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Friday Evening Live Video


John really likes to have an erection. There is just something about feeling that tension in the skin, the weight pulling at his hips. It is something to grip in your hand. Nearly all his life he has done many things to get his erection so he can enjoy it properly.

On the screen of his laptop, John is watching a live video webstream. This stream is on his computer screen every other Friday evening. The display in his browser includes view panels with two camera angles, and below them comments streaming from subscribers. John doesn't give the comments much of his attention. The left view, from behind, shows a guy on his hands and knees on a bed. The camera is low, so almost nothing is visible above his back. A little of the room can be seen on either side of him. The camera is lined to the left of his center, making his left side more visible than his right.

The right view faces right into him, again showing practically nothing above his back. The top of his head dominates the view; his face isn't visible.

The comments box header shows there are 917 viewers who paid for just this one live feed and 63 subscribing viewers, who paid a fee to watch every time another feed is produced.

The video feed appears to be presented by amateurs. The background looks like an ordinary bedroom in an ordinary house, with far more clutter than you see in the set for a professional production. The lighting is dim and uneven, leaving darker places on the screen where detail is more difficult to make out. The show began with a static screen, the guy visible, waiting, but nothing else happening for almost a minute. If the video was edited, these delays would surely have been taken out. The show is like this every time.

He looks very feminized. This might even be a bridal outfit.

He is wearing a white satin bustier. Three garters on his left leg can be seen, attached to white stockings with a wide band of lace all around the tops. The garters in back, left and right, are stretched tight across his hips, on his left two garters can be seen, relaxed because of the bend of his hip where he is kneeling. Over the bustier he is wearing a short, sheer, pale pink robe. It probably wouldn't have covered very much, but the hem has been pushed up so that it's piled up in the small of his back, leaving a clear view of his butt. The hem of his three-quarter sleeve has feminine lace.

He is wearing white lace panties over his garters. John remembers hearing his wife say there are only two ways to wear panties with garters: with the garters over the panties, like a model, or with the panties over the garters, like a slut.

When there finally is motion, it is camera being bumped. A female hip in a gray pencil skirt momentarily obscures the view through the rear camera as she moves from his feet to his head. In the view of the top of his head, her hand appears, reaching out toward the guy's head, giving his hair a soft caress. She bends closer to him and murmurs something in a sweet voice. He lifts his head. With his face now to the camera the viewers can see he has a gag in his mouth, secured by a narrow, pink leather strap. Already he is drooling a little. His face has makeup: blush, eye shadow, mascara and pink lip gloss.

With the gray skirt and her hand still visible in the head view, in the rear view another feminine hand reaches out and begins to caress his lace-covered bottom. A palm presses against his butt. Fingertips move softly side to side across the lace, starting near his waist and moving slowly down his legs. The hand reaches the leg bands and continues the slow sweeps, over lace at the center and over his bare skin to the left and right. His legs are smooth, it looks like perhaps they were shaved. A fingernail slips under the tight garter and traces it down along the back of his left leg to the top of his stocking, briefly tracing along his skin just above the lace top of the stocking. The hand reverses, one finger tracing back along the stocking top and back up the garter.

When the finger reaches the leg band, fingertips just brushing under the elastic, the hand flattens and her palm, pressing more firmly, runs across the lace to the waistband of his panties. She snaps the taut elastic. Moving to the small of his back, she puts two fingers out and traces them down, tracing the cleft between his cheeks. She moves her fingers slowly, the fingers pressing inward slightly. After a pause her fingers continue, separating the two halves of his crotchless panties.

John cannot take his eyes off his screen. His cock throbs as the split is revealed.

It soon becomes clear he has a plug in his butt; there is a rectangle of pink plastic showing. Johns cock twitches on its own when the plug is revealed. As her fingers further separate the split in the panties, continuing to his front, the clear plastic cage on his cock is also revealed, ring tight around his ball sac. There is another involuntary spasm in his swollen cock.

The fingers continue to caress him, moving up and down along the center hem of his crotchless panties, slowly separating them to show as much as possible.

The woman at his head murmurs something else, the guy in lingerie nods his head twice in a slow, small movement. Her hands slowly traces their way down his spine, right hand followed by left hand. Her left hand stops at the bottom hem of his bustier, slipping fingers under the elastic and taking a grip. Her right hand continues a leisurely trip down his spine until she reaches the beginning of the crease between his butt cheeks. One finger follows that furrow to his butt plug. The camera from behind shows a white blouse but her face is above the view of the camera. In the view from the front, her face might be in the field of the camera but is blocked by his face.

