tagBDSMFree Use Ch. 03: Unannounced Training Session

Free Use Ch. 03: Unannounced Training Session


The remainder of your afternoon promised to be relaxing, with nothing on your schedule for the rest of the day. For that reason, you had already showered and changed into company sanctioned lounge clothing, consisting of grey sweats and the ever present "18 Rentals" logo tank top. Tapping away on your pad, messaging a friend from home who suddenly got interested in the prospect of being a 'lease girl', when you started telling her a little about your days. A little box appears at the bottom right of the pad with a message from "Admin: 18 rental server". Knowing that's where you get last minute instructions from, you tap it with your finger, opening up a dialog box that simply states a room number and time, with the clothing instructions "minimal dress". A mini map shows directions to room 128, which you didn't know existed up until now. Looking at the time, you see you have about 10 minutes to get there, you tell your friend that you have to go. Last minute 'instructions', and you don't want to be late, whatever it is. Slipping your lounge pants off, with a little wince from the soreness from your anal training not a full hour ago, you find your little cotton shorts, and forego the formality of putting on panties.

A final quick scan of the instructions, telling you to wait at the door to 128, and you drop the pad on your bed and head off into the hallway. A couple quick turns, following the signs along the way, and you find yourself outside room 128 at 2:56 pm, with 4 minutes to spare. A minute or so later, you're joined by Anna, who seems all too happy as usual. You notice that she has her hair in pigtails today. Yesterday it was a long ponytail. She seems to really enjoy changing it up for the trainers, you think to yourself.

The wooden door to the room opens up in front of the two of you, and you find yourself looking into what looks like a combination lounge / office lobby, and myself looking out at the two of you.

"Good! I was hoping you received your instructions." Motioning toward a plush leather chair across the room "Lina, Jay will be out shortly. You will be assisting him." My arm pointing toward another chair maybe 10 feet from the first "Anna, you're with me." Looking past the two of you, into the hallway "Either of you see Mary on your way here?"

You both look to eachother before nodding no and a chorus of "No sir".

"Hmmm, maybe we didn't get all the issues ironed out with the datapads" a little shrug as I turn to walk toward one of the two leather chairs. "Mark, looks like yours didn't get the message. Probably have to page her."

At that moment, Mary makes her way to the doorway, moving quickly, but gingerly as she stops just outside the room, obviously in some discomfort.

"Check that Mark, yours is here...with 10 seconds to spare" the dry remark made toward a small room off the main lounge / lobby area. When Mark comes out, he's holding a water bottle, ready to survey his girl. Seeing her fully nude, holding her clothing in her arm, against her stomach, hair messed, cheeks flushed bright red, sweat on her forehead, make-up looking a bit worse for wear.

"You know you were almost late for an appointment, right? I trust you have a good reason" his deadpan tone showing neither anger or concern.

Her response comes quick, but lacking confidence "Sorry sir, but I had an extra anal training session, and needed to...freshen up after."

Jay speaks up from the background, walking out of the kitchen area with a protein shake in hand "You have your plug in, I hope."

"Y...yes sir. It's in." As she quickly turns around, bending over with a grab of her free hand spreading her cheeks, showing off a bright pink jeweled butt plug.

"Good girl. She's all yours Mark."

With that, Jay reaches out to grab your hand, pulling you staggering away, toward his chair. Even though I instructed you that you would be with him, perhaps somewhere in your mind, you were thinking that you would be working with me again. But this is not to be this afternoon. I lead Anna away as Jay sits in his chair, and I in mine. We both produce thin foam mats for the two of you, placing them in front of us before skinning our shorts off, producing the cocks that you'll be sucking next.

You hear my voice behind you, speaking more to Anna than both of you "Shorts off. Might as well have your holes accessible if someone else comes in wanting some, right?" You hear an enthusiastic 'mmmm hmmm' out of her, as you mimic her motion of skinning her shorts down and off of herself. For good measure, Anna does a little turn, wiggling her ass right in front of my face, so I can see the flash of her jeweled plug lodged firmly in her tight little hole.

You hear Mary walking across in tow behind Mark, trying to remain upbeat...despite the extreme soreness of her tightest hole, from its latest assault. As soon as he's seated and the 3 of you are on your knees in front of you, Mark lets you in on your training session:

"Girls, you're going to be sucking cock for the next hour, or until your trainer cums...whichever comes first. We have all taken part in training sessions this afternoon, so I doubt there will be any shortcuts. Feel free to begin."

