Forced Wife Ch. 03


I looked at the bottle as Paul handed it to me. I read from the label "Virgin olive oil – oh how very suitable". This again raised a general laugh from the company, but alas Brianna didn't seem to appreciate the joke and tried to struggle free, but Lewis and now Tom were holding her firmly in place in her ungainly position on the coffee table.

I approached her from behind and as Sue spread Brianna's ass cheeks wide, I poured a liberal quantity of the oil round her puckered asshole and watched briefly as it trickled down around to her stuffed cunt and down her thighs. Then I started to massage the oil around her rosebud, quite gently rubbing the oil in. As I rubbed I eased my fingertip into the tight hole of her ass just a fraction. I felt as Brianna squirmed and then pulled out again only to reinsert it directly. At each withdrawal and reinsertion my finger progressed further up her ass until I had my first two knuckles up her hole. I held it there unmoving for a moment as I enjoyed the feel of Brianna struggling vainly to retreat from my invading finger.

Lewis and Tom had her firmly under control and there was no escape for her as I began to flex my finger inside her and push it in further until my finger was buried to the palm up her ass. Then I began to really finger fuck her ass pushing in and out and rotating and twisting my hand to widen the tight passage. I saw that Paul had gone around to the front of his wife and was smiling as he gazed down at her writhing on the table, obviously in pain from what I was doing to her. "Go on give her another finger – open her up wide."

He had anticipated my intention and I withdrew my hand from her with the satisfying sight of her asshole slowly close as it slipped from her. I wiped my index finger in the goo covering her ass and cunt. Again with Sue's hands spreading her ass cheeks, I invaded Brianna's ass with two fingers. This time it was much more difficult and I had to use much more force to get my fingers right up inside her. But eventually amidst much crying out from Brianna, I managed again bury to myself up to the palm in her ass.

I really went to town now. I could feel the rigid dildo in her cunt as I pushed pulled and twisted my fingers inside her. I had become deaf to her cries of pain and concentrated on widening the opening in her ass so that we could abuse it further with the artificial cocks that Paul had assembled. This time when eventually I withdrew from her body, her asshole didn't fully close and Sue in particular seemed fascinated as she peered up inside Brianna's ravaged asshole.

"OK", she said, "let me do it now – let's show this cunt what it's like to get something serious up her ass". She retrieved another of the dildos from the goody bag. This was smaller than the first, about seven inches long and with a waist like a coke bottle near its end.

This time I held Brianna's ass cheeks apart as Sue began to introduce the tip of the dildo into her still gaping asshole. The dildo was tapered towards the tip and this went up Brianna's ass quite easily thanks to the preparatory work I had done. Soon, however the dildo flared out to around 1 1/2 inches diameter and Sue had to start pumping it in and out to stretch Brianna's ass to accommodate it.

Paul was still standing looking down at his wife as she groaned and cried out as Sue worked at wedging the dildo further and further up into the dark orifice. Sue's pushing at the hard rubber became more forceful until quite suddenly the thickest part of the dildo's shaft was forced inside Brianna and her tightly stretched rosebud gripped strongly onto the waisted end, holding it wedged up inside her.

Both Sue and I stepped back and we all looked at Brianna, still on all fours but now nearly collapsed on the table with her ass in the air displaying perfectly the rubber shafts wedged in her cunt and ass. Tom and Lewis released her and she did collapse onto the table. Paul almost snarled at her, "Get up you slut, you're making a mess on the table", and it was true; the oil, the juices leaking from her cunt and the remains of Tom's cum on he table meant she was knelt in a puddle of slime.

Slowly she pushed herself back until her feet reached the ground and then pulled herself upright. I say upright, but the discomfort of the rubber cocks in her cunt and ass, seemed to restrict her to a semi-crouching stance as she stood before us. She was a truly amazing sight, but I still had in mind further torments for her – I was not finished repaying her for her slights and insults in the past, and it seemed I had at least one willing accomplice in Sue.