Her left hand gripping his bustier, knuckles pressing into his back, she grabs the base of the butt plus with two fingers of her right hand and pulls a little. His eyes widen. She pulls a little more firmly, wiggling a little, and the plug begins to emerge. She relaxes her fingers and the plug slides back in. She pulls again, the plug stretches him again, a bit further, then she releases. This is repeated a few times, each time stretching him a little wider. She may be dominating him, but she is taking very good care to stretch him out. When the plug fully expands him and pops out, his head jerks upward in response. She doesn't take the plug out, instead she continues to screw the tapered plug in and out of him. She presses most of the way in, but stops before reaching the point the plug would pop back in again.

The camera in back is jerkily dragged around to view him more from the side. The gray pencil skirt fills the left third of the screen until she moves out of the way. A body steps in front of the camera. With her back to the camera, the screen shows feminine hips, in tight jeans, wearing some form of harness around her waist and both her legs. She turns to the camera, revealing the dildo mounted on the harness. After showing the dildo to the viewers she turns toward him. The woman in the gray skirt removes the butt plug and the head of the dildo takes its place, pressing against his puckered asshole.

It is an ordinary looking dildo, flesh colored and about the size of a typical cock. It is natural looking, as though it was modeled after a real cock. The head is quite prominent, visibly larger than the shaft. It has lots of veins on it giving it quite a bit of texture. It has a shine to it, as though it is wet. Perhaps it has been lubricated. John hopes it has been lubricated.

The woman in the gray skirt pulls his butt cheeks apart, spreading him before the dildo. The head presses against him. His eyes widen. The woman in jeans grabs his hips in her hands. The skin around his rectum can be seen pulling tight as she increases the pressure with the dildo. His head moves slowly upward as though indicating the increasing pressure. His rectum expands and slowly begins to engulf the head of the dildo. The head pops in and his head eases downward again.

The woman in the gray skirt moves back by his head. Her hand reaches down and softly grips his shoulder.

The other woman moves the dildo into him quite slowly, her hips barely moving. After the initial penetration, the dildo seems to advance more easily. Even so, she does not rush. His head moves slightly, making little jerks in response to the dildo slowly penetrating his asshole. When the dildo is finally all the way in, the woman in jeans pauses, gently rubbing his hip with her hand.

She unhurriedly reverses, easing the dildo back out of him all the way. She immediately repositions the head at his rectum and presses in again. She moves a little faster this time. The guy on the screen doesn't react as much, it appears he got used to the penetration pretty quickly. She moves her hips forward in a smooth, slow motion, stops for an instant, then withdraws partway. She continues at a slow, smooth pace for a few minutes. She then speeds up the pace, he is getting a thorough screwing, but even then it is clear she is being gentle. This is not nearly as rough as a femdom porn video clip. Somehow the care, the unhurried pace makes it even more intense than porn.

After a few minutes of the faster pace, she slowly pushes the dildo fully into him and stops. She bumps him a few times as though trying to push a little further in. She fumbles at the gap between her hips and the guy, and when she backs away, the camera shows she has taken the dildo off the hardness and left it in him when she stepped away. The camera is dragged, jerking, back to a better view of his filled ass and his caged cock. There is a long pause, then a woman's voice. Another pause, then the hand from behind the guy slaps him on the butt and the voice says something short and sharp.

He begins working his sphincter muscles, the base of the dildo bobbing up and down as he squeezes it. He keeps this up for 20 to 30 seconds, then the hand from behind him touches his butt and he stops.

Her hand grabs the dildo by its base and begins easing it out of him. She takes it all the way out, pausing to watch his stretched asshole slowly closing. She turns the dildo over, balls to his back and the crown of the head now to his front, and eases it back in. This time she doesn't push all the way in. She pushes the dildo in about two thirds of its length, then pulls the balls upward toward his back, tilting the head inside him toward his front, and slowly pulls it out, pausing to push back in slightly. She continues to pull the dildo out following the slow pull, then push pattern.

His reaction is subtle but the woman does not miss it, she's found his prostate. Most of the dildo is in her hand, not inside his rectum.

The pull-push pattern continues but the dildo is no longer being pulled out. She moves in and out a little faster, moving her stroking hand up a little, then down a little to vary the pressure the cockhead exerts on his P-spot. The thumb of her other hand begins to massage his perineum.

The woman by his shoulder moves out view, then back in with a martini glass in her hand. The martini glass goes under his caged cock. The stem of the glass is long enough that his cock cage holds the glass upright despite the shaking bed. Anything that comes out of his cock will go into the glass.

Soon a little fluid drips out of his cock and into the glass. It is an occasional drip at first, very slowly. John, his eyes glued to the screen, has the sudden thought that it takes a special kind of viewer to watch a milking in real time, not edited to jump through to the just the best parts. He sees there are now 934 paid viewers doing just that.

