Friendly Foursome


But I don't let you come up and reply, I keep you sucking that huge dong until you push yourself up off of it, with a little gasp, then I suck it, going deep, taking it all in, choking a little at the bottom, then Ken thrusts his cock deeper into my throat, and I pull up. His cock is sooo wet now, so I take it in my hands and work it, grinding it, stroking it, slowly at first, then faster. You crawl beneath and take his balls into your mouth again. You reach behind his sac and run your fingers through his crack, teasing him. He's almost ready to cum, so you sit up, you get the honors this time. You begin to pump his tool, exploring every inch of that thick rod with your hands. I reach under him and slip a finger into his ass, causing him to explode all over both of us, you giggle as he spurts rope after creamy rope of thick hot cum all over your tits and my face. It stays relatively hard, too, just like Mike's did. "yummy"

"oh my, boys, how did that feel?"

just smiles and happy silence in response.

I untie Ken, who stands up, slips totally out of his shirt and pants, cock still standing straight out from him. He stretches and smiles lazily. I walk over and untie Mike, who does pretty much the same. Then Ken grabs me and throws me onto the bed. "I told you what was going to happen." Then Ken pushes me down on my back on the bed and shoves his cock inside of me. The surprise and force pushes me further into pleasure. Then Mike puts you on all fours above me, with your face staring directly into Ken's chest, as he slides his cock into your tight pussy. This puts his cock thrusting into your pussy right above my face, just inches away. And if you look down you can see Ken's dick pounding into me.

The men fuck us and fuck us until we are screaming and cumming on their huge cocks, then you thrash and fall, placing your face right beside my cunt, with Ken never stopping, just continuing to shove his big dong right into my pussy. Oh yes! Then Mike pulls out and sprays his hot load all over the tattoo on your back, and you collapse onto me, putting your just fucked pussy right at my face, which is just too much of a temptation to resist. I start to flick my tongue across your clit, then I shove a few fingers into your pussy. After a few moments of that you and Ken come at the same time, you shuddering on my face as Ken pulls out and blasts a huge load which arches onto your face up all over your back and some into my face. We are both just covered in cum. Best feeling ever, right?

I didn't realize it at first, but the boys weren't quite done. I see Ken toss Mike a bottle of lube, keeping on for himself and they start to lube up. Mike lays you down and lifts your legs up onto him, then he slowly slides his long, hard dick into your tight ass. I see your face completely transformed with pleasure. That's when I stop Ken and strap on the replica of him.

"Hey, Stephanie, how would you like to see a man get fucked in the ass?" Ken laughs and smiles. "alright, Ken, get into position, and make sure Stephanie can see it all, doggystyle above her." He climbs up and settles onto his hands and knees directly above you, his fat cock hanging almost all the way down to your face, but not quite. It just overs there, massive and hard. You can't really focus on it too much, because hey, you're getting fucked in the ass. How do you like it? What are you screaming? Then you see me take up position behind him and slide that thoroughly lubed dildo ever so slowly into his ass. You see his cock get rock hard then go back to just pretty hard. I start to pick up speed as you finger yourself with Mike's cock thrusting hard into your ass. Ken's cock is just bobbing in your face, bouncing with each thrust. Ken is moaning hard, struggling to stay up on his arms, taking his own dick in his ass and all. Everyone is feeling sooo good, we are being so loud.

Mike starts to get more frantic, pumping into your ass hard and ridiculously fast, you scream and as you rock forward, Ken's cock is right there in your face, so you slip it back into your mouth and suck hard, Mike screams and cums inside your ass, pumping that hot jizz deep inside of you, while your sucking pushes Ken over the edge and he pulls out of your mouth cumming some in your mouth and on your chin and your tits. Then we all fall over and pass the fuck out. You wake up to me sucking off Ken in the chair in the corner, and it all begins again.

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