tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 096

For the Whored Ch. 096


Renwa was standing in front of her house. "What should I do with THIS?"

"Look, if I have Tyrande purify it, can I please keep it?"

"We'll discuss it." He sighed. "I feel compelled to apologize to you for being so harsh. My decree still stands."

"Nah. I guess I was just more shocked that you'd actually yell at me."

"You do realize that you just scared half the town to death, AND injured about fifteen of our men, right?"

"Actually, I have no idea what happened when I was taken over."

"You would attack with your dagger, and then block the dagger with your staff." Jordan murmured. "You only nailed me because I got in a range that blocked the staff."

"Excuse me?" Everyone looked over at Linda. "I know she is under punished confinement, but would a short visit be alright?"

Renwa sighed. "Elunara is allowed visitors, so long as all visits are cleared through me, and last no longer than fifteen minutes." He walked away.

"I need to lie down, but you can follow."

She sighed as she lay down on the bed.

"I guess you can't feel all that well, having your body taken over like that."

"Looky, queen of the understatements!"

Linda blinked repeatedly and just stared.

"Don't mind her, she gets cranky mean when she's drained." Jordan laughed. "She'll feel bad about it tomorrow."

"Like, seriously tired of this shit." She crossed her arms. "If you're here to tell me you don't want your kid near me, now would be the time."

"Actually, no. It was kind of inspiring, hearing your family try so hard to save you."

Elunara pointed. "I heard you too. I know I did."

Grogek brought her a plate of fruit.

"Thank you my love." She ran her hand on his cheek.

He climbed in bed beside her and took an apple.

"Shouldn't you get back to training?"

He snorted. "I don't eat energy like you do. And you drained me."

"I'm sorry." She bit into a pear.

"Ahem. Uh, what is he talking about?"


The boys ran in and jumped on the bed. "We fed Savage."

"Momma, you were going to tell us?"

"Where is Lydia? We may as well..."

Lydia stepped in. "General Jordan said I could come in."

"Get on the bed, child."

Lydia jumped on the bed between the two boys.

"The first thing I need to ask, is that this goes no further than this room, unless I otherwise state it. Because there's something very important that I don't want the other children to know."

"Yes, Momma."

"Yes Miss Elunara."

She closed her eyes and sighed, enjoying the love radiating at her. She opened her eyes and frowned. "Darguni is very special. I am a Night Elf from our time; Grogek is an orc from this planet in this time. In order for us to go back and forth, a portal through time must be opened. You should know all of this part. So Darguni is a child of both races, of both times. When I was pregnant with him, he... grew faster than others. The first half of my pregnancy, I stayed so sick I couldn't move. The second half I was so big, I also couldn't move. I was literally trapped in this bed for seven months."

"Babies take nine months." Lydia said. She blushed. "I asked."

"By time I had reached seven months, he had gotten so big, that my body could no longer sustain him. I went into labor, but Ina was afraid I'd be torn apart. So, I summoned my dagger," She flexed her hand. And then drew the blade across her belly. "And cut him out. I kinda blacked out at that moment." She laughed.

"Your mom is terrifying." Lydia whispered.

"Anyway, he was too big. Not normal too big." She shook her head. "Ina guessed he was already two months old. He's always grown faster than anyone. When he wasn't quite two, I... things started changing for me."

Jordan walked in, drying his hair. Linda looked over and blushed. He climbed into bed behind Elunara and wrapped his arms around her.

"This next part is no secret. Jordan was killed by an idiot with a gun, and... I lost my marbles. I summoned a power I never knew I had to pull his spirit back from the nether. I didn't know what had happened at the time, I didn't feel I had done anything. Soon I had pulled off several "miracles". Not that I understood anything about it." She stared at her hands.

"I am eternally grateful." Jordan kissed her shoulder.

"Then, Grogek died... and all hell broke loose. To put it mildly, I slaughtered the orcs. Renwa is still trying to figure out how I decapitated some of them in a single blow with a DAGGER."

"My avenging angel." Grogek kissed her other shoulder.

Not only did I go on a mass slaughter, I then forced the nether to give me back my mate."

