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Foreign Income


Four drinks on the plane, one more at the airport, and surprisingly another two in the shuttle. That's what I did to pass the travel time before I set foot in the lobby of the most beautiful resort I had ever been allowed to enter. Danielle had only given me two questioning looks. She did not want me to embarrass her. I had done that before.

Danielle had a Biology degree, an easy going personality, plump breasts, a thin waist, a round ass and an amazing ability to hold eye contact and lick her lips at the same time. She was the perfect pharmaceutical sales representative. Since she was casually dating a few guys she said she hadn't wanted to bring any of them on the trip she had earned for hitting her yearly sales goals. I was her third choice, but could get the time off from work.

Actually I guess the doctors she spent her days "eye fucking" (her phrase) were the ones selling the drugs, she was just encouraging them not to use generics. I should have been upset about her role in causing the high price of health care, but instead I was drunk.

My boyfriend had recently ended things with me since he was ready for marriage and kids, and I was only ready for another fruity drink filled with rum. I was looking forward to a change in scenery. Danielle elbowed me hard when I made an obscene gesture behind the bell boy who was bringing our bags to our room.

The entire resort was reserved this week for sales people who had been sent by their companies as a reward. She had tried to explain how this worked to me four or five times and I simply didn't understand. There were a couple of award dinners scheduled, but since people were from every different field from insurance, to finance, to real estate I couldn't wrap my head around what awards were given. She told me the bar would still be open during this and I stopped asking questions.

The room was actually pretty standard, but Danielle was clearly relieved to see they had not made a mistake and we did have seperate beds. Danielle was in a hurry to get to the beach before the couple of coworkers she knew got there. This was the moment I had gotten drunk for.

Standing next to Danielle when she is in a bikini is a suicide mission. I believe most women know what I mean when I say I simply disappeared as all eyes moved to her strong shapely legs, barely covered butt, and slightly jiggling boobs. Ladies if you don't know what I mean about "disappearing" then congratulations, your the hottest of all your friends.

We ended up near the pool and Danielle seemed to relax for the first time. We soaked in the sun and passed the rest of the afternoon catching up with each other. Yes we had travelled together all day but a crowded airplane doesn't really let you talk comfortably.

At sun down we headed back to our room to change for dinner. That's when I got to meet her coworkers. I would love to visit the factory where they create these woman. Between the shiny hair, impeccable skin, fresh manicures and perfectly tailored clothing I was confused about what I should be feeling most inadequate about.

That feeling only got worse as they began speaking. These were very educated women who all but one of which planned to go to medical school eventually, and the only dissenter to that plan was because she was thinking about an opportunity at a venture capital firm.

All three of Danielle's coworkers had brought men with them, two boyfriends and a husband. We were all in our late 20's, but these three were definitely further along then both Danielle and myself in the relationship area. Dinner started with the woman trying to include me in the conversation but eventually they drifted to shop talk. The guys were doing the thing guys do when they first meet; trying to work humble brags into a conversation about sports. The empty wine glasses started to pile up in front of me.

As dinner came to a close Danielle and her entourage of beautiful people began circulating through the room. I circulated my way to the bar.

I settled into a seat near an older gentleman, late 50's balding just a bit, a slight belly starting to form but well dressed and nicely tanned. He didn't seem to have anyone with him.

We chatted a bit, he worked for a chain of pharmacies, and his work had helped them grown enough in a new market that year that he had gotten this trip, or something like that. I wasn't firing on all cylinders at this point. We chatted for about 20 minutes before his hand first brushed my thigh, he did a good job of acting like it was nothing, but the intention was clear. I didn't hate the attention, it was a bit affirming so I stayed another few minutes, but better to end this conversation before he took my politeness for interest.

I was very happy to find my room without assistance and it only took me three tries to unlock the door. Sleep came quickly after that.

I awoke the next morning when Danielle opened the door to the room. She was wearing very cute yoga pants and a sports bra, she had apparently already worked out. I only had a small amount of eyeliner smeared across my cheek.

