tagLoving WivesFree Appliance Repairs Ch. 03

Free Appliance Repairs Ch. 03


After our most recent adventure, when we had our elderly repairman out to look at what was wrong with our water heater, T and I had about a week to talk about what would be happening when he returned with a friend to install the new water heater. She had lots of questions about the whole experience, and what did this kind behavior really mean for her and our relationship.

She wondered that since she was trading sex to someone for their work did that make her a prostitute? We finally decided that it was just a simple exchange of labor, sort of a barter system of trading wages, instead of a pay for services. Since the installation would have cost about $300 did that mean sex with her was worth $150 an hour, and should she take on anyone that wanted to pay that rate? What about if they had something to trade for her services? We left that question without an answer.

Then the final question was about her not knowing whoever our elderly repairman Ed was going to bring with him. She questioned the thought of having sex with someone that she just met for the first time as that seemed way to slutty. At least she'd talked with Ed and flirted awhile before she gave him his first blow job, and it didn't happen the very first time she met him either.

She also questioned having sex with 2 men at once. Although she'd just done that with Ed and I a week earlier, for the very first time, she thought it seemed very dirty to be doing 2 men, especially when I wasn't one of them. She wanted to know what I thought would be the best way to do it. We discussed what positions she could use that would make it easier for her, and still a good time for the old guys. We finally decided that she it might be best if she would straddle one of them while she gave the other a blow job.

It seemed like she was having too many second thoughts so I finally offered that we could cancel the deal if she had too many reservations about going through with it. It wasn't until then that she told me she was actually looking forward to doing it, and was very excited about everything that she was questioning, but just needed some reassurance that this was a good thing to do.

On the appointed day the repair truck once again pulled into the driveway and I went down to open up the door and let them in. Ed, our repairman, was beaming as he introduced his friend Roger. Like Ed he was also a widower and the best description for him would be a nice little old man. Both of them looked like they had just shaved and showered and smelled of old man's cologne.

They kept looking around but T hadn't come down yet so I just told them to come in and get the work started and she'd show up soon. On the way to the water heater they couldn't help but notice that there was now a mattress laying in the middle of the family room floor. I'd already drained the water heater, so I left them to their work and told them we'd be back down soon.

When I got upstairs T was waiting for my report about who would be her new lover. As I described him her nervousness seemed to go away and we both laughed when I told her how disappointed they were when she didn't answer the door to greet them. I think they expected T to be waiting at the door naked when they showed up, and grumbled a bit when I told them that payment comes after the job is finished.

T was already dressed for sex so I suggested that perhaps we go down and see how the work was progressing and give them a little preview. She thought that was a good idea and when I tossed her a short satin robe she tied it very loosely and we went downstairs. With the banging of pipes and from the conversations we could hear that they were making progress. When we came into the room where they were working all activity and conversation stopped.

Even Ed who had seen T naked before stopped to stare at her, and Roger was so still I wondered if maybe his heart had stopped as well. T looked really hot! She was wearing a red satin robe that was tied so loose that by the time we got downstairs it was already open about 4 inches. This gave a clear view of the center of her breasts, which we being held up for view by a black lace shelf bra, and her little black g-string panties. To make the outfit complete she was also wearing thigh high nylons that stayed in place without any garters.

After a few moments of silence T finally asked Ed to introduce his friend and that broke the awkwardness. We spent a few minutes making small talk and joking around a bit and since the conversation seemed to have a sexual tone I thought that I'd be direct and simple asked Roger if he thought he'd rather have a T give him a blow job, or would he prefer to fuck her? Before he could answer I mentioned that Ed hadn't even had the opportunity to fuck her yet, so perhaps he should have first choice?

By now T's robe had fallen completely open and was hanging straight down to her sides. The open red robe framed her black outfit and her contrasting white skin with a wonderful affect. Both her tits were now proudly on display since they were being held up and out by her shelf bra. Her little black g-string barely covered her freshly shaved pussy and her stockings made her legs look even longer and smoother that before.