"Brianna", said Sue, "You really look like the slut you are, but it seems to me that the plastic cock in your cunt is not really showing your full potential". She looked across to Paul. "Have we got anything bigger, so that Brianna can show us the real capacity of that over-used cunt of hers?"

"Well", said Paul, "I do have a little something I prepared earlier". He reached again into the goody bag and pulled out what appeared to be a broad leather belt. He reached in again and this time pulled out a wooden baseball bat. I happened to catch the look on Brianna's face as this bat was pulled from the bag. Her face showed real fear, as she comprehended what was planned for her. I saw that the baseball bat was standard full size bat but it had been modified in that about 15" from it's end it had been drilled and three pieces of strong looking elastic cord had been attached. Each length of elastic had a metal hook on the end. At first I didn't understand what these embellishments were for, but then the light dawned on me.

I took the belt and bat from Paul, determined to be the one to apply this ultimate humiliation to Brianna. As I approached her, Brianna tried to retreat, but again those two stalwarts Tom and Lewis grabbed her arms and held her in place. They pulled her upright from the comparative comfort of her crouching position and she groaned as they did so. I took the broad leather belt and cinched it very tightly around her waist. Whilst doing this my face was just inches away from her cunt with that black shaft of rubber embedded in it. On impulse I gripped it in my teeth and pulled it out from her body. All the guests seemed to appreciate this dramatic flourish and I offered a mock bow in response to the murmurs of approval.

Brianna knew that the relief she felt by the removal of the dildo was going to be only fleeting, as I gripped the baseball bat and smiled sweetly up into her horrified face. I swept my smile over the watching guests, savouring the moment. I saw that all the guys had their cocks out now and were stroking them to maintain full erections. Again I decided on a dramatic flourish. "I think it would be kind if we were to lubricate this wooden cock for Brianna. Would anyone like to oblige?" I pushed the end of the bat towards Terry, who seemed to be the one pulling on his cock most vigorously. "Come on Terry shoot your load on the end here, so that we don't get too many splinters in her cunt". This seemed to tip young Terry over the edge, because in no time his fevered wanking delivered spurt after spurt of thick spunk that he skilfully landed on the wooden tip of the bat.

I retrieved the bat and carefully twisting it in my hand to distribute and preserve the cum smeared on its tip, I carried it over to Brianna and cruelly waved it in front of her face. "There now Brianna, that should ease the passage of this wooden cock as I push it up you, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're getting a friend's spunk delivered straight to your womb." The look of despair she gave her husband in the hope that he would not allow this final humiliation was met with bland indifference to her fate, and even to the risk of her actually conceiving to another man's cum delivered by a wooden pole.

I knelt down in front of her and she tried to shrink away, but was held fast by Tom and Lewis. In desperation she locked her legs tightly together as I tried to push the head of the bat towards its goal. Paul came over "Open your legs slut, your guests want to see you dancing on that wooden cock".

"No, oh no please" she begged. Paul pulled back his hand and slapped viciously against her left breast. Her breasts vibrated from the blow, and again as he backhanded her across her right breast. She screamed and almost immediately we saw red marks appear on her tits where his hands had struck. "Open your legs, you cunt", he shouted into her face and raised his hand again.

"Please don't hit me again" Brianna pleaded, "I'll do it, I'll do it". Her legs relaxed and she spread her feet apart.

"Wider", I said, and this time there was no hesitation. She moved her feet until they were two feet apart exposing her cunt directly in front of me. I spread the lips of her cunt with one hand while I offered up the broad head of the bat to her opening. It was obvious that, even with the stretch and manipulation we had applied with the dildo it was still going to be difficult getting the broad head of the bat into her. I eased it forward and spread some of Terry's cum around the gaping opening. I pushed forward more and eased the broad head of the bat into her hole. It stuck briefly but gradually I applied more force and the head burst through the initial constriction and began to disappear up into her. As I pushed, I could see that the lips of her cunt were fully distended and pushing inwards as I pushed. I relieved the pressure a moment and pulled the wooden pole out slightly, smiling as I saw her cunt lips pulled out towards me gripping tightly onto the wooden shaft.

