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Friday Night


It's finally Friday night. When our daughter goes to bed you grab a bag from next to your chair then walk to the cellar door and tell me to follow you. I do as I'm told and when we are downstairs you tell me to give you my belt. I take off my belt and hand it to you. You tell me to turn around.

As soon as I turn I feel my doubled over belt smack across my ass. Even through my jeans it hurts and it causes me to yelp in surprise. You quickly smack me two more times and then tell me to turn back around. "Now, you will do everything that I tell you to do or you will not be able to sit down for a week. Do you understand?" you ask.

I feebly tell you yes ma'am. You smile and order me to take off my clothes. I take off my shirt, jeans and socks. You order me to turn around again and put my hands behind my back. You reach into your bag and remove the belt from your robe. You roughly tie my hands behind my back causing my cock to twitch. You turn me around and notice my hardening penis. You grab me and squeeze my cock. You slowly start to stroke me as you drop to your knees. You take me in your mouth and suck on my cock until it is rock hard. You slowly let me slip out of your mouth and look me in the eye as you take hold of my dick again. You bend and push my cock back between my legs making me moan in pain.

"This is not about your pleasure, but mine. Do you understand?" you ask.

I nod my head and you smile. You stand up and remove your shirt. I stare at your breasts longing to touch them. You tell me to kiss and suck on your neck. I run my tongue and lips all over your neck as you tilt your head back. You tell me to move down to your shoulders and chest which I do. You start to shiver from anticipation as you make me suck, kiss and bite your breasts. When you've had enough you order me down to me knees. I kiss and lick my way down your stomach as I kneel. "Kiss my cunt through my pants," you command.

I kiss and nuzzle your crouch with my face feeling the heat coming from you. You pull away and I moan my frustration. You smile down at me as your turn your back to me. You slowly slide your sweatpants off revealing your gorgeous ass to me. You bend over to remove your pants and then you spread your legs a little to show me your pussy. You look at me and see that my cock is rock hard again. You laugh to yourself seeing the control you have over me.

"Now, you sick bastard, get over here and eat my ass!" you say in a low, sexy voice.

I walk over to you on my knees and bury my face in your ass. I lick and drive my tongue inside your anus greedily. You taunt me telling me how much I love eating your ass and how sick I am for it. It turns me on even more, driving me wild, making me eat you out even more passionately. Your pussy throbs and drips and you can't take it any more. You tell me to eat your pussy. I move down and start tonguing your vagina, then licking and sucking your clit. You are so wet and taste so good I can't get enough. My passion surprises you and you quickly feel your knees start to give out.

You pull away from me and I nearly fall over trying to get to your pussy. You sit down on a chair and tell me, "Get over here and finish the job, now!"

I crawl over to you on my knees and get to work. You grab my hair and push your cunt into my face. It only takes a few more seconds of my licking and sucking your juicy pussy until you cry out and nearly pull my hair out. Your body shakes uncontrollably as you orgasm, but with all of the passion and need I'm feeling I don't even slow down. I keep pleasuring your hard clit making you orgasm a second time. You gasp when I refuse to stop and you have to push me away.

I look up into your eyes and you see your juices covering my lips, cheeks and chin. When you've recovered you gather yourself and tell me, "You need to learn to control yourself. My heart was beating so hard I thought I was going to die."

You stand up, pick up my belt and stand in front of me while I'm still on my knees. I can't take my eyes off your still dripping pussy. You enjoy this feeling of dominance for a few moments before moving behind me. You grab my hair and start spanking my naked ass with the belt. I cry out each time the belt hits my reddening ass. "Control yourself! If you displease me again I will beat your ass raw!" you say in an angry voice.

"I'm sorry mistress, I couldn't help myself. You tasted so good and I was overcome with lust..." was all I could get out before the belt slammed into the delicate skin of my ass again.

You whip my ass three more times before correcting me, "I do not want to hear your miserable little excuses slave. Do not speak unless I tell you to!"

You accentuate those last words with one more very hard swing. If you weren't holding me up by my hair I think the force of that final blow would have knocked me over. Satisfied, you walk in front of me. You stand over me, your cunt in my face. I want to eat you out again but I don't dare make a move with out your permission. You look down at me and see that the beating you gave me has caused my cock to go completely soft again. You bend over and grab my flaccid penis and laugh, "One little spanking and you can't even keep your cock hard. What a pathetic little slave. Guess I'll have to help you out again. Come!"

You use my cock as a leash to pull me to my feet and over to the chair. You command me to sit but I hesitate because of how sore my ass is. You slap my ass and say in my ear, "Sit!!"

I sit on the chair and it feels like my ass is on fire. You kneel in front of me and bend over and take me in your mouth. I quickly forget about the pain as you start swirling your tongue all over my soft cock. I pull against my bonds trying to get free but you've tied me up too tightly. You don't stop after my cock is hard, you continue until I can feel my orgasm start to build. Without thinking I thrust into your mouth. You gag and pull back swearing, "Damn it! I warned you about controlling yourself! Get up!"

