tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFran Johnson Ch. 02

Fran Johnson Ch. 02


I was so horrified that our priest had seen me on the bus with a young man's hand on my thigh while my husband, Bill, looked on. Bill swore that Father Mick hadn't seen anything, but I wasn't so sure. He had been his usual jovial self on the bus, but it kept running through my head over and over again that he just couldn't have missed what was going on. I wondered how and why my normal life seemed to be changing so fast and spinning out of control. Bill just seemed to want more and more from me, and I didn't know how much more I could give. I was beginning to feel like a common wanton whore, or something along those lines, and it wasn't comfortable for me.

I didn't tell Bill, but I had been turned on almost continuously since I had flashed the men on the bus. I just seemed to be in a perpetual state of arousal, and that was not a normal state for me. I didn't let on to Bill, but I think he knew, as he made love to me three nights in a row, and I was soaking wet the first time he touched me each of those nights. I also had very powerful orgasms quickly. There was almost no buildup to my orgasms. I was just so turned on already that I came almost as soon as Bill started playing with my vagina. It was the thought of those men seeing my bare vagina, and although I tried, I couldn't stop thinking that those young men on their way to their Rugby game had wanted to have sex with me after their game. It quite excited me thinking of both of them having their way with me. I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind, but they just seemed to creep back in. Their young, hard, naked bodies filled my head with bad thoughts.

On the Thursday following that weekend, I beat Bill home from work as he had numerous errands to run, and I was using the bathroom, going number one. As I wiped myself, I felt my wetness smear against the toilet paper. I couldn't help but reach down between my legs and touch myself, and I was amazed at how wet my vagina was from my natural lubrication. It felt very good when I ran my fingers lightly up and down my vagina, especially right around the opening. I couldn't help but lightly touch the hard nub of my clitoris. Before I knew what had happened, my body shook as I climaxed, sitting on the toilet seat. I try not to do such things, as it makes me feel bad about myself and a bit guilty afterwards. But it just seemed that once I started I couldn't stop, and then I just climaxed before I could gain control of myself. I washed my hands thoroughly and smoothed my skirt before I returned to the kitchen.

Just as I was beginning to think about what to make for dinner, I heard the doorbell ring. Wondering who it might be, I went to the door and glanced out through the window before opening the door. Much to my dismay, it was Father Mick. I composed myself and answered the door and greeted him with as much cheer as I could muster.

He seemed himself and gave no indication that he was mad or upset with me, and that gave me some relief. I invited him in, and offered him iced tea, which he gladly accepted. I went into the kitchen to get the iced tea as he settled himself on the couch.

When I came back in with our tea, I asked him what brought him to our home for a visit. He told me that he was concerned by what he had seen on the bus the previous weekend, and that he was coming by to check that everything was alright with Bill and me. My greatest fear was realized! He had seen everything.

I began crying, and told Father Mick that I was so sorry. I told him that I felt humiliated, and I told him that sometimes Bill gave me hard choices to make between being a good wife and doing things that I didn't think were right.

"Like what you were doing on the bus, Fran?" he asked me.

"Yes, Father. Like what I was doing on the bus," I sobbed.

"What, exactly, were you doing on the bus?" Father asked, looking directly at me. "I saw that a young man had his hand on your bare leg, and Bill was not doing anything to stop it."

"Bill wanted me to let men on the bus see up my skirt, Father. I don't know how, but he just talked me into it." I wrung my hands and hung my head in shame. "That young man had seen up my skirt, Father, and he was making an advance. I certainly wouldn't have let it go any further."

"There is certainly no shame or sin in a man seeing your underwear, Fran," Father told me. I knew I could leave it at that, but I felt that I had to be completely honest in order to get it off my chest.

I hung my head and looked at the floor. "I wasn't wearing any underwear, Father." I felt humiliated. "I took my panties off before I got on the bus."

"Hmmm," I heard him say. When he didn't say anything more, I looked up at him. Father looked as though there was something he wanted to say and as I sat across from him, I waited expectantly. I wanted forgiveness.

"Fran," he finally said. "I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You were on the bus, and you deliberately let men look up your dress? And you did this while not wearing any panties?"

"Yes, Father. Please forgive me." I looked at him pleadingly.