Jordan tapped a framed picture on the wall. "This is an accurate representation. Well over fifty troops, eight healers, and a mess of townsfolk all confirm it."

"Anyway, in the process, I drained my body. I was completely wiped out. Well, I wasn't regaining my strength like I should have been. Because of this extreme miracle, Tyrande Whisperwind was called to investigate. It was she who determined that the reason I'm so freakishly strong, the reason I have such a ridiculous amount of stamina, is that I absorb energy given to me by other people.

Whenever you look at me and think "I like you" I get a fresh boost. I can never take more than is given. If someone looks at me and thinks "I hate you" I still get a tiny boost because they acknowledged me, but I can't get a GOOD boost because they had a negative thought towards me. All these years that I have put myself in the way of people, I've been absorbing their energy. When people love and appreciate me, I get lovely boosts. My family is a walking boost to me. The more... interaction I get, the more I can feed." She popped a grape in her mouth.

"And we gladly give it to her." Tulani walked in and scooted up into Grogek's lap, wrapping her arms around Elunara.

"In the end though, the massive amount of energy I drained to bring Grogek back, left me open to a creature known as a dark star. It was eating me alive, and not letting me absorb energy. Tyrande decided the best way to fix me, was to take me to Darnassus. I come back to the big secret. When we left for Darnassus, Darguni wasn't quite two years old. When we arrived in Darnassus, Darguni was four years old."

The children gasped and stared at each other.

"Now back to the part people know. They took a couple of tries to cleanse me in the pools of the moon, but on the last attempt, they were having difficulty making it work. Tulani and Grogek were trying to give me all the energy they could, but they weren't making headway. Then Darguni, in all his adorable innocence, dove into the pools, climbed the statue and jumped on my legs. It was his loving energy that allowed my body to finally banish the dark star."


"Now back to the part people don't know. The big secret. I was only in Darnassus a week. I left Darnassus with a four year old."

Jordan tightened his grip on her waist and rubbed his cheek on her shoulder. "She was gone almost two months."

"And I arrived with a six year old. A six year old who had absolutely no memory of anything that had happened." She sighed. "Darguni is, at most, two and a half years old. I don't want anyone else to know this, because I don't want people to think less of him." She brushed a hand through his hair. "For all intents and purposes, he is six. We will celebrate his birthday as normal. Which is actually this month. He had some catching up to do in the education scale, but I think we did ok.

The reason I don't want you to go back to Darnassus, or any part of that time, is that I couldn't handle it if you lost years again. There's a high possibility that you'll lose time and then suddenly you'll be far beyond anything now. You won't have your friends; you'll have to relearn things. I'm not even sure you'll keep your memories."

Darguni sniffled. "Would I lose my brother?"

"Bradly will always be your brother, sweetie. But, instead of being your big brother, he'd be your little brother."

"Why didn't I grow?" Lydia frowned.

"As I said, Darguni is a child of both times. He's a unique situation. All that I have found, says that children can pass back and forth without an issue. None of the children that have come through have been affected."

"How is that like now?" Bradly asked.

"We believe that when Elunara ran herself out taking down the demons when she left a few days ago. She opened herself up again to something dark." Jordan sighed.

"I hope Tyrande can help us again." Grogek sighed and stroked a hand down her arm.

"We'll be here for you." Tulani smiled and followed Grogek's example.

"It's rather fascinating watching you... four. My brain scrambles with the questions I really shouldn't be asking." Linda laughed.

"She'd tell you." Tulani grinned.

"In great detail." Jordan laughed.

"Just please don't invite her in." Grogek sighed. "It's getting complicated as it is."

Elunara laughed manically. "No, my loves. I'm done. I swear. I'm not sure I'd even know what to DO with another."

"You? Not know what to do?" Jordan snorted.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Tulani snorted.

"Hey, did anyone walk Yoona today?" Elunara raised her eyebrows.

The boys looked at each other. "We'll do it now, Momma." Bradly climbed off the bed.

"Come on, Lydia." Darguni waved at her.

