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Fortieth Reunion


The world seemed in never ending turmoil as the decade of the 60's drew to a close. Vietnam was an ongoing war and the peace movement was in full swing. Woodstock was fresh in everyone's memory having provided our generation with the hope that as we graduated high school we could actually affect change in a world of unchanging politicians and nineteenth-century morals our parents had grown up adhering to and tried to force on our generation.

After receiving the diplomas we'd work twelve long years for, promises to stay in touch and never forget our time together abound. Each one of us knew they'd be promises un-kept as we headed off some to secondary schools others to the steamy jungles of southeast Asian and a few to the great white north of Canada to avoid being drafted.

Before leaving commencement I made it a point to find Samantha the one person I truly wanted to keep contact with. We had been close friends all through high school. I'd rescued her more than once on those occasions when she'd had too much to drink or needed to be reassured that her current boyfriend wasn't using her even though I always felt they had. We never had intimate moments not that I wouldn't have welcomed them with all my heart. I'd had a crush on Sam since the first time I'd met her in the seventh grade.

As I approached Sam her wide smile warmed my youthful heart.

"Congratulations Paul" She beamed giving me a hug that allowed me to feel her soft body against mine.

Sam was thin her breasts while small were very perky. She had caught me more than once as I'd stared at them when I happened to see her at the pool wearing a sexy string bikini. Her long thin legs were most often covered by denim but on those occasions when she wore a skirt I made it a point to tell her how great she looked.

As I held her close to me I whispered in her ear. "We made it."

Sam leaned back so she could look at me but kept her hips pressed against mine. "Thank you so much I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you." Her sparkling eyes and broad smile speaking volumes to me. We both knew what she meant. During the summer between our junior and senior year, Sam had gotten pregnant the result of a drunken weekend with one of my rivals for her attention.

I'd convinced her to have an abortion instead of moving to a distance city to give birth to an unwanted child while staying with her aunt. I'd told her at the time that she couldn't give up her dream of becoming a registered nurse and let herself be tied down to an unwanted baby. But I'd lied to Sam. My real reason was so she would still be in the same town and at the same school I was. In my own selfish way, I held hope that somehow, someway Sam and I would be together.

Weeks earlier she'd told me that she had been accepted at a nursing school in a city beyond driving distance and I knew that I only had a short time to make her realize how much I cared for her.

"When do you leave for school?" I asked.

"Day after tomorrow." Sam replied.

Somehow I'd put the idea out of my mind that she was leaving. I had known she was going but in my mind, I couldn't accept the fact.

"I wish we could spend the summer together." Sam remarked her voice sounding sincere but I knew if she had waited until the fall to start school I'd just have to endure another summer of her boyfriend taking most of her time.

"I'll write you, Paul." Sam offered as consolation knowing I was more than disappointed that I'd only see her if she returned home for the holidays.

I kissed her softly on the lips then said. "If you don't I'll come track you down."

We parted that night both knowing we may never see each other again. I would be off to college in the fall and who knew what or where our lives would lead us to after that. I could have kicked myself in the ass for not overcoming my shyness and taking her aside years earlier to open up and tell her that I'd been in love with her for years.

Over the next thirty-nine years, Sam and I saw each other maybe three times. And every time her smile warmed my heart as it had the night we graduated from high school. We'd both married and started families. I heard from a mutual friend that she followed her husband off to some distant state giving up her nursing career. But I kept her in my heart always. Often wondering if she thought of me. I remained in the same town enjoyed my work loved my wife and family but I never spoke of my best friend Samantha.

Several months ago I received an envelope in the mail. It seemed strange that it was addressed with my full name since I hadn't used my middle name since high school. The return address gave me a clue. It read. "40th Reunion committee with an address nearby.

Opening the envelope, I read the contents. The Class of 1970 will be reunited on August 15, 2010. The letter went on to detail where and when my class reunion would take place.

I showed it to my wife Marsha who immediately said. "We should go."

"I don't know. I haven't seen any of these people for almost forty years it could be a rather boring night." I replied.

Marsha explained. "You all grew up in the 60's and went to high school together. Don't you think it would be fun to reminisce about your youth."

