Forgotten Ch. 09


"I had hoped that boy would have gotten over her by now," Doris grumbled, "She looks like trouble to me." The woman folded her arms in annoyance.

"Michelle Ackermann is a lovely girl," Rick explained, not pleased with her reaction, "A leader in her field." He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, "The reason I'm here is that Carol struck Michelle, unprovoked."

Doris raised one of her thick eyebrows, "Carol struck Michelle?"

"Yes, over the engagement with Mike," Rick continued, "Carol just has to have everything that belongs to Michelle, Mike, her job and who knows what else."

The woman gave him a dry look, "Why does Carol have Michelle's job?"

Rick felt nervous; he did not want Doris to find out about his little indiscretion with Carol that resulted in her blackmailing him into giving her, her old job back. "That's not important," he replied, hoping it would be enough.

"Hmmph," Doris harrumphed, "You are not being truthful with me, young man, but I will find out in the end. Now explain the slap."

"Carol called Michelle a liar about being engaged," he revealed, recalling the exchanged he witnessed from the corner of the corridor. He had decided to watch and see if the two could get along, he was wrong to do so. "Michelle showed her the engagement ring then Carol slapped her, I stepped out to prevent anything else happening."

Doris wrote the events down in her book, "Why didn't Michelle come to me herself?"

"She is on leave with Mike in the Otways," He explained, "They will return next week."

"Thank you, Doctor Monahan," she stood to dismiss him, "And for the record, I know she baited you in your office, I was passing by and saw her teasing you, it was unfair of her, but you must control yourself." The stern glare she had been giving him all through the meeting softened, "You remind me of my son, he can't help himself either. Be careful around Carol if she is using dirty tactics and although I like her very much, she overstepped her bounds. Give Doctor Ackermann her job back." She opened the door for him, "Now, I will talk to Carol and get this mess cleaned up."

"Thank you, Doris," Rick gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and walked away.

"Cheeky," Doris laughed and closed the door behind him.


The fight had been long and Bedella was exhausted from disguising herself as a Middle Eastern woman, complete with the regions fashion for single women. She had given herself a creamy mocha complexion with chocolate brown eyes and shiny back hair, a beauty in anyone's language. She covered her face with a silk scarf, customary of women in Dubai, hiding her plump lips that most men found irresistible. She new she could have just appeared and gone straight to David, but the security in the small country was tight, so she had to do it the human way so she would not arouse suspicion.

Customs was boring until the man in front of her was caught with cocaine in his luggage, she could not help but laugh watching him try to talk his way out of it. The guilt was written all over his face before he was led to another room.

Bedella stepped up to the customs officer, she gave him an appreciative once over then lifted her bag onto the table. "Anything to declare?" The officer asked, losing himself in her gaze.

"No," she replied in a soft, alluring tone.

The customs officer smiled at her and began to open her luggage to check she was truthful in her declaration. Finding only clothing and other feminine essentials, he closed it again, "Everything is in order miss," he stared at her again, "Enjoy your visit."

Bedella thanked him, even when she subdued her appearance she still managed to turn heads, she liked that. Taking her bag she left the airport and hailed a taxi to take her to David's place of business, on the other side of the city.

After a moderate ride in the taxi, she stepped out onto the pavement in front of a tall building belonging to the oil company David worked for. It was once the tallest building in Dubai, but still held its glamorous appearance. Swiftly she entered the building. The entrance opened up to a grand foyer gilded in gold and imitation ivory, it looked more like a palace than a commercial business headquarters. In all her long life she knew of no other race that did decadence like those of the Arab nations. Like dwarves of the underworld, the rich of Arabia decorated their homes with gold and jewels, Bedella loved it.

At the front desk another attractive young man sat, answering phone calls and transferring them to where they were needed. Bedella fluttered her eyes to gain his attention, it did not take long.

"Can I help you miss?" He asked politely, putting the callers on hold.

Bedella batted her eyes again, "I'm here to see Mr. David Leroy, if he is in." She intentionally made herself sound sweet and innocent, flirting in a subtle way.

"I'm sorry miss," the young man responded, "He returned to the United States around six months ago."