It is not long before there is a steady stream of fluid coming from his cock. It looks like there is a quarter inch or so at the bottom of the martini glass. The woman in the gray skirt reaches away and her hand reappears with a vibrator, the kind with a fat rubber tip and a power cord going back to plug into the wall. Johns cock twitches again when it appears.

As she bends over to see where she will place the tip of the vibrator, there is a fleeting view of her face, nothing distinct. When she is bent over, the front camera show the gray skirt pulled tight across her thigh. A garter pressing up from under the tight fabric holds John's attention and his cock jumps again. From the back view, all that is visible is the top of her curly blond head.

The tip of the vibrator touches his cage briefly and moves away again. John can imagine how the vibration would feel if sustained. The tip touches the cage again, lingering for several seconds.

A few more long touches of the vibrator, then it goes on and stays. The vibrating tip is just over the head of his caged cock, just below the small brass padlock preventing the cage from being removed. It is clear he is now thrusting his hips, which both humps his cage against the vibrator and moves with the dildo in his ass. The woman with the dildo starts moving it in and out in short strokes.

In remarkably little time there is a steady flow coming out of his caged cock. The level in the martini glass is clearly rising. It is remarkable how much more comes out in the next few minutes.

All too soon the vibrator is withdrawn. The dildo, however, is slowly pressed in all the way again, a feminine hand holding it in place. The woman in the gray skirt removes the martini glass, pushing his cock cage up so the glass can come out upright. With one hand she unbuckles the strap on the gag. The strap comes off completely and is dropped to the bed. It is a dog collar. She puts her hand to his mouth and takes out what had been gagging him: a medium sized ball on a short stalk with a wide base, all in black. She hands the ball to the other woman, who removes the dildo and slowly presses the ball into his rectum. His gag was a ball-shaped butt plug.

The martini glass is not in sight, but the woman did work one-handed. John wonders if the martini glass has been forgotten.

It has not. Her left hand is flattened, palm up, just under his mouth. Her right hand brings the martini glass to her left and tilts some of the contents into her palm. She raises it to his lips and he licks her hand. She takes her hand away and tips more into the palm, the process is repeated. On the third and final time, he doesn't wait for her hand to reach up to him, his head goes down to meet her hand as it reaches to him. He licks her hand clean then lifts his head again.

On the screen John can see someone has posted a question to the viewers.

"Naughty Boy has gone several months nonstop in his chastity cage. No sign his wife plans on letting him out. But she does let us play with him on camera every two weeks.

"Two weeks ago he was just teased, four weeks ago he was just milked. Six weeks since his last orgasm (if you can call it an orgasm when he's still caged!)

"So, what will it be next visit? A. Cumming all over his own face. B. Dildo ass to mouth. C. Teasing (maybe even teasing out of the cage?) but no milking and no cumming. D. Cumming directly into his own mouth (can't be sure he won't spill a little on his own face). Vote now!"

As the answers streamed in from the viewers, John stops watching. In two more minutes the live video was over, the screen is blank and John feels like relaxing. He flexes his elbows and stretches.

"So John," a voice behind him says. "Are you hoping for one in particular?"

He is a little unsure what to say. He thinks quickly for an innocuous answer. "Whatever you think appropriate, Ma'am."

The laptop before his face is removed and a gray skirt sits down in its place. Her hands unbuckle his right wrist cuff. "Over 900 paying viewers watched, that's like $12,000. Your share is 10%. At this pace you'll pay back what you owe me in just five or six more episodes."

John's heart skips a beat. He is no longer sure how many of these shows his wife has made him do after catching him paying to watch similar shows online. After it was clear she wasn't going to stop after just a few there didn't seem to be much point in counting them. He could figure it out, but isn't convinced he wants exact information. Surely he is past twelve by now. When she caught him she said she had added up all of the questionable credit card charges for the last six years and declared he owed her twice that much. While he understood she expect him to earn it this way, she hadn't told him what he owed, and tonight is the first time she has mentioned the possibility it will end.

"Yes, but my share is 40%," the woman in jeans says. "And I'm enjoying the extra cash."

"Donna dear, you're my sister and I love you, but sometimes you can be too mercenary," John's wife answers. "Still, the money is nice, isn't it. . . ."

John slowly unfastens the cuff on his left wrist, then sits up on his haunches and unfastens one, then the other cuff on his ankles, just as he has every second Friday for the past half year. He pauses to look at his manicured, pink fingernails. Friday nights after these webcasts are a "girls night in," John will slip into a satin nightgown, robe and slippers and watch television with his wife and her sister. The butt plug won't come out until his wife wants to go to bed. John hopes she'll only want to watch one movie tonight.

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