Almost in unison, 3 heads lower into the laps of the trainers, lips opening wide to engulf the still mostly soft pricks in front of them. You hear what sounds like a sloppy kiss directly behind you, where Anna is already hungrily sucking the entire length into her mouth. In its semi hard state, she can easily take me to the root. Her pace moves like the expert she is, before pulling completely off my shaft, moving to my balls to bathe them with her tongue. Ever the pleaser, she takes each in her mouth, sucking softly, nursing them in a loving fashion. Hearing her in the background pushes you to do even more for Jay. Your attempts to take all of him are almost successful, without the help of him pushing you down. Each training session is yielding results as you learn to open your throat. Meanwhile Anna moves back to my shaft, her lips gliding up and down from tip to root, bathing it in her spit. It glistens when she pulls her mouth free, her hand gliding up and down the now hardened rod, as she whispers the word "rim?"

You barely hear it, but know what it means, as you hear the chair cushions make noise. Getting myself in position for her to move lower yet, my legs spread wide at the front edge of the chair, giving her access to lick feverishly, rimming away at her trainer. Showing what a pure service animal she is, licking energetically at my ass, while the two of you service your trainer's cocks.

At that moment, you hear the door to the room open, another man walking in by the click of his shoes, and the tone of his voice when he finally speaks "Informal session, guys?"

"Unannounced one boss. It felt like the class was slackin a bit, so we're keeping them motivated." You hear Mark's unemotional answer from the side, the sounds of sucking and slurping the only other sounds in the room.

What happens next surprises Mary and yourself, but not Anna. The 3 trainers and the owner of the establishment engage in light conversation while the 3 of you work hard at pleasing us, never leaving your mouths unoccupied for more than a few short seconds. You catch bits and pieces of the conversation:

"We have two potentials visiting on Friday. We've got 3 left unleased from the last class in front of these. About right where we should be. But make sure they're up on manners and presentation."

"Ya boss, no problem."

"One is an Asian, so she'll go fast." Jay's comment comes as you drive your lips down to his hilt, trying to focus his attention back to his cock.

"Plenty of time left before you go giving package discounts, boss" you hear what must be Mark with the last quip, eliciting a laugh from his boss. "No...no package discounts, unless they're repeats. You know the deal. And is that Mary that I spy there Mark?"

"Yep, figured she needs to get the work in." comes the level reply, fully emotionless in his response.

"How's she coming along? I know she was a bit sheltered compared to some in the class."

Jay takes this as his cue to answer, hearing his voice coming out flat, analytical as you throat his cock with your very best effort, before coming up for a short breath.

"She's coming around. Making good progress with her presentation, sucking and anal. Just had an anal with her, and decided she should be plugged, to get her ass a little bit better trained. But we'll have her ready to go in no time." The upbeat tone in his voice puts her a bit more at ease, while she hears herself being talked about like a thing, not a person.

For your part, you haven't let Jay's cock go attentionless for more than a few seconds to catch your breath, and the entire time, you hear slurping and sucking sounds coming from behind you. You wonder if Anna ever needs to breathe.

Jake lets his attention wander to my side of the room, seeing my cocksucker with a plug of her own in

"She doesn't need the extra training, does she?" motioning toward the toy lodged in Anna's tightest hole.

"She asked for the plug!" comes Mark's voice in response.

For the first time, Anna's mouth leaves me for more than a second "I just love having my ass full, sir" before her mouth dutifully goes back to my prick, lips gliding up and down the slick shaft again.

"Sounds like the perfect girl" the wry response comes from the owner of the company "Oh! Your friend Ryan made an appointment for a week from Friday. His leases are coming up, so he'll be here shopping." Mr Eyler directed the last statement directly at me, knowing that we're good friends from way back.

This starts another conversation between the trainers, while the three of you girls dutifully suck and lick at our shafts and balls. Jay starts it with "The investment guy?"

"Investing, property, realty, heavy equipment...whole bunch of stuff" comes my response.

"Just how did ya meet this guy" You've told me, but...I was probably getting my cock sucked, so I forgot" comes Jay's response, causing a laugh from the guys.

"He's one of my older brother's friends. Before the laws, they would bring all kinds of pussy home. It really bonds ya, ya know...fucking the same sluts."

You catch yourself giggling a bit on the cock in your mouth, before pulling up and looking around the room. Giving Jay a little grin, noticing the situation we're in at the moment.

Just then Mark pipes up "Want us to get one in here for you too boss?"

"No thanks, I've got to get back to the office anyway. Paperwork."

