tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 097

For the Whored Ch. 097


Elunara went down into her library and started sorting her work out for the week, just in case it took too long.

"So what are we going to do about Elunara?" Jordan leaned against the big bedroom door. "We can't leave her here by herself."

"We'll take turns." Grogek pulled on a shirt.

"I guess I'll take first round of babysitting duty."

"I can HEAR you!" She stared at the ceiling.

"My shoulder's still killing me, and if she tries anything, I can guilt her with it." He grinned.

She threw her papers on the desk. "I can STILL hear you!"

Grogek laid a hand on Jordan's good shoulder. "May the spirits guide you, brother."

"I'm going to NUTPUNCH the BOTH of you!"

"Hey, you called me brother." Jordan said quietly.

"Hm. That I did." Grogek considered for a moment. "You are." He clapped his hand to Jordan's good shoulder. "You are my brother."

Jordan was rendered completely speechless. He swallowed several times before returning the gesture. "And you are my brother." He grinned.

"Gods, you two saps are going to make me vomit." Elunara dove on the both of them, wrapping her arms around their necks. "I love you both."

"Does that make me the sister?" Tulani raised an eyebrow as she leaned against the door.

"I believe it does." Jordan laughed.

"Our papas are now brothers?"

Everyone looked at the two boys.

"We were just jealous of you two." Jordan grinned.

They ran to join in the hugging.

"This is the best day!" Darguni proclaimed.

"Well, it's high in the running." Bradly grinned.

"Yeah, you're right. The BEST day was the day I got a brother." Darguni grinned and put his arm on Bradly's shoulders.

"Ugh, so much love, it's awful." Elunara laughed. "Go on you two; don't you have a town to terrorize?"

"But momma..."

"You're stuck here by yourself."

"We don't want to leave you lonely."

"I'm staying today." Jordan scrubbed Bradly's hair. "You guys go tell your friends about how awesome your mom is. She probably terrified some of them, you need to do damage control, or they might not join the warriors."

Elunara sighed. "Yes, that's the most important job right now, making sure people don't think I'm some kind of monster."

Grogek snorted. "Just another training exercise. I'll do my end."

"I'll try to ease the minds of the townsfolk." Tulani sighed.

"You know, fuck it. I like when people hate me." Elunara crossed her arms. "I'm used to that."

"Oh, don't be that way." Tulani brushed her lips against Elunara's. "You're a sweetheart and we all know it."

"Don't worry momma, we'll let them know you're the best!" Darguni tugged on her shirt.

"I'm sure Lydia would tell them too." Bradly blushed.

Elunara sighed. "I'm going to go stir crazy."

"You spend most of your time indoors anyway." Tulani poked her.

"Yeah, but I usually have some form of entertainment. Being here by myself is going to make me bonkers."

"I'm here." Jordan brushed a hand down her arm.

She gave him a cool look. "All by myself... babysitter."

The boys giggled before running off.

Jordan kissed her shoulder. "It'll be ok. We're right here for you."

Tyrande stepped into Renwa's office. "I got your message."

"I'm glad you could get here so quickly."

"I would do anything for my daughter."

Duchie's eyebrows shot up. "She's your..."

"Oh, I didn't tell you?" Renwa raised an eyebrow. "An oversight, I assure you." He paused and narrowed his eyes. "Didn't you read her books?"

"Twice... but, uh... I seemed to have missed that tidbit."

"Old friend, you're starting to make me think you're incompetent."

"This is all well and good, but where is she?"

"She has been confined to quarters until you could decide how best to deal with her."

Tyrande nodded. "She would not come back to Darnassus, so I have brought Darnassus with me. I've also called in a few favors here. I will need a wide, clear area."

"The training yard has a training ring."

"That will do. Lead me to it."

Tyrande observed the area. "Is this where she lost herself?"


"All the better. Ladies, do what you came to."

The procession of priestess began pouring water in various patterns on the ground.

"They will purify the area and give us a place to work. I will see to my daughter soon, but I must handle this."

"Tyrande, I need to tell you one other thing."

"Yes, Renwa?"

"Elunara has taken possession of a demon skull that she has hung above her door."

"I guess I should see to my daughter now."

Elunara grinned down at Jordan as she had him pinned to the couch. She ran her fingers over his chest. "Maybe you should stay home more often."

He tugged up her shirt and pulled her down, sucking on a breast. His hand slipped down into her pants and grabbed her ass.

"Or maybe this was your intent all along." She groaned.

