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For Your Eyes Only



Violet sighed as she put away the picture. It showed some of the cheerleaders but was centered on one in particular. Violet had taken the picture herself during a game, at the time she had told herself it was to help her practice what she wanted to say to the girl. And she did do that sometimes, but mostly she just stared at it for a minute before going to bed. And always she promised herself that tomorrow was the day she was going to talk to her.


And every day she broke that promise because in her heart she already knew Rebecca wasn't interested in girls that way. And even if she was, she would certainly not be interested in a social hermit like Violet. Violet wasn't ugly but she didn't have shining red hair like Rebecca nor breasts as full as Rebecca's were. Violet's were barely a handful while Rebecca's were more than a handful. Yeah, she was a breast-girl.

She steeled herself to finally say goodbye to the fantasy. Tomorrow she would throw away this picture and then she might finally accept that Rebecca was out of her league. With another sigh she put away the picture and went to sleep, looking straight through the entity that had been observing her bedtime ritual with interest.

It seemed to consider something for a moment and then dove to the girl, right into her head.


Violet suddenly found herself in a hallway of her high school, an empty one. Not too far from her she saw Rebecca in a cheerleader uniform that was a little too small for her. She was also acting shier than she normally did, casting her sea-green eyes downwards. Looking down her own body she noticed she was wearing clothes she would never wear in real life.

Leather pants that hugged her body combined with a top that left her midriff bare and did its best to make the most of her modest assets. Her hair wasn't straight but wavy and combed back instead of partially hiding her face. It had to be a dream and she thought she recognized this particular fantasy as a favorite of hers. But she had never been aware that she was dreaming before.

Nevertheless, she was about to step towards dream-Rebecca to get the fantasy rolling when a voice stopped her. A man's voice.

"Well, she certainly is a looker. But the picture already gave that away." Violet spun around and came face to face with something that looked like a man. He wore a brown trenchcoat, had black hair and fair skin. He actually looked like a pleasant fellow except for the eyes. Those eyes were orbs of the purest black. Violet didn't actually get an evil vibe from him, just a non-human one.

"Who am I, you ask." The man continued in that same pleasant voice tinged with humor. "Well, I don't really have a name but you can call me Jack."

Violet finally found her own voice. "Why am I dreaming about you?"

"Because I went inside your pretty, little head of course. I was looking for my next meal when I came across you." And he impishly pointed at Violet.

But being described as a meal wasn't

doing her peace of mind any good. This could of course be a nightmare but somehow, in the same manner that she knew that "Jack" wasn't human, she knew it wasn't. "You want to eat me?"

Jack's smile made her realize the other meaning of that phrase which got her blushing. "In a way," he said and hopped onto a desk. Suddenly Violet realized she was sitting in a school desk herself and that they were now in a classroom. "You see, I am what they call a pleasure demon. I eat human pleasure, sexual pleasure in particular, it's what empowers me and keeps me alive."

"But demons don't exist," Violet blurted out. "It's just superstition and make-believe."

Jack now looked thoughtful. "Well, I have been out of the loop for a few centuries. Only got out again a few months back. And by the way, I do love what your race did with the place. Anyway, demons are real and you are talking to one right now. Just be glad it's me and not one of the others cause most of the others aren't as pleasant as my kind."

There really wasn't any use going against cast-iron logic like that so Violet didn't even try. "Fine, you're a demon. What exactly do you want from me?"

Jack smiled again. "As I said, I want pleasure. Yours and that of others. I could just hover around and lap up the scraps but I have found that my meals are a lot bigger not to mention tastier when I have a human filtering it for me. I could just possess you, but that would be an uncomfortable experience for the both of us. Instead, I would like to bond with you for a short while."

"Oh, goody. I have been upgraded from meal to filter." Violet deadpanned.

Jack chuckled. "Think of me as a symbiont, I take but I also give. For example, I can enhance the pleasure you and those around you experience. Not to mention that you get certain enhancements while I reside within you."