She sat on the edge of my bed and I was concerned I had done something wrong when I was drunk.

"I'm sorry about last night, I shouldn't have left you like that." She said.

I was very relieved. While I did feel a little left out, I was really here for the beach, I wasn't going to complain that she had done some networking.

I assured her it was no big deal and after I cleaned myself up we headed out for the day. Once again drinking started early and continued throughout the day.

As evening set in we were pleasantly inebriated and in the mood to mingle. Danielle seemed to be following my lead for once and not worrying about advancing her career.

There was a mock lua set up that evening, it may have been somewhat aimed at the local culture but it definitely had Hawaiian themes to it. The dance floor was about half full, mostly with women dancing in small groups. Danielle and I were on the younger end of the age range, most of the guests were in their mid to late 40's.

I was surprised when Danielle took my hand and lead me out to a BackStreet Boys song, which I was not sure if they were playing ironically or not. We did the silly girls dancing thing for a song or two when I felt my shoulder bump a much more solid arm then Danielle's.

He was a few inches taller than me, with short hair, and a small amount of scruff. He smiled easily and once I began moving with him on the dance floor he wasn't bad, his hands felt good on my hips, and but he also was a bit thicker in the waist than my last boyfriend, and his nose had an odd shape to it.

Danielle looked like she was hitting it off with his friend. This surprised me, Danielle was usually very picky about who she gave attention too. I decided to just be glad she was having fun as I turned around and gave my guy a little grind of my ass into his crotch, just a little, but he did also get a wink.

When I saw Danielle kissing her new friend I started to wonder if she planned on making this more than some fun on the dance floor. As I watched them make out, I felt my guy's hand slide down my little sundress and land just at the top of my ass. This is when I realized I didn't know his name yet.

I raised my face towards his to ask him what it was, but before I get that question out of my mouth, I found his tongue dancing with mine. I didn't stop him then or when his hand went to the back of my head, and I didn't stop him as his hand brushed it's way up the side of my body and across my nipple.

Danielle actually broke our kiss and led me to the restroom. Once we stepped inside she turned to me.

"Would you be made it me and Roberto went to our room?" I was surprised she was moving that fast. I am many things, but a cockblock is not one of them.

"Of course not, can't wait to hear about it!"

"OK, I'll tell you about it tomorrow!" She grinned.

She left me needing to find a bed to crawl into, and I realized she expected me to find a place with the guy I had been making out with. I gave him a second look. His nose was weird, and yes, for sure he might want to cut down on carbs a little.

Then two of Danielle's coworkers walked past me. I couldn't help but notice they had paired their dresses with their skin tone, their pedicures were still immaculate, and their tits bounced that perfect amount with each step.

I decided I shouldn't be casting stones in this crowd and went back to dance with my new love interest.

A few more songs went by, and the heat of the day, the drain of the alcohol, and the temptation of air conditioning was calling. We moved towards his room, he walked a slight bit faster then what I was comfortable with, but I managed to keep up. We first exchanged names on the way, turned out it was Mark.

As soon as we stepped into his room his pushed me back against the door, kissing me forcefully. His tongue was strong and eager, he held the back of my neck.

We stumbled to his bed and I fell on top of him, his hands now firmly kneading my ass. I reached my hand down, undoing his belt and getting my hand inside. I was a bit surprised by what I found, his cock seemed almost crayon like, both short and thin. It was very firm also, so it didn't seem like it would grow very much.

He was moaning very enthusiastically as I handled his, ummm manhood. He didn't seem to be taking the lead so I slid down his body and removed his clothes from the bottom of his body. I fondled his balls some which drew another pleased moan.

His cock was as small as it felt, maybe 4 inches long, and one of the thinnest I had ever held. Usually I don't notice how much my thumb and fingers overlap as I grasp a man's rod, but it was almost awkward to hold his.

I raised my mouth to it, and let my tongue find the spot where his balls and cock meet, then slowly began sliding my warm mouth up the short length of his organ. As my tongue lingered for a moment on the underside of his head I let my lips graze him. I then repositioned my face to take him inside of my mouth.