T noticed that she was totally exposed already so she took off the robe and handed it to me. I asked her to give them a little show so she turned around a few times, shook her ass and then stood while I pulled her already hard nipples a bit to make them stick out even more. She told them that she was wearing my favorite outfit, and that I had asked her to wear it for them. The both complimented her, and offered that it, and she, sure looked good!!

Their hands were already full of the kind of dirt and grease that comes from working on plumbing. I noticed that T had been looking at their hands, but since they we so dirty neither of them had tried to touch her. She finally told them that when they were all done she'd meet them in the family room where we'd be waiting. To my surprise she then suggested that she'd like to see them leave some dirty hand prints on her so don't wash up too much.

We went to the family room and turned on some music and waited and talked a bit more about what was going to happen. I asked her about the dirty hands, and she just thought it would be fun to get "really dirty" with them in more ways than just sex. She thought it would add to the whole adventure and give her more of a used feeling. We had also previously decided that since they were elderly, and hadn't had sex for many years that they wouldn't need to used condoms. That would also add to her getting dirty with them since she'd be covered in cum and greasy hand prints when they were all done.

I wasn't very long before they come out carrying the old water heater and putting it into their truck. Soon after that we could hear water running and the new heater was being filled. Everything seemed to be fine and as they were walking by with their tool boxes I reminded them that T was hoping for some greasy hand prints from them when they were all done. I don't think they understood her logic at all, but I knew they wouldn't argue!

The came into the family room where we were sitting and after removing their shoes they sat down on the couch. Both seemed intent on staring at T's tits as if they were going to disappear or something. We talked about the installation a bit, and made some more small talk so they would have more time to enjoy looking at T. I finally asked them if they were ready, and what would they like to do?

Ed admitted that although he really had enjoyed the previous blow jobs that T had given him it had been many years since he'd had sex and that would be his preference. Roger just mumbled something that seemed to be whatever as he looked to be happy to just be here and get what ever was offered. Both of them indicated that they were ready to go so T told Ed to lay down on the mattress and she would take care of the rest.

It always surprises me how fast an old person can move when they really want something as it seemed like only seconds passed before he'd kicked off his pants and boxers and was laying on his back. T kneeled down along side him and licked his cock for a few seconds and gave him a couple of quick plunges deep into her mouth. She enjoyed teasing that way, but then quickly straddled him and almost in one motion she slipped her g-string to the side and kneeled down on his cock.

She held that position for awhile as she allowed his cock to sink deeper into her pussy as she settled down on him. When she was fully impaled she took his dirty greasy hands and placed them on her ass and told him to hold on. She started to pump up and down on his cock as his hands left prints on her ass. It surprised all of us when she slipped his hand up the her g-string and she instructed him to pull on it and then eventually rip it off. That didn't take much effort as it was pretty flimsy material but he held the remnants in one hand as he continued to rub her ass.

T stopped for a moments rest and told Roger to drop his pants and come stand by her. He didn't need any more instructions either and he quickly was standing at the side with his cock pointing at her face. She didn't waste any time either and after a few licks quickly sucked in his cock. What a joy to see my wife sitting on one man's cock while sucking another one!

She kept this up for awhile but then started to work into a rhythm that allowed her to push herself up off of Ed and when she did that she would suck Rogers cock deep into her mouth. As she went back down on Ed's cock she would allow Rogers cock to almost slip out of her mouth as she would lick just the head of his cock. She kept this going for what seemed to be several minutes. Ed was still holding onto her ass and Roger was keeping his hands behind his back.

I told Roger to grab her tits and reminded both of them that she wanted to be dirty when they were all done. That seemed to allow them to relax and soon T had 4 hands roaming all over her body. Her nipples and tits were being squeezed and pulled so much that the dirt from their hands had turned them almost the color of her bra. Her bra straps had been pushed down and it was almost pushed down to her waist. I got up and unhooked her and she slipped her arms out of the bra as I took it away. That removed the last obstacle that was keeping them from running their hands all over her body and soon she looked like someone had used her body for finger paintings, but they only had black and gray for colors.