Bedella felt agitated, he had returned to America and his keeper had said nothing. She instantly fantasised about punishing Sir Ethan, but he would probably enjoy that too much. She shook the thought from her mind, "I'm sorry to have bothered you," she turned to leave when she thought she had better find out where in the United States he had gone. "I'm sorry to bother you again, but can you tell me where in the U.S. he has gone?"

"Certainly," he tapped at the computer in front of him, "He transferred to our office in New York."

"Thank you, sir," she gave him a parting nod and exited the building. She would have to travel by plane again. Sir Ethan will not like her punishment she had in store for him, but she will. Marching towards another taxi, her scarf hid the brooding grin that formed. "The airport, please," she ordered the driver and within the hour she was in the departure lounge waiting for her flight to New York."


Gwen practically bounced in her seat as her father drove her to the University, "You won't cause your brother any trouble, will you," Bill stated dryly, "He will be your Alpha soon and you would hate for him to be mistrusting of you."

"Jesus Dad!" She whined, "I wanted to come here to help him with his promise to the thylacines." She looked at her father as seriously as she could.

"You want to get closer to Michelle," Bill contradicted her.

"I can multitask you know," Gwen crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Anyway, from what Mike's told me about her project, she will need all the help she can get when the baby devils are born."

Bill laughed, "Now the truth comes out, you want to play with the babies." He laughed harder as Gwen slapped him on the shoulder.

"Her work is important in saving the species," she argued, "The fact they are cute has nothing to do with me wanting to help!"

"What ever you say my dear," He pulled into the university parking lot and turned off the engine, "You call me if you need anything."

Gwen was out of the car as quickly as she could, "I will," she gave her father a kiss on the cheek and raced inside. Bill drove off as Gwen looked around the reception.

"Can I help you miss?" An office lady asked.

Gwen jumped around, grinning widely she jogged up to the desk, "I'm here to start work with my brother, Michael Patterson."

"I'm sorry," the lady said, "He called in to say he will be detained for a week with Dr. Ackermann."

"He never said anything," Gwen was hurt that her brother would take off without saying anything, "Is there someone I can see now?"

"Dr. Monahan is available in his office," the woman offered, "And Dr. Evans in the Lab." Rick chose that time to come around the corner with a large espresso in his hand.

"Ah, you must be Gwen," he offered his free and in greeting, "Please come with me and we'll get the boring stuff out of the way."

Gwen gave Rick a look over and decided that working around him will be nice. She could clearly see the defined body under his suit, his dark hair somewhere between neat and carefree and a short beard that said he was the boss. Licking her lips, she followed him his office.

Rick took note of Gwen as she sat down opposite him, she was young, but was she too young? He pulled out his file and a notebook and quill. "Miss Patterson," he finally spoke, the deep rumbling of his voice sent shivers down Gwen's spine. "I am sorry that Mike and Shell aren't here for you."

"Pff!" She scoffed, "I'll manage." She leaned back, crossing her legs to appear relaxed. She could not truly relax around a man that oozed testosterone like him.

Rick tapped the quill a few times on the desk, neither of them spoke for the moment, something that made Rick feel uncomfortable. Eventually he had to say something. "How old are you, Gwen?" His question was a required one, but with the way his voice quivered as he asked had Gwen cocking her eyebrow in amusement and delight.

"My actual age is two hundred and ninety-seven years," she watched him sigh with delight. He was interested. "In the human world I am considered eighteen," she added.

"Pity you are not old enough in our world," he grumbled, he marked in the file her age. "When is your birthday?"

Grinning at his displeasure about her age, she thought to have a little fun with him, "I'll answer you if you take off your shirt."

Rick froze; Gwen's bold ultimatum has his mind spinning. Legally, in the human world, he could get into a lot of trouble for doing what she asked. So could she. In the immortal world he would not get into trouble as nudity among weres was considered natural and irrelevant. He very much wanted to placate her, clothing always felt restrictive anyway, but what if she asked for more?

"Well?" She taunted him, folding her arms mockingly, "I'm waiting." She raised her eyebrows provocatively.

"You will get me into a lot of trouble," he finally said, looking up at her. He quickly tore away his jacket, tie and shirt, revealing a chiselled physique that any man could be proud to have.