There was now no sound from Brianna, and as I looked up past her reddening tits I could see that her eyes were tight shut and a grimace of pain on her face. "Go on shove it up her", I heard the voice of Julie. "Yes shove it right up the sluts cunt", encouraged Sue. I didn't know what poor Brianna had done to offend these two women, but whatever it was they were going to see she paid for it in full.

I renewed my efforts to force the bat up that stretched cunt. The head of the bat must have been fully 3" across and it took repeated pushing and pulling, but gradually I was getting it up inside her. Eventually with about 9 inches up her I decide I needed mechanical help, and holding the bat in place with one hand I stretched the elastic cords up and hooked them onto the belt. One in front stretching up across her belly the other two back between her legs and across her ass to hook into the belt behind her back. The length of the elastic cords was finely judged to stretch and exert just the right tension to hold the bat in her cunt and to drag it up further into her.

I got to my feet to see what I had achieved. I have never seen a woman in such a humiliating position. Brianna's face still glistened with the spunk she'd been made to lick up, her tits had bright red marks where Paul had slapped them, and now she had this huge wooden pole looking like some huge wooden cock sprouting from her cunt. The two guys released her arms and Brianna just stood there her head down and her eyes tight shut.

Just then another of the guys who had been pulling on his cock groaned and we could see that he was close to cumming. Sue pushed him toward Brianna "Go on shoot your load over the slut". He staggered forward just as his cum shot out from his cock smothering Brianna's belly and running down her thighs. There was a bright flash and Brianna's head rose and her eyes opened to see that her husband had just taken a photograph of her in this, her ultimate humiliation.

However she was mistaken, Paul had not finished humiliating his wife yet. "Brianna", he said, "Let's see you walk around with that pole stuck up you. I want you to go to everyone in the room and show them how much of that wooden cock you've got inside you." You could now see fear as well as humiliation in Brianna's eyes as she struggled to obey.

She couldn't really walk properly with that huge rod embedded in her. She shuffled around the room like some animal with its tail between her legs. As she moved we could see the elastic cords stretch and pulling on the bat, forcing it even deeper into her body. It swayed in front of her as she moved and we could see the pain etched on her face as every step jarred the blunt end into the delicate tissues up high within her body. At last she came to me, and although her eyes pleaded with me I couldn't resist grasping the bat handle in one hand and giving it a stirring movement up inside her that brought tears to her eye and caused her to crouch over to relieve the pressure. As I continued to stir the bat in her cunt I saw Paul approach from the side. I saw that he had something in his hand.

I watched as he grasped Brianna by the tit and pull her upright. Then I saw what he had in his hand and so did Brianna and she tried to shrink away, but I had her firm by the pole in her cunt and Paul had hold of her tit. He was carrying two weighted nipple clamps and we all watched as he snapped the first on her left nipple. She gasped as the teeth on the clamp bit into the soft flesh of her nipple and then again when he attached the other to her right nipple. He still held the weights in his hand, but even so the tears were streaming down Brianna's face as the clamps pulled on her poor mistreated flesh. She was rigid with the pain but she couldn't take her eyes off the weights that he was gently lowering until their weight began to tug on her tits. He lowered further and the weights began to distort her tits and drag her nipples downwards. Finally he let them fall so that their full weight was dragging and tearing at her nipples. They swung gently as he released them and Brianna's tits swung and twisted to their pull.

As he stepped back from her, her mouth was wide open in shock and pain. He smiled as he spoke, "Well Brianna, it's getting late and our guests will be leaving soon, but there is one last little service you can perform for them. You seem to have teased and tormented our male guests into a state where they need some relief. You must give them that relief. Over here on your knees."

He turned to us, "Gentlemen, if any of you feel the need of relief please come and use my wife, she will be only too happy to take your cum in her mouth and on her face. Isn't that right Brianna?"