"I think you need to do a little more research, Jack. I'm still a virgin and I don't see that changing anytime soon."

"And what if I offer you the object of your affections?" Jack asked.

Violet was weary. "What do you mean by that, exactly?"

"What I said, I can give her to you. I can influence the emotions of other humans; I could make her want you. That wouldn't last for long though. But I can arrange for something more permanent. Over the centuries I have picked up a few tricks here and there. Are you interested?"

Violet's thoughts were frantic as she imagined the possibilities. But she wasn't ready to say yes, yet. There were still some concerns and her conscience had some conditions as well. "And what exactly happens to my soul if I say yes?"

Jack got an annoyed look at hearing that question. "Why do you humans always ask me about that. What would I do with a soul for the love of...." He took a deep breath. "I deal with minds and spirits, nothing more. Your soul is just that, your soul. I don't want it and I don't know if souls exist anymore than you do."

"I do have a condition. I don't want Rebecca if she doesn't feel anything for me. I don't want to force her into something she would be unhappy with."

Jack tilted his head as he regarded her for a moment. "I think I get it. How about this, we see if she is willing even if it's suppressed and non-specific. If she really doesn't feel any attraction to girls whatsoever we just don't bother her. But I hope you would consider having some fun with someone else in that case. No need to deny yourself all the pleasures in life because your love goes unrequited. It's not that uncommon, you know. So, do we have a deal?"

Jack slowly approached her as Violet mulled it over. On the one hand, this could still be all a dream. Or Jack could be tricking her somehow. But on the other hand, what if it was real? Was some chance not better then none at all?

She took a last look into Jack his eyes, trying to discern if he was as honest as he had sounded. Then she took his hand and shook it. "Deal."


Violet woke up feeling well rested. She stretched herself with a feline grace she hadn't possessed the day before and then looked at her alarm clock. She did a double take when she saw how early it was as she had never woken up at the crack of dawn before. Briefly she considered going to sleep again but she felt too full of energy to stay in bed.

As she approached her mirror she started to remember the strange dream she had experienced that night. She checked herself to see if she had changed in any way but couldn't find anything. She checked herself out again, this time slower to appreciate better what she saw. The nightgown wasn't exactly meant to make her look sexy but she didn't think she looked that bad after all.

Very little fat, fair skin and with raven-black hair she wasn't ugly by any stretch of the imagination. She just needed to do something about how she presented herself. 'Yes', she thought as her right hand began to trace the contours of one of her breasts. 'I just need to love myself more, nothing wrong with a little self-loving to get others to love you.' She finished that thought with a pinch of her turgid nipple which elicited a small gasp.

It also broke her out of the unusual train of thought she was having. She rarely masturbated and never in the morning while standing in front of the mirror. Her hand stopped and her reflection got an annoyed look. A look that wasn't matched on Violet's own face. Then her reflection changed as its eyes turned into black orbs and its nails became blood red.

"Well, aren't you a party-pooper." Her reflection told her.

This turn of events confused Violet of course. "Who, what?"

Her reflection rolled its eyes. "It's me, Jack. I know you remember the deal we made last night."

"Am I going nuts?" Violet asked herself.

Her reflection got a puzzled look. "Were you sane to begin with? For that matter, is there a single human that is actually sane? Don't get me wrong, I like your race but all of you have these silly hang-ups. And the ones that don't are more scary than any demon I have ever heard of. Oh, and you might want to start thinking to me instead of talking. We don't want other people to start thinking we're nuts now do we?"

'So it was real? I really got a demon inside me now?' Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. 'Was that you egging me on to finger... I mean masturbate in front of the mirror?'

Her reflection smiled saucily. "Masturbate is such a clinical description for something so pleasurable as diddling yourself." Jack got serious, a little bit anyway. "It's part of the package. I get rid of the guilt for you, the subconscious part of it anyway. As you noticed, your conscious mind is still in the driver seat and untampered. That's why you stopped before things got really interesting."

