tagLoving WivesFran Johnson Ch. 03

Fran Johnson Ch. 03


When my husband, Bill, arrived home from running his "errands" bearing a sexy negligee, crotchless panties, and two porno movies, I was a bit taken aback. I had already experienced three orgasms in the short time I had been home from work, and felt pretty exhausted sexually.

I basically told him we would have to see, that I was pretty tired, and slipped into the living room to surreptitiously retrieve my panties that I had left on the floor when I let Father Mick look at my bare vagina.

I didn't feel bad about what I had done: flashing the priest, masturbating to two orgasms in front of him, and watching while he masturbated, but I did feel somewhat naughty. And for some reason, I didn't feel comfortable sharing what had just happened with Bill. What was coming over me?

I busied myself making dinner, and Bill and I sat together at the dining room table and ate together. We opened a bottle of wine that we had with dinner, and by the time dinner was over, I had recovered from the excitement of the afternoon and told Bill that I was ready for a nice hot bath. He replied that I should make sure I shaved myself "nice and pretty" and dress in the gift he had brought for me after my bath. By now I knew the routine, and knew that while I was in the bath, he would pull out the sofa bed in the living room, light candles, and put an adult movie in the DVD player so it was all ready when I came out.

I put an Enya C.D. on in the bathroom and drew a nice hot bath with a liberal dose of bath oils. Soaking myself in the steaming water and listening to the gentle music soothed me and calmed my mind. I thought back over the afternoon and remembered the sight of Father Mick looking at my vagina and rubbing his penis. I began to get excited again, so I just went back to soaking and enjoying the music. Before I got out, I touched up the lips around my vagina with my razor, making them nice and bare and smooth, and shaved my legs.

When I got out I went to the bedroom and saw that Bill had laid out the pretty pink teddy and the crotchless panties for me. I decided to slip them on, and after doing so, checked myself in the full length mirror. I looked pretty good, I thought, for a 45 year old woman!

I padded out to the living room, and sure enough, Bill had the bed pulled out, candles lit, the drapes pulled across the big picture windows at the back of the living room, and the T.V. ready. I saw that he had poured me another glass of wine, and I took a sip and lay down on the sofa bed. I asked him if we could skip the movie and just make love, but he said no, he really wanted me to see this movie. He hit "play", and the movie started as he climbed onto the sofa bed next to me. He was wearing a pair of cut-off sweatpants and a black silky T-Shirt. I thought he looked quite handsome in the candlelight.

As the movie started, I saw that it was called "Wife-Watchers", and was the 5th or 6th in the series. It opened on a living room with a husband and wife chatting on the couch. They really weren't very good actors. They started fooling around; she licked his penis for a long time, and then he licked her for a while. That part started to turn me on a little bit and I took another sip of wine. While the man was licking the woman, their doorbell rang, and they hastily put their clothes back together. The husband got up and answered the door. He greeted a large black man, who was obviously one of his friends. The friend came in, and sat on the couch between the husband and wife, and as they chatted, he asked what they were doing when he dropped by.

The wife answered that they had been "fooling around", and that he had interrupted them. She brazenly told him that her husband had gotten her started and she was still feeling pretty horny. About this time, Bill leaned in a little closer to me and reached across and started playing with one of my nipples very lightly. It felt good.

The black actor said something that I missed, and started rubbing the wife's leg. The husband looked on and didn't do anything. Within a few moments, the friend had moved completely over to the side of the couch with the woman, and he was rubbing her thighs as she told him how horny she was and how her husband just couldn't satisfy her.

By this time Bill was squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, and it was starting to feel really, really good. The friend unbuttoned the wife's blouse and had her breasts out and was kissing and licking them. The husband sat at the other end of the couch, just watching as his friend mauled his wife's boobs!

Pretty soon the friend's hand was wandering down to the wife's crotch and he started rubbing her there. She pulled up her skirt to reveal her bare vagina, and they showed a close-up of the friend's black hand rubbing the wife's white vagina, and every once in a while one of his thick fingers would disappear as he slid it in her. They were kissing long and deep kisses as the husband looked on. Bill's hand started wandering down my stomach and I knew that soon he would want to rub my vagina as well.

The friend undressed the wife, and then the wife undressed the friend. When she pulled his pants down, out sprang the largest penis I have ever seen. It was just huge! It must have been 11 or 12 inches long and as big around as a wrist. Bill is average, about 5 inches, and I had never seen a penis this big! The woman immediately started licking and sucking it, praising it's size and girth, and telling the friend that it was much, much bigger than her husband's penis.