"In order to forgive you, Mary, I need to understand your motives. Why did you do that, what you did on the bus?"

"Because Bill had bullied me, Father. He told me I was an old fuddy-duddy if I wouldn't do it." Father chuckled.

"And how did you go about this task, dear?" he asked.

"I took the seat across from two men, twice, and let my legs fall open so they could see up my skirt." Without thinking, in order to illustrate I opened my knees slightly. I blushed.

"Well, I can't see anything, Fran. Perhaps they never saw anything, either," he said, looking directly at my knees.

"My legs were further apart, Father," I said.

"How far apart, Fran?" Father asked. "Show me."

"I'm not sure I should, Father." I stuttered.

"Certainly you can, Fran. It won't hurt anything or anyone. No one else will know, only you and I."

I opened my legs a bit further. "They were open even more than this, Father Mick," I told him, looking away.

"I really still don't see anything improper," he said. "Are you sure they saw anything?"

"Well, my skirt was quite a bit shorter, Father."

"How much shorter?" He was keeping a steady gaze between my legs.

"Do I have to show you?" I asked, not feeling comfortable. I pulled my skirt up until it was near the top of my thigh-high stockings. I feared that he could see the creamy white skin above my stockings.

"About here. Can you see anything now?" My voice caught and my saliva was getting thick in my mouth as I became aware of my arousal.

"No, Fran. I still don't see what you are talking about." His gaze was steady, and I looked at his lap and could see that he had an erection. It was pointed down his leg and was pressing against his black pant leg.

"Father, I don't know if I should do this," I beseeched him.

"Go ahead, Fran. It's alright," he told me reassuringly.

With a sigh, I spread my legs completely open in a wide "V", completely exposing the gusset of my panties to Father Mick. As I spread my legs I felt a sudden surge of strong arousal. Looking down, I could see that my skirt had ridden all the way up so that even I could see the crotch of my panties. Much to my embarrassment, there was a big wet spot right where the opening of my vagina was.

"Yes, Fran," Father Mick said with a thick voice. "I see what you were doing now, but you said that you had removed your panties. This certainly is no sin, what I see now."

"But they saw much more, Father. Bill made me shave myself there, and they could see everything." Father Mick shifted uncomfortably in his seat. I could see that his erection was pressing hard against his pant leg as it tried to rise with its hardness.

"Then let me see that, Fran, so that I can know what it was they saw." I froze for just a moment.

"I'm not sure I should do that, Father," I said, looking away.

"It is just fine for you to do that, Fran. I am going to absolve you for doing it for the men on the bus, and the forgiveness will extend to our meeting today."

"I'm not sure, Father," I said, feeling a rush of excitement.

"It's fine, Fran," he reassured me. I won't be seeing anything the men on the bus didn't see, will I?"

"No Father, you won't," I replied as I lifted my buttocks off the seat and slid my panties down my legs and over my shoes. I held my legs to the side so Father couldn't see anything. Father Mick stood briefly and adjusted his erect penis, so it was pointing up in his pants rather than pressing against the pant leg.

"Yes, Fran. That's right," he said soothingly. "Let Father see what the men on the bus saw." I moved my knees back towards him, and let them part just a bit. "I don't see anything," he told me. I let my knees part more. "Pull your skirt up a bit like you had it before." He reached down and began rubbing the bulge in his black trousers.

I slowly spread my legs until I could see the lips of my private parts. The lips were swollen, red and moist. I looked at Father Mick, and his eyes were riveted on my exposed shaven vagina.

"You are quite wet, Fran," Father said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his large erect penis. "This must be having the same effect on you that it is having on me".

"It is, Father, but it is making me feel guilty. You are a priest."

"I am a priest, Fran, but I am also human, and I am a man. I have taken a vow of chastity, which I honor, but I am still made of flesh and blood." He was stroking his penis now, it's bulbous head a purplish color as he squeezed and rubbed it up and down. "Feel no shame, Fran. Feel no shame. Your vagina is very beautiful, and is one of God's perfect creations." I spread my legs wider, pushing my knees as far apart as I could stretch so Father Mick could better see my perfect creation.

I was highly aroused and could feel my juices dripping down into the crack of my buttocks. I longed to touch myself but couldn't bring myself to do it in front of Father.