After listening to the sounds of three children run down the stairs, Elunara sighed. "The energy off of those kids is nice, but I had a feeling the topic was going... less than kid friendly."

Linda blushed. "I'm sorry."

"Nah, don't worry about it. The truth is, yes I get HIGH doses of energy off of sex. In some of our wilder moments, I can actually get overloaded. Yes, keeping three continuous lovers is a bit selfish, but the end discussion is that I love them. Each one offers something special to my heart. People look at us and think we're weird, or that I don't value them that much. But I go crazy when anything happens to them."

"While we are an all you can eat buffet to Elunara," Jordan grinned. "We all also get our special days or our special moments."

"If Elunara and I want our time, we take it." Tulani smiled and kissed Elunara's shoulder. "We have special cues that say, this is our alone time, or yes you can join us."

"I find it pretty funny that everyone seems to call me the head of the household." Grogek chuckled. "But that's just how it works out. I married her first, Tulani second, Jordan third. I hold the highest rank, if only because it is the kind of person I am, that allows this family to even exist."

"I like to say, that Grogek opened my heart, Tulani held the door open, and Jordan just strolled right in." Elunara laughed.

"Elunara has enough love for whomever she allows into her heart next." Grogek smiled and toyed with her hair.

"We all need each other, in our own ways." Tulani smiled.

"Elunara is our glue though." Jordan nodded. "The sex? Totally mind blowing." He grinned. "I mean, we ARE talking about Elunara here. But it's not ALL of our relationship. It's kind of weird, but it works. I mean, Grogek and I hang out and chitchat about nothing, like we've been friends our whole lives. And I'd do anything is takes to protect Tulani, but lord knows I'm just terrified to step in her studio." He laughed.

"I think we all agree that we'd do anything to protect our Tulani." Grogek grinned.

"Everyone just thinks it's so adorable that you kiss me on the head." Tulani laughed.

"You are Elunara's, so you are mine." He pointed to Jordan. "I still ain't kissin him."

"Please don't." Jordan whimpered.

"Admittedly, by this point, Tulani is just mine, I care for her. I will always care for her. I just don't see her in a sexual way. Regardless of what you add to the... party as Jordan calls it."

"Well, of course you don't." Tulani snorted. "I'm not into men. Just because I enjoy tossing myself into the fray every now and then, doesn't even mean I consider them attractive."

Elunara chuckled and rubbed Tulani's leg. "It's ok, my Sweetness. Just because one pigheaded moron got you in a pinch, doesn't mean these two would ever do that."

"Yeah Tuly." Jordan patted her shoulder. "We all know it's only by your grace that you ever get involved. We wouldn't try to make a thing of it."

"That jerk isn't the only one to make the comment." Tulani grit her teeth.

"What?" Elunara growled.

She sighed. "I shouldn't have brought it up. Besides, you're on lock down; you can't do anything about it."

Grogek cracked his knuckles. "No, but I damned well can."

Elunara sighed and laughed. "I am reminded of that assmunch that said "if Grogek can't straighten out Tulani, none of us can."

Tulani giggled. "That is the best thing I have ever heard. Perhaps we can get Gerald involved again?"


"I still want his name."

"I don't know his name, but I can point him out at training tomorrow."

"Oh? He's a soldier? Even better." Grogek grinned, showing his teeth.

"I hope my husband hasn't pissed you off." Linda giggled.

"Which one?"


"Oh, no. He's pretty good, faster learner, determined to keep his commission, though he recently seemed to relax on that point." Grogek stared off as if he was trying to remember something.

"Since Elunara fixed Lydia's legs, he's been much more at peace."

"That's it." Grogek pointed. "Couldn't put it together."

"We will be forever grateful to Elunara for what she did. It's been so difficult..." She shook herself. "What you did was nothing short of miraculous."

"It's funny how she does these things without thinking, and then gets embarrassed when people thank her for it." Laughed Jordan.

"Elune appreciates her actions. Elune facilitates them." Elunara said suddenly.

Everyone stared at her.

"Aw, shit." Said Grogek.

"What? What's wrong?" Linda frowned.

"I protect her. Tyrande must be summoned."