The man was very muscular and I enjoyed seeing him naked. Bill's hand had wandered down, and he asked me to spread my legs apart a little. I did, and felt him touch my wet vagina that was exposed because there was no crotch in my panties. The movie was turning me on, I suppose, as well as Bill playing with my breasts.

Bill put a finger in me as the wife gave the black friend a blow job. The husband had his penis out and was playing with himself while he watched the friend get a blowjob from his wife. Then the friend laid the wife back, and started licking her down there. She was telling him how much better he was at it than her husband was, and was making all kinds of noises, and kept saying the "F" word over and over.

I noticed that Bill had stopped playing with me and had gotten up and gone into the kitchen. I heard the microwave door close and heard it begin to run, and I thought I knew what he was doing. He was heating up a cucumber.

Bill had figured out exactly how long to put a cold cucumber in the microwave to bring it up to body temperature. When he came back into the living room, sure enough, he was holding the cucumber. He laid down next to me and we resumed watching the movie together. The friend was really going to town on the wife's vagina, licking it up and down, sticking his long tongue in and out of it, and she was having lots of orgasms. As I was wondering if they were real or fake, I felt Bill begin rubbing the cucumber on the lips of my vagina. I spread my legs just a little bit wider to give him access, and he slowly began to push it in me. It was warm and thick, and felt heavenly as it slid right in to my well-lubricated vagina.

Bill began working the cucumber slowly in and out of me as the friend moved up and straddled the wife. They showed a close-up of his huge penis going into the wife's vagina as she moaned and screamed. He said he had wanted to fuck that white pussy for a long time, and the humiliated husband just watched and masturbated his small penis. The friend picked up the pace and was really ramming it in and out of the wife. I couldn't believe it even fit in her!

As Bill continued to work the cucumber in and out of me, I began to move my hips to push against it each time he slid it in. It was feeling very, very good. The wife was screaming about how much bigger the friend's cock was, and how he was satisfying her like her husband never could, and the friend was just giving her the fuck of her life. Bill just kept working the cucumber in and out of me, slowly in, slowly out, never changing pace. I started wanting to feel it ramming into me like the woman on the screen was getting. It was delicious, wanting to get rammed and just having the anticipation of it while getting slowly screwed in and out with the fat cucumber.

The friend and the wife both started orgasming, and I closed my eyes, wanting to concentrate on the good feeling Bill was giving me with the cucumber. Bill noticed that I had shut my eyes, and told me to open them; he wanted me to see what happened next. It was feeling so good I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open, and Bill had to keep reminding me. He just kept going slowly in and out with the cucumber.

Then the friend pulled out his big black penis and they showed a closeup of the wife's messy vagina. There was sperm leaking from her opening, and her entire vagina was smeared with her juice and the friends sperm. My eyes closed, and Bill had to remind me to open them.

What I saw shocked me! The wife told her husband that he had better get over and clean her up. The friend agreed, telling the husband to "do it". Then they showed a close-up of the wife's messy vagina with sperm leaking out, and the husband going down there and starting to lick it all up. The wife was telling him to clean her good, and he actually looked like he was enjoying it!

Bill started to speed up the cucumber going in and out of me, and I tried to encourage him by moving my hips faster up and down off the bed. I was trying to set the tempo, to get him to move up to ramming speed. The wife told the husband to lay on his back on the floor, and when he did, she kneeled on the floor over him and lowered her vagina onto his face. There was a shot of the friend's sperm dripping out of her vagina and down onto the husband's tongue.

I reached over and took hold of Bill's hard little penis with my hand and started rubbing him up and down in time while I sped up my thrusting with my hips. He was getting the message and started really going at it with the cucumber. The wife was yelling at the husband to clean up her cunt as she rubbed her vagina on his face. Bill was now ramming the cucumber in and out of me just like I wanted, and as the wife started to orgasm on the husband's face, I came with a huge gush, wetting the cucumber, Bill's hand, and the sheet. I didn't often let go with a gush like that, but this was just one of those times that I was so turned on, and Bill had just kept me wanting it so bad for so long with the slow in and out, that I came with such force that it just squirted out of me.

Bill immediately pulled out the cucumber, pulled down his pants, and laid down on top of me. I reached down and guided the head of his penis to my opening and pushed against him as he shoved his entire 5 inches into me. He started pumping in and out of me right away, and I had the thought that I had never thought of his penis as small, just average. Seeing the huge one on the actor in the movie had made me think momentarily of his penis as small.