Jack continued. "It only applies to those silly sexual hang-ups I was talking about earlier. You can still distinguish right from wrong, even better then before if I do say so myself. I mean, what is wrong with some 'self-loving'?" The grin her reflection was now showing was positively wicked.

Violet blushed again as she remembered her earlier thoughts and realized she had had an audience. She got scarlet as this realization actually turned her on a little. She forcefully changed the topic. 'The deal was that you could get me Rebecca. But you never said how?'

Her reflection smiled knowingly, showing that Jack knew exactly what she had been thinking. But Jack played along anyway. "Right you are, we better start with the preparations for that anyway."

And with those words Violet's body suddenly turned around and headed towards her computer, without any prompting from Violet herself. "What the hell are you doing?" Violet asked frantically. In her panic she even forgot she only had to think the question.

"Holding up my part of the bargain of course," Jack innocently explained. "I could teach you how to do this but that could take ages and since somebody isn't comfortable with giving herself some pleasure I want to get this show on the road. Hence me taking the driver's seat of your body."

'You never told me you could do that?' Violet thought accusingly.

"I didn't? Must have slipped my mind." Jack answered back amused. Meanwhile, the computer had finished booting up and her body began typing and clicking. Violet herself knew a thing or two about computers and even programming but she couldn't follow what her body was doing.

'What exactly are you, we, doing?' Violet inquired.

"It's something a horny wizard discovered back in what is called the Dark Ages these days. He wanted to bed a lot of lovely lasses but couldn't be bothered to gather the ingredients he would have needed for a lust potion or spell. Too much work for him and potions are used up, spells get depleted. So he devised something that he would only have to create once. He hit upon the idea of modifying a focus pattern."

Violet interrupted him. 'Focus pattern?'

"Wizards use it to focus their minds when they do spells, doing magic requires a different state of mind to channel the energies. And that was what our lazy wizard was after. He wanted to enspell women into a trance so they would follow commands. He figured that if he left these patterns where women would stumble upon them he wouldn't have to go out into the world to catch them, they would come to him."

'Let me guess, he hadn't thought of something?'

Jack chuckled. "Right you are. He littered the forest in which he resided with signs containing these focus patterns. But because most people couldn't read in those days, many of the instructions he put into those patterns just went unheeded. He also forgot about the fathers and husbands of the women he bedded. And that they could follow the directions those signs contained just as well."

'And so all's well that ends well,' Violet finished for him.

"Not for the wizard though," cackled Jack. After his amusement had died down he continued his explanation. "These days however, practically everybody is literate and these handy dandy machines actually make it easier to craft far more intricate patterns. I can put entire phrases into them now, it's just a matter of setting up the program right."

Violet didn't ask any more questions, her mind was too clouded with all the possible scenario's that might become reality very soon.


Rebecca sauntered down the hallway towards her locker, greeting those that were worth noticing and simply ignoring everybody else. She didn't notice Violet, or that she was subtly different than the Violet that had attended school last Friday. Rebecca barely knew the name of the girl, so why would she notice that Violet was actually wearing make-up today?

She entered her locker's combination with the ease of years of practice and opened it. But then she stopped as she discovered something she hadn't expected in her locker. A folded piece of paper which hadn't been there on Friday. She picked it up and noticed someone had written 'For my love' on it with a marker.

She had a boyfriend but she didn't see Rick writing any kind of letters. Not that he wasn't a bad boyfriend, he never cheated on her and didn't ogle other women when she was with him.

She wasn't on the top of the social hierarchy but she was close to the top and with that came certain expectations. Like dating someone that was on the football team and Rebecca had conformed to those expectations without even considering doing something else. It didn't hurt that Rick was one hell of a kisser either. But Rick didn't have a romantic bone in his body so this had to be from someone else.