Gwen gave him a long and appreciative look, "December fifth," she answered eventually, "Nice abs."

He stood for a while, expecting her to ask for another item of clothing to be removed, when all she did was glance up and smile innocently he sat back down. "How about you fill in the rest of this form," Rick slid the file across the desk to her. "I take after my father," he added for no reason.

"Mike told me your story when I was younger," Gwen replied, "The child friendly version anyway." She sighed quietly, "So which one was your father?"

Rick pulled his shirt back on, "Egbert, I think," he paused for a short moment, feeling guilty for not contacting his family for some time, "But I can't be sure."

"You should see them," Gwen said frankly, sliding the completed file back, "I can tell you miss them."

Rick nodded, "I think I will," he stretched feeling suddenly fatigued; "I think I'll drag Abby back with me, and her cub."

"Sister right?" Rick nodded again. "If it makes you feel better, I'll flash you my tits on my third centenary."

The bear laughed, "You will be trouble around here won't you."

"For a hottie like you?" Gwen gave him a mischievous grin, "Always." She let him put the rest of his clothing back on, "Now, what will I be doing around here?"

"Figured you could help Shell with the devils," he said opening the door for her, "You keep them safe from any harm mostly."

She stopped and looked back, "I can't decide if that's boring or cute... Who would want to harm them?"

"You need to go down there," he pointed to the end of the long corridor, "That's where Shell's devils are."

"Thanks," she walked towards her destination.

Rick growled lowly in his chest, deciding that a visit to the gym would be a good move right about now. Christ, Mike's little sister was just as bad as him, at least the way he was before Shell arrived. Rick could not tear his eyes away from the perfect globes of her behind tucked tightly within the faded denim jeans she wore. Scratch the gym, a cold shower was what he needed.


Gwen entered the lab with a big grin, Rick was quite the eye candy, and she would definitely like working here. Grabbing a coat off the hook just inside the door she approached the incubation tanks where the baby devils were gestating. They were little more than flesh coloured spots barely visible even to her eyes. "You guys are going to be so adorable," she said to them, "One day." She walked over towards the microscopes and sat down. Not having anything else to do she pulled out her smart phone and began surfing and socialising.

She had not been doing so for too long when another entered the room, Gwen stopped what she was doing and watched the woman walk towards the power supply for the devils. "Excuse me," Gwen called out when it became apparent that the woman was going to unplug the tanks.

The woman jumped, "Who are you and how did you get in here?" She demanded.

"I'm Gwen, Shell's new assistant," Gwen eyed the red headed woman suspiciously. "Who are you?"

"I am Dr. Evans," Carol spoke nastily towards her, "Head of this lab, now get out!"

"I have to protect those little babies," Gwen stood up and approached Carol with a deadly gate, "I'm guessing Rick was referring to you." Getting up in Carol's face, Gwen continued, "And Shell's the head of this lab, not some rang-er like you!"

"I will not be dictated to by some child who just walked in off the streets!" Carol sneered, her hand already flying through the air to slap her.

Gwen stopped the attack and pushed Carol backward, "Touch me and I will kill you." Carol stumbled over a stool behind her. "Now, will you kindly piss off so I can do my job?"

Carol had bumped her head on the bench near by, not enough to knock her out but enough to daze her. "You are gone you little bitch!" Carol scorned angrily, rubbing the swelling egg shaped lump forming on the back of her head, "You can't assault me!"

Gwen scoffed at the remark from the redheaded woman on the floor, "Whatever," she sat back down and picked up her Smartphone again, "Get the fuck out." She promptly updated her profile with the events that had just occurred and was bombarded with comical comments.

Carol rose to her feet and stared at the girl, Gwen looked like nothing had happened. "Fucking teenagers," she muttered and left, hearing Gwen's melodious laughter flutter to her ears as she left the lab.


Bill had not driven back to the compound, but to the airport and now sat waiting for his eldest daughter to step out from the terminal. He had not seen her since she first mated with the vampire nearly two decades ago. The arrivals lounge was crowded with families of travellers from interstate, Bill knew what they felt, but he doubted that any of the humans felt what he did.