The thought left my mind as I hugged my husband and encouraged him to enjoy his wife's body. I told him how much I loved him, and how much he satisfied me as he grunted away, pistoning in and out of me. I could barely feel it after having just had the fat cucumber in me for a half hour or more, but I was enjoying the closeness. He was very, very passionate, and I hugged him close as he reached orgasm and pumped his warm semen into his loving wife.

He lay there for a moment and finally rolled off me onto his side. He looked at me and told me that I must have liked that scene in the movie. I told him that I liked what he was doing to me more. He asked me what I thought of it, and I told him that I thought it was pretty sexy, but that I thought it was kind of weird of the husband to let another man have sex with his wife, then to lick her afterwards. Bill told me that some guys get really turned on by that kind of stuff.

Another scene had started with a wife telling her husband that her boyfriend was on the way over. I scooted back up and leaned against the back of the couch, comfortably lounging on the sofa bed. Bill cuddled up to me, and lay his head on my tummy so I could see over it, and he could watch as well. The theme was the same, but this time the couple was in their 40's and two young men in their early 20's had sex with the wife as the husband looked on.

Bill had started playing with me while we watched. I didn't know if this day was ever going to end. His face was on my tummy, less than a foot away from my vagina, and I was worried that I might smell bad down there with his sperm leaking out of me, and the mess I had made when I squirted during my orgasm. I felt like I should go to the bathroom and clean myself up, but it was just such a pleasant moment with Bill's head resting on my tummy and him playing lightly with me.

Then he started kissing my tummy. Then he started kissing DOWN my tummy, and I thought I knew what he was up to. He wouldn't! He couldn't! Could he?

He reached the top of my pubic hair, and was kissing the little creases where my legs start. He was spreading the mixture of his sperm and my juices around the opening of my vagina with his fingers as he kissed just above my crotch. Then he shocked me by running his finger up the entire length of my vagina, getting it sticky with the goo, then bringing it up to his lips and putting it in his mouth, tasting the remnants of our union. He used two fingers and scooped a big glob of goo out of me, and put the fingers in his mouth, licking them. He groaned and did it again. Soon his fingers were going back and forth between me and his mouth and he feasted on the wet mess leaking out of me.

Suddenly he pushed my legs apart, and quickly repositioned himself at the foot of the bed between my legs with his face poised above my leaking vagina. He pushed his face forward and began licking me like a man in the desert who has just found water. He stuck his tongue deep inside me, lapping at all the sperm and juice he could get.

Then he grabbed both my legs, and rolled us both over, so he was on his back. He told me I knew what he wanted, and I did. I turned around and crouched over his head, facing towards his feet, and lowered my vagina right down onto his face. He licked and sucked as I rubbed my clit against his lips and nose. I looked and saw his little 5 inch penis sticking straight up in the air and I reached for it.

As soon as I touched it, he groaned and shot a thick white glob of sperm about 4 inches into the air. That turned me on and I ground my clit against his tongue as I had my 5th orgasm of the day. It wasn't a big one, but it was a good one.

I rose off Bill's face and fell back against the backrest to the side of his head. He turned on his side and buried his face against my leg, and just held me. I was exhausted and confused. What had just happened? Had my husband really just sucked his own cum out of me? Had I really just enjoyed that so much? I realized that the movie was still playing, and in my spent state, I just couldn't take it. I reached over for the remote and clicked it off.

Bill lay there for a few more moments. Then he looked up at me and thanked me, telling me that it was incredible for him and that he was glad I liked it. I asked him if that was just spur of the moment or if he had been wanting to do that for a long time. He told me he had wanted to do it for a long time, and that he was afraid I would think he was weird or disgusting. I told him I didn't think any differently about him than I ever had, I was just surprised.

Then he told me something else. He told me that he also wished that he was the husband watching, and that it was another man's "cream pie" that he was licking out of me. I had never heard that term before, and I asked him what it meant. He told me that when a man licked a woman right after sex, when she was full of cum, it was called a "cream pie", and that lots of men liked doing that.

I told him to come up and hug me. We lay side by side and hugged each other. I was confused and a little scared. I had never had any idea that people did things like that, and I especially had no idea that my loving husband had those kinds of desires.

After laying there for a few moments, I told him that if he liked doing that, he could anytime he wanted. But that it could only be his own. I couldn't consent to sex with another man. There was something in me that liked it when he did it. There was some sense of being powerful and important that I rarely felt. Bill had always been the one in control in our relationship. I had been happy with that. But just for that moment, I had enjoyed being the one in control. And it made me orgasm when I felt like I didn't have an orgasm left in me.

I asked Bill if he was ready to go to bed and blew out the candles.

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