"Yea paperwork...and Lacy draining your balls twice a day!" The 4 of us laugh in chorus at that, until the boss puts a finger to his lips and pushing out a "shhhh...get to work". Tapping his hand on the door frame as he walks out.

"That's the one with the boat, right?" Jay's voice, though quiet, goes through him into your mouth, sending a vibration to your lips as he speaks.

"The 36 footer, dual deck, yea."

"Nice rig...and there's always nice scenery on it." Comes Jay's response, making you wonder how long he can keep going barely reacting to having his cock sucked with such zeal.

"He usually brings his leases out, plus a buddy or two will bring girls along with. They never come without a little added company. Lacy was going to come the one time. But she backed out for some BS reason and Tessa and Stacy came instead." My narrative of one of the customer's weekend fun barely enters your mind as you work diligently on the cock in front of you. But used to hot young mouths, and holes in general, the guys are just as much into the conversation as the attention paid to their cocks.

"Tessa and Stacy are hardly a fair trade for Lacy...sorry to say. Nice girls, but they're not going to drain your balls just by clamping their assholes down." Jay's analytical response to the trade off of willing sluts for the day comes as no surprise at this point. Just his straight forward way of talking about the skills of an employee hit you as a bit odd.

"Learn to clamp those holes down sluts...and you'll get taken everywhere, and invited even more places" A bit of a joking tone filters through Mark's voice as he gives the 3 of you advice.

Our banter goes back and forth like this for the next 15 minutes, as our sluts all work their mouths over our shafts. Out of nowhere Mark gives Mary a warning that he's about to unload...telling her to not pull off, he wants her to swallow. The willing girl ups her pace to coax his cum out of his balls. A few grunts later and he's unloading down her willing throat.

Anna takes this as a personal slight that another girl can make a trainer cum with her mouth before she can. She speeds up her efforts, taking half of the shaft in her lips before bobbing back up to the tip. The other half circled by her hand, twisting and stroking to her mouth. Her other hand fondling the balls that will soon give her a load to savor.

Your efforts start having the effect you want, as your hand glides up and down the shaft while your tongue circles the head in a 'tornado' motion. Jay gives you a tap on the shoulder to let you know he's about to unload, just as you hear grunts coming from behind you. Finally giving in to the pressure on my shaft, I unload in Anna's warm, wet mouth. Feeling her envelop me fully, before taking me in her throat to get the last few shots direct.

"Shiiiiiit that's a good mouth" you hear over your shoulder as Jay grunts softly and thrusts into your mouth as his first shot fires into you. You instinctively engulf as much as possible, milking his balls into your mouth, savoring the thick textured cream he's giving you. Just 2 weeks ago you would have involuntarily jerked backwards and left barely the head in your mouth. Now the training kicks in and causes you to plunge your mouth as far down as possible. A couple minutes of tender sucking from the both of you passes, before you relax back on your hauches and take in the scene around you. Mary is still kneeling in front of Mark, her back to him, watching you and Anna finishing up with your trainers. Anna is pressed tight against me, her tits wrapped around my softening cock, coaxing the last drops of cum out of my deflating shaft, before sitting back with a pleased look on her face.

"Ok girls, you should have the rest of the afternoon to yourselves. But do make sure to check your schedules to make sure no other training events have popped up while you were in here." Jay gives the almost clinical debriefing to the 3 of you, before standing up and moving to the kitchen to grab something to drink.

Mary makes her way out, holding her clothes in her arms again. Anna gets up to her feet, bending over at the waist to put her mouth on my cock again, giving it a long slow suck, before releasing it with a loud pop. Turning on her heel, she makes her way out into the hallway behind Mary, still nude. Before heading out yourself, you walk over to where I'm still seated, bending at the waist just as Anna did, your lips engulfing my prick to suck me a few seconds longer than Anna just had...before releasing me with an almost as loud pop.

A devilish grin spreads across your face before you turn away and almost hop out of the room, headed back toward your quarters.

As you leave, you hear one of the other trainers joke "That girl's in love. You're gonna have to break up with her before her lease day."

"Nahhh I'm just the first one up her ass. It's a special bond." Hearing the 3 of us almost rolling in laughter at the final quip.

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Different, but not terrible. I don't feel like every story needs to get the readers aroused, like the other commenter seems to think. The Mix of first and second person really takes some getting usedmore...

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The premise is what it is. Beyond the premise, it is so matter of fact that it has no flavor. It is creepily cold and disconnected. I feel no connection or arousal, not even a voyeuristic tickle. Themore...

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