This required me to raise my head to be more in line with his dick. As I opened my mouth to welcome him inside I heard a grunt, and then tasted cum. Surprised, I turned my head and the second spurt landed mostly in my hair. I was then able to slide myself out of his range.

I was shocked as he didn't seem embarrassed or concerned about what had just happened. In fact he seemed quite pleased. I moved to the bathroom and did my best to clean myself off. I had not been planning on letting him give me a facial so this was a rather unwanted chore.

After doing the best I could I went back into his room. Wondering if there would be a round two, or atleast a round one for me.

There would not be. He seemed half asleep and half heartedly offered to let me sleep there, I passed on that offer.

I slowly began walking back to my room, knowing Danielle would not be done with her fun. Luckily I could get onto the little porch area outside the door and access the wifi. Occasionally I could hear people moving about but not enough to feel confident that they were done and I could go back in.

:::::24 Hours Later:::::

I looked up at Mark as he is about to push his cock into me. He was a little awkward getting it in, and we had had almost no foreplay. Usually I would not be ready for intercourse, but with what he had to work with I was sure I would be fine.

I hadn't really spoken with Danielle about last night, but she was back in our room with Roberto so I had decided to give Mark another chance. He was nice and had made a couple good jokes. I mean, granted low bar, but I was going to try, it seemed important to Danielle.

As he pushed it into me it felt good, but didn't really give me the urge to yell "FUCK ME". He moved slowly, I assumed since we hadn't really warmed up he thought I needed to proceed that way.

Turns out it had nothing to do with me. After the fourth or fifth pump I heard that same groan from the previous night. He was wearing a condom so as he rolled over I could head straight for the door. Nothing like laying on your back and having a guy still on top of you while you think, "I'm not doing this again."

The next morning I was able to get a little face time with Danielle where we could talk. I asked her carefully and tactfully about jumping into bed so quickly with Roberto. It seemed out of character.

Danielle then told me a heartbreaking story, she had met Roberto three years ago at this conference, and they had spent this one week together each year since then. She clearly had deep feelings for this man who lived on the other side of the country from us. They had seen each other one time outside this conference, when he was traveling to the East Coast and they both drove eight hours to meet at a hotel so they could have about ten hours together. She had considered bringing up the topic of moving closer to him, but she knew that was a pretty crazy thing to do for a man you had spent about 16 days with. They texted regularly, but she admitted, that was hard since they had no context for what their lives were like away from tropical resorts. I fucking cried it was such a sweet story.

I told her about my last two nights and we hugged again, but this time from pitty. I promised to clear out of the room for awhile each evening but just could not go back to Mark. She said she would make sure Roberto told his friend he would need to entertain himself the next two evenings.

As the sun went down on our second to last night I walked around the resort, a nice breeze on my skin and soon there was sand under my feet. There was a small bar, about six seats, set up at the edge of the beach where I could get a drink and walk in the ocean waves. It was a really relaxing evening without any of the uncomfortableness of the past two nights.

:::::::::::::: 24 Hours Later:::::::::::::::::::

I had returned to my little refuge for my final night of the trip when I was joined by a familiar face in the seat next to me. It took me a moment to recognize him, but eventually I placed him as the older gentleman I had spoken to briefly on the first night at the networking dinner. We sat next to each other without speaking for a few minutes enjoying the ocean breeze.

"You know, I can't seem to figure out how to start a conversation here since I can't offer to buy someone a drink." He began.

I smiled at him politely and gave him a nod.

"Hmm could I possibly treat you to a wonderful pair of flip flops from the finests of beach stands over there?" Has asked while pointing to a tiny stand about 25 yards away.

Something about the oddness of this offer caught me off guards and I giggled, and he smiled at me a little. He had a warm smile.

"Well, I'm not exactly that cheap." I teased back.

He chuckled a little, "Oh so I need to wait till that jewelry shop opens up for you." Then his toned changed a little "I get it." He finished.