"Come give me a closer look, Fran. Over here on the couch." He patted the couch next to him. "Let me see it closer". I stood hesitantly and crossed the small space and sat next to him. I feared that he would try to touch my perfect creation. I wanted him to touch my perfect creation, but I was afraid.

"Lean your head back against the arm, Fran, and show me what you showed the men on the bus." I turned and laid back on the couch and spread my legs as far as I could, giving Father a clear, close view of my swollen, burning privates.

"And you did this because your husband asked you to?" Father asked.

"Yes, Father."

"And was it for your husband's arousal that you did this?"

"Yes, Father."

"And did it arouse you as well?" Father asked.

"Yes, Father."

"And does the memory of it arouse you?"

"Yes, Father."

"And have you touched yourself when the memory has aroused you?"

I hesitated.

"Yes, Father."

"And are you aroused at this moment?"

"Yes, Father."

"And does your arousal make you want to touch yourself now, Fran?"

"Yes, Father."

"Touch yourself now, Fran." His tone was soothing and encouraging.

"Yes, Father." I closed my eyes and moved my hand to my vagina. It was sheer electricity when my hand met it. I began furiously rubbing myself, and was moving my hips up and down on the couch. I opened my eyes and watched Father Mick as he stroked his erect penis, his eyes fixed on my busy hand. I brought my other hand to my breast and began pinching at my nipple through my bra.

"Forgive me father......." I moaned as I began to climax. My entire body shuddered as the orgasm ripped through me. As it did, Father's hand sped up on his penis and soon I could see his sperm shooting in the air as he pumped his fist up and down. I orgasmed again, not as hard as the first one, but still a toe-curler. Father was slowing his hand down, sperm on his pants and a mess on his hand.

"Oh, Father," I said. "You've made a mess on your pants!" I got up and went to the kitchen for a damp cloth. When I returned, I could see my panties on the floor where I had dropped them. Father had put himself back in and had zipped up. Holding the damp towel in front of me, I asked him, "May I?"

"Yes, dear, certainly," Father chuckled. I knelt before him and dabbed at his pants, cleaning the sperm off them, but being careful not to touch his penis. When I was done I handed him the damp cloth so he could wipe his hands.

As I knelt before him I asked him, "Father, may I confess my sins?"

"Yes, my child," came his gentle reply. I continued kneeling.

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been over a month since my last confession, and these are my sins." I listed my transgressions on the bus, my impure thoughts as a result, the episode earlier in the bathroom, and exposing myself to a priest while masturbating. "For these and all the sins of my past life, especially for my sins of the past week, I am truly sorry."

Father Mick kindly and gently absolved me of my sins and gave me penance of 10 Hail Marys and 10 Our Fathers at bedtime for the next three nights.

"Thank you, Fran, for your kindness to a pervy old priest," he laughed when he was finished.

I told him that he certainly wasn't perverted, only a man made of flesh and blood, and that he certainly wasn't old as well. He patted my hand and thanked me for my kindness again.

"Well, I really must go," he said, standing. "Ladies Auxiliary this afternoon, you know!" I stood as well and walked him to the door. I thanked him for his kindness and understanding, and he walked towards his car.

Closing the door, I was shocked that I didn't feel dirty or shameful or sinful. Somehow I felt that I had done a kindness for Father Mick, and that he was grateful, and I was forgiven. I wondered when he would confess as well and what his penance might be.

When Bill came home a bit later, he asked me how my day had been. Smiling to myself inwardly, I told him that it was just a day like any other. He had a bag from Victoria's Secret, and I asked him what was in it. He said a surprise for me, and opening the bag, pulled out a sexy pink short negligee. He reached in again, pulling out a pair of matching panties.

"Crotchless," he said, leering at me and showing me the split crotch of the panties. I suddenly remembered that my panties still lay on the floor by the chair. I must get them before he finds them, I thought to myself.

He reached into the bag again and said, "Plus, I stopped by the Adult Video Store," and pulled out two DVD's.

I thought to myself that it was going to be a long night. I was already exhausted from the orgasms I had. But as always, I knew I would be a good wife and be a sexy companion for him.

"Bill!" I cried out. "You know I don't like those kind of movies!"

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