"I suppose so but I wasn't exactly the life of the party when I was in school." I explained adding. "I doubt many of those attending would even remember me."

"Oh come on. I'm sure some of your close friends will be there." Marsha encouraged.

What she didn't know was that the one person I'd hope to see was Sam and I doubted if she'd travel three-quarters of the way across the country to attend a couple hour reunion.

Marsha went on. "They're having it at a really nice place and I've heard the food there is wonderful so even if the reunion is boring you and I can get out for a night and enjoy a good meal and do some dancing."

That sounded pretty good so I said. "Okay, hun I'll send the reply and a check back to the committee."

Even if the reunion was a dud I was sure Marsha would dress to the nines and afterward we'd enjoy a romantic night of lovemaking. I'd have that to look forward to at least.

The next night I filled out the form and wrote a check for a hundred twenty-five dollars then put the envelope on the table by the door so I could mail it the next day.

As Marsha and I lay in bed together she turned over and whispered in my ear. "Anyone special you hope to see at the reunion?"

I rolled toward her and slipped my arm around her. Pulling her close to me I replied. "No one as special as you."

Marsha smiled and kissed me tenderly on the lips. We made love like we'd done thousands of times before. But this time the thought of Sam was on my mind. She still had me after all these years I still loved her so much.

Nearly six weeks passed before I received another envelope addressed from the reunion committee. This time it was a confirmation of our reservation and a list of people they were still trying to contact. As I read over the list I found Sam's name they hadn't been able to locate her which disappointed but didn't surprise me.

Marsha and I were having coffee one morning when she flipped the family appointment calendar hanging on the fridge from July to August. In bold red letters, she had written "Paul's Reunion" in the block for the fifteenth.

"I think I'll buy a sexy new dress to wear to the reunion." Marsha said.

I smiled at her and said. "You'd look sexy in a burlap sack."

Marsha leaned down and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "To you maybe but what about all the other guys who'll be there?" She replied.

It was clear that Marsha was planning on showing everyone who attended what a beautiful and sexy wife I'd landed and that fact made me smile. Marsha is a very passionate woman. Her lovely features run the gamut from sensuous dark eyes full pouty kissable lips an incredible hourglass figure and shapely legs. All topped off by her wavy auburn tresses. My wife is a very beautiful woman and I'm always proud to have her on my arm. Oh yes, need I mention that her passionate personality is strongest when we're making love and has kept me faithful for almost forty years.

As the fifteenth approached I started feeling twangs of anticipation. Not about getting together with my old classmates but with the hope that somehow the committee had tracked down Sam and that she'd be attending. I wondered how we'd approach each other what we'd say and how we'd feel after hearing each other's voices again. I knew that as a mature man who'd long since gotten over his shyness I'd be able to finally express my true feelings for her and let the chips fall as they may. Friday, August 15th turned out to be a hot humid day like so many summer days in the north east. A south westerly breeze did little more than pump more heat into the air. Al Roker had said on the early morning news show that records would fall all across the mid-Atlantic states that day and he wasn't far off. By the time I left the office that afternoon it was still ninety-five degrees with humidity that made your shirt stick to your skin. It was the kind of afternoon that made you expect a thunderstorm later in the evening.

Walking into our bedroom Marsha was already primping herself for the evening out. She sat at her makeup desk skillfully applying just the right amount of mascara to highlight her already dark passionate eyes. Her hair was gathered up in a tight bun and then curled at the ends that cascaded down toward her sexy neck.

"Wow, you're gonna look fantastic tonight." I remarked as I slipped out of my clothes to shower.

Marsha looked at me and smiled. "I want to be the sexiest woman there tonight."

Judging from her choice of lingerie I had to agree. She wore a black lace bra with a deep plunging vee in front black lace panties and over those a very sexy black lace garter. I assumed she was waiting for the last possible moment to slip her shapely legs into silk stockings so she wouldn't get a runner. At least until later when I got her home and back into our bedroom.

My showers usually take only a few minutes but I wasted time to give my lovely wife time to finish getting dressed.

