tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 3

Frat Boy Games Ch. 3


The door slammed shut begind Number One. Number Two came over to the bed and looked at her body. Bruises covered it. Gently, he ran his hands over her body. Disgusted, he wiped the tears from her cheeks and undid the restraints at first her ankles, then his wrists. The gag was thrown on the floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Shh, let me clean you up. I won't hurt you."

Anna was too tired and hurt to fight as he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. He started the shower and quickly got in with her. He soaped her up and held her gently as he washed her thoroughly. When he was done, he carried her back to the bed, wrapped in a soft, fluffy towel.

He laid down on the bed, spooning her back. His mask was still in place, now soaked, but covering his face. He just held her, confusing Anna even more.

The clock had passed twenty minutes.

His hands slowly started rubbing her body, massaging her shoulders, her arms, her back, moving done to her bottom, then down to her legs. She sighed in contentment as her muscles relaxed. She almost didn't notice when he spread her legs and knelt between them.

His hands moved over her stomach, to her breasts, kneading them gently. Her nipples hardened and she moaned gently. Anna was getting scared. She was liking this!

"Do you want me to stop?"

Anna raised her head and looked at the man, her eyes wide in disbelief.


"Do you want me to stop?"

He saw the look of confusion across her face. Her body was responding as never before, but she had just been brutally abused.


He strained to here her as she whispered her answer. He smiled to himself and then bent down to her breasts. He licked one nipple, then the other, swirling his tongue around her breast, missing no part whatsoever.

Slowly, he worked to awaken feelings in her that she had never felt before. He introduced her to her own passionate body. Working her breasts, kissing down to her stomach and then her inner thighs. His fingers parted her lips and his tongue dipped inside her ecstasy.

Anna was moaning, her body trembled as the fires of passion began to build, slowly but surely. As soon as his tongue touched her clit, she was bucking and spasming. Her hands came down on their own to wrap in his hair and hold him there.

"Oh God, oh God, don't stop. Please, more. I want more."

He obliged her, his tongue flicking her clit hard and fast while his hands played with her. One hand dipping his fingers inside of her velvet box, the other rolling her nipples alternately. Her body shuddered and moaned, finding release again and again. He wasn't sure if it was one big orgasm or several little ones.

"I want you inside me...please."

Her whisper was heaven to him. He pulled his face away and moved his face up to kiss her. Her hands still held his hair and now she was pressing her body to him, arching her back, pressing her breasts to his hard, muscled chest. Anna's legs wrapped around him, pulling him into her.

She cried as he inched his way into her, trying to pull him in. He pushed gently, feeling how tight she was, how perfect. He almost came when her heat finally held him fully. Hands gently grabbed her hips, holding her still.

"Let me do this the way I want."

She stopped trying to pull him in, just looking into eyes and nodded slowly. He pushed himself in and out, little by little. Savoring every feeling, every muscle twitch, every centimeter of moisture. He began a rhythm that she matched easily. Soon, she was writhing beneath him, clutching him, scratching his back and butt. He moved a hand down and touched her clit, sending Anna back into ecstasy.

"Oh God! YES!"

He felt himself letting go. His balls tightened almost painfully, then released, filling her as fully as he could. Her muscles clenched, released and clenched again as her orgasm became more intense, more heightened. Her entire body held him close, trying to keep him in her, trying to keep the feeling alive a little longer.

He collapsed on her, but quickly moved to get off of her, afraid of hurting her more. Instead, she held him tighter.

"Don't leave me, please get me out of here."

"I can't. But if you'll let me, when this is all through, I'll go to you. My little Russian Rose."

To Be Continued...

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