Brianna said nothing, distracted by the pain in her tits and her cunt. A frown crossed Paul's face, "I said. Isn't that right Brianna" As he spoke he lifted one of the weights clamped to her nipple and let it fall a couple of inches. A cry forced its way through Brianna's lips and she gasped "Yes Paul. Anything".

She shuffled forward and cautiously got to her knees, trying to ensure that the bat in her cunt got forced in no further. Although we couldn't see it we knew that the butt plug was still firmly rammed into her ass as she carefully lowered herself. When Paul asked, "Who wants to be first?" I held back so that I could savour this final humiliation for the woman who had derided and ignored me for the past year.

Rick was the first to stand forward and begin to jerk himself off into her face. As his strokes speeded up and he neared orgasm Paul spoke again, "Open your mouth Brianna". The fear of more punishment to her cruelly tortured breasts and nipples ensured she obeyed immediately, just as Rick's cock shot forth his load straight into her mouth. Even before the final spurt had dribbled onto her chin another of the guys stood forward pulling furiously on his cock. Before he could come however, Sue, who did not want to miss participating in this final humiliation of Brianna, stepped forward and grasping his cock provided the last few strokes to bring him off into Brianna's mouth and face.

The next guy stepped forward and Sue grasped his cock and repeated the operation. All of the guys were very close to cumming after the events of the evening and again it took only a few strokes from Sue's hand to bring him off and shoot his cum. This time Sue guided his cock to shoot the thick spunk into Brianna's eyes and hair. I couldn't hold back any longer and thrust my cock into Sue's hand to deliver my offering to Brianna. When I shot my load I swear it was the biggest load of spunk that I have ever ejaculated. I watched every spurt as Sue directed it all into Brianna's mouth. I watched as she gagged and choked as the powerful spurts shot into the sensitive tissue at the base of her throat. I seemed to cum forever, and when I finished I could see a pool of my cum laying in Brianna's mouth. "OK Brianna, swallow your medicine like a good girl". The pain and fear in Brianna now meant she would obey commands from anyone and I savoured the moment as I watched her mouth close over my sticky cum and I saw her swallow and force the liquid down her throat.

The last few guys now came forward in turn and dowsed Brianna in more spunk, even the guys who had already wanked over her earlier in the evening. When the last of the guys had dumped his load on her, Paul turned to us. "Well thank you all for coming to our little party and I'm sure Brianna would like to thank you for your last little parting gifts. Brianna. See our guests to the door."

And that was the end of the evening, but there was one final little display to round off our evening. He made Brianna stand outside the front door and wish farewell to her guests. Even though it was by now quite late there were still several dog walkers and other late revellers walking by who must have been delighted by the sight of this woman, naked, and still with her tits clamped and the long handle of the bat sticking out from her cunt.

I was the last to leave and witnessed the last little cruelty of the evening. As Sue left immediately in front of me she turned to Brianna. She thanked her for a lovely evening and then her hand shot out, lifted the weights clamped to Brianna's nipples and with a last malicious grin let them fall. My last memory of the evening is of looking back up the path as Brianna hugged her tits in agony as the weights bounced and pulled on her abused flesh.

As I said at the beginning – one hell of an evening.

* * * * *

That is the end of Brianna's ordeal in this context. I'd like to thank all those readers who have contributed their ideas and support. I am sure you will recognise some of your suggestions in the above, but I have tried to apply my own little enhancements to them. I have tried to respond to all that have not chosen to be "anonymous", and I apologise to any I have missed. I realise that this chapter of Brianna's ordeal has been considerably stronger meat than the previous chapters, and if I have offended anyone I apologise. My only defence is that I don't actually fully control these stories they seem to develop themselves as I write.

I do have one more plot line in mind for Brianna (actually suggested by one of my readers – Ozzy Peter), and I will get round to developing it, if I get enough support and ego-stroking from this current effort. Don't forget to vote.

A personal note to the "real" Brianna. "Sorry for the ordeal, but you should have written."

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