Janis was his first born, and as such she held a special place in his heart, she was the one who helped him accept the responsibility of being a father. Bill never thought about having children, even when he mated Mollie the idea of a family never crossed his mind. The day Mollie went into heat he did not stop to think of the consequences of taking his mate, the chances of Mollie getting pregnant was slim at best. Being a turned wolf it could take up to a few hundred years for her biology to settle down. However, when he first heard her sweet voice singing one afternoon changed everything.

He had assumed she was near him, singing a happy song. His mischievous mind plotted to surprise her by taking her in the meadow when he heard a gasp and was chastised for wanting to waste time while they were suppose to be working to help his father's pack. Bill's heated thoughts vanished; he had not voiced his desires. Spinning around his anxiety grew when he did not see his mate anywhere near him but across the field where she sowed oats for the coming season's harvest with the other mated females of the pack. She stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at him. 'We do not have time to play around in the meadow when we have many acres of freshly tilled soil to sow, William!' Her tone broached no argument. He apologised quickly, not wanting to feel her wrath.

The sudden ability to hear his mate's thoughts meant one thing, she was pregnant. He was not ready for pups yet, he was too young to be a father. The entire pregnancy was a daily struggle to accept the coming children that grew too quickly in his mate's belly for his liking. Her demands for food and sex kept him on edge, he could hear every little thought and feeling she had. Every craving was experienced by him, every twinge of pain in her back and bouts of nausea. He could no longer stomach ale like he did before.

His suffering came to an end the day Mollie went into labour, it was the dead of winter and most of the pack were huddled together in the den for warmth. The birth of pups was usually a private affair for the couple but with little firewood available they had no choice. Bill was so nervous that the other mated males laughed at him while he fumbled through his duties to his mate to aide her in the birth of their first litter.

After many hours the first of the pups were born; a little girl with golden hair and dark blue eyes, his Janis. The moment she locked eyes with him all his fears vanished. She reached out to him with her tiny hands and he instinctually let her grab his finger. She pulled it to her mouth and sucked on it before crying loudly, causing him to jump. Mollie took her from his arms and fed her. Watching his daughter suckle from her mother made him realise that everything he had ever done in his life was just a build up to for this, being a father meant everything to him now and he would give his life to protect his family.

Lost in reminiscing, he nearly missed his Janis and her mate exit the baggage collection area. When he did spot them his heart ached at the happy and sad image of his little girl walking with a swollen belly, his grandchildren. He never wanted his pups to grow up, but they did and now he had grandchildren on the way.

"Daddy!" Janis called out when she spotted him and waddled over as quickly as she could with Lisandro pushing the mountain of luggage on the trolley he procured.

Bill smiled broadly, the blond locks of her youth had given way to long, dark brown curls and her blue eyes darkened to match her hair. "My little Janis," he wrapped his arms around her in a fatherly hug, "Not so little anymore." He let his hand drift to her belly where he felt sharp kick to his hand, "Careful little one, I'm the Alpha."

"Señor Patterson," Lisandro offered his hand in greeting, "Back safely, as promised."

Bill hesitated in shaking his hand, Lisandro may be his daughter's mate but he was still a vampire, something Bill was still struggling to come to terms with. "Thank you."

"We should never have bothered to leave Australia," Janis announced suddenly, "The Iberian Vampire Court is backwards in their thinking, flat out refused to officiate our joining all because I'm a wolf."

"The Were Council of Spain tried to petition the King, but he ignored every request," Lisandro explained, "I am glad that the Queen managed to temper his ire otherwise who knows what could have happened."

Bill grumbled at the Iberian King's disrespect, the man was difficult at the best of times and was prejudice against every race other than his own, Bill had warned them that their efforts would be futile, but both Janis and Lisandro wanted to officiate the Vampire side of their mating in Spain. He decided against saying 'I told you so', there was no point. "Have you set a date for the bonding here in Aus?" He asked, knowing that they would have done so already.

"Yeah," Janis answered as they all exited the terminal, "The Queen nearly bounced with joy to be the one who would officiate our joining, we're going to do it next year, after the naming ceremony for these little ones," she rubbed her stomach lovingly, "We thought during the winter solstice, so it won't be rained out."

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