "Wouldn't that be nice?" He whispered.

Chrissy's breath quickened. "Maybe she doesn't have to know?"

"Know what?" Elunara stepped out from behind the door.

"Hey, na... err Elunara, I was wondering... I know you and your rules and all..."

Her face drooped in annoyance. "Since when do you beat around the bush?"

Gerald ran his fingers through his hair. "You always have to be so difficult."

"Says the man who won't even make his request." She dropped the leather strips on the bed and put her hands on her hips. "Spill it, dinky."

"I just wanted to speak to Chrissy outside of your little... sessions."

Elunara groaned. "You idiot. The rule is to protect YOU from the possibility that SHE might think you taking her virginity BOUND you or some such nonsense. I told you, everything that happens in here stays in here unless ALL PARTIES agree that it's ok to talk about outside. Next time, just freaking ask." Elunara tossed up her hands. She turned and pointed at Chrissy. "Is it OK that he pursue you outside of my office?"

Chrissy blushed and nodded. "Y-yes!"

Elunara pointed at Gerald. "Is it OK that she pursue YOU outside of my office?"

"Of course."

"Then go fuck each other's brains out for all I care. Now, do you want to know how to attach the metal dick or what?"

Elunara studied a picture as she walked to the door. She looked up and rolled her eyes at Gerald. "Come in then."

"Who is that?"

She glared at him. "What, dinky?"

"Ugh, don't tell me that's my new nickname."

"It is when I'm pissy."

Gerald shook his head. "Anyway, I came to thank you."

"Things are going well?"

"I do believe I am going to marry her. I just thought I'd let you know before I asked her."

"Go get her, tiger. I'm sure Ina would LOVE to organize another wedding."

"Gods save me." Gerald whimpered as he walked out.

Jordan leaned over the banister. "Did you just get Gerald a wife?"

"You betcha." She grinned.

"How about you put down whatever you're working on right now and come upstairs."

"Or you could come try out my fancy couch."

"I've tried your fancy couch. I want you in my bed."

"Well then." She put her paper down on the table and made her way upstairs. She stopped and looked around at the dozens of candles. "When did you do all this?"

He put his arms around her waist and picked her up. "I've been smuggling candles in like a bandit for months. You see, when I came into this arrangement, I knew that the only way to satisfy you, was to find my place." He sat her on the bed.

"Oh, Jordan."

"Grogek is the big strong orc. He's rough tough and ready for any of your more extreme tumbles." He kissed her and took off her shirt. "Tulani is soft and sweet and... well, female. She could handle any of your sweeter moments and pleasures." He tugged her up and started sliding her pants down. He kissed that place just above her hair. "I knew I had to be in the middle." He brushed his fingers across her hair and folds. "I figured out, that romantic gestures are more my speed and not exactly something the other two are prominent at."

He stood up and kissed her softly. "Let me make love you."

"Always." She smiled.

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