There was a knock on the door. He released her with a sigh. Rolling her eyes, she slid off of him and went for the door. He rubbed his erection with a groan. "Don't worry." He mumbled. "We'll have her."

"Mother!" Elunara gasped.

"Or not." Jordan sighed.

Tyrande wrapped her arms around Elunara. "I came as soon as I got the message.

Elunara returned the hug and then stepped back. "I thought it'd be several days at least."

"I can move mountains for my daughter."

"Momma! Momma!" A pair of voice cried. Both boys ran in and stopped up short.

"Ah, this must be Darguni. Yes, I see why you don't want him to risk the portals again."

"Boys, this is Tyrande Whisperwind, my mother."

"Momma?" Bradly stepped forward. "If this is your Mom, does that make her my grandmother?"

"Yeah does it?" Darguni bounced.

Tyrande stared at Elunara.

"I guess technically it does."

Bradly bounced. "Not only do I have the most awesome momma ever, I have the most awesome grandmother ever!" He tossed his hands in the air. "I always wanted to visit Darnassus and see her, but we couldn't afford the boat."

"Why does this child call you mother?"

"Because I'm his mother." Elunara shrugged.

"You never told me you had another child."

"I didn't."

Bradly hugged Elunara. "She's my momma because she wanted me."

"If you must know, Bradly would be considered another one of my rescues. He is my son in every way that counts"

"And my brother!" Darguni declared with pride in his voice.

"Just like our papas are now brothers too!"

Tyrande just stared.

"Yeah, that one breaks even MY brain."

Jordan laughed and put a hand on her shoulder. "It's a guy thing. But I think we'll take the same philosophy, we're brothers in every way that counts."

"I am going to withhold my comment out of the fact there are children present." Elunara grinned.

"GUYS!" Lydia ran up, huffing and puffing. "Guys, come quick! They're doing something weird to the training yard!" Lydia paused and looked up. "Sorry, Miss Elunara, I know you can't come see. Please forgive me." She bowed. "I hope you're well soon." She turned and bolted.

The boys looked at each other and took off running.

Elunara looked at Jordan. "Last I checked, most brothers aren't fucking the same woman, often at the same time."

"Since when is anyone in this family "most" anything?" He laughed.

Tyrande smacked her forehead. "I did not need that mental image."

"A phrase often heard around Elunara." Jordan giggled.

Tyrande took a deep breath. "I am having the training ring purified. I dare not ask you to come back with me to Darnassus, so I am bringing it to you. I have brought my priestesses and water from the temple. I have also sent for some of the purified moonwell waters both on our world and this. It may take us a few days to get everything set up for you. Now tell me about that skull."

"It was a souvenir from my last conquest."

"I need it."

"Well, I told Renwa that I'd let you purify it. But I do want to keep it."

"I need it for the ritual."

With a sigh, Elunara untied the ropes and lowered the skull. "I'll get someone to bring it down."

"For now, I agree that you should stay here." She eyed Jordan in nothing but his pants. "I will assume you're well occupied."

"Yes, I do have a husband or two locked in a closet somewhere."

Jordan laughed and kissed her shoulder. "Yeah, I think I can keep the little wife busy."

She snorted.


"Oh, yeah. We've decided that Jordan has earned the title husband." She reached back and brushed his hair. "So now I'm up to two husbands and a wife. Quite nice really."

"Only you." Tyrande sighed.

A few days later, Elunara stood at the edge of the training yard. The entire town had come out, and everyone watched with interest. Pools of water traced patterns on the ground, and large moon stones were placed in various points. The skull had been placed in the center.

"Come, child. We must begin."

Elunara nodded and stepped into the ring. The waters began to glow all around her as she made her way to the center. She knelt down as instructed, hands on the skull. The priestess stepped in and took their positions. Her family waited on the outside ring, waiting to be called. Savage whimpered, not being allowed to join her. Yoona started bouncing and he sat on her.

Tyrande eyed the exchange, but did not react.

A pair of unexpected guests came up from the back way and stood by the tree overlooking the training yard.

"What's going on?" Tylia whispered.

"I'm not sure." Charnak shook his head.

Tyrande stepped forth and raised her arms. "We will begin."

Tyrande and the priestesses began to sing and channel their spell. The water began to glow and tendrils of light wrapped around Elunara. She was lifted into the air, her arms out to the sides, feet dangling below.