Through all this Ed had been hanging on, trying hard not to cum right away, but finally he said he was going to cum and what did T want to do? She told him to go ahead and fill her with his cum and concentrated on matching his final strokes as he pumped his cum into her pussy. I wasn't sure, but I suspected that as Ed filled her pussy with cum T was also having an orgasm, she later confirmed that. Time seemed to stop as both Ed and T enjoyed the moment and relaxed a bit.

She then turned to Roger and asked how he'd like to finish. He wasn't sure if he wanted sloppy seconds which to my surprise T offered, or continue with the blow job he'd been getting. He finally asked if he could get on top of her for awhile so Ed moved to the side and T rolled over on her back. It only took a few seconds and Roger was between her legs. His cock easily slid into her already used pussy and within seconds of entering her he was pounding her pussy with more energy than I had every seem in an old man.

He kept going for many minutes as T lay beneath him enjoying his enthusiastic fucking. She was surprised at how long he was able to go, and commented that she hadn't been ever been fuck for this long, especially when you added both Ed and Roger together!

Roger didn't say much during this time, mostly just grunted a bit and was breathing heavily. We later found out it had been a very long time since he'd had sex, and was enjoying the use of an "enhancement" prescription for the first time. He finally said that he was ready to cum and asked if he could cum in T's mouth.

Normally she doesn't like the taste of herself, but since she had been so totally fucked she was agreeable to just about anything. T didn't hesitate at all and after she rolled him off of her she sucked in his cock without hesitation. It didn't take more than a few seconds and he grabbed her by the head and held her tight as he filled her mouth with his cum.

T is a great cock sucker, and usually can keep a full load of cum in her mouth and keep on sucking cock at the same time. She doesn't like to swallow, but can swallow and keep on sucking at the same time if she needs too. However, Roger must have had a years supply of cum saved up as there was no way she could contain it all. She later said that it was the most cum she'd ever experienced and it seemed like his cock would never stop cumming.

She tried to hold it in her mouth, but after the first few blasts she couldn't contain it all or swallow fast enough either. She had to pull off his cock and took the last spurts directly on her lips and chin. She kept pumping his cock with her hand and although he was finally dry he stayed hard.

I couldn't wait any longer so I moved over to where they were and stepped up next to T. She knew what I was looking for and quickly sat up and as she opened her mouth she grabbed my cock with her cum covered hand. I would be lying if I said that I went on for a long time, it had been to exciting watching her take on the 2 old guys. It seemed like only seconds and I asked to paint her face with my cum. She backed off a bit and keep pumping my cock as she rubbed it across her face.

Ed and Roger watched I added my cum to the dirty hand prints, and the cum deposits that were already on T's body. As T does so well she takes my cock and by holding a finger or thumb at the end manages to direct the cum so it doesn't spurt all over, but goes directly onto her face when she wants it. The way she keeps her eyes open and watches and I enjoy coating her face with cum.

After I was finally done T leaned back up against the chair and told the guys that she hoped they'd gotten their money's worth in trade. The assured her that they had, and that perhaps more that they were worth. She told them she'd had fun too, and if we needed them again we'd call again. They quickly got dressed and left.

T remained on the mattress for a few moments and looked herself over. She was surprised at how dirty her body was from their hands, how much drying cum she had on her body, and she also said that she was sore from Rogers hard fucking. I asked her if she was happy, and she said yes.

I asked if she wanted to do it again, and after a pause and some thought suggested that if we did it again she'd prefer to try it with some other old guys instead creating a relationship with Ed that might lead to expectations. I then asked if she'd be willing to try it with guys that were 20 years younger instead of 20 years older. She just laughed and said she didn't think that would every happen. But if I could find some young studs feel free to bring them home!

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