I grinned a bit. I understood how this conversation had gotten to this point in a totally innocent way. I could also see how it could possibly go in a different direction.

After a pause I followed up with "I don't need jewelry, I just need a way to get my drinks paid for once I get home." I looked away as I finished.

I waited to see how he would take this. I didn't know how I wanted him to respond, I had always been curious what having sex in exchange for money would be like. I hesitate to say I had been curious about what being a hooker would be like, because I wasn't nearly brave enough for that. This could be an almost child safe version of sex work since he was here through his job. How crazy would he possibly get under those circumstances. Of course on the other side, did I really want to get involved in this? Did he? Hadn't I had enough unfulfilling sex this trip?

There was a significant pause and I thought maybe the conversation was over. Then he reached into his pocket and took out his wallet. He opened it looked in it for a moment and then put it back in his pocket. He motioned for the bartender to get us both another drink.

After the bartender dropped the drinks off he looked at the water and said "I could get you 114 dollars in drinks when you get home."

I suddenly found looking at the water much more interesting also, I felt my heart rate pick up just a bit and I needed that drink a bit more than I did before he spoke. I tried to take a couple of deep breathes and had to decide if I wanted to laugh all this off. Or did I want to try a new, wild experience, and also get 114 dollars.

I glanced him back over. I couldn't picture myself having sex with him, that seemed like to much of a line to cross to me.

"Blow job"

That's all I said.

He took another sip of his drink, and I began to feel embarrassed. He was probably joking and I had taken things way to far.

"My room?" He asked without any eye contact.

Part of me felt relieved that I had not read the situation wrong, but now I had agreed to perform sexually for him.

I have a habit of blinking quickly when I have no idea what to do, and I found myself moving my eyelids but not my mouth.

"Ok maybe some other time." He said as he began to leave.

"No, I mean yes, yes your room." I stammered. Truth was I wanted to, I wanted to know what it was like, and while it wasn't a ton of money 114 dollars has the same number of digits as my checking account balance, so it wouldn't hurt.

He paused and looked at me. "Ok then, this way."

He took my hand as I got down from the bar stool and stared to lead me. At first I felt odd holding his hand, but then began to wonder if this was more of him holding on to the purchase he had just made.

His room looked exactly like Mark's and my own, other then he had one king sized bed instead of two queens. He sat on the end of that bed and looked at me.

I had no idea what to do so I just stood there.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked again. It seemed like an honest question, I really felt like I could have said no without any kind of scene. This made me a bit more confident when I said yes.

"Ok, one hundred and fourteen dollars, correct?" He said taking his wallet out of his pocket.

"Yes" I said again.

He took the money out, walked across the room and tucked it under the lamp on the small desk.

"Ok, I would like you to take your clothes off now."

I felt myself blink five or six times. I needed to get that under control. That request seemed like something that would be honored by a prostitute so I pulled the thin cover up I had on over my bikini off.

I then unsnapped my top and set it on top of my cover up and the chair to my right. The bottoms felt a bit more awkward as I lowered them. Being bent over and not able to see him as I exposed myself felt very vulnerable.

I stood up and tried to control my breathing. I could see his eyes casually taking in my small breasts and bare pussy. I felt my nipples tighten as I awaited my next instruction.

He stood and approached me. He stood only a few inches from me and ran his hands up the sides of my hips, up my stomach and ribs before brushing the back of his hands against the nubs of my ariolas.

"Turn around." He said, a little more confidently then his last request.

I turned away from him and felt his arms wrap themselves around my body. His right hand massaged my right breast and his left hand moved across my stomach and down the outside of my leg. He then circled that hand up and onto my butt. He was now pushing both sides of me, one hand on my breast pulling me towards him and his left hand pushing into my rear.

His lips pressed against my neck as he began kissing and slightly nibbling my sun soaked skin. His left hand slid up my inner thigh and brushed against my bare pussy lips. As he began to rub me I put my hand on his. I didn't want him inside of me, not even his fingers.

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