As I turned off the shower Marsha said. "Let's get a move on. I don't want to be more than fashionably late."

I wrapped a towel around my waist and grabbed another to dry my hair as I walked back into our bedroom.

Marsha was standing at the foot of our bed waiting for me to return. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and I was certain my jaw dropped so far it nearly dislocated its self.

She looked absolutely incredible. The sexy new dress she'd bought for this special occasion hugged her body its wrap around design leaving little to the imagination where it plunged down revealing soft sexy cleavage. Just above the diamond pendant, I'd bought her for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary dangled from her sexy neck. The dress almost touched her knees but below its flowing hem, her shapely legs were covered with dark gray silk stockings. She wore a brand new pair of high heels clearly designed to accentuate her great legs. She'd applied a light coat of red lip gloss which contrasted quite nicely with all the black she wore.

"Maybe we should just stay here." I remarked feeling my cock surge a little.

Marsha smiled and curtly replied. "No way." She looked fabulous and she knew it. I was sure she was looking forward to the evening showing off to my classmates.

I quickly finished drying my hair then slipped the towel off my waist. My semi erect cock waving out from my loins. Marsha smiled and said. "You gonna save some of that for me."

I laughed and replied. "I'm gonna save it all for you sexy."

Marsha walked to where I was standing and softly grasped my cock. "I can hardly wait to feel this buried deep inside me."

I again suggested. "Why wait." I knew we'd both have to wait because she was apparently looking forward to the evening more than I.

She turned and walked toward the door. Her sexy hips swaying seductively from side to side as her high heels were carefully placed one in front of the other. As she walked through the door she glanced over her shoulder to make sure she had my attention then said. "Don't keep this hot bod waiting too long baby or I might head out by myself."

Unlike my shower, I wasted no time getting dressed. A navy blue suit white shirt and striped necktie. Just the right outfit to complement Marsha's sexy dress.

I was still fidgeting with the Windsor knot at my neck as I walked down the stairs. "Here let me help you with that." Marsha offered.

Her skillful fingers made short work of evening out the silk fabric drawing my tie into a perfect knot. As she straightened out my tie her wonderful perfume wafted up from her soft sensuous cleavage tickling my nostrils. I couldn't wait till later when I'd be able to bury my nose there and get the full effect of her sweet fragrance.

I slipped on my suit coat and grabbed my keys from the table beside the front door. "Ready?" I asked.

"You betcha." Marsha replied as she grabbed the small clutch handbag containing whatever it is women need for an evening out with their man.

She slipped into the passenger seat making sure I got an eyeful of sexy silk covered leg and I actually paused a moment to let the image of her shapely legs burn into my brain. The evening hadn't even started and my passionate mate was already seducing me.

As I turned the key and buckled my seat belt I glanced over at Marsha. "You gonna buckle up?" I asked.

"What and wrinkle my new dress." She replied then added. "You'll drive real careful won't you."

"Sure." I replied.

The drive to the country club took maybe twenty minutes and we arrived as Marsha had said fashionably late. I jumped out and walked around to open her door and offer my hand which she accepted with a wide smile on her lips. The early evening air still held much of the sweltering heat from the record high of that afternoon and off in the distance the faint sound of thunder could be heard.

Stepping out of the car Marsha smoothed her dress down over her shapely thighs then asked. "How do I look?"

I took a step back still holding her delicate hand and replied. "You look better than any woman here."

She smiled and squeezed my hand then began to say. "But you haven't seen..."

I interrupted her to reply. "It doesn't matter what they look like. You're still the hottest looking woman here."

Marsha moved close to me and gave me a light kiss then wrapped her arm around mine as I escorted her toward the large white double doors to the club's banquet hall. My chest swelled with pride having her on my arm and I was damn glad she'd talked me into coming to this affair.

I pulled one heavy door open and Marsha stepped inside then stopped waiting for me to follow. Her delicate hand wrapped around my arm as we surveyed the crowd. Of those folks who took notice of our arrival most began smiling. I assumed not because they'd recognized me but because of the incredible looking woman on my arm.

