tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 2

Frat Boy Games Ch. 2


The door shut with an audible click. Anna was now alone with this stranger, this man, Number One in the contest. She was about to lose her virginity. His upper face was covered by a black mask, leaving his lower face exposed. His grin was twisted as he looked off the side of the bed. Anna looked to where he was looking and saw a timer, in bright, big red letters. She watched as it counted down from 8.

"Five, four, three, two, one. You're mine!"

His hands grabbed her breasts roughly, pulling her nipples. Anna threw her head back and forth, fighting against the restraints. His mouth came down and captured a nipple, biting roughly and pulling back. Anna tried to arch her back and follow him, to relieve the pain on her nipple. His hands roughly pushed her shoulders back to the bed. Anna cried out again, but it was only muffled by the gag.

The man turned and did the same to the other breast. Anna wiggled, trying to stop the white hot pain in her breasts. She felt dizzy, it hurt so much!

Then, he pulled his hands away. He moved down the bed to between her legs. He started to lick and slurp her pussy, wetting it. He nibbled on her lips, spreading them. Her hairless state let him touch everything, lick everything without distraction.

His tongue wandered every part of her, licking roughly, forcibly. His teeth grazed where ever they wanted, letting no skin go untouched. He found her clit, hidden away and drew it out by sucking on it, hard. Her hips thrust forward involuntarily, fighting the sudden painful/pleasurable sensations. He bit down and the pleasure went away to leave only pain.

Anna bit down on the gag, hoping to fight the wave of nausea. Then, the pleasure was back, as he settled down to suck gently. His fingers slipped into her, first one, painfully tight, then a second, forcing her open. His fingertips bounced off her hymen, testing its strength. A third finger was added and she was too full, too stretched.

Her body suddenly convulsed as his mouth sucked her clit to a state that it had never been before. Her back arched and her hips bucked against his face. She was shaking her head no, not believeing what he was doing to her. Not believing her body was betraying her so badly.

By keeping the pressure of his tongue on her clit, he kept her in that state for minutes. Alternating a little pressure with a lot and fingering her inside. She continued to buck until her body would take no more. In one tremendous spasm, she dislodged his mouth from her, hitting him squarely in the nose with her pubic bone.

"Damn it!"

She felt a slap across her face, but it barely registered as her body came down from taht extraordinary high. Little spasms still rippling through her body, like aftershocks of an earthquake.

She was vaguely aware of a liquid dripping onto her stomach and looked down to see his nose dripping blood from where she had hit him. He had grabbed the sheet, trying to stem the flow.

A small look of triumph crossed her face. She had made him bleed. Never mind that she was tied to the bed, she had made her atatcker bleed. If the gag wasn't stopping her mouth, she would have laughed.

He turned to her and saw the look in her eyes. His own started to blaze with the fires of fury. He moved back between her legs and that devious grin slid across his face again.

His dick was positioned right at the entrance to her cavity. He watched her face as she registered the intruder. She moved her hands around and grabbed hold of the restraints, bracing herself against the pain she knew would be coming. With a cry of victory, he plunged into her, tearing her open and apart. In one thrust, he had buried his knife, slicing away her virginity. Nine inches was buried into her, filling her.

The man, this pledge cared no longer about the game. He only wanted to tear apart this wench who had hurt him. He thrust as hard as he could, as deep as he could. His hands bruising the tender flesh of her breasts, pulling her nipples, biting them. Pounding into her, his knife turned into a sword, hacking away at her insides.

When would this torture end? Just as Anna found herself slipping into darkness, he thrust one last time. He buried himself as deep as he could and shot his seed into her. Anna was roused from her near unconciousness by the feel of the hot material filling her even more. She was revolted and disgusted. She wanted to vomit all over him, she wanted to rip his dick off of him and shove it down his throat!

He had collapsed on her and she felt his weight crushing her. She cried, tears streaming down her face. The pain! Oh, she hurt so bad! Then, she noticed the timer, the red numbers were again counting down to one. He jumped at the beeping, knowing his time was done. He smiled at her and pulled out, his slosh pouring out of her, just as the door opened. Another man came in, a look of disgust on his face as Number One left.

Anna's head fell back as the realization that she would be taken at least four more times today rocked her. She vowed her body may be vanquished, but she would not be conquered.

To Be Continued...

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