"Into position!" Tyrande cried, and Elunara's family ran out into their positions around her. Even the cats took places on either side of her feet. All raised their arms up in the air.

As the light filled her, a black cloud poured forth and surrounded her body.

"NO! SHE IS MINE!" A voice boomed.

"YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER!" Grogek cried.

"SHE IS OURS!" Tulani yelled.

Elunara began to scream, her head laid back, hands curling.

"FIGHT MOMMA!" The boys yelled.


"Baby! We're here for you! Listen to us!"

Everywhere, the townsfolk and the soldiers held their hands up in the air. "Elunara!" They called. "We are yours!"

Elunara shrieked and many put their hands over their ears. "I!" Elunara yelled. "I WILL FIGHT YOU AGAIN! I HAVE YOUR SKULL! YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY BODY!" Brilliant, multi-colored wings sprouted from her back. The cloud was driven backwards. It surrounded the area and swirled. It darted in and out, trying to find an opening in the glowing aura. She pushed it back with her will. Her hand flexed and she summoned her dagger. Changing her hand position, she wielded it like a sword. "GIVE ME POWER!" She called.

All at once, everyone present held out their hands, closed their eyes and chanted. "Love for our Elunara. For all she gives us!"

She focused on her dagger and willed her energy into it. "I pierced your black heart before, I'll do it again!"

"MINE!" The cloud converged on her.

She swung out, thrusting blindly. She hacked at the cloud, tearing it apart bit by bit.

Tyrande trust her hands up. "FIGHT MY DAUGHTER!"

"FIGHT!" They chanted. "FIGHT!"

"YOU... WILL... NOT... WIN!" She slashed out, cutting into the heart of the mass. Slowly, she cut more down, as the inky presence shrieked in pain. "I RULE HERE! THEY ARE UNDER MY PROTECTION AND YOU CANNOT HAVE THEM!" Her blade struck true and it began to fall apart. THIS IS MY WORLD AND I WILL PURGE YOU FROM IT! BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE GODDESS!" With a scream, she released a massive wave of energy. Many were knock off of their feet, including Tylia.

Charnak bent down and help her up. "This is the power of our goddess." He whispered in awe.

Elunara began to fall from her position and she angled the blade down, landing on top of the skull splitting it down the middle. "YOU ARE VANQUISHED!"

There was a piercing shriek that had all grabbing their ears, as the black soot fell to the ground and sizzled in the purified waters. She sat back and stared at the hole she had left in the skull.

"Ok, now you really are going on the outside of my house." She grinned as she patted the skull.

Her family converged on her.

"Momma? Are you alright?" Darguni climbed into her lap.

"That was fun, can we do it again?" She laughed.

Bradly ran a hand over the skull. "Cool."

"How are you feeling, Baby?" Jordan stooped down and brushed her hair out of her face.

"Giddy. Like everything is funny as hell."

"Probably the power surge." Grogek brushed his fingers down her hair.

Tyrande knelt in front of Elunara and put her hand on her forehead. "I do not feel the presence any longer."

"That Night Elf is HUGE." Tylia marveled.

"And she called the goddess her daughter."

"Fascinating. We should tell the others what we have witnessed."

"Yes, we should." He took her hand and turned to leave.

Elunara held up her dagger. "Who'd have thought this sucker would make a fitting sword?" She waved it around. "Woosh, woosh."

Jordan took the dagger out of her hand. "Uh, that's new." The dagger disappeared.

"Probably energy euphoria." Tulani sighed. "Just how she gets weird when she's overloaded."

"I can't believe the WHOLE town fed me!" Elunara flopped backwards and giggled at the sky.

Grogek reached down and scooped her up. "Let's get her to bed."

"You're always so pretty." She patted his cheek.

Grogek shook his head and began to walk home.

Renwa frowned. "Is she alright?"

Elunara reached out and ran her finger on his lips. "I always did like kissing you. The rest was ok."

Renwa flushed red. "Uhh..."

"She's in power overload euphoria. She's going to say weird things for awhile."

Zelinnia laughed. "Oh, this is priceless. I'm so making fun of her when she comes out of it."

Renwa laughed. "You're just happy the tables have turned."

Elunara giggled and booped Zelinnia on the nose. "And you always blush so pretty to the tips of your... tips."

"Would it be considered murder if I killed her right now?" Zelinnia crossed her arms and blushed.

Grogek laughed. "Please forgive her and let me get her home before she reveals entirely too much."

"Too late." Zelinnia grumbled.

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