I stand and you push me over to the air mattress. You force me down to me knees and then bend me over until my shoulders are touching the mattress. You grab the belt and start angrily smacking my ass. It doesn't take long before my ass is bright red and you know if you spank me anymore I really won't be able to sit for a week. Still wanting to continue the beating you smack my thighs with the belt a few times, then give me a few strikes across my back. You throw the belt down in front of my face to tell me your done. I'm relieved as my body is covered in sweat and tears are running down my face.

"Did I hurt you slave? Well, we're not done yet. I bought a toy for your visit and I've been dying to try it out. Close your eyes."

I close my eyes tightly, completely submitted to you. I hear you pull a few things from your bag then after a few moments I hear a few clicks. I feel you kneel down in front of my face, then I feel something cold and smooth running over my lips. You tell me to open my eyes and when I do I see you wearing a harness with a long thin dildo strapped to it. I pull my head back when I realize it is the head of the dildo that you are rubbing against my lips. You laugh and ask, "Do you like it? Do you want to suck it?"

I frown and pull my head back further. You laugh again and say, "C'mon Baby! Suck my nice long cock. You know you want to. C'mon, open your mouth Baby!"

I pull back again and you laugh. "Fine, I won't make you suck my cock, but I am going to shove it straight up your ass!"

You pick up a bottle of lube and pour a bunch into your hand. You lube up the dildo stroking it long and hard. You close your eyes as you continue to stroke like it's a real cock. You open your eyes and smile when you see a little fear in my eyes. You know we've talked about doing this many times but now that it is about to happen for real I'm having second thoughts. You start to feel a little bad for me but then you remember Wednesday night and you smile again. You know I deserve this.

You move behind me and without warning push a lubed finger all the way up my ass. You finger me for a few seconds and then slip a second finger in. It's not long before you have a third and a fourth finger inside me. When you pull your fingers out you smile at my gaping asshole. You easily push the enter length of your strap on into me. I moan from a combination of pain and pleasure. You pull back out and then quickly slam it into me again making me cry out. "Yeah Bitch! That's it, take all of my cock! Take my hard cock up your tight little ass Bitch!" you taunt.

With that you start pounding my ass, hard and fast. With each stroke you feel the base of the dildo push into your clit. After a few minutes the pain ends and the pleasure begins. I start moaning and pushing back into your thrusts. Your clit starts to throb from the pressure and you know you are going to cum soon. You tell me to beg for it and I can't control myself. I start begging you to fuck my ass, to fuck me hard and fast until you cum. This pushes you over the edge and you bury the dildo in me pushing the base hard into you clit. You moan loudly, grabbing my ass to steady yourself. You collapse falling to the mattress, the dildo pulling out of my ass with a pop.

I stay in position refusing to move without your permission while you recover from your orgasm. After a few moments you unbuckle the strap on and tell me to roll over on my back. I roll over and try to find a comfortable way to lay with my arms tied. You come over and kneel over my face ordering me to lick you clean. I clean your pussy and then you tell me to eat your ass again. While I tongue your ass you bend over and suck my cock.

When my cock is hard and wet you slide down my body and straddle my waist. You lower yourself onto my cock and start riding me reverse cowgirl style. You reach between my legs and start to finger my ass. After a while you turn around to face me and go back to riding me. You reach down and start pinching and pulling on my nipples. Then you lean over and whisper, "You can cum now."

Overcome with lust I start to thrust into you hard. You push down hard with each thrust, smile and say, "Yeah Baby, shoot your load up inside me. Let me feel your hot cum fill me. Cum inside my pussy Baby!"

With that I explode inside you. It feels like I'm never going to stop cumming as I keep pumping shot after shot inside of you. You bend over, kissing my chest, neck and cheeks while the last of my cum leaks into you.

You slide off of me and roll my over on to my stomach. You untie my hands and I roll back over and we cuddle together. You reach down and start rubbing my ass. You ask, "Does it hurt much?"

"No, but it will be a rather uncomfortable ride to the wedding tomorrow."

We both laugh and kiss until we fall asleep.

After an hour or so I wake up to you covering my chest with kisses. When you realize I'm awake you look up at me and pout. I ask what's wrong and you say, "I'm jealous, you got spanked but I didn't."

I laugh and ask if you want me to spank you too. You smile and say yes, please. I tell you to get on all fours and I get behind you. I start to smack your ass, gently at first but with each hit I add more force. When your ass is red I move in front of you and push my cock into your mouth. I fuck your mouth as I grab the lube and start fingering your ass. I tell you to start fingering yourself as I move behind you. I place the head of my cock against your anus and slowly start pushing.

My cockhead slips into your ass and you moan. I slowly push inch after inch of my cock into your ass until my balls are pressed against your pussy. I thrust in and out of you while you rub your clit hard. After a few minutes we are both thrusting hard, my hips loudly slapping against your ass. I know you are close so I start spanking you again. I reach around with my free hand and pinch your nipple. The pain pushes you over the edge and you explode. You push hard into me and I lose control and shoot my load deep into your ass. We both collapse on the mattress trying to catch our breath.

After a few minutes we cuddle and kiss. I break the kiss to ask you how it was. You reply, "Good but tonight you'll have to use the wooden spoon on me."

I agree and we gather our clothes, and toys and run up to the bedroom naked hoping our daughter doesn't catch us.

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Great story

Very hot. Loved reading about the dual domination.

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