"Tyrande has been summoned." Jordan answered, flicking a glance at the others. "Is everything ok?"

"I am so pleased with how she has come along; my heart went out when she sent me such an honest prayer. I could not deny that little girl."

"Elune, has Elunara been taken over by a demon?"

"The demon she ripped to pieces latched on to her rage and is trying to take over. I have him abated for now. Tyrande must be summoned."

"What's going on, why is she talking like that?"

"Elunara is my most treasured disciple. I cannot let her come to harm."

"Yeah..." Jordan sighed. "You know how we said when she is drained, it leaves her open to stuff? Apparently the incarnation of Elune likes Elunara and frequently takes over her body when drained."

"That's... disturbing."

"Elune is benevolent and is trying to save Elunara. It's just a sign of how bad it was." Grogek sighed.

"Wait, you mean the goddess of the night elves?"

"The same."

"You must be the mother." Elunara cocked her head to the side. "How fascinating.

"Please give me my wife back." Grogek sighed.

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you distress. Elunara is fine. I hold back the demon for now. Go back to whatever it was you were doing." Elunara's stare went blank. She shook her head and frowned. "Bah, I must be more drained than I thought."

"Baby, I hate to tell you this..."

"Wait, what NOW?"

"Elune took you over again."

She flopped back against his chest. "Oh Gods."

He winced. "Baby, that shoulder..."

She bolted upright and turned. "Oh, I'm so sorry." She kissed his shoulder. She slid against his chest and wrapped her arms around Jordan and Grogek's necks. "Gods, please forgive me, I almost..."

Both wrapped an arm around her, running their hands in sync down her back and across her ass.

"It's ok, Baby. We knew it wasn't you."

She kissed Grogek, and then turned and kissed Jordan. "I don't know how I could live with myself..."

Grogek captured her mouth with his own. "You didn't." He breathed.

Jordan had his turn. "You can't get rid of us that easy."

Tulani stood up quietly and walked around the bed. "You might want to follow... unless you want to watch." She whispered.

Linda was already scarlet. "Oh!" She got up and followed behind Tulani, sparing a final peek before heading out.

Tulani flipped the sign.

Zelinnia marched up. "I demand to see her right NOW."

"Why, certainly, if you want to see her going for double penetration." Tulani smiled benignly.

Linda and Zelinnia flushed completely. "Oh, my."

Tulani calmly walked away.

"Gods, I can't believe I did that." Elunara kissed Grogek again, before kissing Jordan.

"I forgive you." Jordan nuzzled her cheek with his nose.

Grogek shifted her on top of him. "We know you."

She pressed her mouth to his. He slipped his fingers under her shirt and tugged it off; and he captured her breast with his hand. Jordan slid around back and tugged her pants off. He trailed his mouth up and down her spine, before slipping his fingers into her.

"Gods, you're always so slick." Jordan shifted up, tugging his pants off. He slipped into her center a few times, before shifting up and pressing into her ass. She arched her back and groaned.

Grogek tugged himself free, and grabbed Elunara's hips before slipping her down over his dick.

She ran her hands over the holes in his chest and concentrated her energy into him. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. She bent down and kissed each indentation of her nails. Licking his chest, she ran her hands across his shoulders.

Jordan pumped himself in and out of her ass, clinging to her hips, ignoring the feeling of his balls brushing against Grogek's

Grogek held on to Elunara's hips as he began to pump her on to his dick, over and over. Jordan shoved her forward, and soon she was rotating her hips with the both of them, groaning as she could feel the two of them rubbing inside of her. She clamped down, but still they persisted, slow and steady rhythm, as Grogek licked her neck, and Jordan kissed her back.

Jordan slipped a hand forward, and cupped a breast, teasing the hardened nipple. With a hard shudder, he filled her ass. Grogek took his advantage and yanked Elunara's hips down over him as he filled her front. She collapsed on Grogek's chest, and Jordan collapsed on her back.

Wrapping her arm up and around Jordan's neck, she sighed. "I need you both, just so much."

"And we need you, Baby." Jordan kissed her shoulder.

Grogek wrapped his arms around the both of them. "That we do."

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