She looked around to see if she could spot whoever had slipped this into her locker but couldn't spot anybody looking at her in a way that told her he was the writer. She debated just tearing it up but curiosity got the better of her and she folded it open, she would get rid of it after that.

But instead of a poem or a flowery letter she found a mess of lines flowing across each other, written in a script that made it hard to actually read the words. It took her a moment to notice that there was a pattern in the way the words flowed. As she kept looking at it, it dawned on her that it was actually quite beautiful. It must have taken quite a while and some imagination to make something as intricate as this obviously was.

Something in it called to her and instead of tearing it up or throwing it away, she refolded it and put it in her purse. No sooner had she done that or Rick approached her. As always their greeting was an enthusiastic kiss that involved lips and tongues. The kiss was as great as always, but when it was over Rebecca found herself vaguely disappointed. Like there was something more out there for her. Although she couldn't fathom what that something was.


Violet had watched with bated breath as Rebecca found the letter. The first letter if everything went well. She had watched as Rebecca opened it and thanks to her improved senses she had been able to see Rebecca's eyes dilate as her mind tried and failed to grasp what she saw. And then she had refolded the letter and had put it in her purse.

'Is that it?' Violet asked her demonic companion.

"That's it," Jack confirmed. "She kept it which means a part of her is indeed interested. Now the real work begins."

'So she will be mine by tomorrow?' Violet couldn't help but let her excitement color her thoughts.

"Patience, Violet." Jack chastised. "No, it's going to take several more letters to get her to the state of mind we want. But the game is most definitely afoot." He finished with glee.


Just like yesterday, and all the schooldays before that, Rebecca walked in and went through the same motions as she had done on those other days. The only difference was that today she was curious about what she might find or not find in her locker. Had her secret admirer left her another of his enigmatic works?

She had spent some time last night looking at the letter and she still hadn't been able to understand its exact meaning. She couldn't even remember how it looked exactly, only that it was beautiful and the knowledge that it had been crafted for her. That wasn't a deduction but a feeling she had gotten after staring at it for an hour.

She opened her locker and was pleased to find another letter. It meant someone was making an effort for her. This letter also had something written on it with a marker. This time it simply read 'Rebecca'. Not very romantic but it wasn't repetitive either. She folded it open and encountered the same flowing script that snaked its way across the paper.

She had learned from the previous letter and didn't try to actually read or follow the words. She took a mental step backwards and just appreciated the overall picture the words wove. This time, the feeling that this work of art had been made specifically for her hit her almost right away. This time she also got a soothing impression from it and she relaxed muscles she hadn't known were knotted up.

The letter left her with a smile, even though it hadn't said anything. It seemed to Rebecca that whoever made these letters must be a caring person. More caring then her boyfriend anyway, who was now approaching her. Rick was going to kiss her, exactly like he always did. And then he would ask her about her plans for the day, exactly like he always did.

If he really cared about her he would go for a little variety now and then. 'I have a neck that is just as kissable dammit and would it hurt for him to ask how I am instead of what I am going to do.' She thought indignantly. 'Rick just doesn't have any imagination, unlike a certain somebody.'


Her mysterious secret admirer was also the main thing on her mind during lunch. She hadn't told anybody else about the letters because then they would want to see them. And they were made for her and her alone; no one else had any right to see them. She talked to her friends on autopilot while she set her mind to work on who was making these letters.

Rebecca wasn't just beautiful; she had a brain as well and knew how to use it. From the paper of the two letters and what little she could remember of the contents itself she figured the letters had been made on a computer. And she doubted you could make something like these letters on a standard word processor, which meant the guy had to know something about computers.

Another thought hit her. She was assuming it was a guy, but it could be a girl too. There was something exciting about that thought. She looked around and her eyes fell on Cynthia, who was standing up to bring away her empty tray. Of Rebecca's friends it was Cynthia who was doing the best in computerclass. She watched her go, her eyes drifting to her butt.

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