Two familiar faces were seated at a long folding table just inside the entrance. They were the Peterson twins. While they shared the same birthday they are not identical twins and as I recall their personalities were very different in high school. Amy was thinner than Jessica her prim and proper attitude always landed her on the honor roll. Jessica, on the other hand, was the free spirit of the two and her wardrobe of short miniskirts and tight fitting tops usually landed her on her back. Jessica obviously was the most popular of the twins. The years had been more friendly to Amy who had clearly developed into a lovely woman. Jessica looked a bit worn her eyes creased at the corners with deep crows feet and perhaps an additional thirty pounds on her once very healthy frame.

"Paul?" Jessica said as Marsha and I approached the table.

"Hiya Jess." I replied. Her smile acknowledging that she was happy I'd remembered her name.

Amy thumbed through a stack of printed name tags and handed me one that carried my name. "You'll be at table fourteen, Paul." Amy said.

"This is my wife Marsha." I said introducing them. "Amy and Jessica Peterson." I added.

Marsha smiled and said hello to them both then took my name badge and peeled it off the backer pasting it just above my breast pocket.

"I'm glad I don't have to wear one of these." Marsha remarked.

"Take care girls." I said to the twins knowing I'd most likely not be talking to them again that evening.

As we walked deeper into the crowd more than a few faces seemed familiar but names didn't come as easily as looks and I was happy for the name badges each classmate wore. Moving through the gathering I kept my hand resting comfortably on Marsha's back occasionally giving a gentle squeeze just to let her know I'd be squeezing more later.

Marsha asked. "Can we get a drink."

"Of course." I replied directing her movement toward the bar.

"What'll it be." The bartender asked.

"JD and water for me and a gin and tonic for the lady." I said knowing Marsha's favorite before meal cocktail.

"Can I have two limes please." Marsha asked.

The barkeep smiled and said. "Anything for such a lovely lady." His eyes roaming over Marsha's exposed cleavage while he mixed our drinks.

I lay a twenty on the bar as he worked. "It's an open bar until dinner." He remarked.

That kind of explained the pricey cost of this affair and I replaced the twenty with a five as a tip for his good service and for making my wife feel good about herself.

As Marsha and I moved about reintroducing myself to those classmates I recognized I kept a keen eye peeled for any sign of Sam and most of the men kept a keen eye directed to the sexy woman I accompanied.

"We having fun yet?" I whispered in Marsha's ear.

She smiled and gave me a quick kiss then said. "I always have fun with you."

I was getting reacquainted with Rick Hillman who was captain of our golf team when a woman wearing a name badge that read Lori Jackson and her nameless date approached.

"Marsha? Marsha Keener?" The man said.

I was a little taken back by this stranger knowing my wife's maiden name and my attention was immediately drawn to Lori and her date.

"I'm sorry." Marsha replied clearly not recognizing him.

"Scott Keener." He said extending his hand toward my wife.

"We went to high school together." Scott continued.

Marsha looked at him more carefully. I could tell her memory was being tested but as her smile widened I figured she was putting the name and face with a thirty-five-year-old memory.

"Oh, my god! Scotty." Marsha finally exclaimed.

Lori and I just stood there. I didn't remember her and she clearly didn't remember me but it was clear our mates had known each other while they attended high school five years after we'd graduated.

"Sorry, Scott I remember you having hair down to here." Marsha said placing her fingers on his shoulder.

I could understand Marsha not recognizing him since he now was sporting male pattern baldness.

"What a coincidence meeting you at a reunion for the class of seventy. I figured we wouldn't see each other until 2015 when our fortieth will be held." Scott said.

"I'm not looking forward to that reunion." Marsha offered.

Scott let his eyes roam down over Marsha's shapely tits then said. "Why not you're looking as hot as the day we graduated."

Lori piped in. "Scott that's a bit forward considering you haven't seen her since nineteen seventy-five."

Lori was a pretty late fifties woman. Her curly blond hair barely touching her shoulders. She had thin lips but accentuated their outline with a slightly darker shade of lip liner then the gloss she applied first. Her tiny breasts appeared rather perky under the tight fitting dress she wore.

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